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Aug 30

Aug 30

What’s New in the PLAYSTATION Store?

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by

VP, PlayStation Network

Grace Chen here, senior Manager for the PLAYSTATION Store. It’s been a big week for the PLAYSTATION Store, with the launch of Warhawk on Tuesday and tons of great new content today. We know you guys want playable games and demos, and we want to get them to you. So with that said, here’s a quick breakdown of what we have in the PLAYSTATION Store today:

– Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for $9.99
– Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection online add-on for $9.99 or the bundle (game + add-on) for $29.99
– Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 demo
– All-Pro Football 2K8 demo
– NASCAR ’08 demo
– Heavenly Sword “Episode Four: The Sound of Combat” making-of video
– Heavenly Sword “Episode Four: The Divine Birth” Anime video
– Folklore “Surviving the Netherworld” trailer
– Clive Barker’s Jericho™ trailer
– Movie trailers for Beowulf and Bee Movie

I’ll do my best to blog about additional PLAYSTATION Store updates as often as I can.

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Sollus said:

September 2nd, 5:40 pm

Scott, you need to type in a coherent way for anyone to take you seriously. Wow. Anyway, my only request, which I am sure is on a lot of others minds, is when can we finally have more video support? .mp4 is all there is right now, am I right? That’s just not cutting the mustard and to tout this machine as a media center powerhouse there has got to be more video support. This update was great too. More content, more content. That’s all I need.

scott said:

September 2nd, 6:04 pm

sollus who cares about music u want music turn on the radio we want games and demos and blow ur self

ericent said:

September 2nd, 7:07 pm

If they aren’t gonna give us demos on time, they might as well give us some good games to download. I like classic arcade games, but I would not spend 5 bucks to ride an ostrich taking up hard disk space. As for some of the other games, I feel uncomfortable playing with bath toys and sea creatures. Blast Factor and Super Star Dust are nice and I liked Castlevania, but it took way to long for some games come out. And if they can’t give us downloadable PS3 games, GIVE US SOME PS1 GAMES LIKE JAPAN! And don’t give us E rated games that would make an 11 year old little girl happy. Give us a big selection of PS1 games like tomb raider, spyro, FFVII, star ocean, and some sports classics. Come on, with all the PS1 games released and all the PS3 games in the lineup, GIVE US SOME GOOD DOWNLOADS!

Sollus said:

September 2nd, 9:00 pm

I was referring to .mpeg4 brohim. Typo on my part. I want to use my console in every way imaginable which is streaming every bit of media that I have on my PC to my PS3 to watch on my TV. I also said I wanted content as well. Which guess what? That included demos too. Wow. I’m not getting into an argument with someone on this blog either.

Laughed said:

September 2nd, 11:35 pm

I would like to ask that you stop releasing games piece meal and more importantly STOP nickle and diming us.

$10 bucks for an online add-on that should have been there from the start is lame.

I realize this is a very pro-Sony board and that I will be flamed but I want to point out something you might have under appreciated or just plain missed.

Your nickle and diming is undermining the confidence you want to build with your consumers. Instead of purchasing that new IP upon release more and more of us are going to be waiting for weeks on end to determine if there is going to be an essential update we’ll have to pay for and even then we still may not even make a purchase. I’m sure your making money hand over fist off of the majority of consumers who jump at anything you flash there way, but there are also people like me who see that you no longer have our best interests in mind. That’s damage you can’t repair. You should be showing your consumers love and appreciation, otherwise you’ll start to alienate the very people you need to survive.

saunderswan said:

September 3rd, 5:50 am

@sollus look for TVersity it converts on the fly to the PS3 so AVI,DIVX and pretty much everything will play via media server there are also a few codecs you will need like FFDshow,Haali splitter, and AC3 filter job done ENJOY :)

Fabio said:

September 3rd, 6:41 am

Couple of questions..:

When will the skate demo come out? Would be nice if you guys could put up some kind of info on when you’re planning on releasing content for the coming month or so. A few infopages about when you’re updating the store and what is to be expected of coming firmware updates wouldn’t hurt either.

And now to my other question:

Why is the EU store so empty? It is like 10 demos of which like 9 games already have been released.. :X
Also if I where you I’d think about doing global updates, or atleast updates for both EU, US and Australia(if they have their own store, don’t know) at the same time with the same content. Of course games like Madden aren’t very popular in Europe, but it wouldn’t hurt to give us europeans atleast a shot at trying it out, who knows NFL migth hook us! :>

I bet most europeans wouldn’t mind if the demos is in english or not. It’s a demo, live with it.

Also I know that the PS3 came out way after the box and that the developers might have some stuff to catch up on, but a few more demos and such would be great if you could release at the updates. Especially in EU since we seem to have very few demos in our store.

Thanks and bye.

platnum-slayer7 said:

September 3rd, 8:31 am

nice update i will get puzzle fighter as soon as i can…..

Sollus said:

September 3rd, 3:51 pm

Thanks saunderswan. The info was great appreciated. :)

illegalprelude said:

September 3rd, 4:59 pm

I think this was indeed a very good update. Nice to see a wide verity of items available to download for those who might want trailers, demos or whatever else their looking for.

Having said that, I think Sony is in the right place to very much expand the PSN store to so much more. First, they need to keep the flux of demos and gaming content coming.

Now I know we have been promised Music and Movie downloads ( and who better to start this off sense Sony owns a Big movie studio and even Bigger record label)

Having said this and I hope somebody from SNE actually reads this but there is so much other contentent that can be provided and it dosent have to cost much.

For example, a simple thing is commercials. This can be in the form of A. game commercials. Sure we have trailers but sometimes commercials can be very effective and it should also be a simple thing to offer. From there on, other popular commercials can be there for download and im sure those companies would love to have their content downloaded. Im sure Sony could even more some way of getting paid to have other companies content on their Store.

From there, being a freelance editor in Los Angeles (and come on Sony, I could do this for you in your Santa Monica Studios for you!!!) you can hire many free lance or more professional editors/documentary crew or person. This idea gets to the fact that a behind the scenes can be produced for very cheap of different scenes behind the Sony company, or a particular game or event and again offered for download. This again provides very different and nice media for the cheap that gives your store more content but not just crap content as many people care for such things.

kodoque said:

September 3rd, 5:12 pm

Wow, i was so happy when i heard that Puzzle Fighter was coming out at the same time as xbox live arcade but since you like to neglect your European/Australian customers so much nothing but a few trailers came out.

I was 100% planning to get the PSN version of Puzzle Fighter because of the superior D-pad but i went ahead and bought the xbla version!

saunderswan said:

September 3rd, 6:20 pm

no worries :)

KgKris said:

September 3rd, 10:34 pm

Fix the Warhawk Ranking System!

Finalsquall said:

September 3rd, 11:26 pm

I wnat to thank you… PSN :D for answering one of my questions :) Thank you for allowing shoulder buttons (L1 and R1) to toggle thru the pages in PSN…. simple but great. The Psn is looking good… Loving the music download as well :) Keep it up :)

scott said:

September 4th, 9:48 am

saints row is just like gta.why not make somthing just like halo or just halo?then there would be no console war.

floatonanyway142 said:

September 4th, 1:01 pm

what did todays update do?

floatonanyway142 said:

September 4th, 1:39 pm

ohh and when does the FREAKIN skate. demo come out
jeez haha.

Cosmic_Castaway said:

September 5th, 5:45 am

I was woundering … if Sony is gonna do anything to fix Lair … it has the Potencial to be an awsome game… but it has horible ratings, just because of the control system. In turn giving thoses Xbox fan boys more ammo to use against SONY.

rd2000 said:

September 5th, 6:53 pm

All SOE europe gets from jerking us off compared to US and Japan, is me using my $ in the us store and 0 in the EU store …

Loucifer said:

September 6th, 10:28 am

Well AU and UK got NOTHING in todays update…sorry guyz…doesnt look that great for the US

in other great news for Sony…

“Dave Karraker, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications for Sony Computer Entertainment America, has announced that he’ll be leaving the company on Friday to take a position with Skyy Spirits.”

Another one bites the dust…good choice Dave leave while you can :)

Cagalli said:

September 6th, 10:35 am

Loucifer, go away. EU stores got this today:

Motorstorm Pass VIP Coyote Revenge with 2 new vehicles and 9 new races – 5.99€
GT5 trailers
Lair trailers
HS trailers/animes
Invasion trailer

40cal said:

September 6th, 10:46 am


Again your spin on financial news is inaccurate. For someone who claims to be a realest you sure aren’t grounded in reality.

stennex said:

September 6th, 10:55 am

Sony how come you have not teamed up with Apple to provide us with an itunes widget for the PS3. You and Apple are both on the same level interms of using similar unix based OS, design and quality of hardware are similar and Apple is on the executive board for Blu-ray. More people i know who use pc use itunes. It was strange to see you join MS. Why?

p.s. I believe that someday Sony and Apple will work close together.

Fabio said:

September 6th, 12:22 pm




Laughed said:

September 7th, 3:20 pm

@Stennex: Why so they can gouge us on a per track basis. If you want to give Sony your money so bad just sign your checks over to them.

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