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Jul 11

Jul 11

We’re Just Getting Started…

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President & CEO

New Sony PSP
What a week! E3 is always an exciting time of year when we can roll up our sleeves and finally show you what we have planned for the year and beyond. As I’m sure you saw, on Monday we announced we are expanding the purchase options for PS3 by adding a new PS3 model to the market in August with an 80GB HDD. We also were able to engineer some cost savings into hardware production of PS3 and lowered the purchase price of our 60GB model by $100, effective immediately. We feel that is a substantial price reduction and hope if you haven’t purchased a PS3 yet, it will encourage you to do so. You probably also heard that we introduced a new, sleeker PSP; new features for our PlayStation Home service; and, as promised: games, games and more games.

This holiday and fiscal year more than 400 games are coming to PlayStation fans in North America. There will be over 120 PS3 titles including what we’re showing here at E3: Warhawk, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, The Eye of Judgment, PAIN, Echochrome, SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals Confrontation, SingStar and many more. All of those are exclusive to the PS3, and those are the ones just from us. We also showed at our press conference today other exclusives from our third party partners, like Haze, Unreal Tournament 3 and the one you have been commenting so much about on this very blog, Metal Gear Solid 4.

In addition, the PSP will score more than 140 games and PS2 over 160 this year. And, if you didn’t get a chance to see the new Star Wars Battlefront PSP Entertainment Pack, be sure to check out the pictures I’ve included here with this post. The Darth Vader image on the back of the new white PSP is pretty cool, in my opinion.

Our goal right now is simple: to provide you with the most compelling gaming experience possible, and as we are showing here this week, we are well on the way to achieving that goal.

Right now is a good time to reflect and say thank you. Thank you for being passionate members of the video game community and part of the PlayStation family. The best is yet to come.

New Sony PSP: DaxterNew Sony PSP: Star Wars Battle Front

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careksims said:

July 15th, 10:46 pm

Though you looked nervous out there, Trent. You did a good job and I enjoyed your conference more than the other two. Kudos! I know quite a number wanting those PSP packs. I’m going to pick up one myself.

Mort said:

July 16th, 9:22 am

Well, the dust has settled now, and it seems that E3 was a success for Sony. I think Jack & Phil did a fine job with the presentation – so well done guys.

I have been a PS user (If you follow the pun) since PS1, and I NEVER had any doubt that my decision to buy a PS3 in the first month was the right one. The launch line up was, if we are all being brutally honest, a bit thin on quality titles (with the notable exception of Resistance), but the same could probably be said for all iterations of PS hardware. Now it seems that we are finally going to start seeing the big hitters – and I can’t wait. Even my wife, who is a complete non-gamer is excited to play LBP – could this uber cute concept become a phenom? I think it really could.

Now, on to a few suggestions for software updates. The in game save mechanic needs a tweak. Personally, I find it really annoying that you have to click the “O” button to go back into a game after I have saved it – couldn’t it just dump me right back in with out having to do this? I know that there will be some games where this isn’t going to work, but for games that have save points – like NGS, this would be a really good thing – give developers the freedom to do what makes sense for the game play. Look, I know this is a minor point, but it doesn’t need to be like this! Please Sony!!

I think we all agree that we want in game XMB access, and Sony will almost certainly deliver this. A lot of us want it so we can play our own music in game, and this makes sense in the new world order of user configurable content. I’d go one step further, so that you can access your iPod library when you plug it in to your PS3 – why not?

I think I heard from somewhere else that this may be coming, but, we do need a folder utility to organize pictures, and put them where we want them. Most of us gamers overlook the fact that the PS3 does a great job of displaying photos – it is lightening fast, and impressed the hell out of my parents when they were visiting. However, if you have a lot (I have about 3,000 pics) it is almost impossible to sort through them.

I’d also like some DVR functionality – perhaps we need a 250GB model?!

On a side note, I did defect to the dark side the other day in Circuit City and play a 360 demo (somebody was already playing the PS3) of some shooter. The game wasn’t really very good, but that didn’t surprise me. What did was this: The rumble feature was really distracting! I’d forgotten what rumble was like, and certainly the 360 rumble is really crude – seems like it is all or nothing. When Sony brings this feature back, I hope it has been refined a little bit from last gen, unlike the 360 version. Let’s have something truly worthy of the PS3 Sony!

Thanks for listening.

Theossie said:

July 16th, 6:44 pm

I was wondering if the specs for the new PSP were finalized. I was thinking it would have been a really good idea to have bluetooth added. Having a wireless headset for gaming and chating would have been great.

HappyCamperJack said:

July 17th, 12:08 am

Hi Jack,
Great E3! Finally people are excited about Sony products again. The new PSP sounds great! More juice, less weight, definately make my PSP jealous =D However, I think Sony could have utilize PSP for more services, as it has much potentials.

We saw Nintendo utilizing DS for games that have education values, and those games sold big and got a lot of positive responses. I’ve heard Sony was doing some education works with PSP in Britain, which is great! It started to make me think that perhaps Sony should expand in this area. What PSP need now is the ability to download books and read PDF files. Just imagine PSP being marketed as the “Gadget for the Smart” or link with the newest release of “Harry Potter”. Imagine 3 guys with a PSP and 3 guys with DS on the bus. While all three guys holding DS are playing games, one guy holding the psp is playing game as well, but another one is watching movie, and the last guy is listening to music on the PSP. But wait, the guy listening to the music is staring at the screen. Why? He’s reading a book on the PSP and listening to the music at the same time! If Sony is able to market this product right, making it easy to download books and read them, this will without a doubt has more appeal than any Nintendo product out there and has the weight to go head to head with Ipod. Soon, schools will start using PSP for reading materials and moms and dad read their collections of books on PSP. It will not only drive the sales of PSP, but it will also drive the sales of other products on PSP.

As for Home, I can’t believe you guys actually make it happen! I remember a few months ago I was thinking of a online shopping mall where friends can go shopping together, but for this service to be viable, it needs computers that are powerful enough to display items in full 3D and secure enough for people to feel safe about buying things from it. I believe the online shopping isn’t penetrating enough market because it’s too complicated for many adults, seeing 2D pictures of the item is just not enough for a lot of people, that’s when I started to think of PS3, which have powerful 3D graphics, and an established online servce, as a machine for a MMORPG like online shopping service. I thought perhaps the RAM in PS3 is too little for something like this, but Home certainly proves that something like this is possible for this generation. Bravo Sony, Bravo! I’m hoping you guys are launching Home with a Sony Style store where people go check out the latest electronics from Sony; a Nike store where people go check out the latest sports wears or perhaps joining a mini soccer game with the 3D models of C. Ronaldo; a virtual Disneyland where kids can enjoy playing and “touching” their favourite mascots and perhaps begging their parents to buy a few toys from it. I don’t know if Sony is planning to use Home for something like this, but online stores like these will without a doubt revolutionize online shopping and give PS3 a new definition and non-gamers a reason to buy one.

Thanks for all the great products! I’m looking forward to all the great games coming out this fall! I know Sony have great products, it’s up to you guys to spread the words!


boneyardweller89 said:

July 17th, 2:42 am

Where does the memory stick go???

kenji said:

July 17th, 6:50 am

Do anyone know if they will be releasing the PSP in any colors that would be appropriate for women?

Lgacy2X said:

July 17th, 7:37 pm

I want to ask you something. When will the slim PSP be available for pre-order? I want to know before I want to pre-order it and obtain it on the day of its arrival.

Alcahest said:

July 18th, 5:47 pm

IMPORTANT! About the 1.82 Firmware!

There is a bug in the fact that PS2 games video output is always either YUV or RGB Limited, even if RGB FULL is selected !

Basically with 1.82, everything (XMB, PS1, PS3 and BD/DVD movies) can be displayed in RGB (when BD/DVD is set to RGB too, of course) except PS2 games that are still output as YUV with no options to alter that, unfortunately.

This is annoying because the brightness is way too high and the image washed out when playing PS2 games after RGB FULL has been selected and the TV carefully calibrated for RGB FULL.

Also it would be a real plus having an “Upscale type setting” in the “PS menu” when playing PS2 games (normal or fullscreen). Are we supposed to alter the setting every time in the XMB according to the game we want to play? Annoying. The option would be much better directly accessible from the PS menu WHILE playing PS2 games.

So to sum-up, Sony please:
– Make an option to change the PS2 games video output to support RGB FULL like everything else so far on the PS3.
– Add an option in the “PS menu” of PS2 games to alter the Upscale type setting. (normal of fullscreen)


illegalprelude said:

July 19th, 12:50 pm

Being a PSP owner sense its launch date, March 24, 2004 correct? ive been waiting for an excuse to buy another one. Not sure why as mine is in 100% mint condition but having said that, I can now finally rest assured that I wont be blowing off my money.

Im really excited to have a newer version that is just thinner let alone, all the other features and I say that because I take it on campus with me all the time or when im running errands and now it wont be boldging as much when its in my pocket.

TheGrave999 said:

July 19th, 2:29 pm

you guys should have a red psp, id buy that. :\ but id still get the white one!

pixelknot said:

July 20th, 6:49 am

I will get this one for sure, I’ve been wanting a White PSP sinde the day they released it in Japan, and the video output is a must have for me. Another thing I would ask for, is a GPS for the USA, please Mr. Tretton can you tell us if SONY will ever deliver on this one? since we did not hear anything about this at E3. Keep up the great work =) said:

July 23rd, 5:19 pm

When is it coming out in America? I want one for my birthday which is in mid-August. And I’m talking my mom in to getting one for me, but I don’t know when it’s coming out. When is it coming out?!

kennmo05 said:

July 23rd, 7:07 pm

I like the redesign, but I was wondering if the extra ram is going to allow for multitasking.

dboy482 said:

July 24th, 8:02 am

yea thats great, though i still feel im miles away from being able 2 listen 2 music when im playing games

scarface3010 said:

July 24th, 7:39 pm

I know the new PSP redesign is complete but I was wondering if you guys thought about incorporating a motion sensing feature into the PSP. I am saying this because games like Mercury would be way better if you could use the PSP tilt to control the position of the ball. I’m sure you could find other uses for this feature as well including allowing the player to move the character in the game in the direction of the PSP’s movement etc…

zeonpilot said:

July 25th, 3:02 pm

Ps3 has such an awesome line up. And count me in as a buyer of the new psp. sweet.

natethegreat1 said:

July 25th, 3:37 pm

Recently my friends bought regular PSP’s. they dont really keep up on technology well. In my mind I laughed a little. The new PSP IS GOING TO BE SOO MUCH SWEETER!! and for the same exact price. I guess it pays to be patient

jrserve said:

July 30th, 10:44 am

hey sony will you do somthinge like give your old psp for a new one white extra money becaus if you do that i will buy a new psp, i can’t do anithig whti 2 psp so pleas do that and poeple whit an old psp will buy a new psp

naughtyco said:

August 2nd, 8:34 am

Since these comments are for suggestions, I’d like to suggest a “deal” from Sony, where we are allowed to trade in our old PSP’s for the new one’s. I jumped at the chance to purchase a PSP when the price dropped, and now feel taken advantage of because of it. Please allow the consumer to not feel like me and many others by letting us receive a new PSP with a healthy discount by trading in our old one. Thanks for listening.

raden said:

August 2nd, 9:56 am

Hey look E3 was sweet to the enth degree but i was wondering if you could say anything on Kingdom Hearts 3 please if you know anything tell us thankyou. oh and everyone who was at e3 (from sony) you all were great and exceptional.

Skater_Ricky said:

August 2nd, 9:57 am

What im Wanting out of a new PSP hopefully 2.0 PSP is….

1. BLUETOOTH (for like a Controler for PS3 and u can use a bluetooth headset for it) :)

2. Motion Sensing Feature

3. More Ram



6.TV output

7.Screen More Derable.. since mine cracked all the way down the Right side of the screen :(

Wish there was a way to trade it in and get it fixed or something since it still works fine at all.

Then I think SONY will have the perfect PSP :)

Thanks Ricky,

jay said:

August 2nd, 12:45 pm


xplosneer said:

August 2nd, 12:52 pm


I want some Kingdom Hearts annoucements!
KH2 storyline + PS3 graphics= holy **** that’s a good game!

steven777123 said:

August 3rd, 6:30 pm

the big three are kaz jack and phil

steven777123 said:

August 3rd, 6:31 pm

@ jay u made me dizzy with that comment lol

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August 7th, 5:33 am

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