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Nov 28

Nov 28

wipEout PULSE Update

Daimion Pinnock's Avatar Posted by Producer, SCEA

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Hello everybody – I’m the SCEA Producer for wipEout PULSE on the PSP. I just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s currently happening with the franchise from the very talented SCEE Liverpool wipEout team.

I want you guys and gals out there to know that this will be the biggest installment of the wipEout franchise to be released to date on the PSP.

There are some screenshots below that I’d like you all to see, it will be interesting to know what your thoughts are.

We plan on having a specific website available that will allow everyone world-wide to have access to in order to get different information regarding the different tracks that are available. Also, we will have a unique ship customization tool that will be available for the first time in the wipEout franchise on the PSP. Players will be able to design their own skins, logos and basically give their ship its own unique identity.

We’re currently in some of the final stages of development, and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to update you all with regards to some more of the cool features that will be available, and also news on the 8-player Infrastructure Mode.

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Jeigh said:

November 28th, 5:25 pm

Heh, sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for the update! :)

illegalprelude said:

November 28th, 5:28 pm

Bring on some more Wipeout!

I got my first done on the Playstation!!! So its nice to see the series has survived for so long.

Deviation said:

November 28th, 5:30 pm

I enjoyed Wipeout Fusion quite a bit on the PSP but Wipeout deserves the big screen and a real analog stick… where’s Wipeout HD for the PS3? Any news on the full-blown Wipeout title for the PS3 that’s coming later?

TheDevilsJoker said:

November 28th, 5:30 pm

I have Wipeout Pure, its one of my Fav games on my PSP, kept me entertained last christmas VERY much. I loved the mode when you accelarated faster and faster and you had to not crash.

KillThem said:

November 28th, 5:31 pm

Nice. Any news on if it’ll be released on the PC Playstation store.

Tropic said:

November 28th, 5:50 pm

Nice, looks good.

Daimion Pinnock's Avatar

Daimion Pinnock said:

November 28th, 5:55 pm

Currently we’re planning to release this as a UMD title only.

Neil said:

November 28th, 5:58 pm

Sweet, looks really good.

Cerberus_Hunter said:

November 28th, 5:59 pm

Hello, Diamion! I’ve never played a Wipeout game before and after looking at those screenshots that you wanted us to see (Cool effects btw!) I have only one question… What types of enviroments players get to race in this game other than futuristic-looking tunnels? Thanks and good luck the game! :)

craigiversen said:

November 28th, 6:00 pm

I’m not trying to be negative, but comment #3 is right on the money. The fans truly deserve an answer about Wipeout HD for the PS3. That has been (from a fan point of view) swept under the carpet for a while now.

I’m sure I’m one of many posts coming your way on this one.

Even a good indicator of which month to look out for it would be great. We’ve currently got ZERO info on the hold up and watch out for the big-time gratitude if you can help with any info.

zookey said:

November 28th, 6:01 pm

NIIIIICE can’t wait!!

Picasso said:

November 28th, 6:01 pm

Damion try to convince your bosses that gamers are lazy and some of us would like to download these titles :)

btw great job

craigiversen said:

November 28th, 6:07 pm

Even though I said what I said @10 I still gotta say this psp version looks quality as per everything Wipeout.

If you ever make it downloadable I’ll get it for my psp too. I don’t buy anything but downloadable games for psp now, as I’m so sick of UMD load times.

illegalprelude said:

November 28th, 6:09 pm

can you comment on what kind of Mutliplayer this game will boast? Thats always a huge thing for me personally.

gardea said:

November 28th, 6:12 pm

I thought Wipeout was for PS consoles only. Why is there a Wipeout 64?

DarkUSS said:

November 28th, 6:14 pm

What’s the estimated release date for WO Pulse?

Theshadowrunner said:

November 28th, 6:14 pm

Please let the user remap controller buttons if they don’t like default button mapping. (I for one despise accelerating with R2… X is what it should be and always has been in the past)

craigiversen said:

November 28th, 6:17 pm

@17 – Good call on button re-mapping. Games should have it as a standard today. We aren’t all the same after all.

CrimsonCalibur said:

November 28th, 6:20 pm

Looking fantastic as always! Can you give us some details on the multiplayer portion? What’s new, different etc.

DarkUSS said:

November 28th, 6:26 pm

I forgot to ask about the possibility of a demo.

Can we expect a demo of the game on the new PSP Store?

B1ack_Mage said:

November 28th, 6:30 pm

Awesome. Wipeout Pure was the best racing game on the PSP and it looks like this one will be even better

Daimion Pinnock's Avatar

Ron Eagle said:

November 28th, 6:35 pm

We’ll have an update on WipeOut HD soon.

craigiversen said:

November 28th, 6:43 pm

Awesome!!! Didn’t mean to detract from the psp talk, but some info will be awesome so it doesn’t keep having that feeling of chasing a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, lol.

A question on the psp version. Have UMD load times been a consideration during production? I don’t expect them to not exist at all, just be as minimised as possible.

Great work on this psp version to date.

HanSolo said:

November 28th, 6:51 pm

one of my favorite franchises ever, i cant wait for this game and im also hoping that one day it will make the jump to the ps3

Danger-x said:

November 28th, 6:59 pm

Sweet I love Wipeout PS and Wipeout XL…But I’m hoping that Wipeout makes it in an online match PS3 game! Anyone remember Hackers from 1995?..I still like that movie Angelina Jollia..It was so futuristic in its own way..Not by the time it was based on just by the Computers etc and special effects etc..nice..I also hope that EA Big is working on a SSX 4!!!! I loved that Genre back in the PS2 days that game SSX and SSX 3 were golden to me and my friends and I beat everyone at there own style of snow boarding shredding style etc..

Jackal888 said:

November 28th, 7:20 pm

Wipeout Pure was a great game. I hope that in Pulse you do not have region specific DLC. That was the most frustrating part about Wipeout Pure.
Please make all download content region free.

Captain Fury said:

November 28th, 7:28 pm

I hope Wipeout HD also has that customization tool (watching your design in 1080p 60 FPS would be sweet)

TheGraciousOne said:

November 28th, 7:40 pm

Can you give us a specific release date?

ace2ace said:

November 28th, 7:46 pm

hey man everything looks great here. it looks like you guys are finally using the psp to its full potential.

I just have 2 concerns that i would like to address:

1. You guys have dropped the ball as far as online play is concerned. Will this game be the first to have full online play?

2. The Wipeout series isn’t really known for its customization so I’m a little skeptical as to how this will work out. I know you’ve given us some detail but can you at least explain it a little more so we can understand what you guys are thinking for the customization in this game?

ghamdikh1 said:

November 28th, 8:16 pm

@Daimion Pinnock
Yo Daimion we don’t want this great game to be I UMD title only we want the ability to download it from the PS3 STOR or from the PC STOR also is WipeOut HD going to be released in 2007.

Kedaro said:

November 28th, 8:25 pm

@ Daimion, and Ron

“HA! you know you’re doing a good job when…”

the Pulse screenshots don’t look like it would be portable, but then again that’s the power of psp…

Loucetios said:

November 28th, 8:33 pm

Ron or jeff please tell us if Wipeout HD is coming out this year or not? i was really looking forward to it but noticed IGN doesn’t have it down for this year like they do with Pain.

HotRod said:

November 28th, 8:33 pm


I have been an old timer Wipeout fan and Wipeout was and still is one of my most memorable gaming experiences ever.

There are small attentions to detail that made the Wipeout series unique. Some had to do with the art direction, others with the awesome soundtrack and others with the controls.

After Wipeout 2097 I feel, that despite the many welcome additions, it has lost its spark it used to have and I ve met many other old timers that feel the same.

The original Wipeouts had an underground feel, they almost gave the impression that a real techno/post-mortem cult existed behind it. It wasnt just a game. It was a visual and audio ecstasy. They blended so well.

It was so distinctive. The choice of soundtracks were spot on and the work of Cold Storage did a great difference in Wipeout 1 and XL. In the latest it’s almost as if you pick randomly electronic music tracks that commercially do well. But they often lack depth and dont fit to the Wipeout Universe.

Designer’s Republic also contibuted greatly into the unique looks.

Also it is ironic that despite the improved physics abilities of the PSP, PS2 or PS3, the controls felt more realistic before. Pressing up and down on the d-pad affected the ship’s “aerodynamics” more believably. The ship responded to the ground anomalies much better too. The antigravity forces of the ship and gravity force of the track really gave the impression that they fought with each other just like when you put a positive pole towards another positive pole of a magnet.

This was very apparent especially after landing from jumps. The second stage in Wipeout 1 is also another example where you struggled to keep your ship stable on the twisting ground.

The camera also didnt always center itself exactly behind the ship. The ship would be slightly tilted to the right or left. It added more depth.

Also the design of the tracks wasnt overdone in terms of futuristic looks. The most recent wipeouts look too clean and futuristic. The original wipeouts kept a perfect balance between realism, surrealism and futuristic. The closest track to the original wipeouts I ve seen in new wipeouts was the first stage of Fusion.

I may sound a bit harsh but really I think if you take into consideration such details and add more depth it might be respawned to what Wipeout used to be in the old days. Back in those days it was one of the top games ever and we couldnt wait to get our hands on the next Wipeout, in the same manner people couldnt wait to get their hands on games such as GT, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, MGS and the likes.

Bring back the cult ;)

TwoBlack4America said:

November 28th, 8:42 pm

The game looks good in the screenshots and PSP Fanboy gave it a really good review.I’m sure the game will be successful!

Lp47 said:

November 28th, 8:42 pm

Well the first one for PSP got high reviews, so i might end up checking htis one out. But i really want to see some Wipeout HD for PS3.

Devenish said:

November 28th, 8:44 pm

That is great news I can’t wait to see what is instore for W-HD. Wipeout is the reason I purchased my PS3…PS2… and back in the days of Psygnosis pre-ordered my PS1.

Purist said:

November 28th, 8:51 pm

This post is old news, other than a couple new screenshots. Release date, please? No one seems to know, but it looks like it’s coming out first in Australia in December and then in the US in March. Can you confirm?

I’m a huge Pure fan (got all golds on all speed classes) so I’m dying for this to come out. Infrastructure will be sweet. Any voice chat support in the lobbies?

B1ack_Mage said:

November 28th, 9:03 pm

I can’t wait to get wipeout HD, but I can’t buy it. Why you ask? Because there are no Playstation Cards. Please get those on store shelves sony. Hopefully you guys at liverpool can tell some of the people at sony that they need to get them out so that your game can be enjoyed.

salesmunn said:

November 28th, 9:26 pm

I wrote the first GameFAQ to for Wipeout Pure, so I’m understandably excited about Pulse.

How about mapping my own images onto the skin of my ship? Any chance a track editor might be available?

reson8er said:

November 28th, 9:33 pm

Hey Daimion!

You’ve read my mind! I recently went on a Wipeout knowledge hunt and saw the wonderful website already up for pulse

I must say, I am a huge fan of the series ever since it was released on the Original PS. It is my favorite racing series of all time :)

As #33 “Hotrod”s post above me so eloquently pointed out, Wipeout has been about culture as much as it has been about the game and its mechanics.

I feel the series on the PSP, has made the transition well and SCEE Liverpool have done an amazing job conveying the speed, music, and feel that is central to my beloved series.

I simply cannot wait (though I must) for Pulse and WO:HD. If you need a beta tester for any of those, don’t hesitate to ask >_>b

Please do your best to time the releases to as close as possible, I must have these games :D

Phospho said:

November 28th, 9:46 pm

I own wipeout on psp and the new hud or interface at the bottom right, the big green bar for speed i think is too big and distracting, i like the old format, its small yet still visible, i could care less about the color, but customization of hud interface as for the size of the bars would be pretty bad ass, maybe you might take my advice? good job on the wipeout series, ive been there since day 1 on the ps1 back in 1995. wipeout, tekken and air combat are a special breed. too bad destruction derby didnt live on. keep up the good work, cant wait to play wipeout hd also.

craigiversen said:

November 28th, 10:30 pm

Is Wipeout HD being delayed until more people buy the original off Playstation store? I know that not many people will buy the old one if both are available.

Mind you I am being cynical.

Rinaldus said:

November 28th, 10:54 pm

Hey, please allow us to play our MP3s this time, not to sound mean, but I didn’t like the soundtrack from the last Wipeout, I know the techno music is for the futuristic setting, but I still wanna hear good music.

Deviation said:

November 28th, 10:54 pm

I can’t believe I mixed up Fusion and Pure for the titles… Fusion was an abomination on the PS2 but Pure on the PSP really made me excited about the series again (I loved all three on the original Playstation).

Thanks for at least acknowledging Wipeout HD, really looking forward to it! Not to mention the full-fledged PS3 Wipeout title that I’ve heard will come eventually.

craigiversen said:

November 28th, 11:09 pm

Also for another question, why is only the original Wipeout available on PSN? Why not Wipeout XL (2097)? You could charge an extra US$1 or so for that.

[…] PlayStation.Blog has half a dozen new screens for WipEout Pulse, showing off the 8-player online modes. Still no news on the release date though, which apparently is in it’s “final stages of development”. […]

[…] Check it out here. […]

Scarecrow said:

November 29th, 1:50 am

Love how the lighting effects are looking.

The tracks also have this nice Wipeout feel to them.

Overall this really feels like the NEW Wipeout and there’s finally a way to create your own ship!

If you’re a racing fan this is a must get! Been waiting for a true futuristic racer for a while.

mcx said:

November 29th, 1:54 am

Always loved WIP3OUT!!!! Cant wait.

Jocaju said:

November 29th, 5:58 am

Yeah baby!! Bring some Wipeout.

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