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Jan 04

Jan 04

What If You Could Go To CES?

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Shortly, I’m heading out to Vegas for the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. While this event is huge – over 150,000 attendees – that’s only a fraction of the people who’d like to visit the booths, trying out new games and just soaking up all the tech. As I see it, my role there is to transport you – the interested, yet ticketless, PlayStation fan – inside the gates.

CES Booth

Throughout the event, we’ll be sharing new pics and video of all things Sony, from new gaming developments to amazing A/V setups to some of those new Blu-ray 1.1 movies. But if you were able to attend – what would you wanna see? Would you hunt down a demo of Metal Gear Solid 4? Would you search for new peripherals or try to get into some press conferences?

Take a look at the list of exhibitors, plot out a virtual course on the show floor, and let me know – specifically – what you wanna find out about in the comments below. I’ll do my best! Not *everything* has to stay in Vegas …

In the meantime, have a look at some set-up pics of the Sony booth. We’ll have a lot more soon!

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Nintendohater said:

January 6th, 1:59 pm

is full of PS3 Home users?
A: There is never a limit of virtual tickets. But yes it does mean the room is Full and will have to wait either if someone leaves or wait until the next presentation. But its best to get your moneys worth and wait for the next full movie.

Q: What if I have internet problems and signs me out of the Network and from the movie. Do I have to pay again to see the rest of it?
A: Right we are still working on the probability of internet disconnections and will update you when it is available. But we will inform you if you do have an actual Internet Disconnection, you will be able watch the specific movie again free of charge. But only for the specific film you purchased to view.

Q: Will all of the ticket purchases be sent to official box offices?
A: Yes, all ticket purchase info is sent to the official box offices for quality purposes.

***This is just an idea , NOT a big rumor , just an IDEA.

*This information was made original and founded by PSN ID: Algonath and Co-Founder PSN ID: Schorcher.
*This information can currently be seen in the PlayStation forums and soon on the PSU.com forums.
*If you wish to help see this a reality, you may present this information anywhere on the Web under the of it’s original founder and co-founder. With your help, this can be reality..this can be an achievement…this will set the standard to global innovative entertainment.

zapruder said:

January 6th, 2:31 pm

how about letting PSP R&D talk with PS3 R&D so things things like rss and radio would also end up on PS3 at the same time.

give the Eye cam more options.. in chat and in general, why not control XMB with the eye and have a guard-dog function (like the GoCam on psp). also let us set-up Internet connection speeds for the eye, my download speeds are fine but my upload speed is very bad so some connection option would be great (shut down all background PSN stuff maybe?)

the eye has face recognition.. so why not make a photo booth?

also except just themes let us set-up the whole XMB with a desktop (move icons around freely) and dock function (pop-up XMB)

wizardpsp said:

January 6th, 3:17 pm

Show some Pictures now!! the show is on!

Jpeg06 said:

January 6th, 3:18 pm

Home and Little Big Planet

ThePerfectMurder said:

January 6th, 3:19 pm

Dropping the PS3 price by $100 irritated most of us early adopters. Now you’re gonna put Skype on PSP lite only? Better fix it or no one will buy your consoles when they first come out. Jeez. I’ll probably just buy the games and buy the system when the new version comes out.

ThePerfectMurder said:

January 6th, 3:20 pm

Oh and the smart thing would be to put Skype on PS3 and let the conversation be something on the side that you can keep open whenever.

Regret said:

January 6th, 3:36 pm

Will PS3 get BD-live in some of the future FW updates?

RexNox said:

January 6th, 5:01 pm

I would:

1. Track down Buckethead Harrison Electro-Shock Interrogation and force him to explain himself. One shock for every lie.

2. Find Michael Pachter and punch him for his goofy predictions (even the correct ones).

3. Find Jade Raymond and cross her off my stalker list.

-Laugh it up, these were the jokes. –

4. Oh, and make a HD-quality summarizing CES 2008 and popups (Popup video-style) explaining what their new products do. Unfortunately, this is a Sony site so we’d only see Sony products…of course.

V. And, let us not forget to post clips of the vid on PSN. Thanks.

wizardpsp said:

January 6th, 5:30 pm

Yehaaaaa Sony Sold 1.2 m Ps3 ! yes !!!More ps3 more great games and support!! but please put mexico on the psn countries list!!

Fox_Savage said:

January 6th, 7:05 pm

Where do you buy tickets? Can just any ordanary person go?

Fox_Savage said:

January 6th, 7:09 pm

Where can you buy tickets?
Can just any ordinary person go?

kspraydad said:

January 6th, 7:59 pm

Asked for SKYPE … got it.

Asked for North American GPS … Got it.

Asked for Tivo … rumour has it coming at E3

Thanks SONY.

The GOD of WAR said:

January 6th, 9:42 pm

hey Jeff i Emailed you a couple a times about ur role ty for responding! anyway

-GOD OF WAR 3 (not announced but of course its coming out for ps3 )
-PSP+PS3 = Portable PS3 ?? in other words being able to remotly play ur ps3 games.
-gow chains of olympus demo to psn (cmon just tell em to upload it!!! i already have my copy paid off and reserved)

Shane-O-Mak said:

January 6th, 9:46 pm

How about a release date on Sony’s GPS unit and software for the PSP. I’m soo excited, I already have the Sony GPS-290 unit now I’ll soon hopefully have Sony’s mapping software for it in the U.S. YEAH!!!

AceStrike said:

January 6th, 9:48 pm

If I see a MGS4 demo on PSN this Thursday, I’d be a happy man lol, it’s probably still to early though, but here’s to hoping……

cmargary said:

January 6th, 10:35 pm

Skype will be just for the the 2k PSP (PSP slim and lite)… thats a shame… I use skype and I just have the old one…

About the US GPS… it will have Puerto Rico maps like any normal US maps that have Puerto Rico in the US maps? I hope so…

@ 163

I really hope so that the PS3 will have TIVO or TIVO like service but… isn’t that thing the tuner from europe? I didn’t remember the name. skyview or something… sony will make something for europe and not for north america… but I really hope the TIVO comes I will love my PS3…

cmargary said:

January 6th, 10:38 pm

Sorry… I didn’t read the article before commenting…

zapruder said:

January 7th, 3:51 am

what! just a 27″ OLED.. that’s a bummer.

zapruder said:

January 7th, 3:56 am

@157; wanker!

JDPoZ said:

January 7th, 7:38 am


At first when I read this, I thought you guys were doing a contest for winning a free trip to the show!

Shame on you for getting my hopes up with that misleading article title!

I think you should give the first 200 commentaries free tickets to the show as a sign of good faith… and in addition, you should give me a free set of round trip plane tickets for coming up with such a brilliant idea.

Anyway, if I was there, I’d definitely check out anything they had MGS4, LBP, and Killzone 2. I got to check out my friend’s imported DualShock 3 and must say I’m happy to have rumble back!

p-s-3 said:

January 7th, 8:35 am

rumble is brill;-P had mine 4 a few weeks and it makes games(i.e motorstorm) even better 2 play!!! hope they say the pad is coming out this month or next month in the u.k at the show ;)

Sembazuru said:

January 7th, 8:59 am

In addition to many of the things listed above specifically about the PS3 and PSP (and interoperability between the two), I would also ankle over to some home theater sections. Specifically Harman Kardon (https://myces.bdmetrics.com/Portal/ViewCompany.aspx?id=4028228) to see what if any home theater receivers are coming out that support HDMI 1.2 or 1.3, 1080p, etc for me to hook my PS3 up to.

scorpio said:

January 7th, 9:03 am

OMG!!! GPS has come thank-you!!!!!!

I will get this day one…

Ghostm said:

January 7th, 9:19 am

Skype for only PSP slim huh? Thanks Sony for showing your early PSP adopters some love. As usual, early adopters gets it up the rear.

Thanks again!!!

Now I know better next time to buy another product instead of the one labeled Sony handheld.

willywhisky said:

January 7th, 9:28 am

Why do all of the other blogs have a bunch of CES stuff up but this one can’t even get a little Sony stuff up.


scorpio said:

January 7th, 9:30 am

When is the GPS due for release in North America?

HotRod said:

January 7th, 9:32 am

Is it confirmed that the original PSP wont support Skype? Any link?

frito said:

January 7th, 9:58 am

i suppose they should have a new blog post soon about the CES announcements!

Ghostm said:

January 7th, 10:12 am

Yes it’s confirmed. Check Kotaku.com “Sony: Skype Hits PSP Late January

As we reported earlier this week, Skype is coming to the PSP and now Sony has made it official with a press release. The service will be available only to owners of the PSP slim (sorry old school PSPers) and will have a number of features at your disposal including:”


Gregero said:

January 7th, 10:22 am

What’s up with tossing us early PSP adopters in the dirt? Pretty messed up.

Pyroman said:

January 7th, 10:33 am

Will we have some news about SOCOM :Confrontation?

djspinal said:

January 7th, 10:48 am

i would like 2 talk Kaz, you know get a personal convo behind the scenes. that would b a dream come true, in Vegas too, that would b the S#@% yo

Gregero said:

January 7th, 10:51 am

Lol if any news about SOCOM: Confrontation we’ll be hearing that it got delayed till late 08/ early 09. This is the year for false promises. Watch as all we are hoping for slips further and further away.


January 7th, 11:17 am

If you want false promises and keep asking for them, you undoubtedly get them. that is how the universe works. I know that Confrontation is coming out this year, one of my PS3 friends is beta testing it. when it goes beta later this month or February. We will have it by March as promised. Confrontation (Made by RedDog, psp’s new socom) is Online Only like Warhawk, then in Q3-Q4 of this coming fiscal year 08 we will see Zipper Interactive’s Socom US Navy Seals (insert title) a full mission and online based game. Don’t worry I feel your yearning for a great socom. Believe me it’s onm it’s way.

Back on topic now.

Hey Jeff, any chance you can youtube a few vids for us tonight and flicker or facecrack some pics. (Surprised Sony isn’t on facebook)

We are a;; very faithful Sony fans and would greatly appreciate it alot.

Is home coming out tomorrow?

OrganicShadow said:

January 7th, 11:18 am

Any news on the ‘forgotten’ titles would be nice too:

-Fifth Phantom Saga
-Heavy Rain
-Coded Arms Assault

But oh wait, this is a Sony thing, not a 3rd party thing…. :(

Guess I have to wait till Gamer’s Day or GDC.

Ghostm said:

January 7th, 12:28 pm

Sony please confirm that this is not true. To play DMC4 on my PS3 I’m required to do a 5Gig installation?

5 Gig installation is required?
If that’s true then I’m not buying this game.
What’s the point of Bluray then?

Fox_Savage said:

January 7th, 12:29 pm

-Where can you buy tickets for CES?
-Can just any ordinary person go?

Federation said:

January 7th, 12:42 pm

To #187 Game data takes up 5GB of storage, but on the bright side of things, it removes all load times in the game.

serious_henke said:

January 7th, 12:48 pm

I wanna see MGS4 and uh MGS4… MGS4 would be cool to see too. I’d really like to see metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots, that and mgs4.
basically, i wanna see mgs4 at CES

HotRod said:

January 7th, 12:59 pm


I could be wrong but AFAIK it is not mandatory to install DMC4 on the console. You are given the choice in case you dont want any loading times

Ghostm said:

January 7th, 1:08 pm

Okay, got it. The article Joystiq wrote made it sound likes it mandatory to download 5 gigs.

cmargary said:

January 7th, 1:28 pm

For no loading time… I will do it really.. and after finishing the game just remove it… but yes is kinda big… remember that the Blu-Ray have a big storage but is slower that the DVD drive… but making game like uncharted that doesn’t have load time it will be cool…

wizardpsp said:

January 7th, 1:32 pm

Hey this is to all of you!!
Will you Pay lets say 3.00dlls to play the MetalGear4 demo on the PSN.
I´ll be glad to pay 3.00dlls or 5 to play the demo on my house Will You?

Shane-O-Mak said:

January 7th, 1:44 pm

@185 your friend isn’t beta testing Confrontation because there is NOT going to be a open beta for it. Anyways Slant 6 is creating the PS3 version which is online only, NOT RedDog. Get your facts together before spouting random rumors.

Regret said:

January 7th, 1:55 pm

Installing 5GB is not required. Just an option for no loading times. I believe.

terraform said:

January 7th, 2:10 pm

It’d be cool if you offered an immediate upgrade to technologies that your customers already have, instead of offering more “coming soon” vaporware and opportunities to spend more money on things we’ve already bought. That’d be keen.

KnaveX said:

January 7th, 8:27 pm

Would it be possible to give a live stream to all Ps3 owners of the press conference, I asked if it was possible for e3 last year but I got no response, anyway I’m interested on the sony ces website that says PS3 peripherals, because for now the only peripheral is the eye, maybe now we get an arm? JK, but I want to know if there is a home, killzone and LBP Beta soon but I know all parties are at hard work on these. LBP looks cuter and cooler every time and I’m interested to see if we see anything new on MGS4, anyway, tommorow is the day so… until then!

zapruder said:

January 8th, 3:45 am

well if skype only works with that new (ugly) headset then NO THANKS! if it works with my GoCam..Yeah!!!

grendell_prime said:

January 8th, 1:54 pm

if at all possible, please ask them about the release of the sony pre-paid cards – i have $100 waiting for day one so that i can buy downloads in the ps-store.

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