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Oct 11

Oct 11

EyeCreate in Action

Greg Lutton's Avatar Posted by Assistant Producer, SCEA

What’s up PlayStation fans? I wanted to get the word out to all of you to check out EyeCreate, the new video capturing and editing application for the PlayStation 3. With EyeCreate you can capture darn near anything and make your own personalized videos, much like the examples I’ve included below. You can also add all sorts of cool effects, record your own sounds and export your video to the XMB. Some of the coolest features include the time-lapse capturing and the stop-motion functionality. If you want to show off your videos, you can drop your creation on a memory stick or USB drive and share it with other PS3 users. The increased resolution of the PSEye and the multi-array microphone combined with the huge storage capacity of the PS3, make the possibilities endless. And last but not least, EyeCreate will be available for FREE download on the PlayStation Store on October 23rd. To get an idea of what EyeCreate can do, check out these vids our team made.

Happy Creating!

Eye Graffiti


The Race

Add Your Own

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XxBigP123xX said:

October 11th, 4:33 pm

wish the quality was better :(

Hell-RaizeR said:

October 11th, 4:36 pm

Hell yeah!

Hell-RaizeR said:

October 11th, 4:36 pm

BTW, Sony keep it up your making us proud!!!

bignobes said:

October 11th, 4:38 pm

the quality is great for the length of videos on a console camera….i am really excited cant waut!!

Helghasp said:

October 11th, 4:39 pm


DanB91 said:

October 11th, 4:44 pm

this looks awesome, this is going up on my blog now lol. can u share videos over the internet or just locally?

Kamahl said:

October 11th, 4:46 pm

good enough to me ;D

i’m buying the “the eye of judgement” bundle

Neil said:

October 11th, 4:47 pm

Wow this is great. Now you need a place for PS3 users to upload this stuff to the internet to share.

Herby said:

October 11th, 4:49 pm

Great videos, thanks for the preview.
By the way, how do I get a job over there? I thought my work was fun.

saunderswan said:

October 11th, 4:50 pm

hahaha hahaha hahaha LMAO cool

zookey said:

October 11th, 4:51 pm

hehe nice! so by exportin’ to the xmb does that mean i can then take it to a mac or pc for further editing?

chainlink13 said:

October 11th, 4:57 pm

What the…how do you that second one with the guy in midair? Taking snapshots of him constantly jumping???

[…] Sony has just released some info on Eyecreate, software used to record and edit videos on the PS3 using the PS Eye. Some great features of Eyecreate is that you can use time lapse and slow motion. Once your done recording and editing you can export them to the XMB. Also if you want share your videos you can just save them on a USB drive or any memory stick and share them with other PS3 users. Take a look the videos posted on the blog. As a reminder this software will be released on October 23 free on the PS Store. Enjoy! [Via PlayStation Blog] […]

DanB91 said:

October 11th, 5:01 pm

uh why did a post from my blog come on to the comments? well if anyone is interested its (dont flame me….)

KnaveX said:

October 11th, 5:04 pm

My fav was the race, this is really cool, and a surprise with the xmb export function, since I heard before that it was said that It couldn’t be done.

CONFUSEDgam3r said:

October 11th, 5:06 pm

Those were great! Awesome creativity! Come payday, the Playstation Eye will be in my hands [grouse].

CrimsonCalibur said:

October 11th, 5:06 pm

haha nice work!

Playstation » EyeCreate in Action said:

October 11th, 5:09 pm

[…] Darren Murph wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptWhat’s up PlayStation fans? I wanted to get the word out to all of you to check out EyeCreate, the new video capturing and editing application for the PlayStation 3. With EyeCreate you can capture darn near anything and make your own … […]

Daver said:

October 11th, 5:12 pm

haha nice videos
Im buying the bundle with eye of judgment

scott said:

October 11th, 5:26 pm

off the subject can we get prepaid cards

EyeCreate: video software per la Ps3 said:

October 11th, 5:26 pm

[…] Questo software per EyeToy permetterà agli utenti Ps3 di creare e montare filmati da pubblicare online. […]

nmc75 said:

October 11th, 5:43 pm

Looks fun! Looking forward to using HOME to show off some goofy videos. Sony engineers…can we get some custom EyeCreate’d avatars on the XMB?

sectionz said:

October 11th, 6:03 pm

omg viral! sony viral!

Vassago said:

October 11th, 6:26 pm

cant wait to buy the EYE :) hurray for boobies !!!!

Stoffinator said:

October 11th, 6:28 pm

How do these damn blog spam bots work so fast? :-S

And I deffnatly want the PSEye.

west said:

October 11th, 6:29 pm

THAT WAS AWESOME IM DEFINITELY GETTING ONE!!! This + in-game xmb and messaging + custom soundtracks= :D

Yazuka said:

October 11th, 6:44 pm

Haha, that looked awesome! Can’t wait to try this out. I’ve always loved stopmotion. :D

Kratos_ate_Snake said:

October 11th, 6:54 pm

Those where very funny…

Lots of post lately. Keep it up.

foolio_67 said:

October 11th, 7:35 pm

I didn’t know about the create software, neat idea.

umberto724 said:

October 11th, 7:35 pm

What about the ability to email photos taken?

AwRy108 said:

October 11th, 7:58 pm

…but no sharing over the PSN, eh? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Pass.

dbarrade said:

October 11th, 8:33 pm

Anyone else want to be able to video or voice chat, or mail voice, images or video captured from the Playstation Eye or any other device at any time from the PS button menu?

Danny said:

October 11th, 8:52 pm


lostboy85 said:

October 11th, 9:11 pm

Wow. i cant wait for the new Eye. great work sony!

xplosneer said:

October 11th, 9:31 pm

I’m laughing REALLY hard on the last one. Boom-Chick Boom Boom Boom Chick HEY Where’d he go?

TheApprentice said:

October 11th, 9:59 pm

LOL…You guys are so idle… :P

Gives me so much ideas to make use of that camera…
Can’t wait for that Eye of Judgment bundle :D

Devin1498 said:

October 11th, 10:28 pm

will the eye be compatible with PCs?

frito said:

October 11th, 10:42 pm



I hope then we can show our movies we make in Home, right?

please give us confirmation of that, i heard we could show anything on our hard drive or usb sticks in our Home picture frames/movie players!

Nymo said:

October 11th, 10:43 pm

hah, Awesome!

Sounds like even more, (free!) fun on the PS3!

Keep on bringing the (free… or cheap, well any) PS EYE support!

Trond said:

October 11th, 11:48 pm

frito said:

I hope then we can show our movies we make in Home, right?

please give us confirmation of that, i heard we could show anything on our hard drive or usb sticks in our Home picture frames/movie players!”

OMG I’m shure you can.
That will be so cool.

EyeCreate Demonstration Videos « Sony Drone said:

October 12th, 12:05 am

[…] great is it to work for Sony? Well, apparently you get to sit around all day and make silly videos. has put up three home-made videos demonstrating just what their EyeCreate software …. For what essentially amounts to webcam software, the free editing package seems to incorporate […]

EvoAnubis said:

October 12th, 12:31 am

That’s really cool. Can’t wait to see what I can do myself. It’d be cool if you could upload created videos onto YouTube . . . just a thought.

Johnny Sasaki said:

October 12th, 12:40 am

Looks great, can’t wait! :)

[…] A partire dal prossimo 23 ottobre, sul sito PS Store, sarà possibile downloadare gratuitamente il software EyeCreate per PS3. Sarà quindi possibile utilizzare la PS3 per catturare video e aggiungere agli stessi diversi effetti molto simpatici e di impatto (tra questi lo stop motion e il time-lapse capture). Sarà quindi possibile registrare audio e video ed esportali direttamente sulla XMB (XrossMediaBar, la barra iniziale del menu PlayStation). E’ altresì possibile salvare i video su memory stick o USB drive. Fonte […]

BongoUser said:

October 12th, 2:35 am

It works with old Playstation EyeToy too?

Check out EyeCreate | said:

October 12th, 2:43 am

[…] PlayStation camera, they are all stop time photography and looks like a lot of fun, check it out here Posted in PSN, Playstation 3 on Oct 12th, 2007, 3:43 am by Philip […]

Savage said:

October 12th, 3:08 am

Does EyeCreate only allow editing of Eye videos or any videos? What encoding does it use?

[…] Oh, one last thing before you go: it’ll also be available as a free download from October 23. EyeCreate in Action […]

HESH said:

October 12th, 3:47 am

Will definitely be getting the EYE (assuming the UK release is the same as the US) and will be using the EyeCreate software.
Questions –
Can you edit any video clips (saved home movies etc) with EyeCreate or only movies imported with the EYE?
Are there any new codecs supported (linked to the first Q)?
How long can you make the clips?

[…] pojawiły się filmiki pokazujące możliwość oprogramowania pozwalającego na prosty montaż […]

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