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Nov 08

Nov 08

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Update

Sam Thompson's Avatar Posted by Producer, SCEA


Hi, since I’m new to the blog I wanted to first introduce myself. I am the line producer on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and I work with Naughty Dog on a day-to-day basis and have been working with the team since Crash Team Racing.

We are pleased to see that there is so much interest out there in the Uncharted demo, and wanted to provide a quick update.

As many of you in Europe and Japan may have already learned, today’s demo is currently only available on the North American PlayStation Store, and will only work on PS3 units in that territory. As you may already know, North America is the first region to launch Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (Monday, November 19th), and we wanted to be sure that we gave our North American PS3 players the opportunity to try out the demo prior to launch. Other territories are currently putting the finishing touches on the localization aspects of the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune demo, and will release it in their respective PlayStation Stores in due course.

Unfortunately when attempting to download the demo, our friends in PAL regions or Japan may have encountered a bug in which you are asked to insert a disc. Please ignore this prompt and accept our apologies.

Thanks again for your interest in the game, we hope that those of you who do get a chance to play it get a taste for what we hope will become an action-adventure classic on the PS3.

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Nephlabobo said:

November 8th, 7:59 pm

So does this mean only America gets the demo or did you lock Canada out too?

WoodyWood09 said:

November 8th, 8:00 pm

That is all these people on here ever do is complain……

Nephlabobo said:

November 8th, 8:01 pm

“That is all these people on here ever do is complain……”

When there’s good reason to complain, people will. Now shut your cakehole.

saunderswan said:

November 8th, 8:05 pm


you have said many times dont complain to SCEA go away and complain to SCEE i have never said once SCEA are to blame for anything read my previous comment ALL PLAYSTATION FANS we are not happy that this DEMO is locked some how NOT that it is SCEA’S FAULT

joel said:

November 8th, 8:09 pm

Naw Im just saying that you should stop bashing SCEA. Your on the blog screaming ” You suck cuz no uncharted for europezz!!” Its not SCEA’s fault. If you actually read uncharted come out in the US first. Look at how we Americans feel when you guys get PLAY tv and we dont get squat..

edwineverready said:

November 8th, 8:09 pm

Uncharted will be 110 dollar in Europe. that is almost twice the price people pay in America. FACT

saunderswan said:

November 8th, 8:12 pm

OMG why am i argueing with yous am not even talkin to any of you am talkin to whom it may concern and it dont concern you. you have the DEMO so stop posting to peoples comments unless your helping them and you aint helpin anyone so SHUT UP

shadow730 said:

November 8th, 8:17 pm

thanks for the update

Mr.Fusion said:

November 8th, 8:20 pm

This is the most actively promoted ‘official sony playstation blog’, it’s the most actively used, it’s the most actively updated. Why go somewhere else that only re-post the favourable stories from this site any way?

Imagine; your 5 and walk into a huge amazing candy store full of the most delecious things you’ve ever seen, no other store has anywhere near as much different colourful treats as this store. The guy behind the counter sees you, leans forward and says “would you like a free sample?”

You reply ‘Yes please, mister”

And he says “Well that’s too bad, your a [insert race] and we don’t like your kind ’round here” and the Southern banjo starts up. The next thing you know your being forced to squeal like a pig.

saunderswan said:

November 8th, 8:22 pm

ROFLMFAO @ Mr Fusion

linebeginstoblur said:

November 8th, 8:23 pm


Well, this website does say, “A blog by SCEA for PlayStation fans,” so primarily, the target audience may be Americans, hence why store update lists are for the US store. But anyway, you mentioned what if the roles were switched. I wouldn’t like it, but I personally wouldn’t make an account elsewhere. I’m not saying anything negative to those who do, but I’d stick with what I had. It sucks that this demo is region-locked for now, and I understand concerns, but I think it’s very silly for people to say that they won’t buy this game and that they hate Naughty Dog so much, just because it’s going to take a little more time releasing the demo in their region. Half of the games I currently own for the PS3 didn’t have a playable demo. Everyone should be lucky that their regions are getting the demo. It’s too bad America has it first, but since when did having to wait a week or two make SCEA, Naughty Dog, Sam Thompson, etc. bad? Try to understand the situation from a producer standpoint without bias, and also figure out where the blame really lies.

Mr.Fusion said:

November 8th, 8:27 pm


Stick with what you had?

Are you serious?

All you need to do to get more FREE content is put in 123 fake street, and you get twice as much stuff to look at.

Nephlabobo said:

November 8th, 8:29 pm


Good points overall – but you’re being too lenient. In this day and age, there’s *no* excuse for a demo not to be worldwide.

jerrykun said:

November 8th, 8:31 pm

Seriously, you’re talking like this is intentional. It’s a BUG. A freaking BUG. SCEA is NOT trying to keep the Uncharted demo away from you. It’s not region locked, if it were, the system wouldn’t allow you to even start the game. Ever tried a Japanese PS2 game on your PS3? See the resulting error emssage? THAT is a region lock. THIS is a bug. Yes, it sucks, yes, we feel for you, but it’s not a conspiracy against you and it’s not a precedent for the future. Calm down and wait for either your region’s demo or a fix.

Mr.Fusion said:

November 8th, 8:35 pm

“Calm down and wait for either your region’s demo or a fix.”

I think it easy to use the term ‘region’ here which is why people believe it’s region locked.

But you using it in a post saying it’s not region locked confuses the issue more.

indigovenom said:

November 8th, 8:36 pm

to: inebeginstoblur | November 8th, 2007 at 7:25 pm

1: if the system is non-region locked what is the point of region locking a game. also i am american, but i live in japan. what good does a localized game do me if i can’t understand it. on top of that i import games so i should be able to test the game in the version that i will buy it in. not everyone is waiting for a game to be released in their country of residence, many people like to live in other places in the world, so being non-region coded made PS3 the ultimate machine to me. what this does is put an end to that. if you are a resident of more than one country, you should be able to have an account for those countries.

2: as i said before if i wanted the game localized then i would wait. but i want it in american english because i am american. and many japanese people prefer things in their original form, not localized. most games here arenot localized. Def Jam icon for example was not. and many other game have nothing done to them, they are just sent over here. GTA liberty city stories is an example of that.

And to Naughty Dog, don’t forget about us americans that live in other countries, we don’t want the game in another language. Also, everyone knows that the game is going to be released in america first, but not everyone knows about this game. you should be advertising for it more. this is an awesome game that i would hate to see become a sleeper. so the more hands you put this demo in the better. localizing it should have been thought about a long time ago (if you are talking about more than the language). Nobody cares that much about dialog in a demo, a demo is about gameplay. the demo should have been worldwide, to get people salivating. America can get it first, so what- i’ll just import it. And if you ask me its better for the economy if you attract more people outside the country so they will want to import it also. the demo is advertisement, don’t forget about the people that import. we spend more money on games, so we are more picky. i was holding off on need for speed pro street
(which has a playable demo) for this demo. but i may have to go get it, cause it seems like i won’t get the demo of uncharted until after NFSprostreet comes out.

Joakim Hagdahl said:

November 8th, 8:36 pm

Cheers Sam, I really appreciate it.

saunderswan said:

November 8th, 8:37 pm

HOLY S**T dude i dont slam anyone that would be disrespectful i am 30 you know not a teenager please dude read my first post in this blog am only going on because people keep sayin to EUROPEANS basically to F**K-off and stop moaning its not your demo its ours and yes this site has been made by SCEA and i thank them for that on a REGULAR basis and most things are american that are posted here and i dont moan about that but that does not mean we EUROPEANS cant post OUR concerns here and have them heard as you can see from this very blog post

jerrykun said:

November 8th, 8:41 pm

Okay, that’s a pretty good point, but my point still stands. See iapetus’ post above, it explains the whole issue pretty clearly. It IS an issue of region, but only because of the way it’s coded. They weren’t thinking “Hey, how can we screw over those UK guys? Let’s release a demo they can’t play!” Honestly, the fact that they acknowledge that there IS an issue is going above and beyond what they’re obligated to do in this case.

I’m hoping they’ll fix it soon myself, so everyone can play. I’m just jumping to Naughty Dog’s defense here. This is pretty likely to be PS3’s GOTY.

sainraja said:

November 8th, 8:42 pm

The other company bans people who try to download from another region.

VincentNg said:

November 8th, 8:43 pm

For those who are lucky enough to be able to play the demo, stop back stabbing us who can’t. We will see how cool you are when there is a super cool game available from other region and they region lock it so that you all can’t play it.

It doesn’t make any sense at all to region lock a demo. Especially when the final game is not region lock or is it?

indigovenom said:

November 8th, 8:44 pm

i really hope that is just a bug, but if it is and they fix it they should not wait till next thurs to rerelease, it should be available as soon as they fix it or the day after.
If you fix it today, release it tomorrow

sainraja said:

November 8th, 8:46 pm

VincentNG – I want those Eye games that you guys already have and we don’t, I can’t get them.

Yeah, what do you say about that?
(Unless I can add money to my European account, which I don’t think I can because I would need a European credit card perhaps?

sainraja said:

November 8th, 8:47 pm

Sony never said people should get another account to get content that isn’t released in their region. It was something WE ARE NOT suppose to do.

They didn’t even have to come out and EXPLAIN it to you, but they did.

VincentNg said:

November 8th, 8:49 pm

sainraja – Eye of judgement is region lock? We dont have Eye of judgement demo.

Nephlabobo said:

November 8th, 8:49 pm

“Seriously, you’re talking like this is intentional. It’s a BUG. A freaking BUG. SCEA is NOT trying to keep the Uncharted demo away from you. It’s not region locked”

From It’s intentional. Yes, the Uncharted demo is sadly *region specific* and won’t play on anything but a North American PS3. It’s the kind of slap in the face that so much worse after a 1200 mb wait in line.


saunderswan said:

November 8th, 8:50 pm

@VincentNG yawn yawn yawn and you all still moan here about it and not 1 person told you to stop posting.

my point exactly

anyway am done its 4.00am here am goin to bed laterz


Game On

jerrykun said:

November 8th, 8:53 pm

Your source is Kotaku? Oh no, I is dafeeted, my arms, let me lay you down them.

Okay, I’m done. Have fun with your [DELETED], guys.

jerrykun said:

November 8th, 8:55 pm

Your source is Kotaku? Oh noes, I are defeeted, my arms, let me lay you down them.

I’m done. Have fun complaining.

wh0am1 said:

November 8th, 8:57 pm

I’ve played the demo for like ten times now!


Manmonkey said:

November 8th, 9:02 pm

This blog has taken a lot of bashing lately. Yesterday it was the firmware 2.0, that was beyond indecent the way some people went off on Sony about that. Don’t follow the same pattern it’s ugly and does no good. Show some maturity and a little respect, otherwise they should pull the plug on this blog and tell us to go piss into the wind.

Nephlabobo said:

November 8th, 9:02 pm

“Your source is Kotaku? Oh noes, I are defeeted, my arms, let me lay you down them.

I’m done.”

Good, I win. Because I’m right. And so is Kotaku. The demo *is* region locked. And it sucks.

Tgrant said:

November 8th, 9:10 pm

the demo was amazing!!!! loved loved loved it!

Gregero said:

November 8th, 9:32 pm

You guys just sold me on a game

Mana Knight said:

November 8th, 9:44 pm

For all your Europeans complaining, Sony does not hate you and isn’t exactly treating you all like second class citizens and here’s why:

Most SCE developed games are handled region by region, whether you like it or not. Naughty Dog is SCEA, meaning the game is designed for the U.S. first, then it will come to Japan and Europe. A game like Wipeout (which is SCEE) will come to Europe first, while Japan and NA get it later. A Japanese game like Hot Shots Golf (which is SCEI) will come to Japan first and eventually come to Europe and NA.

It takes a while to bring games to Europe because SCEE has to translate a game into multiple languages. For NA, only 1-2 languages is required. Although many of you from the U.K. may speak English, you are still grouped in the PAL territory with Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, etc. SCEE does this multiple translation so ALL PAL regions can enjoy a game and understand it. The competition doesn’t exactly do this, which is why they struggle in Europe. translating into multiple languages takes a lot of time.

For an example, some Japanese games go to SCEE second while some go to SCEA second. Ones that go to SCEA second tend to not take too long to translate, because its few languages. And when Europe finally gets the game, it’s quite a long ways. When SCEE is handling a game (like Hot Shots Golf games, Ape Escape, etc.), NA has to wait for SCEE to translate into several languages, release the game in Europe, and then we get a shot.

Anyway, you’ll be getting Uncharted too. Gheesh, I can’t believe how some are so impatient, because yes Uncharted will be there before launch. I patiently waited for content other countries got first too.

Anyway, the demo is pretty good. It’s a bit hard, but I’m liking it.

Jason said:

November 8th, 9:45 pm

Great Demo.
I thought I wouldn’t like it but its really fun.
I have some issues about the aiming, it seems to be a mine-game all in its self just to try and pull off a clean shot but the cover system is good.
Animations look great and the environment looks amazing.
Its to bad you region locked it and are making more of your fans wait to play this game.
I hope you guys get this fixed and that Sony stops any of this region locking sort of thing from ever happening again so fans around the world can enjoy the content all together.

craigiversen said:

November 8th, 9:47 pm


Thanks Sam,

For having the goodness to actually front up and answer. We from other regions would have left well enough alone and not touched it if there was a decent warning attached. Though there wasn’t.

I am a not a usual fan of games of this type and had heard such good things that I was going to do an early download from the US Store and use the extra time to save money to buy the game if it was good fun. Thats why I did it.

I’m seriously not going to go out of my way to re-download the demo when it comes to the Australian/New Zealand Store.

I know as consumers we can be a pain in the neck at times, but please try to fix this as I’m sure you’ll put off other casually interested gamers.


Kenshin001 said:

November 8th, 9:53 pm

So I ordered this game on import and was looking forward to playing the demo on my PS3 here in Japan, only to get a blank screen. I have a US account because my Japanese isn’t that great. I’m wondering if I should cancel my order. Once again Sony have dropped the ball. It was an incredibly stupid decision to region lock the demo, really defies logic.

lakaihigh said:

November 8th, 9:54 pm

@ joel – weren’t you just complaining the other day about selling your PS3 because you were soooo let down by 2.0!?!?!?! look’s like 1 uncharted demo later you are happy again… let’s see how long this lasts


Darkendless said:

November 8th, 10:25 pm

joel is basically a female who changes emotions at the drop of a dime

[…] PlayStation.Blog Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Update The demo is region locked for whatever reason. […]

Skater_Ricky said:

November 8th, 10:50 pm

Thank You Naughty Dog :D

Have fun everyone…


MikeG115 said:

November 8th, 11:05 pm

i really feel for you guys that couldn’t get the demo. i’m sure they’ll fix the problem but it doesn’t sit well with people having big disappointments two days in a row.

as far as the demo goes, its great. a lil short, but great still. just know you guys are in for a treat, whenever you get it. it will be well worth the (extra) wait.

blahblahbloo said:

November 8th, 11:07 pm

Mr. Fusion, those are some good reasons not to use a NA PS3. Especially the power converter thing, that didn’t occur to me until after I posted. That power converter would waste a lot of electricity.

However, other posters have made the valid point that this is a bug, not intentional region locking. No one would have to hard reset their PS3 if the game were simply region locked in some manner. They most likely only ran QA on the demo for NA PS3’s because that’s the only PS store it was going to posted on for the time being.

Bierbeer said:

November 8th, 11:28 pm

Hmm i dont know what to make of your official blog post. You seem to say that the demo is regional locked but in your blog comment you are saying that naugty is seeing what it can do to unlock it? Or is it that you just haven’t thought of the rest of the world and only tested it for US users.

If you are so concerned that only the US can download and play the demo, dont let us (EU JAP etc) download/install/start/FREEZ the game just say it is regional locked or something.

Beacuse you are inconsistent in your statement there are 2 reasons for this problem:

1. You just made the game for the US and there is a bug which freezes the game here (EU JAP etc) and you (Naughty/Sony) haven’t thought about testing it for us.

2. It is intentionally region locked, bad decision imo. The stores are too different and only the US store is fun, you and Sony are loosing clients.

It looks like the problem is number 1, it is just letting us download install and then freeze the game and kinds the same happened with the Warhawk 1.1 patch.

Looking forward to play the demo and the game, but i’m not looking forward to the future where Sony doesn’t say clearly what the rules are for demo’s on all the different PSNs.

lordvampir said:

November 8th, 11:36 pm

To all japanese users: I suggest to launch a nuclear assault on pearl harbor in reponse to this
racist event in locking a demo to the rest of the world.
I hope this dosent start a world war 3,
good luck naughty dog.

PS3_GAM3R said:

November 8th, 11:39 pm

LOL I feel soooooooo bad for you people in Japan, and Euro right now!! You guys are missing the BEST GAME EVER!!! I love this DEMO, and I know I will LOVE THE GAME!! LOVE SONY, and NAUGHTY DOG!! WOW I am going to play the DEMO again! Bye!

lagerblad said:

November 8th, 11:41 pm

@ 40, Sam Thompson.

That’s a great attitude you have right there.
You should build your PR around that spirit.

Thanks for that update.

Best regards,


Manmonkey said:

November 8th, 11:48 pm

@ lordvampir
That was a asinine comment that didn’t need to be made. why don’t you think before you make a ass out of yourself.

Broken Haiku said:

November 8th, 11:54 pm

I guess this means the actual _game_ will be region locked too? No import for me then. Thanks for taking the piss on us Europeans and actually _adding_ to a totally unnecessary delay of all we’re getting. I’m not usually a whiny angry commenter, but was a really piss poor move. Naughty Dog indeed! I’m actually angry enough to just skip buying the game and get something else instead.

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