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Nov 27

Nov 27

And The Winners Are …

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Despite only recently shaking off my tryptophan-induced Thanksgiving stupor, I wanted to give thanks once more to those of you who participated in the first-ever PlayStation Schwag contest. Hundreds of readers submitted answers to 10 fairly-difficult questions, and it’s time to announce the winners. I personally graded all the tests (we’re going to have to move to Scantron tests next time ;-) ) and I can say that most of you performed very well, with an average score of about 8 out of 10. The most commonly missed question:

Q: What game is this character from?

A: Blasto

The first contestant to answer a perfect 10 for 10 was Vladislav Kravtsov of San Francisco. The remaining perfect test takers went into a hat to randomly draw 9 more winners, listed here:

Tim Bledsoe, Vancouver, WA
Matthew Wright, Tustin, CA
Steven Belina, Newington, CT
Tom Benson, Temecula, CA
Chad Haught, Carrollton, TX
Chris Taylor, West Columbia SC
Tom Balistreri, New Berlin, WI
Darren Tilley, Portland, ME
Mark Kitchin, Germantown, MD


Special thanks to (in order of appearance) Chris Taylor, Mark Kitchin, and Tim Bledsoe for sending in some pics of themselves geared up with some of their PS schwag. Again, response to this contest was great, so next time we’ve got something cool to give away we’ll do something like this again.

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lakaihigh said:

November 27th, 4:05 pm

awesome schwag!!! I know I’m jealous
maybe you guys will show a lil love and post on eBay???


Al2x said:

November 27th, 4:05 pm

Awesome! Wish I won…

Draicus said:

November 27th, 4:11 pm

Congrats to the winners!

And damn you, Blasto! I beat the living crap out of that game once, begrudgingly, and what is my reward? Failing a quiz that has one of its characters in it. For shame.

cjtiger300 said:

November 27th, 4:12 pm

Sweet!!!! I am famous!!!

icecoldgangstaa said:

November 27th, 4:15 pm

sweet schwag! i wish i had wont those…..

marcandrer said:

November 27th, 4:16 pm

how much for the belt buckle :) ?

9158 said:

November 27th, 4:17 pm

Every online fps for ps3 should “copy” its online component from Resistance: the lobbies, the posssibiity to mute people, the possibility to choose whether to play with people from all oer the world or only from your region, the party system, the troop system (tango, x-ray etc., it is especially useful for people who speak diffferent languages).

Please tell this to any developers you meet.

MrCamo said:

November 27th, 4:25 pm

You need to post this stuff for sale on the PS store. $$ Cha Ching!!

Ebisch said:

November 27th, 4:32 pm

That contest was quite surprisingly hard. Thanks to NeoGaf for the Blasto answer.
Stil didn’t win though.

Enedok said:

November 27th, 4:33 pm

Nice contest. Even if i didnt have **** chance to answer them I like that it gives pure fanboys a chance.

Next contest on skills? Speedrun something like a R&C level?

Stoffinator said:

November 27th, 4:37 pm

Congrats to the winners.

Now can these contests be open to all North Americans?

Aythamie said:

November 27th, 4:44 pm

grats to the winners,

silly contest, why isn’t there a cool contest for europe?

Random said:

November 27th, 4:48 pm

Could you post a list of all the questions, and their answers? :D

cjtiger300 said:

November 27th, 5:02 pm

Sorry guys, that belt buckle is not going on Ebay. It is my favorite of the bunch! Also, all of this stuff is awesome quality!

NAZAR said:

November 27th, 5:04 pm

Владислав Кравцов… поздравляю чувак :D

Clinton514 said:

November 27th, 5:20 pm

Congrats guys. :D

chainlink13 said:

November 27th, 5:20 pm

I can’t believe I got Blasto right but missed the first game Eidetic made and Insomniac made. Sadness.

coolasj19 said:

November 27th, 5:22 pm

please, please, please, please, please,
start selliing this in stores for SOMEWHAT reasonable price.

umbrae said:

November 27th, 5:35 pm

Congrats to the winners.

[Actually, I’m just posting this to test this gravatar thingie -_- ]

Darkendless said:

November 27th, 5:41 pm

dang blasto i even beat that game but didnt remember the bird

hinesdesigner said:

November 27th, 5:53 pm

I wanna win something :( But congrads winners!

TwoBlack4America said:

November 27th, 6:14 pm

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy the schwag.

Savage said:

November 27th, 6:28 pm

How about Sony show some love to the Europeans and send ThreeSpeech some shwag or hold a PS3 shin-dig for the festive season.

foolio_67 said:

November 27th, 6:42 pm

That’s great, hopefully you guys let Canada in on the action next time :)

Voozi said:

November 27th, 6:49 pm

Damn you blue chicken rooster thing….confusing me for your cousin from the game Talkman…. http://psp.ign.com/objects/692/692363.html

roku6wiz said:

November 27th, 6:52 pm

Hey congrats, thats sweet, but i have to admit i am jealous :)

Ultima-Bahamut said:

November 27th, 7:32 pm

ergh, Blasto :(

darkiewonder said:

November 27th, 8:35 pm

Congrats guys!

I remember trying to figure out those questions. couldn’t lol.

Jeigh said:

November 27th, 8:49 pm

Blasto! Ah, *%$#!~ That’s total #^&$@#%#! :P Congrats guys! I suppose out of a couple hundred people there was bound to be ten that knew the answers! :P

Prolog said:

November 27th, 9:35 pm

Awesome, good work guys!

Syrlis said:

November 27th, 10:14 pm

drawing from hats is lame, everyone who got a perfect 10 should have got shwag (and for the record, the blasto question was ****ing easy)

enrichovega said:

November 27th, 10:38 pm

For the record, I got all answers correct however I wasn’t in the lucky draw. Congrats to all the winners just the same.

stennex said:

November 27th, 10:52 pm


Johnny Sasaki said:

November 28th, 12:55 am

Yay! I’m a winner! Now let me win that job I’ve been applying for at Sony and/or Insomniac! :P

Grats to the other winners :D

Kedaro said:

November 28th, 3:51 am

I’m sure there will be ‘home’ based competitions that will yeild real world schwag eventually, or places in Home that you can order stuff like that. I just wouldn’t put it past them.

Gunwing said:

November 28th, 5:43 am

So what all did they get? It looks like all they got was a PS3 branded booklet, some UMD bags, a PS3 shirt, and a big black thing I can’t make out.

Still thats all cool and what not, but I was hopeing the winners would get like a free game, or at least a HDTV from Sony. Oh well good thing I passed.

Raziel Dune said:

November 28th, 5:50 am

wait wait you serious i guessed that one right?! aahhhhhh i am awesome *dance* but congrats winners and damn i so wanted that hat.

intruder_qc said:

November 28th, 7:39 am

Yah next time dont forget about your friendly neighbhor from up north.

Yes Canadian people are always excluded from all those nice and fun contest from SCEA 8-(.

TheHakku said:

November 28th, 8:02 am

Aaaah I’m pretty sure I answered them all correctly!

Anyway congratulations to the people who got them.

kanyn said:

November 28th, 8:56 am

Congrats guys. A few of those questions seriously stumped me, you deserve your winnings!

xxLONESTARxx said:

November 28th, 11:03 am

I’d like to get my hands on one of those belt buckles…when is this swag gonna be available to the public?

thingg said:

November 28th, 11:33 am

Dang, three from California the rest of us need to step it up….
Great idea with the contest thing. If you guys would make the stuff available for purchase, (how about through PSN Store?? ;-) )I’d appreciate it. (I NEED those hats and the belt buckle…..)
Congrats to all the winners. I knew like 4 answers…..
(I don’t know like anything about most games/franchises before 2005/2006 ~~hangs head~~)

MrDaBucket said:

November 28th, 3:09 pm

I know I got them all correct.
Oh well….

NinjaSkllz said:

December 2nd, 12:34 am

aww no answers to the rest of the q’s?

samuraiseth said:

December 7th, 9:31 pm

pfft, i got blasto right

stennex said:

December 12th, 9:44 pm

Sony i want to buy a sweater just like that one for the winter season.

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