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Jan 09

Jan 09

CES Day 3: Hands-on with Skype PSP

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, there’s a big push at Sony on new interactivity and features. The big announcement from the PlayStation front is the coming addition of Skype on the PSP. In this video, SCEA’s Cristian Cardona walks us through a few of the details, and Alyson Kavanaugh shows how easy it is to place a call from your PSP.

In the video, we used an actual setup – not some show floor mockup connection, and I was pleasantly surprised at the voice clarity. While I don’t know that this feature is meant to replace your mobile phone, it can be really handy, especially if you’re already using Skype and don’t wanna have to lug a laptop around. Between this, the recently-instituted Internet Radio features, the just-announced Blu-ray over PSP, and (oh yeah!) games, the PSP is practically begging to be taken with you every time you leave the house.

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artofwar420 said:

January 9th, 11:24 am

Great idea, great concept. Here’s another idea, PSP 2, it’s a phone, and it plays games. I can download PS2 games then play them, it has two sticks. So it is designed from the ground up to be an actual gaming cellphone. Of course skype would be great to keep.

StalkingSilence said:

January 9th, 11:29 am

Loving the Blu-ray over PSP stuff… however, there was no mention that movies like Resident Evil:Extinction already include a PSP-formatted movie in the release that is currently out there.
You all should market this a little more seriously. The file is about 800 megs and copies directly to your PSP.

BYU-I said:

January 9th, 11:30 am

PSP starting to look good.

StalkingSilence said:

January 9th, 11:31 am

Also, any comment on the rumored slight audio lag (less than 1 second, but noticeable) when making Skype calls on the PSP? It’s free, so who really cares – but if users will be paying for SkypeOut or SkypeIn, they probably will want a lag-free audio connection.
Would that slowdown have to do with the fact that the CES display was a prototype or does it relate to RAM, processor power, other things running on the PSP, etc.?

mobiletone said:

January 9th, 11:32 am

give us a 3G enabled add on and stop messing about :D

have you ever tried to use remote play in the real world? streaming music and video? my ar5e! it’s soo choppy as to be unusable outside of uni campus or coffee shops.

juanleche said:

January 9th, 11:33 am

so I guess nothing about upscaling 720p games or ananlog multi channel audio, huh?

a strait no would suffice


January 9th, 11:33 am

All I wanted from CES this years was some info on HOME. where is the debut video? where is the announcement of a release date for the open beta? where is the coverage?
I wan your C-es Swag…..

BYU-I said:

January 9th, 11:35 am

Actually the PSP is looking VERY good. Adding skype is an excellent idea.

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

Jeff Rubenstein said:

January 9th, 11:43 am

@StalkingSilence (#4) – I will say that the response is not as good as a land line, but neither is my cell phone. I was able to chat back and forth with no problem (after the cameras were rolling, we kept talking). I’d imagine that Wi-Fi bandwidth and other factors are part of the equation, and that your mileage will vary depending on a number of factors – like with any wireless product.

To be honest, I’ve never used Skype before this, so I don’t have a solid basis of comparison of PSP vs PC versions.

@THATPSPGUY (#7) – CES really isn’t a gaming show (not anymore). To a large extent, we were there as part of the larger Sony scene. Expect more PlayStation-specific news at next month’s GDC.

zookey said:

January 9th, 11:50 am

Nice features Jeff! Can’t wait to play with it–my bro was happy with his PSP 1000 but now wants the 2000 so he can have SKYPE hehe!

juanleche said:

January 9th, 11:57 am

A great way to insult someone is to not acknowledge them

PSheddy said:

January 9th, 11:58 am

I still have the old PSP, I need to sell it an put that money towards a new slim one… Kinda upsetting that anewer features only work with the PSP 2000 but oh well, thats technology I guess.

So any hints towards what you have planned for tomorrow?

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

Jeff Rubenstein said:

January 9th, 12:00 pm

@juanleche (#11) – don’t take it personally, Juan. I’ve got no news on that. No real PS3 announcements at CES as far us functionality, etc. You know I’ll share stuff like that when I find it out!!

ftwrthtx said:

January 9th, 12:09 pm

So how big will the movies be for the PSP when coming from a BD?

TTP said:

January 9th, 12:10 pm

Jeff, I just wonna know if Skype will be compatible with already released SOCOM headeset (same one that guy is using for demoing) and most of all the Go!Cam built in microphone. Thank you.

Toadzter17 said:

January 9th, 12:15 pm

And once again the earlier adopters get the shaft…

brentos said:

January 9th, 12:22 pm


You said that RE:Extinction BD comes with a PSP formatted copy…how do you get it to your PSP? I don’t have the movie but I did think about picking it up, and this would be a nice bonus.

frito said:

January 9th, 12:36 pm

Thanks for the reporting Jeff!


So how much have you won or lost so far in the casinos?


I always seem to lose more than I win!


juanleche said:

January 9th, 12:52 pm

thanks. sorry for my grumpiness, more related to the broken coffee machine than to you.

Seanscythe2 said:

January 9th, 12:58 pm

Are we going to see the newest LBP video on the PSN soon?

JackGeaven said:

January 9th, 1:03 pm

Skype only on PSP Slim&Light ??? Why ?

I bought my PSP on the launch day, and when I read that Skype will only be available for the new Slim&Light model, I can only feel disappointed.

I think that Sony must give an official explanation on why Skype donĀ“t run on the PSP original model.

And I think I talk for all PSP original owners, too..

It seems to me that Sony is starting to break off with the original PSP userbase, in order to marketing on the Slim&Light model.

In Japan Sony launched the TV Tuner only for PSP Slim, now is Skype. Even DS has a TV Tuner, why the PSP TV Tuner doesn’t work with the Original PSP Model? Why Skype doesn’t work with the Original PSP Model?

The difference in ram memory is not a solid explanation, because there is other devices with less memory that run skype or other applications like skype.

JackGeaven said:

January 9th, 1:04 pm

As you know, Sony announced that the Skype IP phone service will be joining the growing list of PSP features.

Skype will be added soon to your PSP following a firmware update.

Unfortunately for most PSP owners, this ad has no meaning, since this functionality will only work in the new PSP model slim&light.

Last year, Sony as also launch the 1seg TV Tuner in Japan that also only works with the new PSP Slim. Now is Skype, tomorrow what will be?

What Sony is trying to do with this restriction we do not know for sure. What we know is that over 80% of the PSP userbase has the original PSP Model. Is this a new strategy by Sony in order to encourage the purchase of the new model by the old owners?

This petition is addressed to all PSP Owners, which invested much money in the purchase of the machine and its games, and we now feel disappointed with this discrimination. Through this petition we want Skype and any functionality in the future to be launched for all PSP Models.

We therefore to all PSP owners to sign this petition and make themselves heard. We are many and our protest will be heard.

Ghostm said:

January 9th, 1:06 pm

Any news on PS Home?

Mattchewie said:

January 9th, 1:11 pm

The skype thing is pretty cool. However, I think it would be much cooler to really enable the psp for more “street warrior” type people. What I mean is get a nice gps on the psp here in the states and make a push to keep that browser updated and refined.

You know if the price was right too I think it would be cool to get with a cell carrier and have a “on the go” psp option. Think of it as an iPhone without the phone.

I’m all for convergence but I can tell you that talking on that flat iphone ….its a bit cumbersome. However, the other stuff is pretty darn swanky.

Since allthis would be optional people that just want to use the PSP as a gaming device woudn’t have to worry about battery life being sunk into a feature they won’t use!

deadxbabiesxinc said:

January 9th, 1:17 pm

I’m excited for all the new stuff coming out this year, but finally the in-game xmb has been addressed…so yes! stop trolling about the xmb!

TwoBlack4America said:

January 9th, 1:32 pm

Looks pretty nice. You guys should have a huge marketing push on that feature,including PSP GPS and the Camera when it becomes available.

Chrisrahosiris said:

January 9th, 1:44 pm

Can’t wait to use this

Stoffinator said:

January 9th, 1:44 pm

I can’t wait to use Skype for my PSP. Will have to buy a headset for my PSP though.

Ouren said:

January 9th, 1:59 pm

I bought my PSP 2 months before 2000 came out… I thought it was just a rumor, and now Im stuck with the older model. I wish I had known that when I got my PSP. Now I don’t know what to do.

Ghostm said:

January 9th, 2:16 pm

No news for PS Home at CES. But on Feb 21, 2008 Sony will have a presentation.

Check the link below.–a0002372-p0.php

scorpio said:

January 9th, 2:22 pm

@ ouren

I also got my PSP about 3 months before the new slim. I knew their would be a new PSP but glad I didn’t wait because the difference’s aint much. I dont have a need for skype but GPS woohooo

ritterrav said:

January 9th, 2:23 pm

Any HOME information!?!?

WHAT said:

January 9th, 3:04 pm

Funny this GDC and last GDC will mirror each other, but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of new lies and false release dates for us then.

Frazz said:

January 9th, 3:05 pm

Are you excited for gdc…

P_tear_griffin said:

January 9th, 3:19 pm

you guys should really include skype on the PS3. Don’t make a big deal out of it, just sneak it in on a future firmware update (I mean he cam and the mic are already in place).

darkiewonder said:

January 9th, 3:46 pm


IDK. I was reading on and it showed a different mic. May be for something all together. anyways. What about the new headset? Price yet?

Oh btw, The only thing that will be annoying is finding a hot spot or just any place with Wifi. Hopefully this will prove to be a useful feature!

btw. have you know any information for GDC 08? lol. I know. it’s a long while ;P

bossalini said:

January 9th, 3:49 pm

“This petition is addressed to all PSP Owners, which invested much money in the purchase of the machine and its games, and we now feel disappointed with this discrimination. Through this petition we want Skype and any functionality in the future to be launched for all PSP Models.”

Either that or Sony themselves do a trade in program to exchange the old psp for the new psp free of charge. We paid the original price for the psp and this is you are going to treat us? Instead of forcing us to pay MORE MONEY just to upgrade why not take back your product that you made and replace it with a new one? Soon you are going make the original psp obsolete anyway so why not replace all of those who have the original psp with the slim? Sony says they read this blog well i hope they read this and think about it if they want to keep the original consumer base. 80% is a lot to lose just over new features..

shadow021 said:

January 9th, 3:55 pm

Hey Jeff,

This is not to be offensive or anything of the sort, but want to actually direct this to the developers, and maybe you can help me out.

I have the classic PSP; I don’t have the money to spend on an entirely new PSP and plus, why would I when the one I already have, works perfectly?

I know that the supposed reason for why this doesn’t work using a “classic” is that the classic doesn’t have as much RAM as the slimline ver. If any more new features come out this year that only apply to the new PSP, I will have to take extreme measures, and that is to install a non-official firmware. I would prefer to not have to do this, but I just don’t like what Sony is doing to some of it’s original customers.

Can you offer some info for me regarding if this will happen?

sorry to rant. none of this was intended towards you, yourself.

scoobyonline2000 said:

January 9th, 3:55 pm

I really like what sony is doing to the PSP. Their adding so much stuff to it. I still have my PSP-1000, the one I bought on the first day. But I think I’ll get one just because of this. I use skype regularly to talk to friends, or family who are in other countries. … At work we have wi-fi so this is awesome..

now if only Sony could make the PSP play DIVX files…then everything would be complete….

Keysersoze10033 said:

January 9th, 4:03 pm

Cool, I can’t wait to use this. Hey Jeff, I heard a Sony rep saying the CES was mainly a hardware show and tell, but I noticed there were no Dualshock 3 announcements. What’s up with that? Thanks in advance.

Spaceghost4284 said:

January 9th, 4:08 pm

All these features are so cool I just feel like they should be integrated into a PSP 2 rather than having to carry around all these discs and peripherals to play with your toy. Why do I want to wear a headset with big old wires hanging down. It would be much better to somehow have a bluetooth adapter and headset included.

Spaceghost4284 said:

January 9th, 4:08 pm

All these features are so cool I just feel like they should be integrated into a PSP 2 rather than having to carry around all these discs and peripherals to play with your toy. Why do I want to wear a headset with big old wires hanging down. It would be much better to somehow have a bluetooth adapter and headset included.


January 9th, 4:34 pm

Yo Jeff, thanks for the reply, I will be bugging the hell out of you next month, you know that for sure now. but you didn’t answer my other questions.

CAN I HAVE SOME OF YOUR C E S 08 SWAG=Freebies???? Pretty please???

Johnny Sasaki said:

January 9th, 4:54 pm

I hope we can expect coverage like this from GDC 08… There will (obviously) be a lot more game-related stuff there and I really appreciate what this blog’s doing to really display things for us at our homes who can’t go to these shows, and even though GDC isn’t meant to be an expo or anything like E3 or CES, I can’t wait to see what’s there! Keep up the good work! :)

– Matthew


January 9th, 4:55 pm

@ 37, are you freaking serious or just 10 years old. do you get to trade in your old car for a new one for free, how about that jacket you got on? get that as a even trade i? Join the real wold and BUY upgrades. Thats what the rest of the world does. I guess you think you can trade your PS2 in for a PS3. You made me laugh at how absurd your idea was…..

cmargary said:

January 9th, 5:16 pm


Yes.. if some homebrew maker like darkalex or anyway make skype works in the phst psp I will be one of the homebrew community by then too…
I’m not crying like many people here or angry or anything but if I find a way to use this thing in my old psp I just will do it… is not that I don’t have money to buy one… is just that I don’t like to buy an upgrade just for the software, must be something in the hardware, like the video out, that a cool feature to buy… that why I love when Zune people let the old zune update their zunes like the new one… and everybody is happy

bricfa said:

January 9th, 5:31 pm

You guys should show some of the Media from “The Agency”.

GoodLifeKrew said:

January 9th, 5:35 pm


shadow021 said:

January 9th, 6:19 pm

I, myself am just going to wait and see what happens… I don’t like using illegal items like isos or whatever, but I will use non-official firmware if it allows me more features that “I” can use than what Sony will give me.

frito said:

January 9th, 6:21 pm

Any word on Dual Shock 3 at CES???

How about a release date for US release?


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