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Dec 14

Dec 14

PLAYSTATION Network Cards Update

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

If you stopped by one of of the major gaming sites in the last day or so, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of these stories confirming the existence of PLAYSTATION Network cards, or the debut of such cards in Japan.

We’ve heard the call – usually around the time we update the PLAYSTATION Store – from loyal PS3/PSP owners who’d like to give (or receive) these cards as a gift, and from those who’d like an alternative to using a credit card to purchase things on the PLAYSTATION Store. So here’s an update: Yes, the option many of you have been asking for – PLAYSTATION Network Cards – are coming, and should start appearing at retailers in early ’08. The cards will be redeemable via the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, and on the PLAYSTATION 3 to supply the wallet with funds to spend on games, add-ons, and other paid content.

We’ll continue to keep you updated here on the PlayStation Blog as their arrival grows nearer.

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DevonTheDude said:

December 17th, 3:11 pm

Any idea on card $ amounts, I know there is a $20 but will there be a $50 PSN card? If a $50 card arrives will it be a better deal than buying a $20, i.e. a $50 card for $45 (aka bulk purchasing).

wizardpsp said:

December 17th, 5:46 pm

Great!!! but put mexico on the country´s list please!!!! PS3 rules!!! Put some ps3 comercials on mexicos tv

Darkendless said:

December 17th, 5:47 pm

F_U_C_K mexico you filthy S_H_I_T

Demayor said:

December 17th, 6:04 pm

I know a lot of people will be very happy with this. I’m glad you guys are finally making it a reality.

IceCold said:

December 17th, 6:58 pm

Good deal, now the next step would be making the PS Store purchases EVEN DOLLAR AMOUNTS!!!

cmargary said:

December 17th, 7:04 pm


Yeah.. thats they way to make money… forgetting everybody beside US and Japan… (sarcasm)

Darkendless said:

December 17th, 7:31 pm

hey you’re ugly and look like a mongoloid so gtfo

ParthianArcher said:

December 17th, 7:46 pm

@ Darkendless
Thanks for demonstrating the fact that we can write whatever we want and proving that no one at sony reads what we post.

edwineverready said:

December 17th, 8:19 pm

The 2.10 firmware update is now live. downloading right now. Yeeeeaaaah

Jeigh said:

December 17th, 8:24 pm


Please take care of comment 153.

And Update 2.10 is up. Maybe a post about it…? Either way, we have it and I suppose that’s the important part.

cmargary said:

December 17th, 9:11 pm

Damn.. I update it and now my message board icon is gone… well.. it’s there but transparent, I can click it and all… but I can’t see the orange icon now… and it seems like one one more in my contact list happens that too.. bust just 2 in my 30 friend list so please sony What’s up?

and the PSP have an update too so check it out… and darknessless, go masturbate yourself and leave us alone… if you have a stupid life and you are only 18 years old that isn’t my fault

DirtyHands said:

December 17th, 9:14 pm

What of the Sony gift cards, are they or will they be redeemable @ the Playstation store as well?

cmargary said:

December 17th, 9:40 pm

ok… just restarted my PS3 and now is back.. sorry but was weird… my friend did that too and works too…

rockmanjoey said:

December 18th, 12:33 am

Its good, I just wish Europe would follow with this PSN Cards, I have a Debit Card but for those who don’t have cards! Nice!

gorillapimp said:

December 18th, 2:00 am

You know this is great, it wouldve been perfect to have it available before XMAS but nobodys perfect. Gratzi!

incredibilistic said:

December 18th, 8:18 pm

Like someone else already commented, this was a bit of big loss for the upcoming holiday season. Even if you didn’t sell a lot (which I believe they would) it would’ve been yet another way to get the word out on the PS3.

Still, great to see these coming.

Now just make sure you get these things next to the tabloids and Altoids at Target cash counters and you’ll be all set. Heck, put ’em in those Check Cashing places if you can. Imagine that, people that can’t afford to cash their check at a bank can afford a PS3. And yes, they will buy a gift card to avoid getting a credit card (or if they don’t qualify for one).

incredibilistic said:

December 18th, 8:22 pm

Sorry double post.

D1rk-Knight said:

December 19th, 1:38 pm

I have question:-

am I will be able to use it in any PSN store or it will be limited to the store of my region?!

one last thing, please release it as soon as possible I want to purchase the Omega pack for Warhawk.

thanks for your great work.

gaby said:

January 2nd, 5:18 pm

hiii there!!
my question is the same that all of you, when this card are coming??? or maybe they´re here now, but how can i get one´cause i live in mexico and i tried to buy some games at psnet but i cant register my credit card because mexico didnt exist here!!! only ccards form usa or spain or other countrys, please if someone of you can explain or tell me how can i register or get one of this cards,
i really aprecciate this!!

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