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Jul 10

Jul 10

PlayStation Network Routine Maintenance

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by

Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

As some of you may have noticed, we did a bit of minor maintenance on PlayStation Network this morning. For less than 20 minutes we took PSN down for a routine update, nothing more. It’s back online and fully functional. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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StormLord said:

July 10th, 1:11 pm

R1 and L1 works in the store browser now :)

CrimsonCalibur said:

July 10th, 1:15 pm

50+ comments so far over Sony taking down the PSN for 20 minutes. wow.

Kratos_ate_Snake said:

July 10th, 1:25 pm

@ 52 and everyone else saying the same thing:

No one was complaining about the stupid 20 min, is not like they need to go back there for anything new.

ckmlb said:

July 10th, 1:29 pm

E3 Demos incoming!

AznSniper said:

July 10th, 1:29 pm

MGS4 needs to stay exclusive because a lot of people are waiting to buy the PS3 just for the game, so I don’t think for Sony’s sake that they should let MGS4 be multiplatform. Nice update to the store too.

ChikenPac said:

July 10th, 1:36 pm

I dont care if i have to wait 16 hours to download the demo for killzone 2 that’ll be shown very soon… I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!

Coolwater said:

July 10th, 1:42 pm

Well, HAZE demo is coming. Or at least it should be considering there’s been one on display at UBIdays… why cant we have it?

Heavenly sword demo should be coming soon as well as Warhawk, and Lair. There’s no reason why we cannot get demos for these games now.

Also, while i’m at it…




arabek said:

July 10th, 1:52 pm

Yeah, small maintenance work, and still no PSN for Poland.

You forgot about Poland :P

Anyway… I’m the lead editor of (probably the biggest pro-ps3 site in Poland)

We beg you (on the behalf of whole polish PLAYSTATION3 community) to answer two simple questions:

1. When will the store be available in Poland (and possibly other european countries that were left out).
2.What’s keeping you from opening the store for other countries?

Thanks in advance.

Sincerly yours.
Wojciech ‘arab’ Arabczyk

Zaku said:

July 10th, 1:57 pm

I think the added function of L1/R1 is to help out with all the downloading you’ll be doing on the PSN over the next few days. :P

deadxbabiesxinc said:

July 10th, 1:58 pm

Ok do you guys seriously think that Sony want’s to NOT keep MGS4 an Exclusive??? Jack said last night on G4tv that the way they want to keep exclusivity isn’t by BUYING it. What do you think Microsoft has been doing since the mention of MGS4? TRYING TO BUY IT! Thats right offers left and right from them just to try and get it. Will they get MGS4? Possibly! Is that the ONLY reason you have a PS3? Becuz of MGS4? The lost exclusives? What about Pain, Lair,Heavenly Sword, Hell i’ll go and say it now God of War 3, Killzone (Even tho i’m getting tired of FPS’s by now) Ratchet and Clank? Sony is known for having a VARIETY of games…choices…not just ONE, 1 game. If you want to buy a system for JUST 1 game. Go get a 360!!! Get Halo 1,2,3,500 and all the f’n clones you can!!! Cuz i’m sure Microsoft will ride that Halo train til it smashes into a BIG SLEEK BLACK ROCK…resembling…thats right a PS3. The war isn’t even CLOSE to being over…oh no siree bob. We’re just getting to the front lines :) Ready those shells…and BOMB THE CRAP out of ALL the Naysayers!!!

deadxbabiesxinc said:

July 10th, 2:01 pm

…btw…how did a blog entry about routine maintenance turn into a “we better not lose MGS4 Exclusive”? Lol…god…

limitt_45 said:

July 10th, 2:01 pm

man did anyone else see the hevenly sword video( the one that was on tv). that thing was awsome!!!!!!! :D

thechosenfew88 said:

July 10th, 2:02 pm

@ Kratos_ate_Snake

Thanks for responding to Crimson’s comment before I did. Most are talking about things that have nothing to do with the Network( I know I did), so there you go Crimson.

PBJ said:

July 10th, 2:06 pm

PLEASE READ THIS – whoever is in charge of retail distribution – please work out a smoking deal with Costco – I go to several and never see a PSP or a PS3 – you need to get in their in a big way- huge xbox and guitar hero xbox presence – if they are buying the business there – you need to do the same – this is a huge place to buy a video game system.

soup or man said:

July 10th, 2:08 pm


I don’t doubt that MGS4 will show up on the 360 as well given how a lot of games are going multi-platform these days. 3rd party exlcusive games are becoming a dying breed in general since games cost so much to develop these days. Especially titles as extensive as MGS4. On one hand, MGS4 going to another console will hurt Sony some. Because that will mean less people buying a PS3 just for MGS4, and some people will be pissed because they already bought a PS3 just for that game, but imho it really won’t be so bad unless the game gets same day launch for all systems, or close to it. Ultimately, how much MGS4 going multi-platform will hurt the PS3 depends on what Sony has in store for the future, and if it’s enough to make up for something like this.

I’d like to see it stay exclusive to Playstation 3 myself, but I’m not sure that will happen. If anything, I’ll be satisfied as long as the 360 doesn’t get a better or more updated / feature packed edition due to it hitting their system at a later date. Which unfortunately will probably happen if MGS4 goes.

thechosenfew88 said:

July 10th, 2:14 pm

Sony will probably never be what they once were. Sad to say, but true. I can look back to when Sony was the only console who had the most support, and now it seems as if everything has gone bad. Yes, they are trying, but have lots of catching up to do. No lie about that.

@ deadxbabiesxinc

Why did you only mention Halo when you talked about Microsoft. Yea, that is what most people think of when they say Xbox, but since the release of the 360, they have been getting more and more support compared to when they first released with the first xbox. Besides, everyone who owns a console other than the playstation knows that there is more than 1 game on other consoles that make it a reason worth buying, and even comparing to other consoles like playstation itself. The same way you’ve mentioned a couple games that look amazing on the PS3, is the same way someone else can drop in here and give a HUGE list of games other than Halo on the 360.(And that are GOOD.) I’m a playstation fan myself,(and 360 if you haven’t noticed), but we are just expressing how bad it would be if Sony loses yet another exclusive. Because thats who they once were. The console with A LOT of exclusives…..

:-) The Chosen Few

sofaking13 said:

July 10th, 2:20 pm

Funny….all the speculation behind this….I am still laughing. On my way to check on the “snazzy new and improved” ps store. And fannies…..stop the constant MGS4 talk…just stop already.

40cal said:

July 10th, 2:21 pm


Why would you sell such a story driven game (MGS4) to people (360 owners) who dont know the story?

Out of the 3.5 million early PS3 buyers Im willing to bet at least 2.5 million of these people are your Metal Gear fan base.

I understand recouping dev cost, yet it would still only make limited sense to make the move to the 360.

Look at your previous sales trends; GC and Xbox, compared to PSone, PS2, and PSP.

Who buys your games? WE DO!

thefjk said:

July 10th, 2:22 pm

Didn’t notice a thing!

thechosenfew88 said:

July 10th, 2:24 pm

@ sofaking13

Why can’t we continue expessing how bad we dont’ want MGS4 on the 360. Last time I checked this was PlayStation blog and we get to speak our minds of what we think. And MGS series have always been close buddies with PlayStation, so both go hand in hand. If thats the case, then why continue to have so many people bother expessing how bad they want in game XMB access..?

new_age_soldier said:

July 10th, 2:38 pm

I love PS brand and I want it to be as kick ass as possible lol. I know rumble is possibly most likely coming. But I just hope it’s in time for MGS4 atleast. Speaking of that I hope Sony knows that keeping MGS4 exclusive is deff worth it! Most of people got the PS3 for that game to start with. Sony, atleast keep it 6 month time exclusive. U need exclusives to sell. Though u have Lair and Uncharted, all eyes are on MGS4.

I’m glad the price drop has boosted up PS3 sells so I heard. I hope they keep it up. PS3 is very Awesome and I’m lookin foward to games like Lair, HEavenly sword, Ect said:

July 10th, 2:44 pm

I doubt this will get read, but I think I have an interesting idea for the playstation store.

My idea is to release a “screenshot pack” every thursday. It would be nice to get exclusive screenshots that all gaming sites don’t have. This would be a great addition to the ability to view images on your TV, especially HD tv’s. This would also give more stuff to download on weeks that the content is rather dry. And when we get firmware 2.0, we could use the screenshots as XMB backgrounds.

Just thought it would be a cool addition. said:

July 10th, 2:46 pm

Also to the people who haven’t noticed a thing that the maintenance did (post #69), you can now use L1 and R1 to move forward and backward in the store.

Wolvenfoxx said:

July 10th, 2:50 pm


I do not know who to send this to. SO I HOPE SOMEONE HIGH UP IN SCEA READS THIS.

I just recently learned that METAL GEAR SOLID 4 may move to other consoles. I will let you know, if that happens, I know specifically 42 people INCLUDING MYSELF that will switch over to 360.

I LOVE PLAYSTATION…. SONY IN GENERAL…. But for 120 gigs and a better list of games including DEVIL MAY CRY 4, RESIDENT EVIL 5, and now probably METAL GEAR SOLID 4…. Why keep my 60 gig ps3? Final Fantasy Xiii is even going to have a 360 release…SONY DOES NOT WANT MAN-HUNT 2 ON ITS SYSTEM BECAUSE OF AN ADULT ONLY RATING… IT’S a RATING… LIKE XXX… I AM 20 YEARS OLD, BUT STILL CAN’T PLAY A GAME I WANT BECAUSE OF A RATING… I love you SCEA…. It’s not you…. It’s me…. And if things keep going the way they are… I might just have to stop buying PS brand things. Sony I will still support you in electronics… but not game consoles. (I HAVE BEEN A PLAYSTATION SUPPORTER FROM THE BEGINNING. I SUPPORTED YOU WAY BEFORE THE N64 CAME OUT!)

Let’s hope you pull things around for me and many people I know (some I don’t. I read their postings on different forums) at E3…. If not… for 30 bucks cheaper we can get another system that is doing better in customer rapport. EVEN WITH THEIR 1 BILLION DOLLAR REPAIR BILL!

thechosenfew88 said:

July 10th, 2:53 pm

@ Wolvenfoxx

I totally agree with you man. Hopefully someone high as you stated at SCEA will read your comment. (And others). Some people just don’t get it why we continue to stress the fact of why losing MGS4 as an exclusive is so important.

40cal said:

July 10th, 2:57 pm

@ #72

Good idea I would also like to see this.

Darsh said:

July 10th, 3:00 pm

Um, has EA given PSN a demo for NCAA Football 08 yet? Xbox Live has had the demo up for awhile and I’m itching for some football fun. Even if it’s just a demo. What’s up guys? =(

40cal said:

July 10th, 3:08 pm

@ #s 74 &75 Wolvenfoxx & thechosenfew88

Potential is a beautiful thing. Technology wise I see no potential with the X-BOX 360. I would like my games to get bigger and better. DVDs are not big enough to support the games that we will be playing two too ten years from now, and I will be damned if I’m going to spent $300.00-$600.00 every four or five years.

I like to make INVESTMENTS with my money. Don’t get me wrong the 360 or even the Wii are at best good purchases But our PS3s where great investments.

klexam001 said:

July 10th, 3:09 pm

I am on vacation and can’t wait to get back home to find out what all is new on the Playstation Network. I have been let down with it as of late, but I have a feeling that things are about to start getting better.

wizardpsp said:

July 10th, 3:16 pm

Hey whats up With the Metal Gear Solid 4 going on Multiplataform?? tell us dont loose this one please Sony!!! come on this is our pride!!!!

Wolvenfoxx said:

July 10th, 3:24 pm

Don’t get me wrong…. I love Playstation 3 and all its many uses including blu-ray. But I might as well buy a blu ray player (though more expensive) and leave my gaming to another console. Sony had a bad start when the e-bay rush happened. And Nintendo and Microsoft out selling them in the long run, even though they outsold 360 or the Wii with an astounding 475,000 to 480,000 units (EGM Stats) It’s just right now Microsoft is buying up everything…. The company that makes the rumble feature (Microsoft is trying to sue Immersion I think the company is called because they had a former agree ment with them after they sued Sony) PS3 exclusive titles are going to the 360, and some titles like Dead Rising 2 that were going to be multi-platformed was given a “cash hat” keeping it a 360 exclusive.

AND some of you say you like to make investments….

The release of the 80 gig, Similar to the 360 elite release….. I would rather wait for 3 years to make sure no more BETTER PACKAGE deals are released. I have had my 60 gig since may… I should have waited.

Slaughter said:

July 10th, 3:32 pm


40cal said:

July 10th, 3:34 pm


Let Microsoft buy up contracts. Sony still has better and larger First Party Devolpment. Exclusive titles will soon 1) Come from first party dev or 2)go to the system that can handel creative spirit that is if creativity still exisits.

I can see your point only having your PS3 for what six or seven weeks before the price drop. I got mine on NOV 17th and stand behind my investment statment.

ahh bisto said:

July 10th, 3:36 pm

off topic but can anyone tell me why R6 vegas keeps crashing on me all the time, it backs all the way out to the xmb when it crashes and its done it loads of times but only on rainbow 6 vegas…anyone know why or have any solutions????

on topic.. only a small upgrade to ps store but an upgrade is an upgrade!!! lets just hope they start coming thick and fast… maybe a few demos in the pipeline too!!! thankyou please!

klexam001 said:

July 10th, 3:43 pm

Bottom Line: With all that is at your fingertips, you should never have a little to no update release on the Playstation Network.

Give PS3 owners something to go out and taunt the 360 crowd with.

40cal said:

July 10th, 3:51 pm

@ahh bisto

Yes Rainbow Six Vegas crashes on me during split screen co-op its happend to me twice. Poor job on the port by Ubisoft.

Gavi said:

July 10th, 3:57 pm

Will the new content only be available in the North American store or all stores?

As a HDTV owner, I actually love the store’s interface, I understand that those with SDTV’s have a slighty different looking store. In my opinion, Sony doesn’t need to change the look of the store, they just need to get more content in there. Hopefully this week will be mega.

Are we going to get a demo? Heavenly Sword, Lair or a big surprise?

pinoyremix said:

July 10th, 4:03 pm

Sony, Thank you for doing routine Maintenance on the PSN..I am happy with my ps3 and glad i got it. I was just wondering if you could release a little more extras on the more demos, videos, and other free content more often..

thechosenfew88 said:

July 10th, 4:05 pm

@ 40cal

I see your point. I can clearly see how Sony has come into this generation thinking strictly on the future, forgetting how things may start, but many don’t see that, and for that reason, I’m afraid Sony will lose a lot of fans because of that. (They’ve lost enough by introducing the price). And we can clearly see that by sales. (Especially in Japan). I’ve been a Playstation fan ever since PS1, and I’ve grown with the Metal Gear Series, but porting such a game to the 360, is a risky move. I understand the PS3 is a powerful machine, but the 360 does not stay behind. (Especially in the graphics area). Me, being the Metal Gear Fan that I am, and seeing such a game being ported to another console,(didn’t matter then when released on xbox and GC, as you see 360 has much more support now), it’s a mind breaking decision to choose on which system I would want to play it on. But I’ve truly made up my mind regardless of whether it will reach the 360 or not, to buy a PS3, because like you said, I like making long term investments.

Wolvenfoxx said:

July 10th, 4:12 pm





SONY….. I will support you all the way if you can at least hold down MSG4. I DO NOT MIND WAITING ANOTHER YEAR FOR MORE AND BETTER GAMES (PLEASE NO MORE FPS) TO COME OUT!……. but only if you can prove you have what it takes to keep a fan base by making your upcoming (INCLUDING MGS4) a PS3 exclusive. We already lost 3 major payers. Resident Evil 5, Devil May Cry 4, and Final Fantasy XIII




not to mention others.

40cal said:

July 10th, 4:13 pm


Yes the PSN interface is much diffrent on HD then SD, I have both TVs in the house it looks much better on my HD reciever.

I also dont have a problem with the current set up.

Ghostm said:

July 10th, 4:18 pm

Final Fantasy XIII is not a PS3 exclusive anymore? I know you’re just messing around “Wolvenfoxx”. It cannot be true. No way man! You must be joking.

40cal said:

July 10th, 4:24 pm


Where did you get the FFXIII info from? I cant see that one happening. If it dose FFXIII just went from breaking ground to a toned down version of the great game we have been waiting on.

40cal said:

July 10th, 4:33 pm

As far as Final Fantasy XIII goes, I can tell you that the exclusivity is in discussion.”

Found this quote in a French News paper!

Exclusivity not gone yet just in discussion.

K said:

July 10th, 4:43 pm

“Routine” network maintenance to game exclusivity talk.

only on PlayStation.Blog®

Thomaticus said:

July 10th, 4:44 pm

Konami needs to stop making hints about the status of MGS4, If they’re not going to announce it for xbox, 360 anytime soon, then they need to focus on the PS3 version and make sure they do their part to make it sell well. The more they throw hints about a 360 version that’s more people that will believe (speculate) that its coming for the 360, and then more people who might to wait on a version of MGS4 that’s confirmed.. and that’s bad for Konami and Sony.

unlockingsky said:

July 10th, 4:56 pm

News from
“Konami executive Kazumi Kitaue, head of Konami North America and European ops, dropped a bombshell today saying that Metal Gear Solid 4 may move to other consoles in an attempt to recoup development costs. He also said the PS3 price drop may not turn the ship around. The natural assumption, given the console hardware technology, is that Metal Gear Solid 4 will see its day on the Xbox 360, destroying one of the final feathers in Sony’s hat of exclusives.

In regards to the PS3 price cut, Kitaue unleashes the backhand with quickness. “I don’t expect a substantial impact … with $500, you can buy a person computer,” Kitaue told Reuters. It’s been surprising to see the mainstream media pick up on the $100 price drop without acknowledging that there is a new “better” model at the same price which caused all the calls for a price drop in the first place.

But for gamers, the first acknowledgment that Metal Gear Solid might find its way to other consoles is what’s really going to shake things up. Kitaue says, “Since Metal Gear Solid was born for the PlayStation, we would like to keep it a PlayStation game. But we might have to take some steps.” Whether those steps are announced this week or if this is some last ditch effort by Konami to force Sony to pony up exclusivity cash, which they say they do not do, is worth wondering about. If MGS goes to the Xbox 360 … well, all eyes will be on Final Fantasy XIII as the last famous third-party man standing.”


I am extremely disappointed that Sony did not do enough to secure MGS4! If Sony did, it can boost additional PS3 sales from 100-200k. I came across many international MGS fans on the net and know that they are willing just for the PS3 if its there. My hopes for Sony is to make MGS4 exclusive and FFXIII not to be multi-platform. The market has followed Sony’s demand (1080p and bluray) and now its time to listen to your market. Market is like a bank; you take from it then you must return. So far, the small return ($100 price drop) shows that it is alleviating some pressure. My advice is to forget the 80gb model and focus with the 60gb w/ emotion chip. Without the emotion chip, the long term value of PS3 will decrease really quick! Also you should remove the media slot since the consumers can always use USB (just overkill the idea of portable storage and waste of money). As for firmware, you’re doing a good job. It feels satisfactory for now because it doesn’t have our expected features.

PS3_123106 said:

July 10th, 5:01 pm

I hope the Sony E3 event will be streamed into PSN, not edited

arabek said:

July 10th, 5:07 pm

@98 And how would that be possible Sherlock?

Floyd Bishop said:

July 10th, 5:16 pm

Anyone see the new Burnout in game trailer yet? It looks AMAZING!

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