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Dec 13

Dec 13

NPD: 1.5 Million PlayStations sold in November

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Senior Vice President, Business Development, SCEA

Hello everyone, the new NPD sales numbers are out, and I wanted to share some new sales stats that have us excited here at PlayStation central.

For the month of November, PlayStation hardware unit sales exceeded 1.5 million units, including close to half-a-million PLAYSTATION 3 consoles. That’s means nearly 4 times as many PS3s ended up in North American homes in November than the month before.

A slew of incredible titles this holiday season has definitely been a factor in that growth: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Rock Band, Assassin’s Creed, Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, Heavenly Sword, and Pain (did I miss any?) should keep everyone busy well into the new year. And our new ad campaign has helped get the word out that PLAYSTATION 3 is THE gamers’ console.

As far as the PlayStation Portable is concerned, a lot of dudes decided to “Get Your Own” in November. NPD reports over 567,000 PSPs were sold in November, thanks in large part to the popularity of the slimmer, lighter PSP, the debut of the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, and critically acclaimed titles like Beats, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, and Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow.

While the PS3 has just passed its first birthday, the PlayStation 2 is still kicking hard seven years after launch. The PS2 remains the best-selling gaming platform ever released, with nearly half-a-million more adding to the system’s greatness in the month of November. The release of games such as BUZZ! The Mega Quiz, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and the limited-edition white PS2 bundled with SingStar Pop means that the PS2 will continue to be a favorite for millions of gamers.

We know that PlayStation.Blog readers are all about the games – and these numbers are relevant to existing PlayStation owners as well. With the rise of online multiplayer games like Warhawk, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops. and this week’s big-buzz release Unreal Tournament 3, thousands more players can mean a longer, better gaming experience.

So if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of new members to the PlayStation family, welcome – and thank you! And for those who have been around for awhile, enjoy the influx of new gamers to play with and against!

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Violater said:

December 14th, 10:33 am

I think the games are here now, but the marketing is not up to speed.
Had these games been on the 360 they would have been selling much better and not just because of install base.
It seems if 5 stars or 10/1 0 cannot be attached to the advertisement the game doesn’t get as much push
Hell I saw more adverts for CPD4 PS3 than I have for Uncharted which I think is just wrong, furthermore the CG advertisements (for Ratchet and Uncharted for example) are not nearly as entertaining and appealing as the actual game play. All in all Sony is moving in the right direction but they just don’t truly have their fingers on the pulse.
Less flash less flair less boom!! less pretense and more about the game.

thingg said:

December 14th, 10:43 am

Nice job guys. I looks like the whole world (except for us naive Americans) is yours. now lets get out and take back the home turf!! btw guys who are complaining, selling 450,000 units in amonth is pretty good, considering back in June when we were getting like 90000/month. I mean, even the other console only got 560000 units in sept. when that one game came out….
Anyway, keep up the good work Sony.

You know that one song on youtube that makes fun of the PS3 to the tune of “How to save a life”? well, I made up a song for the owners of the “other” console. It is writen to the tune of “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

Xbox 360 owner’s song:

I’m stuck with 3 good games, the only ones that I will ever own. Oh if I had known, that Xbox will forever be the same.

You used a DVD, but it’s so small that it can’t do HD. My console broke so soon, I hardly got it to my living room.
My living room, my living room.
My living room my livin’…

What new exclusive games are not for Sony? I’m tired of only playing Halo 3. Sometimes I wish there were some games for me, till then I’ll watch TV.

No games, no games, no games, no games,
No games, no games, no games, no games.

I love to play online with all my friends, and though I’ve often tried, I cannot spare a dime to pay the fee to play on Xbox Live.

I’d like to surf the net, without having to get on my PC, Wouldn’t it be great to do it right from in my 360?
My 360, my 360,
My 360, my 36….

What new exclusive games are not for Sony? I’m tired of only playing Halo 3. Sometimes I wish there were some games for me, till then I’ll watch TV.

chrissave said:

December 14th, 10:44 am

congratulation SONY(althrough still a long way from 11 millions)
I do believe you guys have a PR issue.
Let me tell you that i am quiet shocked by some playstation magazines who really are pro microsoft.Just check last PSW, PSM….issues and try to count how many adverts there is for ps3 and how many for xbox360. In my count 70% are xbox related. Some publisher makes money on people who loves a brand and in fact sells the competition in those very same magazine.
If those guys really loves microsoft product, they should not make us sick about it……..Please do something about it.

Kedaro said:

December 14th, 10:46 am

I totally knew ps3 could pull through, it was tough dodging those corporate grenades, and other forms of industrial warfare that was flying its way, but ps3 did it… it pulled through, thank whatever gods may be… The industry needed Sony to pull through on this one… thank you Sony, and congratulations on continuing your better-ment of the videogame industry.

P_tear_griffin said:

December 14th, 12:00 pm

The PSP is extremely well! The PS3 sales are improving, and hopefully they’ll stay that way all throughout ’08. i really hope games like Ratchet, Uncharted and Heavenly Sword sell well, since I’d like to see more sequels for those. I hope Warhawk is supported for a long time. Oh and that Kojima productions’ MGS4 sells well so that Kojima can consider another project.. maybe a 3rd Zone of the Enders?

Totobeni said:

December 14th, 1:24 pm

guys go and buy Uncharted plz

scorpio said:

December 14th, 1:35 pm

I agree with Totobeni, Uncharted is a must in any PS3 library.

KnaveX said:

December 14th, 2:02 pm

Selling PS2 games of 2000-2006 for $20 on PSN would boost sales, seeing as people seem to like having games on their HDD, and PS2 sells because of software from that timeline, but is that possible on the 40GB?

Matt said:

December 14th, 4:28 pm

Please…it’s sad that you have to use false/inflated numbers, especially when the NPD data came out and shows that the PS3 pretty much was dead last and even bested by the PS2.

Maybe if Sony brass would acknowledge how actually poor the PS3 is and show gamers a plan of action on how to rectify the problem, then more people would actually spend money on your system. As it stands now, $399 (U.S.) for a gimped 40GB system that can’t play my PS2 library is a joke.

Hell, I don’t know what’s worse–Sony bold-face lying to folks, or that people are eating it up without actually looking into the real data.

Cesar said:

December 14th, 5:50 pm

Ey i buy the ps3 when it comes out i waithed outside wallmart for 2 days or so i don’t remember, they where almost 100 people waithing and they only got 10 ps3 so now you guys know not do that again.

Bender Rodriguez said:

December 14th, 7:43 pm

That’s really great. Now maybe all the PS haters will have to shut up and get off the “PS3 doesn’t sell” bandwagon.

P_tear_griffin said:

December 14th, 7:52 pm

spread the love you guys. tell your friends and your friends’ friends to buy warhawk, uncharted and rathcet. Not only are they good games but well if we don’t support them they won’t come out with more stuff.

Psx0005 said:

December 14th, 9:09 pm

Realize that it would not do for Sony to sound off on negative news, so this post as it stands is doing the best it can with the sales data provided by NPD. Sites like and, which tend to be quite liberal in their smacking around of whichever system is the choice red-headed stepchild at the moment, are known for this style of reporting which of course gives fanboys more to go on and on about to push their system of choice above the others. As it stands, my Nintendo Wii (purchased Nov ’06) has only had 2 games bought for it: Wii Play and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. The PS3 (purchased July ’07) now has 10 games sitting next to it and is used roughly 90% of the time I have for playing videogames. That should say it all, sales numbers regardless ^_^

Heavenly_King said:

December 14th, 9:14 pm

I really want the PS3 to surpass the 360 by the end of the next year.

I think the PS3 would sell better if Sony spends more money promoting the games, not with every game, but at least with Uncharted and Heavenly Sword, they should have spent half the money Microcrap spent promoting Galo3 ($10 millions).

Around the globe are 113 millions of people that own a PS2 (and DONT own a PS3) and they are waiting for their truly unique “next-gen” experience in order to buy a PS3. It´s true that the games people are waiting are MGS4 and FFXIII; but the PS3 has AAAA new IPs, but nobody knows that, thats why the games are not selling that well, and that´s why the PS3 is not selling better than the 360 at least in USA :D.

Promoting better the games will make the gamers feel that they need those games, so in order to play them, they will buy a PS3.

Now talking about the good things lol. Things have actually getting better and better for the PS3. Last week the 360 sold more in USA, but the PS3 sold more Worldwide :D. I really hope the gap to get bigger week by week.


Talking about the PSP,….. STOP making PORTS of PSP to PS2, because NOBODY will buy a PSP to play a game that eventually can be played on a PS2. PLEASE DONT MAKE ports of Logans Shadow, R&C and GOWCC, because if it happens the people instead of buying a PSP will buy a PS2, and the PSP will be screwed. The PSP must have AAA exclusives in order to sell A LOT. I know that it is more profitable on a PS2, but if that is the reason it would have been better not to make PSP in the first place. I think you should continue supporting the PS2 but not with PSP ports; maybe it would be better if new IPs arrive to the PS2, so if they managed to be succesfull (very probable considering everybody owns a PS2 :D), the sequels/prequels of that game should be on PSP or PS3, so people will buy those consoles in order to play a game (of a franchise) that has been already proven to be AAA.

jaspery said:

December 14th, 9:14 pm

What’s surprising (not surprising) is yet again all 1st party games have bombed. Basically you cant just pull a game out of your bum release it and expect it to do well. Games need months of exposure to build hype. These NDA’s desperately need to be relaxed especially for new ip’s. I know you’v got a new ad company but unless you get good viral marketing in the months leading upto release then it’s a waste of time. Learn from Ubisoft, EA, Microsoft etc. Because the way you’v done things upto now even Gran Turismo will struggle.

Flanders said:

December 15th, 3:09 am

You hit the nail on the head big time. Every 1st party PS3 game has pretty well flopped sales wise. Not because they weren’t good games (aside from perhaps Lair), they were! But they were either 2nd/3rd tier IPs (Ratchet & Clank was never a system seller series) or brand new and the promotion and PR machine never kicked in for them. Putting out ads for a brand new game that the average joe hasn’t heard about the week it’s released is too late.

The biggest seller PS3 games of the year were 1st tier IPs that people have known about for years (Call of Duty 4, Madden 08) or games that had a ton of publicity for months and months (Assasin’s Creed).

It’s really a shame that Uncharted didn’t sell better….but Sony has nobody to blame but themselves.

Seanscythe2 said:

December 15th, 9:20 am

why are you guys showing off Home so much in the advertisements when it’s still so far away?

tecknical said:

December 15th, 9:24 am

nice spin on those numbers. the PR team must really get paid a lot

Coke-a-Cola said:

December 15th, 10:21 am

I love the new numbers and 2008 looks to be the start of such a better life . HERE’S TO LOOKING FORWARD >>>>>>

deafwing said:

December 15th, 1:30 pm

Finally … something good to report. Now throw in that in-game-xmb or work with your game developers and publishers on getting it right, plus get those titles out [and proper] and things will really start to shine.

Mo said:

December 15th, 2:23 pm

This news are OK at best. Despite a tiny improvement in perception, the level of PS3 acceptance is still quite low. An amazing game like Uncharted should have sold millions by now. Same with Ratchet & Clank. 3rd party titles like Assassin’s Creed and CoD4 are selling much more on the X360 than the PS3. UT3 is not as good as the PC version and Haze was delayed. The same will happen with Devil May Cry 4, it will unfortunately sell more on the X360. Blu ray is doing well against the HD-DVD camp and the anticipated updates should make things even better with interactive control and all that. But still some very important pieces are missing. Its the 3rd party games stupid … period. If you want to get those billions of research in the cell, make sure Konami, Namco, Square-Enix, and Capcom deliver on the PS3. After all, Sony’s bread and butter games came from these companies. I did not mention Naughty Dog and Insomniac cause these guys are already doing a great job but they are not selling as their games deserve.

What Sony is doing is smart. Creating a big library of 1st or 2nd party titles. But please could you hire producers who actually know what a good game should be like. Lair is a failure. Heavenly Sword could have been AMAZING instead of above average. Why did Uncharted and Ratchet get it right? God Of War III has to surpass Heavenly Sword and GoW2 in every single way.

Ubisoft, EA, and Activision will follow the money. The fact is Sony got arrogant with the success of the PS2. That is the truth and you know it. You still have a chance to make things right. Just please dont carried away by a slight increase in number of consoles sold. I want 20 million PS3’s out by June 08. Otherwise, Metal Gear and FF will show on X360 and that will be the end.

stennex said:

December 15th, 4:16 pm

Thanks now more online gaming can occur. Sony you need to keep UT3 exclusive if you are not going to get GOW. I went to two Gamestop stores and they were out of the UT3 even Gamefly which is big surprise to me. This means more people even the PC gamers might be buying up the PS3 to play the game since there will be more PS3 players online to play against. The game online is asome. Very fast and looks great especially with the keyboard and mouse usage. Sony spend the money and keep this one it is definitely worth the money.

Mega_Nift said:

December 15th, 5:08 pm

Yea, Great, but don’t get full of yourself, PS3 still needs more exclusives, it seems that all the good games for PS3 are also on 360, so make better exclusives, if i have to painfully watch another title with great potential be shared with microsoft, im never gaming again

Violater said:

December 15th, 7:20 pm

Sony PR Drake’s misfortune.

Cagalli said:

December 15th, 8:00 pm

@121, I think DMC4 will still sell more on PS3 world wide. You gotta remember, it’s big in Japan AND Xbox fans seem to not be too keen on purchasing Japanese-like games in the first place. As far as FFXIII and MGS4… they’ll never be on 360.

Mo said:

December 16th, 5:14 am

@125 Notice that I wrote Metal Gear and FF not MGS4 and FFXIII. I am referring to the franchise as a whole, not to a specific title. DMC4 looks better on the PS3 as some people have reported. I do hope that the PS3 version will sell more. Having Capcom on our side is a really good thing. RE5 and DMC4 are already multi-platform, we need to set things back on track and get the PS3 to be the main dev environment as it should be.

TheGraciousOne said:

December 16th, 11:16 am

@ #126 “PS3 to be the main dev environment as it should be.”

You’re an idiot you idiot fanboy. All the PS tripple needs is some tripple-A videogames.

P_tear_griffin said:

December 16th, 2:21 pm

It has been a big holiday season with a lot of games and some good games, like Uncharted and Ratchet, are bound to get lost in the haze. Although the commercials for these two games are out, they don’t air as much. I think Sony should keep airing the commercials through December and then really promote the hell out of Uncharted and Ratchet starting January. Although they are out, create a buzz for these games in January so people really take notice. Make commercials that talk about the good scores the games have been given. Sponsor events that give away Uncharted or Ratchet.

I know I shouldn’t care about sales but I’d like developers that take their time to create a great game to have incentives to continue providing content for us.

jakeekisps3 said:

December 16th, 11:21 pm

well i think you guys have done a grait job so far.. but you would sell more ps3s if thay where cheaper in the begging but i think your motter storm pack has dont the job..!!! because i got it… y get the 40gb ps3,pay the exsrta $100 and buy a 80gb ps3 when you still have the chance..

jakeekisps3 said:

December 16th, 11:28 pm

and one more thing sony.. tell your sponsers to work on the graphics in the games you didnt make the ps3 for no resion.. but i still think you guys have the best graphics out of the 360 and the wii the 360 frezzes to much, my ps3 hasnt yet… keep up the good work.. ps lookin forword on buying the ps4…!!

Violater said:

December 17th, 1:47 pm

I just feel bad for the developers and us gamers who may not get the sequels to the New IP’s we have come to enjoy.

playstation dude 1456 said:

December 17th, 1:59 pm

Should I get a ps3 now that u sold 5.1million. Cause I want one for christmas.

Mo said:

December 17th, 2:21 pm

@127 What do you call all the AAA games that have been out on the PS3 already? Make your point with some data and dont waste people’s time with useless comments .. thanks very much

RatchetFanatic said:

December 17th, 3:00 pm

over 2 million Nintendo systems sold in November.

Nynja said:

December 18th, 11:08 am


I’m not sure who handles the marketing/advertising for PS3 system and games, but I found something that concerned me.

Being the holiday season, retail stores have been sending out brochures advertising different products from all sorts of vendors. What concerned me most was what I found in, not one but two separate brochures from different retail stores, the method used to advertise PS3 and 360 games.

Each was provided their own section for the console and price as well as some of the top games for each console. Though the information was accurate, some important details for the less educated consumer was left out.

Only the 80GB PS3 was listed at the $499 price mark without any info as to the lower end model being available which compares very well to the competitors pricing. This is very important information that needs to be included in every advertising outlet.

The more concerning issue, was how the games were listed. Under the PS3 section, some exclusives were listed along with games that are available on both platforms. Next to the multiplatform games reads text “PS3 & XBOX 360”. Under the 360 section, like the PS3’s, both exclusive and multiplatform titles were listed. Though, for the 360 multiplatform games, there was no indication that they were indeed also available for the PS3. This is misleading information that would lead the uninformed consumer to think that these games can only be found on the XBOX 360.

Something needs to be done about the method used to advertise PS3 games.

iceeinchrg said:

December 18th, 6:54 pm

My bad, I had to wait until Dec. 1 to buy my PS3 when good old DFAS wired me my $$$. Happy 26th to me! I got my PSP for my 24th and now that I have both I can say that I’ve always loved gaming, but I’ve never enjoyed a console as much as I do now. The PS3 is a work of art on it’s own, but having them both and seeing how they work together is like having a big glass of cold milk to compliment a plate of freshly baked cookies.

anton668 said:

December 20th, 12:58 pm

And think about how many more units could be sold if the 360 fanboys working at places like EBGames and Gamestop would quit actively talking people out of buying a PS3! I just witnessed this happen today! The clerk outright lied to a guy and then started a sales pitch for the 360! I’ve heard so many stories about this happening. Then to see it firsthand…..
People like that really need to lose there jobs!

verdantalan said:

December 21st, 3:23 am

I am an user from Mexico and I have been writing to Sony to say this

why is the PSN Store region coded?, I cant download a Thing on it and there is a lot of good stuff there like the new warhawk add on

and I think the sales of the would be a lot better around here if the PS Store would accept Credit card from Mexico and other countries

because I know a lot of people who rather buy another console (xbox360) because it supports our country

please sony, we people at Mexico want downloadable content too!!

NightNyx said:

December 31st, 9:10 am

When HOME is released will it have the ability to track and support ‘Clan’ stats? Perhaps clans can have virtual “clubhouses” where they can meet and go into games servers. If Sony were able to track Clans on HOME perhaps they could also provide dedicated servers for multiplayer games for example. War hawk and RFOM… to track clan battles. At this time our Clan, Justice League Alliance is registered on and has a folding team ( 57020). If this type of information was made available on HOME and Sony could support “serious” clans with dedicated servers it would help greatly. Say clan XYZ wants to challenge JLA. In HOME a message could be sent to our “clubhouse” and directed to our clan leader. If our clan leader accepted they could post a message in the clubhouse and let the other members know. If enough people accept the challenge on both sides they could meet at their clubhouse and go into a dedicated server. If Sony “rewarded” clans with dedicated servers and secure centralized stat/rankings on HOME. In turn more gamers would come together in clans and meet Sony’s criteria for these clan privileges.

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