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Dec 17

Dec 17

Firmware Update (v2.10)

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SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Firmware Update v2.10 is now live. This new system update enhances media playback on the PLAYSTATION 3 in a number of ways that the PS3 community has indicated are important.

We are introducing a much-requested video playback format with this update: DivX and VC-1 (WMV) videos become playable in the Video section of the XMB. This update also brings the PS3’s Blu-ray drive up to Profile 1.1. “Picture in Picture” and other enhancements become available on Profile 1.1 compatible Blu-ray discs.

A voice changer feature is added, enabling you to change the tone of your voice during voice or video chat.

As always, we’re committed to enhancing PLAYSTATION 3 functionality, and we’ll continue to post firmware update details on the blog as they are released.

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ecchichuu said:

December 18th, 5:05 am

Thanks for update. Most HD video is encoded in x264. Please give us x264 support and remove the 2GB limit.

sky2k4 said:

December 18th, 5:06 am

Ok We are Appreciative,
But heres what we REALLY need. to creat folders, make it so we can have direct access to our hard drives, to play music while we surf, make an actual browser so we can surf everything,

3.when we go to you tube or simular make it so we can watch and not have to download. all formats to view..

5. take the restriction off of how many wb windows we can view.

6.yes, ps3 IS a computer basicly so let us be able to use it as…..
The ultimate intertainment utility
( like advertised! )

other than that its a very stable tool and worth the $499.00 we spent!

when this machine is totally functionable in todays and tomarrows electronic meadia Realm it will BE the hottest thing to have in your home!

Thanks sony so far and please keep the updates and (cough) Games rolling out!

Thank you.
There now i feel like ive gotten my moneys worth..

Lets have a Happy new year!

sweetasman01 said:

December 18th, 5:25 am


I would like to say thanks to you guys for updating the PS2 BC in the latest firmware update. Now all my 100 PS2 games work.

I would likw to ask you if you would be able to get Final Fantasy 8 SLES-02080 to work. The problem is that it loads the Playstation 1 logo and the Playstaton music but after that it goes to a blank screen. I can hear the drive working for about 30 secounds after the blank screen apperas but after that it stops.

I have a PAL 60 Gb unit that uses PAL software emultaion for PS1 and PS2 games.

If this is not the right place to ask them please tell me the right palce to ask. SCEE doesnt not have any way to contact them, and the contact foum on this blog is broken.

Even if you cant help please respond so I know that at least someone is listening!

Doctor What said:

December 18th, 5:29 am

I agree with most things that #35 was asking for, in particular the option to turn off auto-play music on game demos/downloads in the XMB. I don’t want those things blaring at me all the time!

Thanks for the DivX update. That’s very much appreciated!

If I could pick anything that would be next on your list, it would be greater backwards compatibility with PS2 games for us UK early adopters. It was very annoying to find that we didn’t have the emotion chip, and many of my old favourites are nearly unplayable.

Keep up the great work Sony. I’m very impressed with your continued dedication to improving the capabilities of your great machine.

shaper said:

December 18th, 5:30 am

thank you for delivering divx support. i cant wait for in-game invites and messaging because i trust you are listening to what we want now. thanks again.

Croweyes1121 said:

December 18th, 5:31 am

GREAT update, Some will never be happy, but I am. Things I’d still love to see:

1. Add the DSD to DTS/DD downmixing feature back for SACD’s so I won’t have to upgrade my receiver just yet. I don’t care if it was a mistake. It was great.

2. Add the ability to pause a Blu-ray (or any video, for that matter) and set the frame as your wallpaper. I don’t know why this can’t be done. As it is, I have to export to BMP in quicktime with HD trailers and then set the BMP as my wallpaper. Too much trouble.

3. In-Game XMB (just so people will shut the hell up about it for God’s sake – I couldn’t care less).

4. DTS-MA HD support (ditto on my reasons for #3).

5. Remove the 2GB DIVX file size limit (ditto on my reasons for #3 and #4). I don’t know why you’d have a 2GB+ DIVX file anyway that you couldn’t very quckly convert to a format the PS3 can read (i.e., MKV’s via Red Kawa’s PS3Video9 mkv passthrough mode).

Enedok said:

December 18th, 5:37 am


At your Q #2

Sony probably have a licenses agreement with the movie companies. I guess its somewhere in the same class as ripping a full DVD. It doesn’t matter if its the full movie or a frame of it. It’s “property” of the creators.

sky2k4 said:

December 18th, 5:37 am

Forgot something,

Look for it!, just aquired!
wmv,avi,mpeg1-2, and what ever other formats we can get our hands on!

TeQuerra said:

December 18th, 5:41 am

Happy that Blood Money finally works on my 80gb. Keep the updates coming, most of us are indeed happy, the others are nitpicking things like font size and more demos (which you have little control over). Thanks SONY!

pr1m3_5u5p3ct said:

December 18th, 5:44 am

eh, nice update.

TomGunt said:

December 18th, 5:45 am

Support for streaming mp3 radio over http (shoutcast, icecast) would be nice and easy addition.

Kenjisan said:

December 18th, 5:47 am

This is a really great update.
It’s really nice to be able to download movies from main gaming websites and watch them directly on the PS3 in .wmv without having to encode them.

At this point I would suggest to UPGRADE THE FLASH PLAYER IN THE BROWSER so that it can be compatible with popular websites like, it would be nice to have in-browser support to divx movies.

Thanks for the update!

UberTrickTed said:

December 18th, 6:02 am

Way to go Sony. I’ve been a PS3 owner, 60GB, since last christmas, and I absolutely love it. What I’ve noticed over the months is that the general public seems to skip over just how well the console fares as an all-inclusive home media hub, and that for the price point, you’re not going to find a better product. Sure, you could find a dedicated Blu-Ray player for cheaper, but you don’t get the scalability, the streaming, the web browser, or the functionality as an all inclusive personal media server. I have all of my family pictures stored, as well as my 21GB music collection. Now being able to include my equally expansive movie collection on disk (I hate DVDs, I always lose/scratch them heh) is an outstanding feature that I feel should really be publicized. Well done Sony, I’m quite appreciative of the hard work you’ve all poured into this system. To the people griping about XMB access and other features, I hear you – but just be patient, it’ll come. The Roman Empire wasn’t built in a day, and likewise Sony is going to end up snowballing with the PS3, and it starts right here, imho.

*thumbs up* Weeeeee!

(Sorry for the comparison an empire that eventually fell, just…disregard that minor detail ;-) )

sky2k4 said:

December 18th, 6:10 am

@ UBERTricked

you exactly right!
heres the future, watch a dvd, and surf and play a gane all on one screen! hit the triuangle button and switch to whatever you want.
Had this dream since i was 18 years old ,Glad to see it comming to life, just wish i would have followed my dreams;(..But still ovin life and my ps3..
ps3me! my new slogan!copyright 2007

draca said:

December 18th, 6:16 am

Kudos to Sony, the development team and Eric Lempel!

this is my first post here since i just registered today.
i’ve been checking here daily since i got my PS3. (about a month after it was released in europe)
when the last update was released (2.00) i was really let down, mostly because i had let myself get hyped because of all the rumours about in-game xmb etc. and for the first time ever i had something bad to say about sony and PS3.. however with all the sweet games released i quickly forgot the bad taste in my mouth.

the thing is i have been a hardcore supporter since the PS3 was showcased the first time at E3. first now i can actually say it’s starting to live up to all the rumours!

and now this update, i love this update, you guys have done a fantastic job.. true there are still “things that needs fixing” but this is a major step in the right direction.
soon i can scrap my media center computer and run things just as i want to, with the ps3 being the only equipment under my brand new >sony< hd-tv

my five cents on this update is;
*2gb cap limit, i’m not too bothered by this since most stuff i watch are japanese tv-shows (usually smaller than 1,2gb) but it would be good to not have limits. because limits are evil. especially seeing as 720p stuff is getting more and more available in divx.
*format support, now that you have divx/xvid support, please enable more container support for MKV etc. a lot of stuff is released in MKV (both xvid/divx/h.264) i personally hate matroska but it exists and therefor you should support it.
*soft subtitle support (.sub / .srt) it’s pretty good to have
*let us access network shares for gods sake, i don’t know if this is hard to implement or not, and with the whole DLNA thingie perhaps not super-necessary, but it’s supreme to be able to access files without having to bother with a DLNA server program just to get it to work (read buggy POS software).
*oh and ogg support please :)

i know all we do is complain and demand, but i also want you, sony to know that most of us are really really appreciative towards all updates and the PS3 as a product, it really is superb, and it’s getting better and better every day. i love my ps3 and wouldn’t trade it for anything (well maybe a Nissan GT-R)

FasuXe said:

December 18th, 6:24 am

Hell yeah, Divx baby! Im officially the proudest PS3 owner now. The PS3 is now an official gaming system and multimedia center. I do wish we could surpass the 2gig limit on file sizes. This is an awsome update. Thanks guys.

UIO77 said:

December 18th, 6:27 am

Nice update, but I don’t know what happen with the player. Some of my Bleach files only play for 6 seconds or so, and other files lost the audio. No idea what is wrong

The Secret Keeper said:

December 18th, 6:28 am

God Bless America!!!

I’m a Euro PS3 user and I was wondering if there have been any more improvements made on the backwards compatability issue? I realise that Sony don’t consider backwards compatability to be a priority but the fact of the matter is that they PROMISED the console would deliver this feature until a few days before launch, by which time thousands of us had already pre-ordered our console!

In europe we got a console with no hardware ps2 emulation built in due to cost cutting. Instead we got software emulation which was extremely limited by comparison. The updates up until 1.80 carried additions/ improvements to the list of titles but this seemed to fizzle out… Does anyone know if this work is to resume?

I check this blog often as we also have nothing like it over here. A great service and I especially like the advance notice of the system updates, plus a chance for users to give their opinions and suggestions is very welcome. Keep up the good work guys!

not-buying-incognito said:

December 18th, 6:28 am

i really want in-game chat and xmb… though the ps button not in the games main menu.. i like the update but really don’t know what / or how to use..

gamegenieny said:

December 18th, 6:31 am

I’d like the option to adjust the picture . What I mean is Warhawk has the option to adjust the screen (move all sides of the screen towards the middle or out to the end of the tv). I have a DLP that is projecting to big and it would be easier to be able to adjust it through the PS3 rather than the TV.

Eothred said:

December 18th, 6:33 am

So, my wishlist:
-ingame xmb access
-faster webbrowser (I don’t know why, but it is extremely slow in my case, compared to computer webbrowser)
-support for mov files
-TV channels!!! Why not let people see TV channels over the net through ps3? As for me, I am from Norway, but live in France. Hence, I would easily be willing to pay a small amount to see Norwegian channels through the ps3. In general, you could have a service for all the free and pay-for channels and charge an amount where you took something and the channel got something. Percentages and prices you discuss, but please understand this could be a very nice idea and also profitable for you!
-A playstation version of video marketplace!! I would feel close to heaven if I could rent movies from the web directly to the ps3, and see them on my projector. That this should be so difficult to implement when you already have the psn system running, is beyond my understanding. This should be a VERY high priority in your office at the moment!
-Similar to video marketplace, why not give the possibility to buy music through the psn? By the way, if you will not let these files be possible to transfer to a computer so you can burn it to CD, the price should be considerable lower than normal music download.

And as a final comment, a very good update, I really missed this. Especially annoying when I download trailers through the web, and most of them are only available in one or either of wmv and mov. Good work!

not-buying-incognito said:

December 18th, 6:33 am

and good job sony, but i’m hungry so feed me
more more more more more more more more
more more more more more more more more

Mr_Pickle said:

December 18th, 6:35 am

If you guys could, could you please add support for .ts and .tp files (transport streams) which is used by most High Definition TV cards on computers. It would be great if I could record a program and watch it on the PS3 in the big screen.

Enforcer_X said:

December 18th, 6:37 am

First let me say Thank You Sony! We understand these updates are more or less free. We thank you for the enhanced features especially Blu-ray Profile 1.1. With that said please keep the following in mind.

Hopefully these Firmware update won’t slow down before we get the main features we all want.

In Game XMB
Folder Organization

I think the above are pretty solid enhancements stop wasting man power on things like the propaganda bar and the voice changer I don’t think these features are very in demand.

I really wish we could get more than the standard PR BS about In Game XMB among other features we want to make the PS3 a true multimedia hub.

2008 better be a blow out year for PS3 that means IGXMB to go along with all the incredible titles coming out.

Also Home better not be the communications hub and “replacement” for IGXMB. I am not going to log into Home every time I want to chat with a friend and to have in “game” access to comm. features.

How about a larger limit on the friends list? Mine is already full and I have had to delete people to add people.
Anyway thank you for the enhanced features and the next update should have IGXMB.

Mr_Pickle said:

December 18th, 6:40 am

Also quicktime HD movies files would be great for the ps3 to support. Then we could download HD movie trailers straight of the apple site and play them on the ps3 without any conversion.

not-buying-incognito said:

December 18th, 6:48 am

how do you use the picture in picture function??
help me out…

fizan said:

December 18th, 6:48 am

Thanks for the DivX / XviD playback functionality, really enjoying it. Looking forward to titles with PiP come January :D

One request though… subtitles please. Thanks again.

DXG said:

December 18th, 6:50 am

woo finally i watch almost all my videos now! but now ps3 needs to be updated to read the subfolders within a usb flash drive! :\

D-Kalck said:

December 18th, 6:50 am

@ecchichuu & all demanding H264 support :
H264/AVC is already there since the beginning, so stop asking for that.
You’d better asking for MKV support.

njpunk24 said:

December 18th, 6:51 am

Great, but will I be able to even ENABLE MEDIA SERVER!?!?!?!?!?!?! Right now, Sony’s solution to constantly getting kicked offline is to DISABLE Media Server. WHEN WILL THIS BE FIXED!?!?!?!?!

willywhisky said:

December 18th, 6:53 am

Ok I like it.

Good work Sony

Uraeus said:

December 18th, 6:57 am

I love all the new functionality so a big thanks to Sony for that. One suggestion I would like to make though is that the systems menu gets looked at for a future firmware update. The amount of stuff in there is starting to make it quite cluttered and painful to navigate and the organisation seems rather random. Like audio related stuff is split between Music settings, Audio settings and Accessory settings. Would hope it would be possible to improve the organisation and maybe remove some unneeded entries. I mean what is the point of ‘Enable WMA’ and ‘Enable ATRAC’ ? If the system supports it just enable it, period. No need for a menu entry for it.

yannb said:

December 18th, 7:17 am

This is great. Now I just hope for the following to come soon:

1 – FLAC support
2 – DTS-HD MA decoding

OrganicShadow said:

December 18th, 7:31 am

Eric, can you please edit the post and clarify that PS3 DOES now support Xvid as well as Divx? I believe the Divx decoder is decoding the Xvid. Sort of like how on PC those two are cross compatible.

moog said:

December 18th, 7:32 am

Can we have more details on the supposed WMV support please. Already the net is full of “audio doesn’t work” comments. I certainly haven’t found any with working audio.

The H.264 with AC5.1 sound in vob containers are are no longer playing. They were fine under FW 2.01.

DTS audio from files on the HD are still not being passed to the receiver.

Is there an official feedback page we can report these things?

Kxpuc27 said:

December 18th, 7:33 am

In-Game Messaginge
Custom Music track for all games (know this is a Dev deal not really SCEA’s)
Reduced XMB Memory Imprint (which has been lowered quite a bit already)
other then that give EA intern who could probably program better then the guys they have doing bad ports all the time

off topic: GO GO SCEA San Diego!

vandam said:

December 18th, 7:33 am

good something I don’t need. Could you guy’s please fix your controllers I have to press PSbutton 2 times just to play PS2 games becouse controller dies. Also Why can’t you guy’s make it able to format and partion a EXTERNAL HDD With out help of PC. And since PS3 and PSP have to have a PC to do all this stuff. I guess I will have to go out and buy PC. Becouse these firmware update’s don’t do any good.

cxplorer said:

December 18th, 7:34 am

Where is in-game XMB?Where is the internet radio on the PS3?

Yakkity said:

December 18th, 7:36 am

Sony,if you’re listening PLEASE can you add support for more filesytems. Being limited to FAT32 is poor. I guess NTFS is out of the question (M$ licensing) but how about UFS, ext2 or ext3?

Gunwing said:

December 18th, 7:39 am

Dude they just added in Divix/WMA support. Both of witch are supported by Microsoft. Get a grip man we can’t have it all.

BTW If you guys check out the Backwards compatability site they are constantly updateing it with fixes they have made for every update. In fact 2.0 fixed up Finaly Fantasy XI with online play, as well as Instal on the HDD for the PS3! ROCK ON!

C.Calo said:

December 18th, 7:39 am

Nice update. I just bought a 80gb PS3 a few days ago and I’m enjoying watching bluray movies and playing Uncharted. However I hope Sony will provide some Backward Compatability updates in the future updates.

Gunwing said:

December 18th, 7:42 am

Oh before I forget Please Sony add an option for PS2/PSone games to run in their native resolutions on HDTVs so we can get the most out of the quality of the picture. Agian any chance we can see some more fixes for PS2 games? I would love to see some of the StarWars games get some fixes! Please contact Lucas Arts for permission to fix these games! I wan’t to play SWBF2 on my PS3!

Yakkity said:

December 18th, 7:43 am

@140. I’m just saying that if they’re going to the trouble to license DivX then why cripple it to 2Gb size? The 2Gb limit is due to FAT32

And next up Sony, how about the ability to access the PS3 HD (userdata) and external USB HDs over the network so I can then copy my music etc over without having to unplug my USB HD etc.

MUGEN02 said:

December 18th, 7:49 am

i need mpeg-4 divx support

HanSolo said:

December 18th, 7:52 am

nice update, the ps3 gets better each time, keep up the good work and dont forget in game xmb access

Gunwing said:

December 18th, 7:56 am

@143 that would be nice! BTW I here what your saying and I’m not saying that they should not add in support for more formats. I was just saying they need some time to work on my important things.

How about for some future updates the fallowing features get added:

Support for PSP formated Video files in the video player: Please let us play PSP videos and upload them to our PS3s! I would love to show off some of the PSPs great games to my famly this Xmas, as well as the PS3 games I got demos of right now.

Pasword lock out for our PS3 profiles: We need this! I don’t wan’t my famly/firends mucking around with my PS3 settings! I need to be able to lock out my account on my PS3 so nobody can look at it.

Website blocking features: Please let us lock out websites that we don’t wan’t people looking at on our PS3s. You can do this on the Nintendo Wii and it works great. Please add this feature so I can block my friends from going to MySpace, or other places that are known to be over run with hackers, and trojans.

Andronix said:

December 18th, 8:00 am

Well done!

As forum members here we will always be asking for stuff… Some of it important, some not so. But today you have really delivered. You have given us improvements that we want.

Updating Blu-ray to Profile 1.1
adding DivX & Xvid support.

I know you are working on XMB so I will say nothing about that ;)
But video playback via the internet browser would be good.

thank you blog people.
thank you Sony!

Stargatefreak_GER said:

December 18th, 8:05 am


fperez said:

December 18th, 8:06 am

Great update from Sony!!
Thanks a lot!

I just think that subtitle support should be implemented also…

Now things are getting better for the PS3!
I really hope more good news will come in the near future!

clueluzz said:

December 18th, 8:14 am

how about a playlist for video for the next firmware upgrade? It would be nice to be able to playback something like the Heavenly Sword Anime without subjecting to manually look for each episode.

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