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Nov 16

Nov 16

Sneak Preview of New PS3 Ads

Knguyen's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, PlayStation 3

Hello everyone. When we last spoke, I posted some ads for PS3 third-party heavy hitters Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty 4. Well, as promised, we have more up our sleeves and have a couple more spots to debut for you all before they officially air the week of November 19th.

We’ve brought back the same pulsating music track (Saliva’s “Ladies and Gentlemen”) from our PS3 brand spots and feature games from our 3rd party friends like Burnout Paradise, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008, Madden NFL 08, Time Crisis 4, Assassin’s Creed, Haze, and, what you’ve all been asking for … Metal Gear Solid 4 from Konami.

Finally, one little housekeeping note. You all must be wondering why the TV spots aren’t on the PLAYSTATION Store. We’re not just blowing smoke, they will be soon. We need to secure download rights from Saliva. It’s really great to see how much you guys love these spots and want to download them. And as Peter Dille said in his recent post, we’re truly flattered. So, while the legal eagles work out the details, we hope you can still enjoy the spots here on the blog.


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RobinNL said:

November 18th, 7:29 am

awesome ads.

Haze is a exclusive now right? now just timed.

Vergency said:

November 18th, 8:57 am

Nice ads. Can’t wait to dowload them.

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  Sneak Preview of New PS3 Ads by 67squares said:

November 18th, 9:40 am

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Mort said:

November 18th, 10:48 am


The ads are really great, I couldn’t stop watching them when they first came out, and I can’t wait to download them from PSN.

I would like to thank you for letting us know that the ads were being held up because of legal issues. That really helps us all understand why they aren’t up for download yet.

This is exactly how Sony should handle this type of situation – just communicate to us what the situation is, if there is a good reason we will all understand. The same could be said for in game XMB / Messaging. Why not tell us why there us a delay? Is it because you can’t do it, and you don’t want people to find out before the important holiday selling cycle? I seriously doubt that this is the case, but unless you tell us when it is coming we will all begin to think the worst.

The hugely negative (and somewhat immature in some cases) reactions to the 2.0 firmware update could have easily been avoided if Sony had just told us why it (in game XMB) wasn’t in there, and when we could expect to see it.

If it’s because you are going to put it in Home, tell us! If Home is delayed for some reason (which we all know it is), then tell us!

Other than that – keep up the good work. I am so happy with my PS3 and I know that Sony will do us all proud.

Malpractice said:

November 18th, 11:05 am

I don’t know what happened, but Sony’s advertising has been thoroughly improved. Keep up the good work.

pistolgrip said:

November 18th, 12:20 pm

beautiful. I am glad you guys are really starting to realize how important marketing third party games games on the system is. 10/10

Now where is my damn Uncharted Commercial. The game is already out and I havent seen a thing !!!! Are you waiting for xmas day to show it off!?

crazyeighty8 said:

November 18th, 12:23 pm

@ Joel

what, are you sure the 360elite dont do 1080p?. It must do. I know Halo3 has all the bells & whistles-(english slang!). i.e 1080p, 60fpsec, 7.1 surround i checked the box.

frito said:

November 18th, 12:30 pm

Halo3 is actually less than 720 p!!!! lol!!!

google it! it’s true!

geosautus said:

November 18th, 1:20 pm

You need to show these commercials in Europe. The ones that are playing here now (This is living crap with a dog) are horrible. These new americans almost make me want to buy another PS3, they’re really great.

blizzard182 said:

November 18th, 1:26 pm


It does but not natively. You need HDMI and a scaler.

Halo 3 runs at that speed but not at 60fps. It suffers big time. Google it.

And about the 720p on Halo 3, nice finding. I wont go much far in here because it is not the place but search around. There is a pretty nice article which brings the other console a little down.

burto88 said:

November 18th, 2:17 pm


As they said, these need to be shown in Britain/Europe. I was sat in the cinema once when one of those ‘this is living’ adverts came on, with the exploding house etc. After it finished I heard about a dozen people around me asking what the hell that was all about. A poor job if no one actually knows what is getting advertised. Great job on these ones!!

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Kedaro said:

November 18th, 5:00 pm

ok great, I love what you all are doing with advertising lately, but just out of curiousity, do you plan on signing more than one band to do the ads?

symmetricalblue said:

November 18th, 5:36 pm


are you sure? my friend got assassin’s creed for his 360 and it runs at 1080p. we both have the same tv and i’m wondering which version to get. i would have thought the ps3 since the hardware is more advanced than the 360, but i’d rather get the 1080p version since i can tell the difference on my tv. i don’t think the ps3 will upscale it (uncharted outputs only up to 720p when i play it).

P_tear_griffin said:

November 18th, 7:03 pm

@ symmetricalblue & others: Both PS3 and 360 are able to output at 1080p. Their respective disc format, however, make the difference of whether the resolution will be native or upscaled. The only plausible ways for the 360 to provide native 720p and above without compromising DVD space is to compress the data and have it installed in the HDD or by simply putting a game in multiple discs. Most of teh games run at 720p or lower and then get upscaled. The PS3 is guilty of doing this too. Native, theoretically, should give you a better quality than upscaling.

In regards to the ads: great job.. oh, and I just saw the Uncharted ad on Fox… SWEET!

FFObsessed said:

November 18th, 7:54 pm

Wow! Those are amazing! I wish we got those in England instead of the “This is Living” ads.

Are there going to be any Uncharted TV spots? That game needs some marketing, it deserves it, it’s such an amazing game.

Garcia5 said:

November 18th, 8:24 pm

You guys are finally advertising for the PS3 these videos r pretty koo. When is Metal Gear Solid 4 coming out? dats ganna be sick Right now PS3s gets boring with not updating alot but soon itll get alot better HOPEFULLY

darendt said:

November 18th, 11:45 pm

I want to see them in HD!!!! Its good to see the first 2 getting a lot of air time. I hope these get even more. Great Job Sony.

saionji1229 said:

November 19th, 12:07 am

cool ads! i hope they’ll be on the playstation store soon cause i think they’re all worth downloading… :) PS3’s looking better and better, keep it up you guys! (Home… Trophies… MGS4… FF13… Dual Shock 3… Gah… :D)

indigovenom said:

November 19th, 1:00 am

HEY FOLKS, how about you get some of the developers to start including themes into the game ready to download off the disk. also you should do that with some movies too. there should be enough room on the Blu-ray to add that theme file to upload.

Sk8boyP said:

November 19th, 1:47 am

How about a sneak preview of In-Game XMB!!! Or better yet, just give it to us!

blizzard182 said:

November 19th, 4:54 am

Cut the in-game crap guys

You know…since I still dont know if there is going to be a Happy Birthday Post, I will right this down here, since it is related. Otherwise, I will just copy to the new post when its done:

A new year for the PS3 has born. For sure it had its up and downs. Let me bring the bad first:

– The Bashing: None can´t deny that this year has been all about bashing the PS3. It did not matter if they were happy xbot fanboys or loyal PS1 & PS2 buyers, thay were something wrong about the PS3. Who could blame them? We were all hoping too much maybe from a console that WE KNEW it was going to claim its way up again.

– Lack of Games: Yeah, sure. The good games (Of course Resistance and a couple of others were released before) came just a couple of months before the year was over. It does not matter right now. It mattered before. But we are getting there guys, we are getting there.

– The crappy attitude of the xbot fanboys who not only bashed the PS3 (I dont like the 360 very much but you dont see me bashing it…well…besides this post) but also, pretended that because MS does is fine. Oh sure, scratched disks, not HD performances of once AAA titles, it is all fine when they done it. It sicks me. (There was a guy at joystik who said this just perfect. Cant find the post)

Yeah. All that happened. But where are we? Just at the first year of the console. I am sure it has to prove a LOT to us, and I am also sure that it has so much untapped potential, but we are getting there. We need to cut the bashing people. It is a new year. New start.

We now have a couple of nice AAA titles that are going to take most of our time. Devs are cutting with the crappy ports. Firmware is getting more and more features, proving it is more than a gaming machine…what they said to us. We have DEVS saying that the performance it is sometimes better in the PS3, and most of us sometimes forgets that these are first generation titles against second and maybe third generation (Alright, maybe second against third, you get the point). Metal Gear is Coming, also Tekken, also GT5, also Home, also Haze, also Little Big Planet…should I continue?

I can say I am really happy for my PS3 right now and Jeff Haynes at IGN made a great quote: “Things are only getting to better for the PS3 next year”

Hell yeah they are.

PS. Sorry for the long post.

AK3515 said:

November 19th, 5:18 am

@sk8boyp: you think it’s that easy? YOU do it then.

genie said:

November 19th, 5:38 am

@Nfinity= Blah, blah blah, blah. If you don’t like the PS3, SELL IT, just stop wasting your time with the endless whining already, and enjoy your 360. Haters like you shouldn’t play great playstation games like MGS4 anyway.

linuxguru said:

November 19th, 6:47 am

@171 – That is a great idea!

GoonieGooGoo said:

November 19th, 7:49 am

Very dicey putting in a game that won’t be out till June 08…with a VERY probable push to XMAS 08?

thingg said:

November 19th, 8:35 am

I just saw the Uncharted ad during the Giants vs. Lions game yesterday and it made me lol. AWESOME COMMERCIALS guys. keep ’em coming.


@# 177 GonnieGooGoo
How is that dicey? M$ advertised Halo 3 at E3 2005 and nobody said anything. Heck they even advertised MGS4 at E3 2005 and nobody (including you) said or thought anything about it.
sheesh, you guys just HAVE to find SOMETHING wrong with everything don’t you? What will you complain about after in-game XMB comes around? That your PS3 won’t make your bed or do your calculus homework?
Take it easy and enjoy the features and games we have now, and look forward to the games/features that will be coming in the future. (Remember, Sony has at least 5-7 years to add features to the PS3. And no, I’m not suggesting that I will be ok with waiting till 2010 for in-game XMB.)

Ghostm said:

November 19th, 10:02 am


Kedaro said:

November 19th, 10:16 am

@ Ghostm

… who I feel has a point…

You may want to start rolling out Home soon, as a Home beta tester I cannot speak on specifics, but I feel you guys are a hop skip and jump away from Home being ready for public beta, please respond in this thread as to the efforts to co-ordinate home with these ads, as advertising with ‘home’ does seem a bit silly without general consumer access.

also I read an article about Kaz Harai feeling that Home was not up to his expectations, is there any truth to this claim?

“I read it on the inter-ma-net so it must be true right?”…” hah!”…yea right…

Kedaro said:

November 19th, 10:18 am

… and how do I edit my post on here, I just re-read it, and there is something I’d like to change.

KnaveX said:

November 19th, 10:37 am

Is anyone still having problems with the warhawk servers? I’m sorry im off topic but its frustrating to have to spend 1/2 an hour looking for a game. I wish there was an auto search feature that would automatically get you into an available game. The patch didn’t fix anything for me, and that sucks!

BTW, Warhawk, Skate, FN Round 3, Icon, Motorstorm (Got them) Add me- KnaveX

Kedaro said:

November 19th, 10:56 am

It’s 9:52am I work from home, take care of my two kiddos, kissed wife goodbye on her way to work, fed them breakfast, got them dressed for the cold weather, made sure both their homeworks were completed, packed their lunches, just got them off to school, came back did an hour of work, and here I am, a lowly consumer in a sea of consumers, with busy *** lives, finding time to post on this thread, as where sometimes it’s days before a Sony Rep, addresses the questions/confusions on these boards, Sony we need your relations to issues at hand. Please have someone post daily at minimum.

Jpeg06 said:

November 19th, 11:12 am

Great Adds

Nynja said:

November 19th, 11:53 am

Impressive. Much better ad campaign. Keep flaunting those Exclusives! Give the person in charge a raise.

Good work SCEA!

PS: Where’s the UT3 commercial?

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kingv84 said:

November 19th, 1:27 pm

These are the only ads I would sit down and watch. They are awesome! Bring em on!

Jenovah said:

November 19th, 5:09 pm

Great Ads! Seems like Sony is really getting the ball rolling, I do feel however early 08 has to keep that trend going. PLEASE No more delays!!!

Lp47 said:

November 19th, 11:14 pm

When are these coming out, MGS4 wont be released for a while yet, anyways good commercials , these commercials really help the ps3 get the message across thats its a awesome entertainment system wit the best games.

L3371 said:

November 20th, 7:49 am

I was watching family guy on fox sunday and seen these ads along with the previous ones, only difference is that on TV the game title and PS3 Exclusive tags were removed only MGS4 had a title below it, but did not have the PS3 Exclusive below the game title. I have the comercials on my DVR and watched them over and over to see if I missed this somehow and nope. Only the MGS4 portion of the comercial had a game title with it. What gives?

oom9333 said:

November 20th, 9:04 am

that is so awesome. Every time i see those commercials, i get goosebumps. So glad to see some good advertisements. Keep up the great work! Makes me so happy i have a ps3!

The Pheen-X said:

November 20th, 11:56 am

WOWEe you guys are actually motivating people to get PS3s now its cool. keep it up
cant wait for you guys to show DMC 4 in one of does ads.

Savage said:

November 22nd, 7:58 am

Savage said:

November 22nd, 8:00 am

Here’s a PS3 fan made advert that is just as good if not better than than Sony ones.
It focuses on next year’s exclusive’s…

Savage said:

November 22nd, 8:02 am

oops it got stripped. Here is the URL.

Lirion said:

November 22nd, 3:46 pm

You guys should really start showing these in Europe, I have to say that these videos are among the coolest I have ever seen.

This is living in EU should be banned and start showing this, if This is living does anything for the PS3 it’s telling people the PS3 is for idiots in fake mustache and wigs.

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