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Oct 31

Oct 31

New PS3 TV Ad Campaign

Peter Dille's Avatar Posted by Senior Vice President, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Greetings PlayStation Nation!

Like all of you, I’ve been a big fan of our new blog – but until now, I’ve been staying behind the scenes. I’m excited to share my first post here and thought that our new advertising campaign for the PS3 would be of interest to everyone. In fact, the campaign is scheduled to break this weekend in conjunction with the introduction of the new 40GB PS3 here in North America. But as a reward for being some of our most loyal fans, I wanted to get this out to all of you first.

Last year, we launched the PS3 with a campaign that become known as the “White Room” and we received a strong reaction to those ads for being provocative and demonstrating the PS3’s power. With those technology messages now firmly embedded, we wanted to move beyond the “power” message with a more high-energy, entertainment driven focus for the PS3. The games are here, the price point is now $399 and we wanted to make the news loud and clear. But we need to deliver that in a way that befits the PlayStation brand. And so, beyond the brilliant HD games that the PS3 delivers, you’ll also see a big focus behind the PS3’s Blu-ray movie capability and, for the first time, you’ll see a major focus behind the PLAYSTATION Network (did I mention online gaming is free on PS3??) and the exclusive gaming content available on the PLAYSTATION Store, as well as breakthrough services like Home. As Kim noted in her recent post, with so much brewing inside the PS3, the icons and characters of the PS3 world come to life in the vivid black onyx world of the PS3 and nearly burst out of its seams.

The spots feature some of our recent and highly anticipated first-party titles including Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, as well as upcoming third-party exclusives such as Haze from Ubisoft and Metal Gear Solid 4 from Konami. I recall seeing some comments on this blog recently lamenting why we weren’t making a bigger deal out of Metal Gear. Well, get ready for a steady diet, because Metal Gear Solid is the mother of all exclusives and we can’t wait for its release. But we’ll also feature other great PS3 games like Burnout Paradise, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008, Assassin’s Creed, Madden NFL 08 and Time Crisis 4 rounding out the genre-defining titles and breadth of a lineup that you can only find on PLAYSTATION 3.

We’re kicking off the campaign in a big way with high-impact: 60 second spots (“Universe of Entertainment”) which feature PS3’s multi-functional capabilities and really kicks off the compelling and addictive nature of this campaign.

The second is our :30 “Only On” spot showcasing some of our gorgeous 1st party titles.

More television spots are still under development and we’ll reveal them as they’re finished.

As we head into November we couldn’t be more excited. We have the 40GB PS3 “officially” launching tomorrow at a price point that will appeal to a wider audience and the 80GB PS3 which is demonstrating phenomenal sales growth since we announced the $499 price point. Add to that the inflow of great games and a PS3 brand campaign — our largest ever behind a hardware platform — and we think it’s going to be a great holiday season for PS3.

And I’d be remiss not to mention the highly-anticipated titles coming in 2008 like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Grand Theft Auto IV, Killzone 2, SingStar, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4 and of course, Home. And rest assured, we have some secrets and many new games up our sleeves for 2008 as well. We can’t wait to kick it all off!

So, we hope you like the campaign. You guys are our biggest fans and I can tell you all with complete sincerity that we work hard to earn your trust and loyalty every day. Because we know if we can meet your high expectations, you’ll tell your friends and the rest will take care of itself.

Thanks and have fun!

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Coolwater said:

October 31st, 6:44 pm

That has got to be the best PS3 ad i’ve seen yet.

If you cant get it on PSN, can you please post the HD version here?

Also, noted the PSP update included the remote starter for PS3, but yet requires the 2.0 PS3 update. What gives?? Does that mean the PS3 update is coming very soon?

Oh and why are the Dual Shock 3s not coming to the US this christmas?? That has got to be the dumbest move ever on Your part. You DO want to sell these machines dont you? For what it’s worth i think the Dual Shock 3 should have been packed in with every 40GB console. People would have tripped over each other trying to buy them!

Darkendless said:

October 31st, 6:48 pm

Wow, very impressive compared to the earlier campaign.

rofldings said:

October 31st, 6:53 pm

Yes, I definitely agree on showcasing the PS3/PSP’s remote play feature. It may convince some PSP only owners to buy a PS3 to get more use out of their PSP.

Also free online play is a great selling point.

40cal said:

October 31st, 6:54 pm

Nice, very nice. Cant wait to see how this marketing impacts sales of the greatest console ever made. The PS3 is the future of gaming.

Mana Knight said:

October 31st, 6:56 pm

@ 99

SCEA has no control over this, it was SCEI’s decision (since they usually get first dibs on stuff).

Darkendless said:

October 31st, 6:57 pm

why dont u guys make an ad where the video is of cloud strife slicing the head of master chief which advertises ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE on blu-ray

Cameron said:

October 31st, 6:59 pm

I actually liked the 30 second spot better, it was quicker to draw you in and it left you wanting to know more.

The 60 second spot showed more things that most will grasp in that short span of time, even I had trouble recalling what was there and I already know your brand back-to-front. Viewers may feel more overwhelmed than anything, but that was probably the whole point, viewers catching something new each time they see it and eventually go seek out more info of their own accord.

Overall it’s very slick and to-the-point.

GibbShift said:

October 31st, 7:00 pm

Excellent. You’re showing the games and not some random room with a cyring baby. People respond well to visual cues, and seeing the best of what the PS3 has to offer should convince them to open their wallets. Really nice ads. I can’t wait for the ones for COD4, Drake, KZ2, FFXII, and OMG, MGS4.

remanance said:

October 31st, 7:01 pm

And let it be a downloadable! :D

Wraith413 said:

October 31st, 7:03 pm

I liked the 60 second ad better, which was great btw!!!

izrion said:

October 31st, 7:03 pm

Amazing, that’s what i want to see. And plz make this on psn i want to see that in HD on my Plasma screen , pretty plz.

I_Love_New_York said:

October 31st, 7:03 pm

Yeah they could work with mcdonalds or a cereal company and make toy ratchet and clanks with toy weapons. That would be so cool. And yeah I also would not want soda commercials because that is kind of getting stale beecause with that moantain dew commercial. They could however do a gatorade commercial. That would be great because everyone gets Gatorade.
By the way, Peter or anyone else from Sony or their marketing team I hope you guys are reading all the comments and are taking notes.

Rzarekta said:

October 31st, 7:04 pm

Great post by Peter and great job on the ads.

Ardrid said:

October 31st, 7:09 pm

Now THAT is what I call an ad. It’s easily the best PlayStation ad since the early Crash commercials and the Ratchet & Clank commercials, as well as the ‘Dude, Get Your Own’ campaign. I’ve watched this no less than 10 times already. It’s catchy, it’s flashy, and, most importantly, it’s high-impact and in-your-face. Whatever team was responsible for this deserves a nice raise.

omegasyde said:

October 31st, 7:13 pm

One of the Best Add’s ever that Playstation ha. PERIOD.

P.S. Where is my damn Pinball Game using the 6axis to play with on the PSN!!!?!?!

Publish it already.

Art_of_Tyler said:

October 31st, 7:13 pm

This is a very awesome commercial. If I didn’t have a PS3, this would make me want to buy one. This is the best videogame system ad I have seen. Very good job.


October 31st, 7:14 pm

OMG, THIS GOT ME REALLY EXCITED!! this is really something that makes you want to go out and buy a PS3 even if you own one already, amazing stuff!! and the song fits the ad very well!!way to go Sony!

so_what_20six said:

October 31st, 7:15 pm

Well woopy do you’ve finally starting to advertise a machine that’s been on the market for nearly a year.

No wait a minute, us Brits were supposed to be getting a machine this time last year and we got stiffed. We get a stripped down version of the machine for the same cost in march.
Then to add (if you pardon the punn) insult to injury you fail to deliver on so many early promises ie games, Home Beta, PS3 functionality (ie web browser), BC, PSN Store, Singstar.

Sony my patience is wearing very thin.

You then had the cheek to bundle packages on system to sell stock, leaving the early adopters feeling totally shaffed. I’m just about to make the final payment on my PS3 bought on credit. And what do I have to show for it.

A brilliant games console that at times is the most amazing thing on the planet but sadly still feel like you haven’t quite finished it yet. We hear regular empty promise. I can’t even watch you’re lovely new ads, cos the browser doesn’t support playback.

Please get your acts together!

AGQ0105 said:

October 31st, 7:18 pm

These Ads are SICK (that’s a good thing BTW), I love the part with Warhawk and how the sixaxis follows it. Great job Sony, great idea mentioning the price, that way people know what’s up. Don’t ever do what SCEE did. Keep the 80 GB as an option for people. An ad campaign like the “Dude get your own” one for the PSP would also be really cool. If there’s something we have noticed, is that there has not been enough marketing from you guys. Gotta spend money to make money, right?

AK47Beast said:

October 31st, 7:20 pm

Badass. Im breathless. Thats all.

defrag2k said:

October 31st, 7:23 pm

HOLY BALLZ!!!!!!!!!!! These are the best commercials I have EVER seen, I MUST HAVE THEM ON MYSPACE, Hook A Brutha UP!!!!!!!!!

crazypenguin said:

October 31st, 7:23 pm

omg, seriously, this will be an awsome comercial. the last one, fine it was cool and everything, but only geeks like me would like it. this one will rule! i love the way you incorperated awsome games with the ps3, i just think thats one of the coolest advertising comercial styles i have ever seen. AND I AM NOT A FANBOY, i love nintendo too, so yeah this is awsome. i can’t wait for home! i’ll be an addict.

Deviation said:

October 31st, 7:25 pm

I love that everything is in-game GAMEPLAY footage. No cinemas, no CG, just gameplay. Effing kickass.

thelonespartan said:

October 31st, 7:26 pm

yo this is freakin sweet and now if people will see this they will get thisinstead of the 360!!!

thelonespartan said:

October 31st, 7:27 pm

add this to the psn so we can download it in hd tv!!!!!!

Legendbyname said:

October 31st, 7:28 pm

It’s like the PS3 just started over and isn’t messing around this time. This add is a system seller

AK47Beast said:

October 31st, 7:29 pm

Also what is that’s songs name?! It makes me want to kill and destroy.

eksMAN said:

October 31st, 7:29 pm

[DELETED] awesome ad

foolio_67 said:

October 31st, 7:29 pm

That’s actually a really good ad! Good job!

saunderswan said:

October 31st, 7:30 pm

They KICK ASS :D i liked the PS2 ad’s with the slogan at the end WELCOME TO THE THIRD PLACE they should say something like that at the end maybe WELCOME TO THE NEW REVOLUTION

max60061 said:

October 31st, 7:32 pm

These ads are so amazing makes me want to buy a PS3 even though i already own one. They bring out the same feelings of “can’t wait” anticipation I had last year before i got my PS3 at launch.

Oompa said:

October 31st, 7:38 pm

Wow! Awesome ads, I hope they can do for you what Nintendo’s did for them.

Syrlis said:

October 31st, 7:42 pm

first commercial to show Home, woot!

sectionz said:

October 31st, 7:45 pm

holy [DELETED] these are good .. like REALLY good.

[…] New PS3 TV Ad Campaign » This Summary is from an article posted at PlayStation.Blog on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 […]

awheaten said:

October 31st, 7:47 pm

Hey I feel like you guys are really listening to me. I was just talking about you all needing more advertisements. I’m really glad for you all. I’m excited for you all. Admittedly, I’m not a Sony fan (their products are way too over priced, but I may get a Sony’s HDTV though), but I am Playstation fan. I hope the Playstation 3 does great. The price is great. Weekly updates to PSN is great. More games coming out also is great, I am also am glad that they are making customers be more PS3 excentric by taking out the BC for a lower price system (I don’t even hardly play PS2 games on mine). However, there are a few things they need to work on.
They need more hardware updates on the PS3, especially the AVI compatibility and background xmb. The demos can increase also. Lastly, Sony needs more of a robust and dynamic PSN interface along with Home.
That being said, PS3 has come along way. I am very satisfied with my PS3. I plan on getting Drake Uncharted, Metal Gear 4 and NBA 2K8 within the next 8 months along with the 2 DualShock controllers. So you all will be making alittle money off of me. I guess thats what it’s all about. Anyway, love ya Sony, keep up the good work.

fireras said:

October 31st, 7:47 pm

These are the kinda ads we have come to expect from Sony….the music is perfect it makes you want the system. I’m so pumped rite now and I already own one….lol

“do you want it, do you need it”
“make your eyes bleed”

Damn those ads are good I’m about to go watch ’em again.

Excellent ads…I sure as hell can see those ads selling some games and getting people to realize that Sony has a new game console out.

Took you guys a year but as always…you’ve delivered…kudos do you guys on a great ad. I can tell you guys thought long and hard behind about it and took a lot effort to pull it off.

It shows in the work….it’s really awesome…probably the best videogame ad I’ve ever seen. Perfect music also.

Darkendless said:

October 31st, 7:50 pm


pistolgrip said:

October 31st, 7:54 pm

Brilliant commercials, Great Job! Really shows off the system’s capabilities and target audience. BTW what ever happen to the ads. Those were amazing as well.

BOOM said:

October 31st, 7:54 pm

Finally some much needed marketing.

Cowboy Kyle said:

October 31st, 8:07 pm

lol all of these fake comments are hilarious. Sony , you guys are a bunch of tools. stop posting fake comments to make it look like anyone actually cares.

stanis3k said:

October 31st, 8:10 pm

wow its about time, you guys are really stepping it up, very very interesting ads, what took you guys this long though?

i especially like how you guys emphasized the black color and used it for everything, now thats different!!!

props SONY

B1ack_Mage said:

October 31st, 8:11 pm

*gasp* those are amazing. Great Job, these are definitely the best ads for video games that I’ve seen in a long time, I just wish it would have the name with the games to show people what they are.

evil_alliance said:

October 31st, 8:11 pm

awesomeness! likes you too… this is what the ps3 needed. now, just push it out there on spike t.v., cartoon network, adult swim (same channel as CN), fox, the discovery channel, and the history channel. those would be good to start on :P

stanis3k said:

October 31st, 8:12 pm

can someone get rid of cowboy carl please??

KnaveX said:

October 31st, 8:12 pm

Frikin sweet! Hope I see it in every channel I flip to. Ladies and gentlemen was a great choice for the music. Nice work guys!

Gavi said:

October 31st, 8:15 pm

Also, what about advertising the Eye? Have you seen the videos on youtube using the eye create software? Creative stuff. Also, Eye of Judgment appeals to a niche market but certainly is original in it’s design. Let’s have more stuff like it. Roll on 2008 and I wonder what secrets you guy have in store. We’re going to hear about a FF7:Remake right?

Also, if someone is coming around your home to play your PS3, would they need to see this, when you can give them a demo of a blu-ray movie, a PSN game, a PS3 game, show off the DVD upscaler, the PS Network, remote play.

fizan said:

October 31st, 8:18 pm

SCEA… make with a downloadable HD version of the first advert and oh, thanks for sharing this with us before they start running on TV.

jonboi24 said:

October 31st, 8:22 pm

Dear Sony,

great add campaign. seriously owns the “white room” campaign. one of my fav sony adds since the ps9 ads. and after reading most of the post i also believe that during this new campaign u should highlight some key features that seem to be overshadowed like free online and the eyetoy and the return of the dual-shock 3 aka the “shock-axis” (a way better name than dual-shock 3). but i also believe that u should do individual ads for some of ps3 best features like home and explaing what it is to ppl who don’t know and blu-ray. plus try making an awesome new capaign for psp. the “dude get your own psp” campaign are ok put really do not show what the psp is capable of. and if sony really wants to do well during this holiday season they need their ads on every channel from channels like nbc to that channel that shows whats on tv. and why stop at just tv ads why not radio ads(though it may be difficult), ads in theaters, even putting these ads on blu-ray movies, or on billboards. or here’s a good idea start a new internet campaign to help spread your new campaign. i’m sure many sony fans would be more than willing to help sony spread the campaign out. if sony continues to push and support this campaign real hard theres no telling where sony maybe a year from now. ps3 and psp could be on top.

so sony keep up the good work and never forget about the fans and ur customers. just remember that if u guys want to make them happy keep making some wicked new firmware updates and keep delivering top quality games. support third parties like ea, capcom, midway, konami and squareenix (just to name a few) so the ps3 won’t lose any exclusive titles, games won’t be delayed and games actually run and look better on ps3, remember madden 08. i know with the help of playstation edge that many problems for developing games for the ps3 will be fixed so hurry up and get playstation edge into developers hands. but also sony don’t go back to the old days where it seems that u guys were somewhat arrogant when u were on top because ur not anymore. with the gdc keynote presentation by phil and the sony conference at e3 it seems that u guys are changing ur ways and have become more humble.

so here’s me saying “good luck” with ur new campaign and to all your future endeavors and hurry up and get ps9 out j/k, or am i?

RokuTensin6 said:

October 31st, 8:24 pm

It’s about time you guys are getting on the ball. Plus i see your holding everything intill next year which was a great move.

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