Seasons Greetings from Gran Turismo

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This video just came in from the folks at Polyphony Digital, makers of the Gran Turismo franchise – take a look:

Yeah, a sleigh is so old fashioned! Happy Holidays from all of us at SCEA!

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  • haha!! Merry Christmas Playstation people!

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im the first to comment :) i just see the video very cool from polyphonie and cant wait to have this games :)

  • :( nooooo the second ppl are fast …..

  • CONFUSEDgam3r

    Pretty Cool Polyphony! Very funny too!

  • hahahaha i think a new nissan GTR would help santa deliver his toys much faster:):):):)

  • im so going to download this and leavee it running on my PS3 in the background. its so awesome. HAPPY HOLIDAYS and merry christmas. also are we going to get an update next thursday. even if were not im still not going to be done with all downloading and im gonna have to keep working off this money from my parents cards. BTW how about sending a few of those PSN cards out with like 5$ each or something?:D

  • artofwar420

    Happy Winter Solstice!


  • superbone547

    Polyphony digital, you RULE

  • please make a snow course for Gran Turismo!

    oh, and Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Very cool SCEA, you guys really have some class :)

  • Polyphony Digital ftw! Very cool video, indeed!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

  • thats almost a porno jazz tune!(not that i know what porn is)
    keep em comin polyphony

  • From a HUGE HUGE GT fan…. I love you PD!

    I still play GT3 to this day.

  • Happy Holidays! And thanks for the video! Put this in the store please.

  • Thanks Polyphony Digital, Merry Christmas!

  • linebeginstoblur


    It seems like it may be a little too late for that. The American PlayStation Store won’t be updated again until 2008, and by then, a Christmas video won’t matter too much.

  • CrimsonCalibur

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you great folks at Sony!

  • darkiewonder

    Merry Christmas PD and SCEA!

  • I love it….noticed the spectator models they dropped in front of the little shops to make it look like they were shopping >).

  • TwoBlack4America

    That video instantly made me think of Home for some reason.Must be because of all of the virtual people…

    Happy holidays to Sony and Polyphony Digital!!

  • Happy Festivus, everyone! Let’s all gather around the pole.

  • Who was that present Santa had for?

  • merry christmas!

  • heh, Great vid…

    Seasons greetings to you, Polyphony, and all of Sony Computer Entertainment!

  • elprimodebklyn96

    merry christmas sony,pd,incognito,insomniac and others. i dont need an update next week my update is NEW GAMES FOR CHRISTMAS wohoo

  • Seasons greetings to all!

    Anyone know who made this song or where I might be able to download it? I’ve been searching on iTunes and Amazon MP3 downloads and still can’t find something with “jazz-like” in Jingle Bells.

  • japan and germany also got a trailer.

    can’t wait for GT5 prologue and GT5

  • Check out the PSN store, it’s in there! Thanks!

  • merry christmas everyone!

  • 2D trees ftl.

  • Great vid! Merry Christmass.

  • ha cool! would have gone for a Ferrari F430 meself!

  • Santa has taste :P

  • Stoffinator

    Can’t wait for GT5 and Happy Holidays to all.

  • What are the chances this could be a downloadable level for GT. I really hope Polyphony Digital will allow this level to be in the game.

  • Really classy. Can’t wait to play GT5 online. Happy Holidays!

  • GT5 cant come any sooner.

  • Youlikeyams

    Can we get this on the store pretty please? :D

  • Great video :)

  • meepmoopmeep

    i’m not a racer gamer but it’s nice when a dev spends a little time to wish people a happy holiday… right on.

  • Happy Holidays!

    Can’t wait for Prologue, but I hope the reports of it costing $40 are wrong, that would be ridiculous!


  • DaveTheStalker

    How about a US RELEASE DATE!!!!!?

  • Happy holidays even to the people who don’t own a PS3 :P

  • Santa’s sitting on the wrong side of the car! Ack!

  • Kalahaua
    LOL Man, its obviously not an american car! Happy holidays everyone!

  • Thank you Thanks Polyphony Digital & Merry Christmas.Keep up the good work..:)

  • Bahhh, nive video, but we want that Polyphony works on the game and not on doing cool vids.

    We want the game in our store now and not in march :-(

  • Nice video good to see polyphony care. By the way has anyone got the GT5p demo. I just got the ps3 for christmas and i really want to show off that game to my family, my PSN ID is abcsunjeev i dont know how it works but please can someone share their demo with me.

  • Happy Holidays to everyone at SCEA and PlayStation fans =)

    Having bought Gran Turismo in the summer of 1998 I am proud and thankful for the best racing series ever made.

    GT Prologue owns and is just a TASTE of Gran Turismo 5 which will be the best thing out there, so much so that it might run over every other game either in 2008 or 2009.

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