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Jan 04

Jan 04

What If You Could Go To CES?

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Shortly, I’m heading out to Vegas for the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. While this event is huge – over 150,000 attendees – that’s only a fraction of the people who’d like to visit the booths, trying out new games and just soaking up all the tech. As I see it, my role there is to transport you – the interested, yet ticketless, PlayStation fan – inside the gates.

CES Booth

Throughout the event, we’ll be sharing new pics and video of all things Sony, from new gaming developments to amazing A/V setups to some of those new Blu-ray 1.1 movies. But if you were able to attend – what would you wanna see? Would you hunt down a demo of Metal Gear Solid 4? Would you search for new peripherals or try to get into some press conferences?

Take a look at the list of exhibitors, plot out a virtual course on the show floor, and let me know – specifically – what you wanna find out about in the comments below. I’ll do my best! Not *everything* has to stay in Vegas …

In the meantime, have a look at some set-up pics of the Sony booth. We’ll have a lot more soon!

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scorpio said:

January 4th, 2:05 pm

Cool wish I could be at a show like this…

So much work goes into setup, it’s crazy…

ShArPaeShOoTeR said:

January 4th, 2:08 pm

I would want to see Home Beta released to public! =)

zookey said:

January 4th, 2:10 pm

PLLLEEEEASE put a lot of PS3 and PSP stuff up hehe! Rock our world with some crazy cool announcement–and you can’t use SKYPE since you leaked that yourselves!

reson8er said:

January 4th, 2:10 pm

I love tech and would soak in all the new gadget goodness of CES. I dont think there would be one thing I DIDN’T do! :)

I love Playstation and Sony related stuff, so I’d start there first :)

tirminyl said:

January 4th, 2:15 pm

Well, I don’t know what I wouldn’t do there. I would do everything I can including conferences. Most of all, I am hoping we can get some big announcements out of the Sony camp. For this year, I am into Software Development, TV’s, and Media expanding capabilities. Future (tighter) integration between the PS3 and PSP? PS-Store redesign and expansion? Home? PSN upgrades? PS3 PVR update?

I am all years. Oh, and take lots and lots of pics. Setup looks good thus far!

tirminyl said:

January 4th, 2:16 pm

Err, I meant to state I was all ears and not years.

OrganicShadow said:

January 4th, 2:23 pm

I would want:

-To grope up a DualShock3, and request it’s name be changed to SixSense.

-To check out what all the Blu-ray 1.1 fuss is all about.

-To get some secret screening access to Killzone 2 footage. Possibly hands-on?

-Same with LBP, possibly hands-on?

-Get a free Sony LCD HDTV, just for stopping by!

-Play around with any new Eye tech you guys have going.

-Get hands-on with Wipeout HD, PixelJunk Monsters, and any third-party stuff that tickles my fancy.

cmargary said:

January 4th, 2:26 pm

Yes… finally I will know more about the Skype in the PSP… I want to hear many thing about the PS3 please

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

Jeff Rubenstein said:

January 4th, 2:30 pm

@zookey (#3) – why, wherever did you hear about that ;-)

@OrganicShadow (#7) – now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Def. going to get hands on with this stuff and share the details with you all.

EnigmaOppanax said:

January 4th, 2:38 pm

Metal Gear Solid 4 all the way. That is the holy gem I am waiting on pins and needles for.

deadxbabiesxinc said:

January 4th, 2:38 pm

I’d just like for it to not be overly hyped and then not deliver…remember what happend with the “fireworks” at the TGS I think it was? Yeah…that was a letdown :-\

Danger-x said:

January 4th, 2:38 pm

yeah I got a hint to you people who made or created the CES and E3-shows Tell us more information over E3-
& send us demos!

ISEMAN said:

January 4th, 2:40 pm

Get footage and pics of the PS3 running on the NEW SONY OLED TV’S!!!!

blahblahbloo said:

January 4th, 2:41 pm

Is CES open to the public?

wizardpsp said:

January 4th, 2:41 pm

Well i woul like to know new gaming Tech! like eye toy games, PS3 folding Home going beyond, and new PS3 and PSP stuff,

crazypenguin said:

January 4th, 2:54 pm

LBP FTW, omg, you need to update us about how awsome it is.
also, if they have any extra stuff about HOME i’d be all ears.
same about the whole skype/psp thing. if its true and revealed i want pics of the perephrial (obviously NEEDS a mic) and if you can go actually test it out it would be awsome.
any new software things for the ps3/psp i’d be more than happy to read up about
IF kingdom hearts birth by sleep is available as a demo, PLAY IT PLEASE, i really want to know how it plays compared to the original ps2 ones.
also secret agent clank updates would be welcomed
and on a final note, the obvious, anything brand new and looks amazing should be leaked about.

Soong said:

January 4th, 2:57 pm

It would be nice if you didn’t just concentrate on Sony stuff. I don’t mean loads of Wii/360 stuff but some general tech news would be good.

We won’t tell your boss.

WHAT said:

January 4th, 2:58 pm

Punch soome of the MS dude in the face and be sure to get photos… Thanks in advance.

Loucetios said:

January 4th, 3:00 pm

What i would like to hear from CES

-Anything Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Infamous and Metal Gear Solid 4 related(Release dates would be nice!)

-Dual Shock 3 US Release date

-Maybe what Apple will bring to the BDA?/any new supporters of the Blu Ray Format

-New Features for the Ps3/PsP

EViD said:

January 4th, 3:03 pm

I would want more details about inFamous

Nebo said:

January 4th, 3:03 pm

Awesome, I would go to CES without thinking for a heartbeat. Hunting down a demo of MGS4? Oh hell yes!

-Any info on games like MGS4, LittleBigPlanet, FF13

-Home and the future of the PSN as it grows

-Any info on how Sony is going to do different at all this year like more promotions or whatnot since this year should be a huge year with the exclusive titles and stuff.

juanleche said:

January 4th, 3:09 pm

Congrats on the win for Blu-Ray, Warner is exclusive now!!!

I would ask folks :

a) a solution to get anaolog multi-channel audion on the ps3 for lossless PCM sound on receviers that take this instead of HDMI, could maybe use the av port?

b) give users the option to upscale all 720p games to 1080

c) give users the option to upscale all 720p games to 1080

d) give users the option to upscale all 720p games to 1080

Momento Mori said:

January 4th, 3:10 pm

I would love to see some coverage of MGS4, Little Big Planet, FF13 & FF13 vs. and beyond that I would like to see some of the footage on the PSN store for those of use who can’t be there. Show us a new exclusive we don’t know about yet.

benzboi92 said:

January 4th, 3:13 pm

Due to my lazyness, I would like to see a video up on the PlayStation store, cataloging the whole CES event. You know, kinda like what you guys did on the E3 videos with that Press Conference video (which was greatly appreciated, by the way).

pr1m3_5u5p3ct said:

January 4th, 3:20 pm

We all want free stuff, who doesn’t? I want to know just how SONY goes about creating the hardware and software that we all love so much. Who are the creative geniuses around the PS3?

mattyInkWell said:

January 4th, 3:22 pm

I think you should go to a gentlemens club and enjoy yourself:) I want a full report from there!!

Stoffinator said:

January 4th, 3:32 pm

I’d rather go to GDC or E3, but if I got a invite for CES I would want to see the games of course. Whatever is new, but would LOVE to see MGS4.

The Lost said:

January 4th, 3:42 pm

being able to do more with remote play would be sweet… if you had an update on that stuff

id love to know how mgs4 is im not sure if i believe all the hype (i do have a ps3) considering ive never played one of the games

What would be really awesome is a video of you roaming the floor and playing different games im sure sony would let you take around one of their cameras. Then post it on the store

tagout said:

January 4th, 3:44 pm

We need BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS such as release dates for the long-awaited exclusive PS3 games, and future updates for it. Bundle the MSG 4 with Killzone 2 beta code! It would sell more than the one-million sales expectation!

tagout said:

January 4th, 3:49 pm

2008 IS THE YEAR FOR PLAYSTATION! Regain the exclusive games you lost to RRoD machine *cough*GTA*cough>.> IMPROVE PS NETWORK! Help 3rd party developers on making the perfect multiplayer online capability on PS Network! And no more TIMID EXCLUSIVE!

P_tear_griffin said:

January 4th, 3:50 pm

I’d like to see/hear:
1) The Dualshcok3-sixaxis having better motion sensors
2) more video codec support and full Dvix supprot (I’d like my PS3 to read 3vix, vp6, theora, and others)
3) of course, skype for psp
4) upscaling 720p games
5) more news on HOME and any xmb improvements that may go along with it
6) an 8GB or more memory stick pro duo?
7) any new features that are on the works for the future PSP and PS3 firmware updates?

Bierbeer said:

January 4th, 3:51 pm

I hope there will be some news about Home + ingame XMB (ingame DNLA support too).

Especially about the open beta or release date of Home. I don’t mind if this news will be negative or positive but just be honest to us :)

Ghostm said:

January 4th, 3:52 pm

I’d like to know the release date for the Dualshock 3/Sixaxis controller. I’m really hoping we don’t have to wait for several more months.

P_tear_griffin said:

January 4th, 3:54 pm

oh, last one for me:
8) a date to open the music and movie service on the PSN

TheTwelve said:

January 4th, 4:01 pm




TheTwelve said:

January 4th, 4:02 pm





C-h-a-o-s said:

January 4th, 4:12 pm

I wouldn’t mind going just to find out about the PSP Skype thing. I know chances are it will end up being a Japan only thing, further ticking off people in North America.

Totobeni said:

January 4th, 4:13 pm

congrats Sony , BDA , Warner Bros and all Blu and PS3 supporters .

i hope for more good news for Blu and PS3 at CES


lostboy85 said:

January 4th, 4:14 pm

ok sooo…
oled tvs, Location free, Whats new in the Bravia line, how is sony representing the PS3 at CES?

artofwar420 said:

January 4th, 4:17 pm

YAYAYAYAYAYAY! This is nice. How about any announcements about in-game XMB.

Kamahl said:

January 4th, 4:23 pm

– News about some games that we know pretty much nothing about but looked cool in the original trailers.

I’m Talking about:
Eight Days
The Getaway
Little Big Planet (I know we know more about this one than the others but you get the point)
and more i can’t remember

– DualShock 3 US release date and price

– PlayStation Network cards release date.

– Gran Turismo 5 Prologue release date and release the demo!!!

Globox82 said:

January 4th, 4:26 pm

Well i am always confused when it comes to this event. But here is my question(s).
-Two years ago you guys showed at E3 GetAway 3 and 8 Days, i have been so eager to see this two games, especially 8 days. I don’t expect of you to give us names to games that will be shown but…will there some NEW game announcement, something new to show us, that is from Sony or exclusive to PS3?
-Remember i am not asking names just give me some kind of answer.
Thanks a lot.

etompkin said:

January 4th, 4:26 pm

I wish you would put your press conferences on PSN as a download.

Clinton514 said:

January 4th, 4:34 pm

I can’t wait until CES. Looks like my PSP will be in full use throughout 2008 ;)

oh and of course the my PS3 as well. Can’t wait to see what PSN goods may come.

Doctor What said:

January 4th, 4:38 pm

Could you show us something that uses motion sensing in a meaningful fashion?

darkiewonder said:

January 4th, 4:40 pm

I know this is gaming related blog.

But can you take lots of Sony Products such as TV, Cameras, Camcorders if there are any 2008 gadgets to be shown? lol Thanks.

IF i was at CES, I totally would definitely have to go run straight to the area that has LittleBigPlanet. ;3

But can you tell us or give us a guess of how big CES in terms of announcement for Sony in regards to the playstation brand. =)

Savage said:

January 4th, 4:45 pm

Since Warner has gone Blu-Ray exclusive, Why don’t you go over to the Paramount booth and see if you can get them to switch to Blu-Ray again. And while you are at it, ask Microsoft to stick a Blu-Ray drive into their new machine, which is due to be announced this Sunday.

zookey said:

January 4th, 4:52 pm

LOL Man Kotaku, Joystiq and a few others–they got it off of your CES website :-) So it is clear–you have to wow us with something else unnannounced that will make us do back flips–like HOME and LBP did last year!

cmargary said:

January 4th, 4:59 pm

new rumor mill is that skype will be in the psp slim only… that true? :(

Locster60 said:

January 4th, 5:05 pm

I would like to visit anything having to do with Sony Home for the PS3. I am very interested on the changes since last year when is the beta release etc.

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