Things That Go PON In The Night

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It’s Tuesday, and the still night air is tainted by a soft, yet distinct, rhythmic beat of battle drums … small feet scurry about lining up in battle formation, their brave little eyeball faces hiding all fears of the mission that lies ahead … each little hand holding up either a spear, club or sword. That, in short, is the brave tale of the Patapons – a legendary warrior tribe exiled to the edge of the world and forced to combat giant creatures, traverse through hostile lands and overcome the evil powers that have gained control of the world.


That is a quick (and I must admit, quite dramatic) description of Patapon, the new PSP rhythm/action brainchild of French toy/graphic designer ROLITO and Japanese game designer Hiroyuki Kotani. But before we move … err … march any further, I should first introduce myself: I am Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, Associate Producer on Patapon. For the next few moments, I will be your guide into the world of the Patapons, their home Patapolis, and the overall game design and play mechanics that have melded 300, Simon Says, and LocoRoco into one gigantic tap-your-feet-while-you-march-and-conquer adventure.

As stated before, the Patapons are a warrior tribe exiled from their home. They’ve lost all will and direction until you, the Great Patapon, comes along and quite literally beats new life into the tribe. You’ll learn that the Patapons follow the beats of your mighty war drum, and as lead them through their world, you’ll find different drums that will help you instruct the Patapons to attack, retreat, and invoke secret JuJu chants.



Your sworn enemies are the Zigotons, a rival tribe that will, by any means necessary, try to keep you from getting to Earth’s End.

That’s it for now, but make sure to keep an ear to the ground… I’ll be checking in for every week with more updates, screens, videos, and some cool news from this side of the Patapolis.

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  • wtf is this

  • Not sure how 2 comment…more info plz!

  • @1 another awesome title…

    hope JAP version is filled with English like Loco Roco was…

  • looks bizarre in a fun sort of way. Could be interesting if it has multiplayer. I hope it supports 1080.

  • darkiewonder


    What’s the exact genre of this game? I see stats on that image. so I want to say some sort of RPG element but then there’s the rhythm part to the game and that would be music, then i see action and a bit of adventure? O.o


    It’s a psp title ;o

  • Not into rhythm games but this actually looks great for the PSP.

  • May I ask you how long the main game is? And what additional gameplay it may have after that?



    There is an in depth discussion on the boards about this game. It looks like alot of fun

  • I will get this for certain……my question is when can we get a demo?

  • Day ONE! the game looks awesome!

  • The new Japanese trailer of the game is incredible:

  • StupidityTries

    It needs to be clarified in the post that this is in fact a PSP game and not a PSN/PS3 game. People seem pretty confused.

  • I’ve been waiting eagerly for this game. This is the kind of stuff that makes the PSP game purchases worthwhile. Really creative stuff, right on the level with Loco Roco.

    However, I’m more infatuated with the art style in this game than Loco…and that’s saying a lot.

  • @ 12: The game is “tagged” as a PSP title.

  • Is this a PSP game?

  • This looks great, I read a mini write up on it (seems like every write up is mini for this game lol)

    Its a combination rythem/action/war game with a cuteness factor of “12” ;)

  • StupidityTries

    @ 15: I’m sure that three letters in size 8 font at the bottom of the post are clear enough for some people, but just wait for the next 100 comments to fill up with “Is this a PSP game?”

  • StupidityTries

    I meant @ 14

  • Looks very interesting, hope it has multiplayer mode.

  • I don’t know what to say other than… this game looks amazingly fun. ><

  • Looks great. I hope this is available in the UK PSN store the same time as the US.

  • @18 Sorry for just figuring out what a “tag” is, dork.

  • @Jinb0c – thanks for the youtube link for the game. Everyone should check it out.

    This looks like insane fun. Looks like you can upgrade your guys too….way to throw some RPG like elements into the game…..can’t wait!!

  • @5- crap! This looks like it would have been a great PSN game…

  • This looks very interesting, I can’t wait to play it

  • dodomasta3000

    what the….is this a sick joke…

  • CrimsonCalibur

    YES!! Thank you for bringing this amazing game to the States. These are exactly the types games the PSP desperately needs more here. I can’t wait!

    Now could please bring over Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida too?

  • Spaceghost4284

    I’ve heard good things about this game from Kotaku and the style of this game is amazingly awesome. I don’t have a PSP though and this game is not enough to make me buy one. I don’t know if I’d buy this game even if I had a PSP. It seems like it would be better suited as a killer downloadable title for the PSN. It would guarantee a lot more sales. Please make it happen Sony! Let me play this thing on PS3!

  • hm glad to see some PSP love. If it plays at all like LocoRoco it’s mine. MINE I TELL YOU MINE WHAHAHAHA. I’m a little addicted to LocoRoco.

  • looks cool, can’t wait to try it, hopefully there’s a demo

  • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda
    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda
    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

    Wow, quick response! Thanks everyone for the questions… let me take a second to comment and clarify some points…

    @PSP, PSN?
    Patapon is a PSP title.

    We’ll be announcing bits o’info in the following weeks… so stay tuned.

    Yeah, the J commercial is really cool/funny.

    – ChrisHM

  • I love the style of the game, really lovely. Quick European release please! =D

  • CONFUSEDgam3r

    Too good to be true! God of War, Wipeout, and Patapon right after each other! This is gamers heaven for PSP owners. LocoRoco is great and I’m sure this one will be too so long as you market it well, i.e.: release demos, give free shwag, release lots of videos, and have tons of contests! Hype this GAME! I’ll help you through my blog :)

  • I’ve been needing somethin new n good for psp. Let’s see how this turns out, huh? Looks very different but rather fun.

  • Looks amazingly fun. Thank you for bringing this over. I will pick it up as soon as it is out stateside.

  • I would like to see a PSN release of this, it has a cool look to it and would be a sure buy for me

    Is that a “Giant Enemy Crab” in the screenshot?

  • Very unique game. I’ll be picking up a PSP for this (and a few other games, but definitely Patapon).

    Some cool PS3/PSP Patapon wallpapers would be great by the way.

  • I’ve been psyched for this game ever since I saw the first Japanese trailer and everything I’ve seen since has only looked better and better.

    Much like LocoRoco, I’d like to see this game end up on PSN at some point.

  • Ever since I found out about Patapon hidden under the other games presented a while back (if you youtube ‘patapon’, one of the top videos is uploaded by me), I knew something about this game would be just great!

    Just wondering now about possible mulitplayer support among other things, but I hope those questions will be answered soon.

    Keep us updated!

  • darkiewonder

    Probably been demanded but can you guys release this on the playstation store as well? So I can download it to the psp? Unless it’s a really big game O.o

  • SinsToJudge

    Please get it over to PAL regions as soon as possible, I’m sick of waiting for games to be released in the EU months after the US/J release.

    We’re still waiting for Everyday Shooter and Pain damn it.

  • Awesome, can’t wait.

  • Any plans of a PSN version?

  • not-buying-incognito

    Chase wrote this:
    WTF is this…
    Is it for my 6 year old nephew?

  • wow i loving Loco Roco (just got a psp) and i’m really looking forward to this game!

  • Darkendless

    Wow I didn’t know about this game before. It seems really unique and has a great art style. I am going to pirate it for sure

  • Chris, I know it’s a PSP game but what are the chances of bringing this to the PSN? This would be perfect as a downloadable game (I loved Locoroco). More money for you!

  • Its not only thuesday! but its my BIRTHDAY as well :D (18th :D)


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