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Jan 09

Jan 09

CES Day 3: Hands-on with Skype PSP

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, there’s a big push at Sony on new interactivity and features. The big announcement from the PlayStation front is the coming addition of Skype on the PSP. In this video, SCEA’s Cristian Cardona walks us through a few of the details, and Alyson Kavanaugh shows how easy it is to place a call from your PSP.

In the video, we used an actual setup – not some show floor mockup connection, and I was pleasantly surprised at the voice clarity. While I don’t know that this feature is meant to replace your mobile phone, it can be really handy, especially if you’re already using Skype and don’t wanna have to lug a laptop around. Between this, the recently-instituted Internet Radio features, the just-announced Blu-ray over PSP, and (oh yeah!) games, the PSP is practically begging to be taken with you every time you leave the house.

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MrCamo said:

January 10th, 3:21 pm

Some of you should have waited a few years to buy a PS3. With the amount of technology and functionality that the PS3 is capable of, it is amazing we have anything this powerfull in our homes. Go buy an easy to program XBOX and shutup until the PS3 becomes your SONY XBOX all of you are waiting for. I personaly enjoy the fact that COD4 has no articifial fog of war as compared to the PS3, and that the PSM is always adding exciting games. Can anybody tell me when an XBL game was reviewed in a RAG? Enjoy what you have and go buy an XBOX if you need to watch old movies via a web download, crybabies.

frito said:

January 10th, 3:35 pm

I own both the 360 and PS3!

I got my PS3 at launch and my 360 for Xmas..

I was just pointing out that what Sony says they are GONNA do Microsoft is DOING it right now..

of course they’ve had an extra year to do it!

I know Sony will finally deliver on their promises eventually.

BTW- I still love my PS3 more than the 360 of course!

Loucifer said:

January 10th, 4:08 pm


congrats on the elite…

but dont beg SONY…you should already know that begging and pleading will get you nothing but aggravation…LOL

enjoy the box atleast with that you dont have to beg cuz everything is just given

Loucifer said:

January 10th, 4:23 pm


at the pace SONY is developing the PS3 and at the pace MS is developing the 360…the PS3 will NEVER be equivalent to the 360

unless someone gets fired and a HUGE bonfire is lit under SONY’s ass the PS3 will be playing 2nd fiddle for quite sometime

ACTIONS speak louder then words…and SONY is lacking in the action department…

MS doesnt even use words they just drop bombs…they dont need to hype up features and services that they want to implement they just implement them…

no delays on demos, games (exc. halo 3 delayed a yr and totally worth it)…they get the games and demos weeks and sometimes months b4 the PS3…downloadable tv shows and movies in HD.

now seriously lets live in the real world for a second…how long do you think it will take SONY to rival a system like that??

the BS lies about first party games, stating 1080 on the pkgs of games and yet even turning off the 720 the games revert to 480, features that should have been in the system from launch that according to SONY or SONYs pathetic director of PSN operations state wont be added to the PS3 or “are coming”…yea right like when?? LOL

your honor i rest my case!

cmargary said:

January 10th, 5:44 pm


I have to differ in the halo part… seriously, do you think halo 3 is a good game? I rent it and thank good I rent it because is horrible that game and isn’t even 720p… the only good this is the online and isn’t even that good if you played warhawk, warhawk isn’t a FPS but is the best online multiplayer game for me, I enjoy a lot more with call of duty 4 than with halo and by a lot…

But yes, Sony are hyping with everything and thats why everybody is angry with the delays. If they learn to shut the mouth a little bit will be better because people loose interest when they wait something and never come out…

bossalini said:

January 10th, 7:02 pm

THATPSPGUY | January 9th, 2008 at 4:55 pm

@ 37, are you freaking serious or just 10 years old. do you get to trade in your old car for a new one for free, how about that jacket you got on? get that as a even trade i? Join the real wold and BUY upgrades. Thats what the rest of the world does. I guess you think you can trade your PS2 in for a PS3. You made me laugh at how absurd your idea was…..

Did you even read what i just said?? You can’t get it through your head huh? Glad you got some entertainment out of that…I didn’t say anything about a freakin’ PS2 for a PS3. Im not that dumb! That statement there doesn’t even come close to what i stated. That would be idiotic to even think that! What YOU stated is absurd and ridiculous. Did you even go out and buy the original PSP? I think you should tell this to everyone else who is upset. Im not the only one who thinks this..a lot of people all over the internet think sony should do something for the original owners!

jmarcoli said:

January 10th, 7:26 pm

@ bossalini

Will you please stop your ******* and just leave it alone! Sony will not do anything for you or any of you who own the old psp. They have other things to worry about than to make any of you happy. So stop the petitions and your whining..they won’t do anything for you…grow up and get a life!

dmcadory said:

January 11th, 2:44 pm

Why leave your original customers out in the cold? I bought the PSP on day one. I travel extensively and would love to use SKYPE to call home. It’s hard to believe there is not a software (or memory card) solution that could solve the problem. I am exclusively a SONY product owner. Some of the recent decisions that SONY has made in regard to marketing and consumer relations have been mind boggling. Neglecting your day one owners of expensive systems would not seem to be a viable business plan. (After all, a day one owner is likely to be a repeat customer). I bought a PS3 on day one, and I hope SONY isn’t foolish enough to do something like leaving behind original consumers of that system. I have signed the petition about SKYPE for the old PSP. I hope other folks sign the petition also, or as another person said, I will join ranks with the home brewer who comes up with a solution.

2ndPSP said:

January 15th, 12:34 pm

I will not say I’m exclusive sony. I own both of the powerhouses, and I have no regrets, if you can’t handle that, I don’t care. My PS3 is a launch model 60Gb .

I’m getting more than a little frustrated with all the new features coming for the PSP2000. I loved my PSP I used it practicaly every day, until I got my car with the 12 disc changer. Sadly my PSP has fallen by the wayside, as I am now addicted to games with great graphics. I am far too picky about games, for it to be a game machine for me, and now with most of the usefull features going to the 2000s my PSP is going to become even less useful than it is now.

I will say this, if Sony releases the GOcam in the US ONLY for the 2000s, I’m hocking my PSP and all the games and movies I have for it, and not getting a new one, and if they start doing this kind of thing with the PS3 launch models, then I may hock it as well.

Sony, if you turn your back on me, I will turn my back on you. Microsoft is a given, I know they will give me the finger in a heartbeat.

cboushell said:

January 15th, 7:06 pm

For anyone interested the PSP homebrew scene has already beat Sony to the punch with using the PSP as a VoIP phone. You can go to and download the app for your PSP runing a CFW, gotta love M33(Dark-Alex) and all the other homebrew developers. By the way 3.80M33-2 was released today, so go and update!!!

not-buying-incognito said:

January 16th, 12:09 am

NUFF Said!!!!

Des said:

January 22nd, 8:43 am

Regarding the comment that Sony should allow us early adopters to trade our old PSPs for a new one, expecting to get a new one totally free is not realistic. But there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to trade in for a discounted price. You can trade in your old Nintendo DS for a Nintendo DS Lite and pay a reduced price. You can even trade in a Game Boy for a discount on a DS Lite! So, yes, if Sony offered a discount on the 2000 for trading in a 1000, I would do it. Otherwise, I’ll keep what I’ve got. It works for what I really want it for, which is games.

twiskck said:

January 23rd, 7:30 pm

hey kinda off topic, but i just got my psp this christmas (its sweet) and im looking for a good case to keep it nice and unbroken so my brother told me get the logitech playgear pocket which i looked at and realized that theres no slim version, and since i have the slim and plan on getting the battery pack. it will make my psp to big if they even make one! so why doesnt sony make an official one just as good (carbon fiber) with options for having the slim psp with the battery pack and have it have one or 2 memory card ”storage” places so i can carry around my favioret music and movies etc. please! i could imagine this would be very popular

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