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Nov 19

Nov 19

Firmware Update (v2.01)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

The latest System Software Update is now ready for download for the PLAYSTATION 3. Here are the details of what this firmware accomplishes:

• Stability during playing some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.

• Stability of System Software including Internet Browser and Information Board has been improved.

• Stability of the upscaler for PlayStation 2 format software has been improved. (Playability of PlayStation 2 depends on model)

• [Remote Start] feature is changed to avoid unintended power on.

As always, we’re continually evaluating and improving your PLAYSTATION 3 experience. We will continue to share similar updates like this on the blog, so keep an eye out. Thanks for your ongoing feedback!

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mlmason75 said:

December 1st, 11:55 am

SONY please add support for WMV to the PS3!!!!

I was happy to hear that Divx and Xvid support will be added soon but the PS3 really also need to support all version of WMV!

mlmason75 said:

December 1st, 11:57 am

Sony please upgrade the PS3 browser!

It needs to be able to handle all versions of flash,Java,Quicktime,Real,WMV

clueluzz said:

December 2nd, 7:18 am

is anyone else still having a problem with the PS3 displaying 720p instead of 1080p? my screen is capable of 1080p/60Hz and 1080/24Hz.

tried playing COD4 with all display options available (480p, etc.) but when the game runs, it switches to 720p. I have to manually change the settings in display settings and remove 720p as an option for my 1080p capable games to run in that mode.

SONY please fix this.

RicardoG said:

December 2nd, 7:49 am

Why not use Firefox as the main brower for the PS3?
It’s the best and it’s free and besides that it’s Internet Explorer rival!

lanod said:

December 3rd, 6:16 am

Because they are here before you, shame on Sony:

Please spped up.

dblack36 said:

December 3rd, 2:06 pm

So I was in the AFC divisional playoff game and was winning. My 3 week old 40GB froze. I turned it off and now it will not read any disc at all. What the hell. I will sorely miss it on its trip to Sony and back.

kurtkbee said:

December 4th, 9:43 am

Sony needs to update their version of Adobe Flash player, the current version is useless.

I know i have been harping on this issue too often, however i think it is important for the useability of the browser (already lacking in “proper” javascript and css support). however I am wondering if we can get an update to the version of adobe flash player bundled with the PS3.
The latest version (9.3) is out, supporting HD resolutions (streaming of HD content). there are already many sites that do not allow the PS3’s limited flash version to work with the content (some only play distorted sound from the video).

kurtkbee said:

December 4th, 9:57 am

Info on the new adobe Flash below and why Sony needs to upgrade:

JimmyStewart said:

December 4th, 12:26 pm

Where is the Divx update… My 360 is gloating!

sTaPo_86 said:

December 6th, 9:48 pm

my ps3 still has the problem turning on by itself with the remote play feature, and i havent been able to use it succesfully while trying to do it over an internet connection…all these things keep addin up wtf? cmon guys

NINgod said:

December 6th, 11:25 pm

stupid idiots

bombhills said:

December 8th, 12:41 pm

Hey! I still got problems with the remote start!

How do i fix it!? the playstation 3 turn itself on when i put it on remote start

funkyfingersdre said:

December 8th, 4:04 pm

I recently updated the firmware to v2.01 & now blue ray discs aren’t even recognized by my system (I gave the 60GB version). It was working fine prior to the update. Anybody else seeing this issue too? Games work fine, I’m just having probs with blue ray discs.

RoarrrUK said:

December 9th, 8:15 am

When can we expect divx firmware? Divx on the 360 is poor due to fan noise. Once my ps3 supports this I can get rid of my divx dvd player finally.

Also can we add a clock even if it only comes up when you press the PS button, something is better than nothing.

Also an option to turn off beep on startup.

7up said:

December 9th, 9:57 am

v2.01 firmware essentially kills the PS3 as a Hi-Def media player. HD mpeg2 program and transport streams will lockup up the PS3 and h.264 transport streams playback without sound. Running thru tsremux does help allow files will still not play thru completion. The PS3 should be a KILLER mediaplayer, please fix support for HD file playback!

tward said:

December 9th, 12:34 pm

It seems as though v2.0 firmware broke some stuff too (or changed the way certain things function). For example, previously in photo slideshow you could select a folder at the very top of your folders (e.g. I have photos arranged by year by month). I used to be able to select the year and slideshow would navigate all the way through the lower month folders…this providing a nice long slideshow for parties…now it seems like you can only engage slideshow by selection a photo?? Has anyone else experienced this problem? This is at least what I am experiencing streaming using ORB over home network…I even broke the folders up into smaller pieces and nothing…

noriar said:

December 10th, 8:30 pm

i doing systam update of 2.01 version and this write i have a problam and i can play in the ps so when i opan the ps this downled something and write the ps broken ani i need to fix him the name of this problam this”8002F157″ if someone have thet and fix it please say me wat he do please i need. i buy in this day 5 games cemra and cable hdmi and thet broken please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

noriar said:

December 10th, 8:37 pm

in 417 when i write can this can’t

Sinjin said:

December 11th, 4:25 pm

I upgraded to firmware 2.01 and I’m also having the same problem many here are describing…

I have the 60 GB model and after the update, my PS3 won’t read any disks…no blu-ray, no dvd, no games, nothing.

Just called and I’m having to send mine in for exchange.

Just a warning…don’t upgrade to this firmware if you haven’t already!

pntballr said:

December 11th, 5:59 pm

sinjin i have the same exact problem you are having. i don’t want to send mine in i want another update that will fix this problem. cus i have to pay 150 bucks cus i bought mine used this is rediculous. i just wanna play my [DELETED].

Is there gonna be a fix for this mess up on the 60gb ps3

rockmanjoey said:

December 12th, 11:26 am

Nice update, the Information Board seems much optimised for the PS3. But the PS3 lacks essential features! Below is 10 features which would make the experience for PS3 owners excellent!

Ten Updates Sony need to add to their PS3.

1. In Game Messaging and VOIP *either way or in form of in game XMB* – You’ve heard the masses demand this and Xbox 360 is amazing for having this. Including this in the PS3 will give it a great boost for the PSN.
2. Power off when downloads are complete – handy for not running up a huge electricity bill!
3.DivX support – please!
4. Upscaling games of any resolution – early HDTV adaptors can’t play Resistance or Motorstorm in 1080i! Some people can’t afford new HDTVS and the 360 does games in any resolution so why can’t the PS3 do so?
5. RSS Support – It would be a nice feature
6. PSN Multiple logins for other controllers – 360 allows four Xbox LIVE users to sign in at once! Allow the local party to connect online to PS3 and battle online.
7. Automatic Background Downloading for Game Data Utility, Game Patches and System Firmware Updates – why wait ages in Motorstorm or Resistance for the game to update!! Same applies for the latest 2.XX Have an automatic detection when signed on to PSN by keeping a record of the games the user has played!
8. PlayStation Store Redesign – Allow London Studio to design the PS Store as the Singstore looks far superior to the PS Store or allow the PS Store to be within the XMB rather than a browser.
9. Have the Date/Time within the XMB like the PSP does.
10.Custom Soundtracks – if its been an option since day one of PS3 development, then why just not program the PS3 to mute the games soundtrack and then play the music on the HDD.

Please apply these to the PS3.

Garcia5 said:

December 12th, 2:03 pm

umm my PSN Stores is not workin on my PS3 every time i get on it its a white blank screen and when i exit it it freezes

if u guys hav any info bout this or can help me please dooo my PS3 user ID is Garcia5

Enedok said:

December 12th, 2:26 pm

Did it work before

Do me a favor and change your settings a bit. Try connecting the ps3 directly to the net. (No switch or hub or wireless)

If that solves it you have to open up some sort of firewall in your switch to make it work in other places.

glowgoboy said:

December 13th, 5:03 am

I have scoured the forums on a few sites and I am hoping for an update that includes 5.1 audio with mp4 files. I have a home theater system (optical connection) that I want to fully utilize. Will the coming DivX upgrade allow me to use that fully?

Opee said:

December 13th, 10:30 am

I don’t really have any comment on the current firmware. Just a comment on what would be great to see in the future.

I have small children that play with my machine and there is no way to password protect individual menu items. I’ve got a MAC set up as a media server and there is content I don’t want them to have access to, as well as the obvious system settings.

I’m excited about the prospect of DivX compatibility !!

Thanks for your time.

daniekor said:

December 13th, 1:44 pm

Gran Turismo 4 for PS2 cannot be played at all after the update? Sony are you going to fix this and when? Has anyone ells seen this issue?

Just_4_Fun said:

December 16th, 10:51 am

Ohh please anyone help me..i just have the same problem with Backbreaker65 there. I just updated my ps3 60GB US version to 2.01 and I just bought uncharted drake fortune. The game was totally locked up after few minutes on main menu. The machine was immediately shutted down and beeping three times along with blinking red light

Almost same thing happen to my Assassin’s Creed. It’s still playable though, but randomly the same crash as uncharted happens sometimes

Please help me Sony..I would do anything to make my ps3 run smoothly again, I never had this problem before (before my 2.01 i was using 1.90 and just almost flawless) can the problem fixed on next update..I beg of you pleasee :(

Just_4_Fun said:

December 16th, 11:05 am

Oh god why sony must update their ps3 to troublesome 2.01 update? I just want my ps3 back to 1.90 version. It was perfect, simple and just good you know

I am waiting for my Biohazard 5 and i got problem for my uncharted and assasin’s creed

Please sony..stop making things more complicated, just make the next update like 1.90… Simple and more trouble free

I bought ps3 for having fun..not make things worse on my days
Just repair the problem on next update, promise us

Come on guys. How many of you that support me huh… I want my ps3 1.90 back
It was good, only Assassin’s Creed locked up, but nothing else right

Just_4_Fun said:

December 16th, 11:17 am

By the way anyone..
Now my ps3 is troublesome 2.01. Can I actually reverse my ps3 version to 1.90 if i still keep my 1.90 update file?

Tell me how i got back to my past. if only I were Prince of Persia with my Dagger of Time.. I will undo my update. I swear it

Gregero said:

December 16th, 11:45 am

damn wtf did this last update do? Really messed some people up badly. My PS3 doesn’t turn off after quitting remote play since 2.01. Sony owes us big time (and Dylan owes us for Warhawk problems.)

Spaded21 said:

December 16th, 11:46 pm

When are we going to get new/custom avatars?

[…] out this link.  As if its’ a morse code that says “If you don’t release this thing now … […]

[…] el blog oficial de PlayStation el Firmware 2.01 hace lo […]

[…] esta informacion puede consultarte en el blog oficial de PS3, donde se comenta esta noticia(en […]

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