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Nov 09

Nov 09

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Back on the World Map

Christophe Balestra's Avatar Posted by

Co-President Naughty Dog


Christophe Balestra, here, and I’m Co-President at Naughty Dog. I wanted to give a final update on the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune demo situation.

We’re really sorry about what happened and didn’t anticipate this at all. We just didn’t know people from other territories could connect to the US PLAYSTATION Network Store and download demos … now we do! We’ve been too busy working on the game to wrap our head’s around the infrastructure of the PSN.

We absolutely did not plan the demo to be region locked. As soon as we figured out the problem existed, Sam Thompson called me and I jumped into my car, drove to the office and fixed it right away. It’s an honest mistake and we didn’t try to prevent anybody from enjoying the Uncharted demo. I feel even more sorry because most of the people who experienced the problem are in Europe and I’m European myself.

So again, we’re really sorry about what happened and it wasn’t done on purpose. The good news is it’s now fixed and a new demo of Uncharted has been posted to the US PLAYSTATION Network Store so the entire world can enjoy it.

Thanks to Sam for taking the heat yesterday and for letting us know about the issue.

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HESH said:

November 9th, 9:24 pm

Hats off!
You guys did take an awful lot of stick for this. To fix so quickly is amazing. Other developers take note!

rate Naughty Dog for the quick response – poll.2muchtime.co.uk

Darji said:

November 9th, 9:26 pm

OMG OMG just woke up and is 5.20 in the morning. but who cares.

I LOVE YOU ND oh and of course Sony too^^

KeyWii said:

November 9th, 9:28 pm

Awesome job coming through for the European and Japans fans, ND!

saunderswan said:

November 9th, 9:58 pm

THANK YOU VERY MUCH this is very appreciated well done i look forward to playing this and giving you all my POSITVE FEEDBACK



Lp47 said:

November 9th, 11:08 pm

There you UK fans happy, JK i love the demo naughty dog, this games first on my wishlist. You guys really got something awesome with this game.

tei15 said:

November 9th, 11:10 pm

wow, guys, you are great! THANKS A LOT for fixing everything so fast!

p_weezy said:

November 9th, 11:20 pm

wow can today get any better and it’s just 6.14am. i take every unkind word i said about ND back i think my prob now is with SCEE. you guys are the best i haven’t even downloaded yet but i’m definately pre-ordering now. thanks ND keep up the good work you guys just moved to no 1 developers in my book

Mr.Fusion said:

November 9th, 11:20 pm

the only negative I have for this demo, is when you jump forward on flat ground for no reason other than to jump, you seem to float longer than feels right.

Oh and I tried shooting the bird on the log but it just flew off… not that I wanted to kill it, but I was testing the boundaries of the world.

Other than that the animations are fantastic, the details are fantastic, the lighting is fantastic, the score is fantastic, and the game-play is fantastic although I seem to run out of ammo fast. : D

Kenshin001 said:

November 9th, 11:25 pm

Big thanks to Christophe and Sam for getting on to this right away, much appreciated. Really looking forward to playing the demo and the whole game.

saunderswan said:

November 9th, 11:29 pm

wow that is really good i like the movement of drake during fight scenes its so flouent now i can see all the moaning was worth it

THX AGAIN Naughty Dog

i feel bad about some of us europeans goin so crazy but we just want great games everyone who bought a PS3 at launch is a diehard gamer and we know PS3 is the beasting machine or we would have bought the other.

SONY lets us down so much and causes us ALL to go abit crazy at times only because it happens so much.

i dont apologise for my behaviour or words i have said i have no reason to there is nothing i said i regret

i do however THANK N.D and SAM for fixing this so quick you guys rock

Now thanks to AMERICANS for makeing it harder for N.D & SAM to see the real complaints from you all MOANING at US for DOING SOMETHING YOU ALL HAVE DONE!

i do apologise to the AMERICANS that were standing up for us EUROPEANS tho at least you all see the color print not just BLACK & WHITE



Game On

Polyphony NL said:

November 9th, 11:35 pm

First of all ND thank you for fixing it. Second of all I know the anticipating is huge but some people made it seem that the world was collapsing because it didnt work outside US.

I am really glad I pre-ordered this game months ago. I have one question tough will there be a collectors edition Noughty Dog?

Thank you for delivering such a work of art!!!

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WHAT said:

November 9th, 11:40 pm

Wow this did not effect me at all, but I support the way it was handled. Now that’s customer service. Now did they post this news on the tickers on the other side of the world? I feel bad for anyone that has to wait.

Bierbeer said:

November 9th, 11:43 pm

Good to hear that it wasnt intentionally planned to lock the game guys! If it was this would be a very bad decision.

The one thing i can’t understand is, after completing the demo you need to send it to Sony for testing i understood. Why doesn’t Sony test it on all the different region consoles, it isnt that they need to test it here physically in the EU (demo worked on US consoles in the EU). I guess Sony doesn’t have clear rules for content on the Store :)

Downloading it now! Thank you!

LocoKing said:

November 9th, 11:59 pm

thank you :D

Thanks to sam also.

i hope those angry users apology for sam and nd.

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ct-dragon said:

November 10th, 12:03 am

thanx guys you rock !!!

love this blog so we can give our opinions and that we can interact with you all.

thanx for the quick reaction and solution it’s really great, that you did it, even when some(well most actually) europeans were talking trash. we could have reacted more normally, angry but respectful. it’s too bad that the first english word people learn in their land is the f-word..

and to the us members, what do you have against the europeans, we just want to enjoy the games as you’ll do. we’re all ps3 owners and should stick together to have good things happen like this demo.

naughty dog and sony YOU ROCK!!!!!

Arakasi said:

November 10th, 12:06 am

Registered just to say thank you.

It’s good to see that there are still some people in this industry who still care enough about the consumer to go well above and beyond what is required of them.

Drake’s Fortune looks to be a brilliantly-produced induction into the world of Uncharted and hopefully any subsequent games that follow it will also have our beloved protagonist Nathan in the lead, and not ‘someone else’s story.’ :) :)

I, for one will be telling EVERYONE how awesome this game is.

Thanks again guys, I really appreciate the effort and hard work.

kber81 said:

November 10th, 12:08 am

Thanks guys ! Nice to know you care ! Respect. Downloading right now !

twobells said:

November 10th, 12:26 am


Please, everyone at ND and Sam, a BIG thank-you for your efforts and it could teach MS a thing or two about support.

ct-dragon said:

November 10th, 12:28 am

yes yes beautifull awesome unbelievable!!!!!
awesome game good work

lordvampir said:

November 10th, 12:30 am

From all japanese people:
theres no gonna be a launch strike on pearl harbor and also theres no going to be any attack to the naughty dog company.You guys can rest safe.

uwv said:

November 10th, 12:36 am


I’m still in bed…the first thing I did when I opened my eyes was check the net for news about this demo. I was thinking…”what a loser, what a fool, you actually still hope they listened and that some manager/lawyer/PR out there really cares? Get a life!”

What a surprise! Thanx again. I’m sure to buy this game as soon as it comes out, even if I didn’t like the demo (which is unlikely).

I did have a nightmare though…me, going into a store, looking at that X360 on the shelves, thinking…

boingball said:

November 10th, 12:51 am

Well, thank you, but to late for me. I now have packed in my PS3 after the disappointing Friday. No Uncharted Demo for PAL Users (I downloaded the demo at 7pm GMT in the hope that maybe it was fixed, but it was not, now I read that it was fixed but later…) and no R&C for Germany (its out elsewhere in Europe finally but in Germany it will come next week). So I finished playing my PS3 for the next 2 years, and I own only three PSN games, no disc games… Overall the PS3 so far is a huge disappointement and I can understand why Sony is only third and probably will stay in 3rd place and sell off their console business to Microsoft (Nintendo is probably not interested, but MS needs to strenghten their SW division).

Dew87 said:

November 10th, 12:54 am

Thanks Christopher, we really appreaciate your effort and understand that it was a mistake. I must apologise on behalf of fellow European gamers who might have overreacted to this incident. However, it also showed me the true side of our fellow North American gamers. That they only care about themselves and feel only they deserve to enjoy everything before anyone else.

Anyway, thanks for the demo, I love it. I’ve played previous builds too and you guys have done a great job. Can’t wait to play the full game. :)

twobells said:

November 10th, 12:58 am

Guys, stop downloading the demo so I can get better speeds..PLEASE?



NAZAR said:

November 10th, 1:08 am

Christophe, thank you.

Herlock said:

November 10th, 1:09 am

Thanks guys !!!

chanskie said:

November 10th, 1:16 am

Thank you guys. Much appreciated

Impressions: Uncharted « Sony Drone said:

November 10th, 1:21 am

[…] had trouble running the demo (it hit the US Store region-locked), give it a second chance. Naughty Dog has already fixed the download and it should now be accessible no matter what country you live […]

El-Suave said:

November 10th, 1:24 am

Thanks a lot. Awesome customer service!

I already thought the locking was an oversight when I discoverd the game came fully localized (with a great German dub) after playing in English as usual.

dimocomix said:

November 10th, 1:29 am

I was quick to complain…now I’m quick to praise….

Kudos ND, you’ve made my day!!

THE EYE said:

November 10th, 1:40 am

Thank you very much !!! It would be nice if more game companys would listen to us gamers…

AuRoN said:

November 10th, 1:43 am

i cannot see the “Blood” in the demo. My PS3 is NTSC JAP…. this game have the same censor of RFOM? Hope no….

park3r said:

November 10th, 2:00 am

Much respect and thanks for such a quick response. Just goes to show that this kind of communication source really works.

cr8ck3r5 said:

November 10th, 2:14 am

A huge thank you for Naughty Dog and Sony! When mistakes happen it’s how people sort them out that matters and Naughty Dog and Sony did great! Downloading now, can’t wait to see what a fantastic game you have made for us!

AuRoN said:

November 10th, 2:21 am

ok… the game automatically disable blood on NTSC JAP Console… but WHY???????????????? -___-

Withnail said:

November 10th, 2:29 am

That’s amazing, thanks Naughty Dog and thanks Sony.

Randagio said:

November 10th, 2:29 am

Thanks, a big surprise !!!!

But for the occidental Psn, why not to do a unified store?! ;-)

Maxinux said:

November 10th, 2:37 am

Yesterday I posted here that I canceled my Uncharted order, but I just to inform you guys that after the great work you did I just ordered and fully paid for two copies of Uncharted :D the second copy will be a Christmas present to my brother :D thank you for such a great game.

[…] Christophe Balestra, Co-President von Naughty Dog melde sich heute zum Uncharted Demo Disaster zu Wort. […]

Tribal said:

November 10th, 2:52 am

many thanks….
This is how support shut be :)

konrad said:

November 10th, 3:12 am

Just played the demo. Thanks for fixing it so quickly. Great demo, best looking game on consoles.

besin said:

November 10th, 3:13 am

Thank you so very much for this great news…

Sony and ND don’t let their fans down…

This is a great PR turnaround and a sentiment that wins over the core user…

I cannot wait to play the game!!!

franky said:

November 10th, 3:17 am

rawr fantastic, thanks!

it’s a dread shame SCEE doesn’t communicate at all with it customors. the euro ‘blog’ is horrible with no feedback at all.

but thanks! can’t wait to play it.

bnz said:

November 10th, 3:18 am

Thank you so much for this quick reaction. I honestly didn’t anticipate an update to solve the heat and this reaction by ND cannot be valued highly enough.

I simply hope that this incident will reach the responsible guys at PSN and open their eyes that separate stores are utter crap.

Nodial said:

November 10th, 3:27 am

Thank you very much both Sam and Christophe, i didn’t expected this to come, you’re really kindly and professional!

saionji1229 said:

November 10th, 3:29 am

I just played the demo last night and I was amazed! Great graphics and fun gameplay. I can’t wait to get this one when it comes out. Great job Sony and Naughty Dog! Keep it up guys!!

linton said:

November 10th, 3:45 am

Respect and thanks, and more respect and more thanks and whoop whoop whoop and a hoo yaa and wow what a demo and yay for naughty dog and sony and more praise but im off to play it some more!

kar said:

November 10th, 3:51 am

Just registered to leave my sincere thanks for the massively positive response from sony and naughty dog on this. Yes, we know we in reality we ought not to be downloading things from the us store and expect them to work on our european/japan consoles, but speaking for myself this is the first game for ps3 I’ve been totally psyched for!

Bearing in mind how busy you are, how unexpected this problem was, and how speedily and positively it was resolved I can only express my respect and thanks.

Going the extra mile, being up-front, direct and then responding positively is a great way to treat your customers. I can say (now having played the amazing demo) I will be buying this game – without question.

I think many feel the same. It is the expectation and passion to play this title that probably caused all the angst amongst us PAL people when we realised the US demo didn’t work.

That can only bode well for the game at retail.

Thanks again,

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