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Jan 10

Jan 10

New Super Stardust HD Features on the Way

Daimion Pinnock's Avatar Posted by

Producer, SCEA

Stardust HD

You may have read about some interesting enhancements to European versions of Super Stardust HD on various game sites. Today, the new and improved version of SSHD hits North America.

The ability to build custom soundtracks is perhaps the most noticable new feature. Now you can blast away to whatever music you’ve got stored on your PLAYSTATION 3 hard disk drive.

The scoreboard has also gotten a facelift, and now tracks stats such as how long the hi-score session took, and highest difficulty level reached with this score.

Best of all, these new enhancements won’t cost you a dime. If you’ve already got SSHD on your PS3, simply navigate to the PS Storefront and download the free patch from there. This will upgrade your existing version of Super Stardust HD. If you haven’t already tried the game out, this is the time! PS3 owners can download the new demo from the PLAYSTATION Store free of charge this Thursday and then purchase the full version from right within the game.

Stardust HD

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Gregero said:

January 10th, 3:16 pm

Ah this is very nice. I can now bump my own tunes while blasting the crap out of invaders. Thanks a lot for the update! It’s gonna add a whole new life to SSDHD. I’m not happy with todays update though.

Loucetios said:

January 10th, 3:16 pm

awesome, can;t wait to play to my music, it will make me play this again

coolguy2000 said:

January 10th, 3:24 pm


MrCamo said:

January 10th, 3:25 pm

Nice…… Kick on some Pink Floyd and go to work….

KittDJW said:

January 10th, 3:25 pm

sounds fantastic but I have the UK version and mine has not asked me to download patch.

Shinogu said:

January 10th, 3:29 pm


frito said:

January 10th, 3:30 pm


Custom Soundtracks!!!

I love it!

thanks! I still play this game alot, with everyday shooter and flow…

now I’ll be playing it even more!


Jeigh said:

January 10th, 3:32 pm

Hey! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! :)

The entire time reading that I was dreading seeing a price point. Free! I’ll be using it quite a bit more now. :)

@Gregero Traditionally there’s a lull about this time of year. The fact that they’re adding anything is nice. All those sweet store updates over the past several months were part of the seasonal game storm. It’s not always going to be packed with demos, games, trailers and whatnot.

Frazz said:

January 10th, 3:32 pm

Nice this is a great game that needs some add ons but I prey to lord jevus that they arnt expensive

B1ack_Mage said:

January 10th, 3:33 pm

Wow, thanks a lot. Plus it’s free, can’t argue with that.

I’m glad there will be a demo, many people don’t buy games unless there is a demo to try it out

Rzarekta said:

January 10th, 3:34 pm

This is by far the best downloadable game on the market right now. Everyone should have this game in their collection!

lyndonAP said:

January 10th, 3:34 pm

Let me be among the first to say THANK YOU!!! I was starting to wonder if this would ever get on this side of “the pond”.

Darkendless said:

January 10th, 3:34 pm

When will Custom Soundtracks be implemented in all games?

joel said:

January 10th, 3:37 pm

Come one when are we getting the PS STORE update!

lyndonAP said:

January 10th, 3:37 pm

Almost forgot- the UK version has online play as well and I see no mention of that in your post, Daimion. Is that in as well?

BigChief said:

January 10th, 3:37 pm

Thanx for the upgrades. Btw would it be possible to play this game via remote play later on?

Choinkees said:

January 10th, 3:40 pm

@5 KittDJW:
For the UK upgrade, just find Super Stardust HD in the Playstation Store and find the item named “Demo and Upgrade”. Download that and it’ll upgrade your existing game.

wizardpsp said:

January 10th, 3:40 pm

Wow! sounds and look PS3 like!!
But where are the Playstation Store Cards!! I cant buy nothing because i live in mexico and Mexico is not In the PSN Countries List!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ftwrthtx said:

January 10th, 3:41 pm

Thanks for the update!

KittDJW said:

January 10th, 3:41 pm

@17 Choinkees:
thanks for that will give it a try.

TTP said:

January 10th, 3:41 pm


there is no online play in the UK version. said:

January 10th, 3:43 pm

here’s the euro demo with the custom soundtracks

lyndonAP said:

January 10th, 3:43 pm

To #21- Are you sure? I have a friend in the UK that has it and he says it is there.

TTP said:

January 10th, 3:44 pm

How come the US version prompts to update wheras the EU one had to be “manually” redownloaded?

TTP said:

January 10th, 3:47 pm


Yep. I’m European as well. There is just a “Multiplayer Pack” (alongside a Singleplayer one) option in the Online Store accessible via the game itself. But for now it says “available soon”. You can’t download it. We are not even sure if it’s actually an ONLINE multiplayer pack. Might very well be just an expansion of the offline multiplayer mode.

lyndonAP said:

January 10th, 3:56 pm

Ah well- would have been nice. Thanks TTP.

CLauX said:

January 10th, 4:01 pm

still haven’t beaten it yet lol.

Blackmoses11 said:

January 10th, 4:05 pm

I already had the game already, but when does it ask to update?

Pendharker said:

January 10th, 4:07 pm

I LOVE this game, but it lost its luster after I played the crap out of it (though I still HIGHLY recommend it to new PS3 owners). However, this update (especially the new custom track list option) is going to breathe some new life into the game for me. Thanks for the update!!

TONX said:

January 10th, 4:07 pm

Is it up yet? best update ever!

Jenovah said:

January 10th, 4:08 pm

Sweet! This, Crash 2, and the PSP store = A great update this week!

Keep those PSOne classics coming!

Mana Knight said:

January 10th, 4:09 pm

Yeah, I was wondering, when will I be asked to update this. I just tried a minute ago and still not asked to update.

Keysersoze10033 said:

January 10th, 4:12 pm

Thanks for the update, I will download this now :).

Loucetios said:

January 10th, 4:14 pm

how do you update SSHD? im downlaod the demo version to see if that will do it since i already own the normal game, ill post back if it works

Loucetios said:

January 10th, 4:19 pm

Ok to update the game just download and install the demo, that updates your game already on the system

Doctor What said:

January 10th, 4:48 pm

I’m a UK gamer and bought this on the strength of the demo and I’m really enjoying it. Great game Housemarque, thanks! It’s the first download-only game that I’ve bought and I’m really happy with it.

HD stored music is nice, but the real cherry on the top would be streamed media from my PC if you can manage it.

Anyway, thanks for the update and the great game, and it’s lovely to have new free stuff.

Daimion Pinnock's Avatar

Daimion Pinnock said:

January 10th, 4:50 pm

The first DLC will now be available later today for you to download and play. In this pack you will see that we’ve enhanced the visuals slightly, and made some tweaks to the leaderboard.

To answer a couple of questions, firstly you can go to the store and you will be able to download the patch there, this will then upgrade the version the previously released version of Super Stardust. The new demo, patch and full game on the storefront will implement the new features that we’ve included for this downloadable pack. Remote play isn’t something that we’ve included for this pack, but it’s certainly something that we could look into for future packs. Speaking of which I’d like you guys to keep an eye out for future downloadable packs, details of which I’ll disclose at a later date.

I hope you all enjoy the first DLC pack for SS HD

lyfestory said:

January 10th, 5:05 pm

first game i downloaded on the PSN and still one of my faves.. glad its seeing some DLC.. figured eventually there could be a few new levels or enemies or something.. but custom soundtracks was a given.. and given its a $10 game, can’t see how it would be costing more to pay for a few obvious updates.. but very good.. thanks to those who have made it possible…

TwoBlack4America said:

January 10th, 5:55 pm

This game just got even better.I didn’t think it could when it was first released, but apparently I was wrong.

Joe said:

January 10th, 6:10 pm

I want to know I heard that you can only download games you buy only five times. So will this count as one of those times or will it go back to five.

I want to get a bigger hard drive some time down the line and don’t want to find out that I used the last download and now have to buy the game all over again.

Also this does not mean I don’t like the game just I do not want to pay for some thing I already own.

So I just want to know will this put me back to five or count as one of my downloads.

Fenrokk said:

January 10th, 6:17 pm

this is great, now all we need is in game chatting and in game custom soundtracks.

benzboi92 said:

January 10th, 6:51 pm

Dang, remote play! That’s surely something to look forward to.

madriiax said:

January 10th, 7:01 pm

You’ve got your info a bit mixed up, Joe. You can download the games you buy as many times as you need to…

You got the number 5 from the fact that you can download and install the games you’ve bought on up to 5 different PS3s (and PSPs I believe)

tirminyl said:

January 10th, 7:36 pm

I simply don’t know why I never owned this game. I will be fixing this issue promptly. Thanks for the update and the demo. You certainly have another buyer here!

chase said:

January 10th, 7:45 pm

now a call all car demo
so all my new friend
can see what there missing

Reluctant Hero said:

January 10th, 7:46 pm

Oh sweet Jeebus yes! The update added rumble for us Dual Shock 3 owners. I’m in heaven.

Hopefully we’ll get the PS3 firmware update that enables in-game XMB and custom soundtracks in all games in the next several months.

Nine In Nails: With Teeth + Super StarDust HD = awesome!

madriiax said:

January 10th, 7:51 pm

I don’t quite get the “Highest Rank” board… Aren’t we ranked by our highest rank? And if it’s for a different mode, I can’t find which mode it is. I certainly didn’t think I was ranked at 3000 in one.

NinjaSkllz said:

January 10th, 8:30 pm

Can we suggest things for future add-ons? I don’t really like it how when you destroy some stuff, the score that you receive for destroying it appears. Sometimes, when it’s a small score, the text appears to be a small rock at a glance. Aside from that, I don’t really see the score as being of any use whatsoever, except maybe for when you destroy a boss, because you’re too much into the game to even notice the score. Rather than help, it becomes an annoyance. That’s for me anyway… hope this helps.

DarKaoZ said:

January 10th, 10:32 pm

A question, does downloading the game again to gain the update will affect my 5 download of the game? I mean now instead of having it 4 more times to download it I can now only download it 3 times?

BTW Is there a possible future update that will support the Playlists? I mean is nice that you can hear all your music, but sometimes you only want to hear certain songs that you already pick in your playlist. I hope you guys can add that, anyways, thanks for the update on the game!

madriiax said:

January 10th, 11:13 pm

DarKaoz, read my response a few posts up.

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