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Dec 17

Dec 17

Firmware Update (v2.10)

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SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Firmware Update v2.10 is now live. This new system update enhances media playback on the PLAYSTATION 3 in a number of ways that the PS3 community has indicated are important.

We are introducing a much-requested video playback format with this update: DivX and VC-1 (WMV) videos become playable in the Video section of the XMB. This update also brings the PS3’s Blu-ray drive up to Profile 1.1. “Picture in Picture” and other enhancements become available on Profile 1.1 compatible Blu-ray discs.

A voice changer feature is added, enabling you to change the tone of your voice during voice or video chat.

As always, we’re committed to enhancing PLAYSTATION 3 functionality, and we’ll continue to post firmware update details on the blog as they are released.

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remdot said:

December 18th, 12:10 am

Good job on the update sony. Is it perhaps a bug that Divx support doesn’t seem to extend to DLNA servers? Still shows as unsupported.

remdot said:

December 18th, 12:11 am

Er… update to the above… Divx formatted files still show as “Unsupported Format” when attempting to view them from a DLNA server. Thanks.

ian928 said:

December 18th, 12:15 am

Thanks for this great update. It included many things that I have been waiting for. One thing that I really hope that you add in the future is the ability to scale 720p games to 1080i. My tv will not accept a 720p input so almost all the games are output at 480p.

Shadow_Dancer said:

December 18th, 12:19 am

While I too am excited buy the support of AVI and WMV, I’m really happy that this update has resulted in last five PS2 games working on my PS3!! I just would like to send my gratitude to Eric and the team for this. Thank you VERY much!!

Gonzo345 said:

December 18th, 12:23 am

I read some cases that the PS3 GETS BRICKED. It enter in a “bucle” and the system update is always installing.


ryanc9 said:

December 18th, 12:24 am

my avi’s for some reason show only the first 8 seconds…any fix?

awx said:

December 18th, 12:28 am

Remdot, the server needs to send out the correct mime types for each file format. It may take the DLNA server programmers a little while to get it all straightened out.

rockmanjoey said:

December 18th, 12:38 am

Thank you Eric and Sony for the new update. I read an article which stated that the In Game XMB is most demanded feature and I am glad to hear your working on it. I can wait a few months for it but release it when its ready.

Voice Changer, now I didn’t expect that one so fast! I recently got one of those Optimus Prime Voice Changers and they’re awesome! I’ll be checking this out when it finishes downloading!

I’ve got a suggestion for an update, how about you can get rid of the black borders when the PSone and PS2 games upscale. What I mean exactly is how the classic download titles work. They have the main game screen and a background image instead of black borders. What do ya think?

Thanks for the Update!

speedis said:

December 18th, 12:56 am

awesome, thanks for one of the best upgrades since day 1, xvid here i come (yes, it does work even though it’s not listed – as they’re unable to support it)

Malicore said:

December 18th, 1:13 am

DivX is a nice update, but I’d also like to see fewer updates with bigger upgrades. That would be nice.

FilliamHMuffman said:

December 18th, 1:19 am

I know this update adds BD profile 1.1 functionality, but I’m wondering if this adds BD Live (profile 2.0) functionality as well. Seems odd that Saw IV and War will be shipping with BD Live functionality next month, but they’ll be no players on the market that support 2.0 features.

Cow_Shed said:

December 18th, 1:24 am

Awesome update, can finally ditch Tversity.

I’d like to request something that I doubt will ever happen or be to easy to implement, but what the hell. I’d love for backwards compatiblity of the Playstation EYE for Singstar and other PS2 games.

Loomis said:

December 18th, 1:28 am

What? still no playlists for videos? multimediacenter my ass :)

Lord_Von_Punx said:

December 18th, 1:29 am

wow you guys were real slow getting this info out
i mean it was all over the net.. useally you guys are quick… and thx for making it so only some avi files are supported…. yo uguys need to stop with the dumb things and focus on whats wanted.. remote play compatiable for all ps,ps2,ps3 games
and over course in game-xmb

Zilom said:

December 18th, 1:30 am

DIVX and better PS2 game support!
What can I say!?! I will go out and recommend the PS3 to all my friends.

My wish-list is getting shorter. :)

1. divx,xvid,ac3
2. subtitles support
3. better ps2 game support

chanskie said:

December 18th, 1:33 am

You r such a cry baby…grow up. Not happy? sell the PS3. Stop your complaining and never satisfied on what you getting.

Quasar said:

December 18th, 1:35 am

Nice update.

Though I would like to know the reason for the 2 GB limit.

I am a little disappointed that the DIVX/XVID playback support isn’t as comprehensive as that of the 360 or my DIVX certified DVD player. Though perhaps this will improve in time.

gorillapimp said:

December 18th, 1:37 am

I wanna know who requested these features, not me! Why cant we get the features we really want first and deal with the petit stuff later. I mean seriously, voice change and DivX?! I still cant play any videos I have on my computer. You know what, forget the entire “In Game XMB Access” and just give us “In Game Custom Soundtracks” and ill be happy for years to come!

Zilom said:

December 18th, 1:43 am


DivX has been sought after by MANY since the release. Petit stuff my a**!

tibbar110 said:

December 18th, 1:47 am

Until the system scales so that all games play in 1080i, the system is not complete. Nothing is worse than playing a game that only supports 720p, when the television used only supports 1080i. The system in turn downscales to 480p, making the resolution no better than the Wii.

TTP said:

December 18th, 2:02 am

Awesome update. Everything works great on my end (using TVersity with trasncoding OFF finally) and the “Earth” music visualizer is impressive (props to Q-Games!). Can’t stop watching it.

Now all I need is in-game messaging :)

Any chance to get it in the next update?

robc7x said:

December 18th, 2:06 am

I love the new encodings! more use ffor my PS3, but I WOULD LIKE TO BRING OUT HHOT LAME THE MUSIC GRAPHICS or MUSIC VISUALIZER still is(YES THE WORLD TURNING LOOKS GREAT ON MY HDTV) but i would LIKE TO SEE A BETTER VISUALIZATIONS for the SAKE OF MY TV! i use my PS3 for Everything yes Everything! n would be nice to have better visualizers like PSP style those look even better than those Lame on the PS3! is all in the little details! MY PS3 is my everything!

markstew said:

December 18th, 2:11 am

it even plays a high-quality file i made which plays in zero divx DVD players :)

the playback quality is also awesome, it even streams AC3 audio to my decoder properly which i would have never expected.

ExtremeOne said:

December 18th, 2:25 am

Thanks for the info

vicentecarro said:

December 18th, 2:27 am

Xvid and Ogg support , please.
Anyway this one is a good step.

p-s-3 said:

December 18th, 2:41 am

Nice one! ;)
All i want is 100% B/C with PS2 games (i got a U.K 60GB PS3) and i’ll be happy! (so would all my mates+in game XMB which your working on)

p-s-3 said:

December 18th, 3:11 am

+Don’t know if it’s possible, but any way of making the (U.K) PS3 play U.S/Japan PS1/PS2 games???
A long shot i know!!! ;-D

heisert said:

December 18th, 3:12 am

Xvid runs very well. thanks Sony!

Faux_Smoke said:

December 18th, 3:18 am

Call me an ingrate, or complain about the complaining if you wish, though, unless I’m drastically mistaken, this comment spot was made for feedback, be it positive or otherwise.



Seriously, yo, the internet looks kind of twacked through the ps3… & a simple flash update could fix that right quick.

2. Like most folks, I want to be able to listen to music on my ps3 while playing games via my ps3 {or psp through remote play}… I got the music on there, I just can’t get it to play in-game.


Every title dropped on the PNS should have remote play content… from here on out, you people need to take that to heart. I want to be able to play PAIN through the net when I’m at a wifi hotspot @ mcdonalds… I want to be able to play every day shooter every day! not just when I’m at home & can use my ps3 directly.

** thanks for the updates, the hard work, & the best console on the market.

mika1609 said:

December 18th, 3:25 am

Another great update (Blu-ray profile 1.1), thanks for this!

– will there be DTS-MA Bitstream output available with future updates?

– what about PS3 support for lossless audio codecs, e.g. FLAC?

Greets, mika1609

AoSora00005 said:

December 18th, 3:31 am

Thank you Sony! Waited nearly a year for this one and I’m glad to see you’ve done a superb job! The PS3 is now one awsome media player. Keep up the great work.

Makasu said:

December 18th, 3:54 am

Eric: Can you please adress the wmv 2 GB limit?

romeobjk said:

December 18th, 3:59 am

Divx support is awesome. And where is subtitle support??????????

Makasu said:

December 18th, 3:59 am

Eric, Can you please adress the 2GB cap on wmv-files? Why is it in place?

Makasu said:

December 18th, 3:59 am

oops, double post :)

King Cook909 said:

December 18th, 4:01 am


zapruder said:

December 18th, 4:03 am

my Cybershot videos work! thanks Sony! up next Radio and RSS.. if PSP can do it…

X820 said:

December 18th, 4:07 am

Thanks for the great update.

Gunwing said:

December 18th, 4:20 am

Anther great update from Sony! Man you guys rock! This means that those guys on the forums who love Divix can use it and finaly shut up about how much it sucked that the PS3 did not support it. Also thanks for the Bul-Ray 1.1 additions! This means Blu-Ray is now on par with HD-DVD!

BTW when will we start seeing Blu-Ray movies that use BR 1.1? Soon I hope………

Insane_Rooster said:

December 18th, 4:22 am

Well, the firmware notes have this to say about the support for Divx and VC-1:
“- Files that are 2GB or more cannot be played.”
Then what’s the point? Most HD content are several gigabytes in size. Most movies are a least 4 gb if they are in good quality and some are even larger, up to 8 gb.

It’s good that Sony brings us support for these codecs, but I don’t think I’ll be able to use it. I’ll have to use my 360 instead. I’m really confounded by this…

Arkylon said:

December 18th, 4:23 am

Great update.
if i could just have the ability to use subtitles like SRT or SUB that would be perfect.
because not everyone knows english here in my house!
keep up the good work

Faux_Smoke said:

December 18th, 4:24 am

Yeah, one more thing… them internet radio players for the psp are freshness… that’d be nice for the ps3 as well.

Dexter48 said:

December 18th, 4:26 am

It’s a trully good update. I couldn’t try if my XviD movies worked on PS3 but I’ll try when I’ll get home.

There are many improvements that could be done :

Codecs :

– H264 or x264 codec support

Subtitles :

– Add subtitles support (.SRT files) and being able to load them anytime while playing a video.

– custom font and color style for subtitles.

– An auto load subtitle option when the SRT file has the same file name as the video.

aaquib said:

December 18th, 4:26 am

Cool, but when’s in-game XMB coming?

Stoffinator said:

December 18th, 4:29 am

Very good update.

I would love to see a feature to allow us to save all our game saves in one click rather then doing them individually.

pyrrhus21 said:

December 18th, 4:33 am

@35 FarmerHodge

You can already disable the scrolling text on the right-hand corner of your screen. To do it, simply go to the RSS Feed Icon, press triangle and turn it off…

deadxbabiesxinc said:

December 18th, 4:36 am

I heard someone make a comment on another site and they said “Man Sony really wants their system hacked” or something along the lines of that. Do you really think that hacking will be a big problem? Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

JimmyHACK said:

December 18th, 4:40 am

PSN Team,

Thanks for a great PS3 and PSP update before Christmas..

can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for next year..

thanks again


Joshorty said:

December 18th, 4:41 am

Very happy to see such an update. I must say though…

After countless updates, there should have been a feature for the PS1 games in having Texture mapping and disc speed loading :( It has been more than a a while now. If the PS2 can do this, I don’t see why the PS3 can not. I’d like to play my PS1 games with smoothed graphics, which I’d have to go to my PS2 for.

p-s-3 said:

December 18th, 4:57 am

Cool. My update only took under 10mins??? ;)

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