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Dec 13

Dec 13

Live Chat Today: DC Comics + Syphon Filter

Brian Keltner's Avatar Posted by PR Manager, Capcom

Later today, DC Comics will be hosting a live chat with Greg Rucka to talk about his experience working on the script for Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow. Greg has been a highly respected author penning nearly a dozen novels including the Queen & Country series, stories for Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, and most recently he published the sixth novel in the Atticus Kodiak series, Patriot Acts. Last summer, SCEA invited Greg to hang out in our booths at Comic Con and Penny Arcade Expo, but for those of you who weren’t able to make those conventions, now is your chance to get to talk to the man who has been named as one of the architects of the DC universe.

When: Thursday, Dec. 13, 8pm EST (5pm PST)


Click on the link above, then navigate to the Events section (after the Flash intro)

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow was met with high acclaim when it shipped to consumers on October 2, earning numerous awards from sites across the web including IGN, GameZone, and Game Informer. Greg brought a new perspective and plenty of conflict to the Syphon Filter universe and is responsible for a cliff-hanger ending sure to resonate with fans. Check out this video to see more on the collaboration between the Sony’s Bend studio and Greg Rucka.

Be sure to head over to the PlayStation Store on your PC to download the free Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow demo, wallpapers and themes for your PSP.

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lakaihigh said:

December 13th, 11:48 am

awesome! I still have to pick up Logan’s Shadow for my PSP… can anyone here let me know how it compares to Dark Mirror because I loved it on my PSP. the story and the multiplayer was excellent.

edwineverready said:

December 13th, 11:55 am

can’t watch the video on my ps3. that’s weird because it is a playstation blog!

Federation said:

December 13th, 12:14 pm

^^^ LOL ^^^

Kamahl said:

December 13th, 12:29 pm

great stuff :D

carlosb said:

December 13th, 12:30 pm

They finally let Brian make a post. Nice pic :D

Shiloa said:

December 13th, 1:59 pm

Lol, it was a game met with high acclaim but it’s storyline was certainly not one of the high points. =P

ninjewstu said:

December 13th, 2:11 pm

What do you mean, Shiloa? I love the story so far.

Doctor What said:

December 13th, 3:00 pm

The writing might be good, it might be awful, it’s very hard to tell behind that vocal performance. Still, it’s about time the gaming industry started getting writers involved in making games’ stories better. This has got to be a good thing. I sincerely hope that other companies are paying attention and looking to get people specifically involved in the plots of their games.

Let’s face it, professional writers can’t do anything worse that yet another dreary space marines story (Halo, Killzone, Gears of War, and all of the rest, I’m looking at you!). Games makers, please stop taking all of the script for your games from the marines in Aliens. The film is over twenty years old. Please, find some new inspiration!

gardea said:

December 13th, 4:33 pm

Agreed with #8.
I hate having the same story over and over.

“Oh aliens are taking over Earth, own them”

traukostar said:

December 18th, 11:18 am


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