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Jan 04

Jan 04

What If You Could Go To CES?

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Shortly, I’m heading out to Vegas for the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. While this event is huge – over 150,000 attendees – that’s only a fraction of the people who’d like to visit the booths, trying out new games and just soaking up all the tech. As I see it, my role there is to transport you – the interested, yet ticketless, PlayStation fan – inside the gates.

CES Booth

Throughout the event, we’ll be sharing new pics and video of all things Sony, from new gaming developments to amazing A/V setups to some of those new Blu-ray 1.1 movies. But if you were able to attend – what would you wanna see? Would you hunt down a demo of Metal Gear Solid 4? Would you search for new peripherals or try to get into some press conferences?

Take a look at the list of exhibitors, plot out a virtual course on the show floor, and let me know – specifically – what you wanna find out about in the comments below. I’ll do my best! Not *everything* has to stay in Vegas …

In the meantime, have a look at some set-up pics of the Sony booth. We’ll have a lot more soon!

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cxplorer said:

January 5th, 7:24 am

I would play Little big planet demostration to the end!!!!!!!!!!

jimmyhoffa82 said:

January 5th, 7:56 am

home, lbp, resistance 2???

KazeEternal said:

January 5th, 7:57 am

Probably a little late to ask this, but can we get information on Sony’s OLED displays, maybe a few screens of a game running off the display. ^^

Oh and anything about Warner switching to Bluray ^^ that would be nice lol.

Home is a big deal for me on the PlayStation end, anything, with it dealing with Home on PS3, Sony Ericson, or PSP would be much appreciated. I’m also hoping they may show off plans for a movie rental and movie/music purchase service for the PSN, but thats a long shot.

PS Eye exhibits if they exist.
PSP Eyetoy as well.

I dunno I would be a kid in a candy store at CES lol. I’d even look into the Sony Readers while silently wishing the PSP could use the same content as the reader. Just so much

dbowlin17 said:

January 5th, 8:26 am

I want to see home and basically what sony is coming with in terms of gaming

Stallone said:

January 5th, 8:48 am

I hope the Playstation Network expands on the PSP. I wish I could sign in onto Playstation Network and view my list of friends on the PSP, this network is unified between PS3 and PSP though so I have the same friends when I switch through both. This would be cool because there could be a little PSP Icon under their name if they are on PSP or a PS3 icon if they are on PS3 and oh yeah it shows what game they are playing too ;). Also allow the mic support (socom headset) and/or the eyetoy for PSP to be used in chat :P

ftwrthtx said:

January 5th, 9:15 am

Send me some tickets please!

tryp said:

January 5th, 9:36 am

I would check out the HD-DVD Camp’s booth……oh wait it wont be there AHAHAHAHAHHA LOSERS!!

Sir Cedric said:

January 5th, 9:45 am

Congratulations on winning the next-generation DVD war with the Trojan horse PS3.

TheBigDB said:

January 5th, 9:52 am

All i want to know more about is LittleBigPlanet and HOME…and lots of PS3 and PSP stuff…and maybe more about the PSEye and what it’s future holds

Makidian said:

January 5th, 10:29 am

Get tons of info and pics of any OLED TV’s that may be there, and start smashing HD-DVD players or have a fire sale on them because they are useless now. Import a DualShock 3 from Play-Asia, I got mine on monday and they are worth every penny of the import

RobinNL said:

January 5th, 10:32 am

I wish Paramount would move as well (stardust is awesome)

What I would do at CES:
-See if I can find a new F1 game (by sony)
-Check out PlayTV
-Hope for a DS3 europe/us launch
-Sneak in to the press conferences
-Play the fantastic 08 exclusives
-search for Jeff

stew122 said:

January 5th, 10:47 am

i would like to try out home and little big planet
maybe a PVR PS3? also (no offence) anything apple is selling :D
possibly the new macbooks etc.

Ruisu said:

January 5th, 11:25 am

wish i would go

MarcMMP said:

January 5th, 11:28 am

1. Look for any news regarding MotorStorm 2

2. Look for any news if the PS3 will now be able to upscale 720p games to 1080i, because I’ve got one of those TVs that only plays 480i, 480p, and 1080i, so about 70% of my games only play in 480p, which is disappointing. This should really be number 1 for me, it’s the biggest flaw that needs to be fixed in the PS3.

3. Look for any new upgrades in the PSP, such as an updated Flash player, and any other cool PSP programs, such as a PSP PlayStation Store (one that can be used on the PSP rather than on a PC).

4. Look for new ways of PS3/PSP remote play.

5. Look for the thing everyone wants. In-game messaging, and even in-game music from the HDD.

gardea said:

January 5th, 12:12 pm

First thing I would do is run (maybe powerwalk…) to the MGS4 demo kiosk. After experiencing the latest installment in the number one series (ever), I’d ..power walk to the SOCOM booth (if they have one..), then straight to Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet.


Voozi said:

January 5th, 12:33 pm

Suggestion for MGS4 Demo Booth – Plaster it w/ ONLY ON PLAYSTATION 3 & PLAYSTATION 3 EXCLUSIVE & NOT COMING TO XBOX360

;-) to do some damage control on those lovely MGS 4 –> 360 rumors we all “love” to hear about

Havok3 said:

January 5th, 1:03 pm

How at some words on MAC formatted Ipod support for the PS3… all this music I have and can’t listen to it on the PS3…

Skater_Ricky said:

January 5th, 1:08 pm


I would go to CES with out any second guess.

I’d like to see some HOME News ;) !

More PS3 news and whats the Plains on what we will be seeing come to our PSN News!

Like to Hear more info on IN GAME XMB!

Please bring SKYPE to PS3 and PSP would be very nice :D PLZ!

SONY needs to Talk to EA about there crapy service and there servers games being crap like (SKATE needs to be updated but i know there working on SKATE 2 but hey what about SKATE the first one it needs a patch for glitch frame rates and need to intergrate Dualshock 3 in there too since they have rumble for SKATE on 360 thank you)


Skater_Ricky said:

January 5th, 1:12 pm

PS Thank you Jeff for reading :D

PSN: Skater_Ricky
GAP Member :D

blahblahbloo said:

January 5th, 1:41 pm

@117 Havok3

Your iTunes Plus files should already work. The more record labels allow Apple to sell DRM-free music, the more of it will work.

blahblahbloo said:

January 5th, 1:44 pm

@117 Havok3

Of course, anything you ripped from CD yourself will also work.

Monkey-King said:

January 5th, 1:55 pm


We need to see and know about the robots. Tell us what they have for Home & Entertainment robots. Thanks!

superbone547 said:

January 5th, 2:13 pm

I know that we won’t be able to visit this virtually in person, but is there any chance that we will be able to do stuff like that with Home? That would be sweet

chaosrunner said:

January 5th, 3:19 pm

@31: I’ve seen an 8 gig memory stick duo. I was just showing around for memory the other day and found some good deals. Mind you, I don’t think I found anything /over/ 8 gigs, and the price was pretty steep for them. But they do exist.

blahblahbloo said:

January 5th, 3:38 pm

@122 Monkey-King:

I thought those robot dogs were discontinued because they weren’t profitable.

Qbrain said:

January 5th, 3:56 pm

Thanks Jeff for letting us know how everything works and what we can expect. I do not live in the US (unfortunatly) but i think it is very cool to have that MGS 4 demo at your stage and being able to play it :)… unfortunatly it doesnt come out in europe (the demo) but still it is very cool for you guys to have it there. :)

Cya ingame.. btw, do you have COD4 or Resistance?


verdantalan said:

January 5th, 5:10 pm

mexico psn or at least be able to buy stuff and a free omega dawn booster pack download code (yeah sure)

LBP MGS 4 and some dual shock 3 news would be nice though

DXPetti said:

January 5th, 5:21 pm

More than anything I would like to see downloadable PS2 games to go along with the PSOne classics. We all know the CELL is more than capable of software emulating the PS2. Add another selling point to your cheaper 40GB SKU :)

Oh and DVD region free playback on the PS3. Older Sony DVD players are region free so why not the PS3? Adds to the entertainment selling point.

All these can be future firmware updates, just show us that you are working on them!

meepmoopmeep said:

January 5th, 5:58 pm

i would be where the sony/playstation products are for sure… would be awesome to be at one of these

stennex said:

January 5th, 7:11 pm

GT 5

Ghostm said:

January 5th, 7:31 pm

Congratulations on getting Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema on the BluRay side. You guys make me proud to be a PS3 owner.

MetalKingSlime said:

January 5th, 7:45 pm

rnt u a lucky one? there better be some more ps3 price drop announcements coming one of these days haha

Devin1498 said:

January 5th, 8:09 pm

this is EXACTLY what I would LOVE Home to do

Loucetios said:

January 5th, 9:11 pm

@118 and anyone else

G4 TV Will be Covering CES LIve Everyday of the Show.

UberTrickTed said:

January 5th, 9:38 pm


As informal as this may be, I’m currently a full-time student at DeVry University for a bachelors in Game and Simulation Programming and what I would like to see out of CES, though it may be out of place, is a sort of list of what Sony is looking for out of their future employees.

Through my school, I’m hoping to attend the GDC in February, and I feel this question would be more suited for that, but, it wouldn’t hurt to ask. :) Basically, what I’m really interested in is what sort of things should I be concerned with right now so that I would be in a good position to join Sony in the near future (less than 3 years out) artificial intelligence? creative implementations of the Cell BE architecture? something I’m missing entirely?

Just trying to get my ducks in a row if you will, any pointers or suggestions either from yourself or Sony on a whole would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hieu said:

January 5th, 10:46 pm

PLEASE update us with the most compelling, if there is any, news about the FORMAT WAR(blu-ray vs. HD-DVD). I know since the wimpy HD-DVD camp cancelled their stupid little conference, I still want to get an update on blu-ray and see what blu-ray can do that HD-DVD can never do in a million year.

I hope blu-ray will win this format war…..oohhhhhhh wait they already have!!!

Just wait and you’ll see PARAMOUNT and UNIVERSAL change side, it might sounds like I’m a blu-ray freak…actually I am, I just think it’s a very good choice for TOSHIBA to drop and surrender to SONY all freakin’ ready


Hieu said:

January 5th, 10:58 pm

Ohh yeah I forgot, please update more info on the PLAYSTATION 3.
I wanna see what the PLAYSTATION 3 got to offer us in 2008.
My goal in life is to be like Phil Harrison, dang I would take on his job anyday!!!


TTP said:

January 6th, 1:49 am

Will there be a live streaming of the Sony press conf?

Lirion said:

January 6th, 1:53 am

Give us the MGS4 demo!

Kedaro said:

January 6th, 5:11 am

I wanna go, take me with you, I’m a crazy Canadian… I don’t get out much…? someone email me if this works…

PS: ignore this message

damnrightfresh said:

January 6th, 9:29 am

Games!! and more Games!!

When is Sing Star 3 coming out here in NA?? I want the actually release date for HOME and Dual Shock 3!! Please tell me..

hinesdesigner said:

January 6th, 10:10 am

I want a Job.

619clean said:

January 6th, 11:08 am

i just wonder who buys the cars they give out on this site for use on their copy of Need For Speed ProStreet, can’t you get them by progressing in the game?

Voozi said:

January 6th, 11:46 am

@ 143

Yes you can unlock the cars by progressing through the game. It’s even stated in the blog.

These cars can be achieved without purchase by progressing through Career.

It’s I guess for those who wan’t an early advantage in the game or who don’t feel like unlocking the cars or can’t unlock them for w/e reason (having too much trouble on getting all the requirments for example)

Jackal888 said:

January 6th, 12:01 pm

I would like to pick up a Beta invite for HOME.
Hear that a new PSP Camera is being debuted 3MP.
PSP playlists for music.
Predictive type on the PSP
PS3 XMB in game,of course.
DualShock 3 in stores now in US.

Mort said:

January 6th, 12:20 pm

I am looking forward to getting a Dual Shock 3 in my hands, so hopefully the US launch will be confirmed here, after all this show is about hardware primarily. I can’t wait to go back and revisit some old titles with rumble!

It would be nice to get an update on Home, but GDC is coming up in just over a month, so I expect this will be the time for the big roll out of a public beta (I REALLY hope so).

Some new Eye games or features would be nice, but again, I think this is more likely to happen at GDC.

Maybe Sony will pull the cat out of the bag and give us an update that gives us in game XMB!!

Deman said:

January 6th, 12:25 pm

Show us Home and exclusive games love

cwalat said:

January 6th, 1:43 pm

hopefully they’ll announce the date of Haze..

Nintendohater said:

January 6th, 1:56 pm

Hey Jeff, just saw a cool idea for home on the forums that I’d like to see in Home. Now granted, you wouldn’t be able to make something for this so short notice for CES, but if you guys could decide to do something like it and then announce it, that would be great! I’m also a GAP member so I wouldn’t bring up anything stupid. And all credit for the idea goes to Algonath and Schorcher.

Behold: PLAYSTATION(R)Ticket and HomeTime, Introducing the Home Cinema Premium Service

Introducing the Home Cinema Premium Service simply known as “Ticket™”. Similarly named for Home’s premium avatar service “Dress™”.
This is truely a breakthrough service Sony would love to have. Something not even Xbox Live has.
Currently, the Home Cinema Theater presents the hottest in game and movie trailers. BUT, imagine seeing your most wanted movies in the convenient comfort of PS Home right when it hits theaters.
Yes, Ticket™ is a cinema premium service that can let you view Full Feature Films in full HD quality or standard resolution and right when they are immediately available at the Theaters. For example, dying to watch upcoming films like Saw V or Jurassic Park IV? But dont want to waste time going to a local theater? Then fear not, PlayStation Home has you covered.

Step 1. Head inside PlayStation Home. (of course)
Step 2. Walk right up to the Home Cinema box office.
Step 3. You’ll be greeted with a neat schedual interface of showtimes for films that are “Now Available”, “Coming Soon”, what are “Sold Out” and the Cost for the presentation.
Step 4. Simply select the film you wish to see and quickly pay using your credit card. Then you will be given your virtual “ticket”. Your key into your cinema world of entertainment.
Step 5. When transaction is complete, enter the Home Cinema. And just like in real life you will walk right in and quickly search for the theater room presentating the specific film you wish to see.
Step 6. When room is found. Present your purchased Ticket and you may Enter.
Final Step. Now you have a quick choice in seat select before previews start. Quickly sit down in a availabe seat before it is Reserved.
Now heres the good part. Once you’re ready to enjoy your Movie. You will have the opportunity to set your most comfortable camera view angle. For example, set it to Right or Left, 1st Person View, Over Shoulder 3rd Person View and most IMPORTANTLY….FULL SCREEN set for your HD or selected SD tv sets.
The deed is done. Enjoy your Movie!

Q: I dont have a credit card. Can I pay another way?
A: Absolutly! PlayStation Network Cards can be purchased at your local retailers when PSN cards become available in the US. Also PLAYSTATION®Ticket cards can work as well when available.

Q: Can I pay for Friends or vice versa?
A: Yes, a great way for friends to enjoy movies together. Just simply have your selected friends together at the Home Cinema box office and just simply pay for their virtural Tickets.

Nintendohater said:

January 6th, 1:57 pm

Q: How much are the Tickets???
A: PlayStation Home’s virtual Tickets will only cost as much as an average movie ticket would cost. Between $2.99 to $4.99 in USD. Aswell in worldwide.

Q: Is there monthly or yearly fees to view Movies in Home?
A: No. Currently, Home is free of annoying monthly or yearly fees and will stay that way for aslong Home lives.

Q: What about annoying talkative people and constant speech bubbles during the movie??
A: When the feature presentation starts, all other voice volume and speech bubbles are automaticly set to OFF. Although Private Messages can be sent to friends only while in movie. But its best to have your moneys worth and enjoy the movie.

Q: What about controversy of Piracy and Licencing Issues?
A: Of course such services like this can have its major issues like controversy. For now the licencing will be done if possible. Because legal licence contracts are very hard and is a big obsticle and if succeded, all is well. And as for the the piracy issues, piracy is Everywhere. No matter how its done to prevent it. Its going to happen anywhere when possible. Even Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has fallen victim to major piracy both on disc and online. Surprisenly, the PS3 is quite the only HD game console not fallen in piracy hands.(But I’m not saying its impervious, when time rolls on eventually hackers will have their way with the console.) But the most import thing is that they have already purchased interance into the Movie.

Q: How is the Showtimes set aline with all the other PS3 Home users from all different regions in the same lobby spot??
A: I’m glad you ask. Here is where “HomeTime” comes in. HomeTime is a worldwide “Home” clock set for the soul purpose of Home Cinema showtimes, schedualed events, limited time promotions, tournaments, private parties, and beyond. No matter what country, region, or timezone you are at, HomeTime is set at the same worldwide time. For example, If its 12HT(hometime) in California, its its 12HT(aka PM) in Europe also! Millions from different regions of the world will join and especially in the same lobby spot as you and thats why HomeTime is there. To not let different region time get in the way of specialized activites in Home.
And of course with the press of the PS button, you will obviously have access to your standard realtime local clock hour.

Q: Can I buy virtual popcorn, candy or soda IN Home for my avitar to eat?
A: (laughs) Thats a nice idea but I dont think theres any reason to waste money on useless virtual food lol. Where this service is suppose to shine is its feature films to watch either in HD or SD resolution. (varies on cost)

Q: Is there any ways I can pay LESS for my movie?
A: There is most likely 2 ways to pay. One: between $1.99 to $2.99 USD for (SD)Standard Definition. TWO: $3.99 to $4.99 for (HD)High Definition. Simple.

Q: When a movie is “Sold Out”. Does that mean no more available virtual Tickets? or The specific theater room i

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