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Aug 30

Aug 30

What’s New in the PLAYSTATION Store?

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Grace Chen here, senior Manager for the PLAYSTATION Store. It’s been a big week for the PLAYSTATION Store, with the launch of Warhawk on Tuesday and tons of great new content today. We know you guys want playable games and demos, and we want to get them to you. So with that said, here’s a quick breakdown of what we have in the PLAYSTATION Store today:

– Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for $9.99
– Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection online add-on for $9.99 or the bundle (game + add-on) for $29.99
– Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 demo
– All-Pro Football 2K8 demo
– NASCAR ’08 demo
– Heavenly Sword “Episode Four: The Sound of Combat” making-of video
– Heavenly Sword “Episode Four: The Divine Birth” Anime video
– Folklore “Surviving the Netherworld” trailer
– Clive Barker’s Jericho™ trailer
– Movie trailers for Beowulf and Bee Movie

I’ll do my best to blog about additional PLAYSTATION Store updates as often as I can.

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slomo788 said:

August 30th, 5:54 pm


He’s not actually hating man. Many complaints about the PS3 are fake and probably angry and jealous moans. But as a consumer, I don’t think Loucifer is just being a fanboy. Many times, Sony has promised and under-delivered. Of course, the PS3 is superior to everything out there and I know I had more than what I paid for. But not what I hoped for. Maybe in 2 or 3 years Sony will have done what they promised at launch and before launch. But for now, I’m just left with hope. Today’s update was great for all of us PS3 owners. But when you take a look at XBLM or even the Wii VC, not to mention other features, you can understand Loucifer’s anger.

Morpork said:

August 30th, 5:58 pm

Well if there no no update for the EU store tomorrow I’m going to be pretty annoyed. We keep getting the short end of the stick for no reason. Seriously, we payed the most amount of money for the PS3, but get the least in return. I hope there will be a Skate demo on there tomorrow to make up for it! ;)

reesimo said:

August 30th, 6:06 pm

OMG…that’s like, the best update EVAR!
Thanks Sony!

womfalcs3 said:

August 30th, 6:25 pm

Sony makes money by putting the Paramount videos on the Store. Even though they dropped blu-ray for 18 months due to a bribe, Sony still gets money from them due to the promotion on the PS3.

Vassago said:

August 30th, 6:36 pm

i know u working hard to give us good stuff but can u say to someone the choice for classic psone games really suck 9 games on all the good games they make its completely ridiculous only if they put 9 good games but they all suck sry but im frustrated all ppl tell me to hack my psp to put a emulator but i dont want ….. but im sure if u put great games = less hacking and MORE MONEY so do so PLEASE (only with ffVII u can do a lot of MONEY)so keep up the great work and i hope u will do something PLEASE

SillyHatMafia said:

August 30th, 6:38 pm

Not only do I think those PlayStation Card’s should come out.. but perhaps work out an agreement with visa or some company to release a PSN Line of gift cards avalible in game shops.

iNagib said:

August 30th, 6:44 pm

How did you guys buy a PS3 without a credit card. 700$ cash?

foolio_67 said:

August 30th, 6:47 pm

Great update!

magnusum said:

August 30th, 6:47 pm

wii has it

xbox 360 has it

ps3 only in japan

SillyHatMafia said:

August 30th, 6:51 pm

Despite all the comments ( mine included ) of PSN cards, it was a great update though!

If we get demos of Lair, Rachet and clank, and skate soon, you’ll make alot of us happy!

magnusum said:

August 30th, 6:52 pm

excelente update
that why my protest

Darkendless said:

August 30th, 6:54 pm


SillyHatMafia said:

August 30th, 6:56 pm

i understand you protesting fo rthe cards, i just want to show that despite it, we like the effort they put in. We jsut want alittle more effort put it so more of us could get the game ; )

Darkendless said:

August 30th, 7:00 pm

Can someone put a gun to this reviewer’s head and blow his brains out?

Zaku said:

August 30th, 7:00 pm

Thanks for posting this here and keeping us up to date. Really great update :)

Thunderstruck said:

August 30th, 7:01 pm

Right now I would like to quote Phil Harrison from E3 back in July.

“And it’s a brand new track, Eagle’s Nest. Which is available to download from the Playstation Network, for Motorstorm, coming just next month.”

Alrighty then, so its the last Thursday of the spoken of “just next month”. So where is it? Hmmmm.

And yeah, I agree about some of the above posts about the PSN card or whatever its going to be called. Like to have those out soon. Yeah, I can use a credit card but I would rather buy a pre payed card than add to my interest on my credit card.
Good update, but as expected, no Motorstorm update.

Cesar said:

August 30th, 7:03 pm

Hi Mr.Chen i thank you guys for giving us demos we love that {everybody here} but if my opinion can help my favorite console i’m always happy to help i would like to see some original Resident Evil in there your the one that can make it happen, we love to see the original Remake for the ps3 store.

magnusum said:

August 30th, 7:05 pm

playstion 3 card s store

Cesar said:

August 30th, 7:06 pm

And oh yea i just buy Lair and Hevenly sword is next, you guys already make me buy Folklore by showing us how great the RPG is. Thanks for giving hours of entertainment to my {all i do is work } life.

aaquib said:

August 30th, 7:08 pm

This is easily the BEST week for the Store. We finally saw my favourite game for PS3, Warhawk, backed by some sweet demos from 3rd parties. Dont mind the flamers, because you’re keeping the great majority of us gamers happy :)

I could ask for 2 things:

PSN cards, so its more convenient to pay for things

In-game XMB. Im no longer in a rush for this, as Warhawk is AMAZING. Congratz big time on Warhawk!

mpnjdevil said:

August 30th, 7:17 pm

Keep it UP SONY.

aaquib said:

August 30th, 7:21 pm


If they read your comments the first time, there’s no need to post it 5 more time ;)

Raven4960 said:

August 30th, 7:27 pm

This should be a weekly addition to the blog. Or perhaps the PSN Store should have a dedicated section here on the blog to inform your customers of whats available, whats new, and whats coming. Either way it should happen every week like clockwork.

Loucifer said:

August 30th, 7:30 pm


thanx dude for actually being one of the few to understand what im sayin…its not hate!! Its just pointing out the obvious!!


but they’ll always be the few that are too sensitive about talkin negative about Sony and so maybe we should dress them in little skirts and start talkin all pretty to make them feel better…LOLOL

tearsofash said:

August 30th, 7:31 pm

PSone games please!

Stoffinator said:

August 30th, 8:01 pm

And on another note, please Sony get those PlayStation network cards out. I want to buy some of the games online because I don’t deal in credit cards. You showed them way back at E3 ’06. why aren’t they out?

Darkendless said:

August 30th, 8:19 pm


Jedah said:

August 30th, 8:20 pm

I wish I could get some of those games, plus other games from the PSN Store like Stardust, Blast Factor, Tekken 5, etc… but too bad I always get “Invalid Card Information” message /*;_;)

Why Sony, WHY!!!

Gregero said:

August 30th, 8:20 pm

I really appreciate what you guys at Sony are doing. You guys really make gaming worth it. I have a request though- Can you please release a demo for LAIR? I’ve just heard too many mixed opinions about this game to go and pick it up. I really wanna play this game, but with all the negativity I can only be worried as I don’t know if I should spend my bills on LAIR or Heavenly Sword, both of which I’ve kept up with a lot. Oh and congrats with Warhawk- I love it. Keep up the good work guys! Oh and maybe a FW update?

Cagalli said:

August 30th, 8:25 pm

Gregero, I picked up Lair today and am really enjoying it. Is it perfect? No, but it’s still fun and definitely better than what some reviewers want you to think.

Kamahl said:

August 30th, 8:32 pm

awesome update, i suppose Skate, NHL 08 and Lair will have a demo next week? :P

I hope so!

darktorns said:

August 30th, 8:33 pm

probably one of the nice store update so far.

Warhawk + T5:DR online = AWESOME

LeonKennedy said:

August 30th, 9:11 pm

Everyone in Europe should just get rid of their PS3. We’re clearly being ripped off. We pay the most and get the least while the people who pay the least get spoiled with Warhawk and all these demos and videos in one week.

Either wait till there is some kind of price drop or wait till the content and releases have caught up to the US.

I’m not a 360 fan but if that’s the only available console in Europe wich shows some fairness and loyalty to it’s consumers and gives you something to enjoy on your console then people should go with that. The PS3 just isn’t the console for Europe right now and probably won’t be until 2008.

People who paid full price $850 here in the UK and have recieved this singled out kind of treatment are already planning on websites to make people here in Europe aware of what they’re really in for if they purchase this expensive machine.

Jams_Shop said:

August 30th, 9:19 pm

Awesome update keep it up guys!!!

Lp47 said:

August 30th, 10:00 pm

Beautifull update Sony, you guys are really excleiing in the multiplayer/ online world of video games.

If i were to ask for one thing for christmas it would be a redisign of the PS Store. Its alright now but i think you guys could do a better job at using your imaginations.

Gregero said:

August 30th, 10:27 pm


Really? That’s great! Now c’mon- the six axis controls aren’t THAT bad right? I don’t see how they could be when these devs worked very hard to make it seem like a real dragon. Hearing that it’s good from a fellow gamer makes me feel more optimistic about LAIR. Would you say it’s worth the buy? Or is this a rent and see? I’m very open to all games and really want another good one.

Cagalli said:

August 30th, 10:33 pm


They’re not bad. As I said, you just need to take the tutorial in the beginning of the game and it teaches you everything. I don’t know if you’ve played flOw, but I had the same issue in that at first it was a bit tricky but after a while the controls just felt natural.

If you are iffy on the game, I would rent first. I bought first though without renting and I don’t regret it. If you ever played the Rogue Squadron games, the mission set up is pretty familiar… but from what I’ve read around, Lair sees to be a love it or hate it game. :) I personally like it and was willing to give it a chance unlike some people who won’t give it the time of day to learn how to play it properly.

PS3_GAM3R said:

August 30th, 11:27 pm

WOW!! That is the best PSN store up-date ever..hopefully it continues like this from here on in….

gundamfan80 said:

August 30th, 11:38 pm

Man guys, your really showing us the love this week. Keep up the good work!

davidjs_uk said:

August 31st, 12:25 am

Great for the US, not so great for the UK. Are we just supposed to be happy with Warhawk?

Kung_Fu_Russ said:

August 31st, 12:49 am

The EU is STILL behind the US by a mile. Where is Crash MOney CHaos? Piyotama? Puzzle Fighter?

Sort it out, seriously. You will start to lose customers pretty soon if you don’t, and I could be one of them. I’ve been Sony since the launch of PS1, but this is turning out to be a flop.

Also, get in-game XMB and cross-game invites sorted out ASAP. I predict that even the release of Home will not bring us this feature.


slomo788 said:

August 31st, 1:02 am

Well, Europeans, if that can console you, you already know that you will have GT5 Prologue AND the Go! series. But yeah, so far, well you’ve pretty much already summed it up. Hope Sony’s reading…

Bound said:

August 31st, 1:25 am

Why aren’t we get any feedback on the whole second rate European? Even ThreeSpeech has acknowledged there’s a massive divide between the European and US stores. I said it once I’ll say it again the US gets and official blog and Europe gets a Semi Official site that has no real power and clearly cant get access to the information they need. If it weren’t for Bioshock I’d be a hell of a lot more annoyed. As is I can’t and won’t recommend the PS3 to anyone. I still laugh when I see wallpapers on the US store but not on the Euro store, what too difficult to translate them. /sarcasm

viralbyte said:

August 31st, 1:40 am

Street fighter graphics were terrible. the background and the puzzler were HD but the Street fighter characters animations were very sub par.

AznSniper said:

August 31st, 2:10 am

Could you guys bring the Lair & Ratchet & Clank demos sooner?

stizzyjls said:

August 31st, 3:28 am

The update was great, keep it up Grace! But it was missing one thing Ps1 games, there have been only a few released since ps3 game out and Japan has gotten ton’s of them you should really make another day to release the on like Monday or Tuesday could be like a retro PS1 release day.

NBCraftsman said:

August 31st, 3:38 am

Now, that was a well-rounded update. Keep up the great work.

Federation said:

August 31st, 4:07 am

Thanks for the update. It good to see a good Update!!!

cduran02 said:

August 31st, 4:24 am

Great update, but heres a sugestion….Sony should send notifications to our PSN message in box whenever updates are made or planned.

On a side note also it would be great if we could use our PSN messaging for sending emails, maybe link them to the playstation message boards.

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