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Jan 30

Jan 30

Warhawk Paint & Insignia Contest!

Dylan Jobe's Avatar Posted by President, LightBox Interactive

It’s 2008 and the team and I would love to kick-off the New Year by extending a really cool contest to our eligible U.S. players! This is your chance to make your mark on the battlefield by entering the Paint Scheme and Insignia Contest!!


As many of you know, we’re always working on game updates to keep the stream of fixes and new features flowing to our players. As such, we’re currently working on the Warhawk 1.3 patch which will include a collection of new, Player-Created insignias and paint schemes for you all to use when you customize your troops and aircraft.


The team and I will be judging all the submissions and selecting the winners — 50 new insignias and 20 new paint schemes. Winners will not only get their stuff in the game, but will also win a limited edition Warhawk statue from Gentle Giant Studios.


Now of course there are some ground rules…there are always rules :-(

This is common sense but just in case…don’t use other logos or previously created content or imagery. That means you WILL NOT be able to fly around with a official sports logo on your Warhawk or have the face of some hamburger salesman on your soldier’s helmet!! – As cool as that may be. Well…it would be cool for me as I’m big fan of Chicken Nuggets.

Here are some examples:


No questionable content either please. I’m not going to describe various examples of questionable content…you all know what I’m talking about :-)

So for insignias…Here’s what you need to know:

  • The new insignia must be black and white.
  • White is opaque, and Black is fully transparent.
  • The ideal insignia uses only white, black and 50% gray.
  • The new insignia must be 64×64 pixels.
  • No words or text. The insignia must be graphic.
  • The insignia must be submitted in BMP, TGA or PNG file formats.
  • Do NOT submit your insignia in JPEG file format!

That’s the set of guidelines for the creation of insignias and some examples.

Now let’s talk paint schemes. Here are the Warhawk paint templates that you’ll use for your submission.


Once you’ve downloaded the template, you can apply your paint scheme much like using a coloring book. Although, if your submission has the quality of a 3-year-old’s rendering of Dora the Explorer…well, then you are immediately disqualified!!! :-)


Here’s an example of what a good war paint submission looks like if you were the leader of…oh, let’s say the “Airborne Banana Clan” :-)


Note that you don’t have to be a PhotoShop expert to submit a paint scheme, Keep in mind that not all paint programs may work.

Here are some other guidelines and steps that you should be aware of:

  • Go to the official site and make sure you read all the rules!!!
  • Use a paint program on your PC or MAC to fill in your design in like a paint-by-numbers … but without the numbers.
  • Avoid tiny details!
  • The best paint schemes feature clear and bold graphic lines and forms.
  • Again…DO NOT use logos or other previously created content.
  • The paint scheme template can be submitted in JPEG format.

Ok, now for the critical info…pay attention!!

Please send your submissions to playstation_community_support@playstation.sony.com
Make sure that the subject line reads “Warhawk Insignia” or “Warhawk Paint” depending on what you are submitting. And yes, you can make more than 1 submission. Please also include, in the body of your email, your full name, Telephone Number, and PSN handle.

Lastly, the deadline…

The submission deadline is February 15th, 2008 at 11:59pm PST!

If you have any questions please, please, please be sure to hit the official contest Web site for all the details…hypothetically speaking my blog entry *might* not cover everything so please check out the official site so our lawyers are happy :-)

We can’t wait to see all of the cool insignias and paint schemes that you come up with! Also, keep your eye’s posted to this BLOG and Warhawk.com for new info and an update on the upcoming Warhawk 1.3 patch!

.-. — -.-. -.- / — -.

Add Your Own

TONX said:

January 31st, 6:00 am

Question for Dylan, I have been playing Warhawk for the past week and i haven’t ranked up at all. I used to be ranked pretty high, but after the update i went back down a couple of ranks (I assure you i do NOT cheat). Any way to find out when i’ll rank up?

Enforcer_X said:

January 31st, 6:02 am

Well thank you for the information.
However I was inquiring about the Capture The Flag medal 500 flag captures 500 flag saves and 5 flag captures in a round.
I have way over the global requirements and I have captured 5 flags IAR on 3 occasions or more on Official Ranked Servers but I still don’t have this medal.
Thank you for your previous help =)
Keep up the great work on Warhawk!

zapruder said:

January 31st, 6:51 am

Dylan.. why not create an online site so we can check these things ourselves? The hows and when you rank up is pretty unclear now. reading the comments it seems i need to do some hit and runs with the 4×4.. so guess what i’m gonna do right now…beeb beeb!

ISEMAN said:

January 31st, 6:54 am

Any chance you can create JPEG downloadables of the templates?

Some of us may not have Photoshop.

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    January 31st, 9:47 am

    I\’ll talk to Jeff and see what we can do.

TONX said:

January 31st, 7:22 am

Forgot to say my PSN name is the same as my blog name here. TONX

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    January 31st, 9:50 am

    ok — We\’ll check your stats today.

    BTW everyone — the stats screens in Warhawk show you everything you need for a new rank.

    if you look at the rank screen, and select a rank on the left side, the right side of the display will show you all the requirements. The points, the ribbons, medals, whatever.

Violater said:

January 31st, 7:37 am

Ok guys, What is the best way for a lone Merc. to get 5 kills in the 4×4.
Man I got up to three then the match ended arggghhhh!!!!

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    January 31st, 9:47 am

    running people over *and* a mix of using the .50 cal on the back is always good.

    Sometimes you can get a quick troop kill and then pick-of a damage tank with the .50 cal

MotoX3style said:

January 31st, 8:04 am


Is there any way to get a vectorized version of the paint-scheme templates? I’m sort of a quality freak and would love to do the paint-scheme in Adobe Illustrator, but it’s kinda hard being precise with the templates being raster images. My submission would of course be a JPG as stated, but I’d like it to be the best quality it can be. Thanks in advance!

PcFish said:

January 31st, 8:49 am

I don’t know how to do 50% grayscale for the insignia…I’ve just been copying the gray from the sample pics you posted. Is that alright?

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    January 31st, 9:45 am

    that should work!

Rux said:

January 31st, 9:35 am

This sounds awesome, I’m making a sweet insignia already xD

Dylan, I have a question. Since the black portion of the image needs to be transparent, is it okay if (via photoshop) I just erase the black, leaving a transparent background?

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    January 31st, 9:45 am

    yeah — just paint using black and white where if you paint black, the insignia will be fully transparent.

Draicus said:

January 31st, 9:56 am

Just submitted about a half-dozen insignia and a paint scheme for the Nemesis. More to come, since I’m still touching up about six other paint schemes and need to save out my PSDs for another dozen insignia. :D

Hope you guys like them!

AnubisHades said:

January 31st, 10:29 am

Thanks for all the help lad, I think user generated content would be sweet but I don’t mind competition. Will you ever do a warhaw(plane) design content. (free labor)

rallyRays said:

January 31st, 10:51 am


I have a few technical question about the designs?

Can we create asymetrical aircraft designs? or are you mirroring the UV’s?

What is the final ingame texture resolution? and is this resolution mirrored or asymetrical? 512×512 mirrored or 512×512 asymetrical?

How many colors can we use in our aircraft textures pallette? 3, 5, unlimited color pallette?


    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    January 31st, 11:18 am

    ahh…rallyRays has done this before :-)

    Very good questions!

    YES — just like you see in the awesome \”banana clan\” example, please design with symmetry in mind.

    Symmetry down the main hull line of the aircraft.

    As far as colors go…our hul-paint texture is 24-bit…so what is that, like 16 million colors or something.

nmoe said:

January 31st, 11:17 am

Dylan, another stats question.

I am wondering why I don’t have the Air Combat Medal. I have around 52 hours in a warhawk, well over 100 points IAR, more like 200+ and way more than 5 air-to-air kills IAR.

For everyone else’s information, there is a good non-official site that shows everything you need to rank up and how to get it online: http://www.warhawkstats.com/ranks.php

PSN: nmoe
Clan: FGC

skunkworker said:

January 31st, 11:25 am

Hey Dylan is there any of the paint files that don’t have those annoying gray lines? or at least multi-layered so they can be taken off.

Could warhawk ever have custom soundtracks and/ or the In- Game Messaging so people can coordinate games. Also as a server could there ever be a way so that you can choose the next game style/type without having to completely restart the server?


January 31st, 11:54 am

Hey Dylan, my rank hasn’t gone up in ages, before the patch i had a high rank and great stats, unfortunately they got wiped. I never cheat in any games but use skill and patience. Can you check my ranking to see what I’m missing also? my PSN id is: SOOPERGOOMAN187. I’d appreciate it very much if you would see whats going on with it.

    Dylan Jobe's Avatar

    Dylan Jobe said:

    January 31st, 1:49 pm

    we\’ll look into them for you. I\’ll also ask the Arbiters in San Diego if they \”rendered-judgment\” on you.

    Check back here in a bit!

Acid_Fang said:

January 31st, 1:42 pm

hey Dylan, are we aloud to use texture on our plane???

Vex_Doppel said:

January 31st, 2:31 pm

Hey Dylan, we miss you in the forums. Which they are posting some really cool pics already.
I’m just wondering if we can get a few more hints for the V1.3? It’s killing me.

tails-4 said:

January 31st, 9:41 pm

hey dylan,
are we going to be able to import our own skins off our PS3 hardrive if we have the correct template and all?

Turboblog said:

February 1st, 12:00 am

Hello Dylan,

Unfortunately, it is not the topic but could you my statistics and rang set to zero … my points are wrong and that disturb me enormously.
My ID is TurboBoss_
I did not know what I should write, hopefully, it reads you.

And the skins at warhawk, if you have a backpack, then has you behind black areas. Can you somehow with the 1.3 patch solved?
I shot two pictures:


But everything in one, warhawk is a great online game

cheers, turbo

Turboblog said:

February 1st, 5:56 am

Hello Dylan,

Sorry for the off topic, but i did not know where i have been written to be… can you my points and my rang completely delete? my points are wrong and that disturb me enormously. My ID handle is TurboBoss_
It would be my pleasure

And now to the skins. All skins looking nice, but if i take a backapack then can you see a black area and that is not beautiful…

Here i shot two pictures:

I hope they can fix it with the V1.3 patch.
But everything in one, warhawk is a great online game.

Cheers, Turbo

40swords said:

February 1st, 7:44 am

Hello, Dylan I just have a couple of questions. About the insignias, 64×64 looks sooooo small, will we need to supply a bigger version should our entries be picked? Is the size due to the fact that you will be getting so many entries that you wanted the file size smaller or will you just be upscaling the images afterwards?

Also in what way will the chosen paint jobs be available to players? Will they be re apportioned amongst the current ranks or?

I really am looking forward to entering. Thanks.

tomplast said:

February 1st, 8:41 am

Hi Dylan. First I would like to thank you and the rest of your team for creating such a fantastic game experience.

I do not have any real complaints except from the fact that all skin/plane customizations that I have got after leveling in the game dissappeared when I reinstalled WarHawk on my PS3. I thought that such things there saved in the online profile so I wouldn’t loose them but I was sadly wrong. Is there anything you can do about this?

And btw, I really miss some way to select which vehicles (including airplanes) should be spawned on the map. Having a tank only game mode-scenario wouldn’t be too bad :P.

Thanks once again for creating a great gaming experience and listening to the players :).


TAZER357 said:

February 1st, 10:59 am

Hey Dylan any chance you guys can address a few other concerns in future updates if not the 1.3:
1) Player names an ranks visible when the player isnt in viewing range. A player on the other side of the map and their name and rank is visible, if your in a 32 player server it CAN get to the point where you cant see through the names . Unless your crosshairs are on them you shouldnt see their name(s).

2) No visible ID for the person talking on voice. Somewhere, anywhere on the hud there needs to be names appearing for those who are talking. It will improve communication in the team games. It will also allow players who need to mute someone a quicker way to ID them and mute them. The process to mute someone is time consuming enough, when you dont know who to mute and you have to wait for them to speak just to ID them it makes the process even longer.

3) The mini map needs to have adjustable visibility, especially when you expand it. For instance, when occupying anti air weapons I expand my mini map so I can see whats coming. the problem is at its current setting the map can be too opaque in some areas and it can obscure your vision. Having a “dimmer” adjustment can allow the map to still be there but not get in the way.

Turboblog said:

February 1st, 11:02 am

lol double message

Kazammm said:

February 1st, 11:51 am

Sweet! I might submit something soon as well… If I have the time with school and such.

Also, I have a question for Dylan to add to the “I am not ranking up” questions. So yeah, I have been playing on ranked servers for the past few days. I bought the game Wednesday and have been playing it in all of my spare time, but I have yet to rank up. Oh, and my PSN ID is Kazammm.

Please answer anything you can, thanks a ton Dylan!

elmonstro said:

February 1st, 1:42 pm

Hey, Dylan!
I can see you like this comment format thing, and I do to. It makes it MUCH easier to read.
Anyway, I was wondering of you could answer a question for me.
When I downloaded the template, I had to try to get rid of all the “almost white” parts, because the fill-with-color tool in MS Paint won’t work otherwise. However, there are still quite a few “almost white” dots all over the place.
I could fix them all, but it would take a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG time to do it as I would have to manually remove them (and guess where the lines are actually supposed to be).
Is it a problem if the image isn’t perfect, but isn’t too bad either?

Oh, and I have ten bucks that says someone will start the “Airborne Banana Clan” (or already has) before vs. 1.3 rolls out. Any takers?

Mega_Nift said:

February 1st, 3:15 pm

Dear Dylan Jobe,
Don’t take this in any wrong way, but i just feel that warhawk is lacking something, i’m not talking units, vehicles, any of that, you guys did a perfect job balancing that. I’m talking about customization options and rewards when you rank up. This being an online only game, I would like to be able to express my creativity to my fellow man online. Warhawk needs more customization options, and some kind of bonus content when you rank up. Like maybe for warhawk/nemisis customization you can pick a design template and actually edit the colors, idk Dylan, i’m not asking for much, i don’t want any new game modes, or new units, i just want some kind of new content…

Gregero said:

February 1st, 4:18 pm

I kind of have the same complaint as Mega_Nift except in a different way- can you make it so people who don’t play hardcore ranked games can use more outfits? I don’t play enough to rank up a lot and I would really like to see my character wear something cool instead of seeing the same clothing all the time.

Aschx said:

February 1st, 6:04 pm

Dear Dylan,
I have been having some lag lately in ranked servers. I was wondering if I could open some ports for it to cause this lag to “lessen” or stop altogether. Also, I have submitted a paint scheme but without the pdf format that you had let out, NOT including my address or email, I was wondering… Do you want me to try and (re-send) it or just leave it how it is?

Mega_Nift said:

February 1st, 8:00 pm

Dylan jobe doesn’t care about making better rank up features, he just wants some warhwk skin contest to keep people busy

Mega_Nift said:

February 1st, 10:23 pm

please disregard what i said before this on comment space 131, i was drunk and mad

Gregero said:

February 1st, 11:17 pm

lol that’s hilarious. i’m high and happy. dylan, do hit the j?

Gregero said:

February 1st, 11:18 pm

lol look at that- “do u hit the j?” is what i meant

jumpship12 said:

February 2nd, 12:56 am

Nice news . Also whats up with problem with player ranked servers? jacko1957 you asked me to decrease max number and see if things would work. Said crew would chk it out. I really want to update my provider to get to host 32 ppl and am waiting to see if problem is on my end or not. Not just me so let us know whats up ok. thanks


February 2nd, 4:40 am

@jumpship12 sounds like you are having a NAT3 problem. go to net settings and check in the settings list(at the bottom) if you have nat2 that would be why you can’t host 32 ppl games. now to get rid of nat3 and change it to nat2 you need to put a dmz in your modem with your modems ip, then one in your router with your ps3’s ip. then you should be all set to host 32ppl rooms. Hope that helped.

p.s. i want back in the G.A.P.

Uber_B said:

February 2nd, 11:13 am

I “Stat padded” in warhawk a while ago and i am mad at myself for doing so. and for the past 2 days ive been trying to get my stats reset and someone told me to go here and explain my dilema to you and they said you might be able to do something about it. so if you could please reset my warhawk stats i would be so happy.(19k stat pad)

my psn name is



reggaetonkid said:

February 2nd, 11:38 am

I “Stat padded” in warhawk a while ago and i am also mad at myself for doing so. and for the past days ive been trying to get my stats reset and someone also told me to go here and explain my dilema to you and they said you might be able to do something about it. so if you could please reset my warhawk stats i would also be happy.(45k stat pad)

my psn name is : nestyness1


ElwoodBlues said:

February 2nd, 12:20 pm

Just heard about this contest and its very cool.

im not a big forum guy but if there is any forum/blog that is worth looking at it is this one. 4games


Thanks for the great game Mr Jobe and the team at Incognito. I will be playing this one for a long time.

cdubb024 said:

February 2nd, 2:12 pm

Hi Dylan… I’m usually on the forums, but just registered here to ask you a question. I’ve submitted about 5 designs thus far and was wondering if they are too elaborate. The forum members have really been giving me some great responses and support and I’d like to create a bunch more designs… but I wonder if I should tone it down a bit.

cdubb024 said:

February 2nd, 2:36 pm

Oh and 2 more things I just thought of… sorry.

1) I assume that your team of artists are going to do their own recreation of the art submitted. Or do I need to make the design ready to code? I haven’t even touched the guns or cockpit areas because I figured that your team was going to do all that. Should I go back and redo some of my submissions due to this?

2) (a shot in the dark) My buddy Jbeezy40 is a TOP player (ranked 400-something… all legit) and has just moved to San Diego. Where might he apply to become an Arbiter? He started a thread asking you for a job. LOL.

Uber_B said:

February 2nd, 11:39 pm

Hi uh dylan, i am going to explain my situation in more detail this time,
Over 4 weeks ago i had never played ctf matches yet so i decided to, i was going through the server list and i saw alot of rank up no kill matches and the week before i saw on the computer that for capturing a flag you get 25 points so i went into the game and was running back and forth capturing the flag and people were killing me and then I got banned. I was stunned i did not know why, so i created a ctf match named something like rank up no kill and started, i was running back and forth capturing the flag, then when someone joined i was still capturing the flag when he captures mine and did this really fast flag pass thing that i had never seen before, then i noticed my stats were climbing FAST i was like “oh so this is what i was supposed to do in a rank up no kill match. quickly the match became ranked with 8 players and this was happening again my score was rising steadily, and someone was killing us and i did not know why, so i kicked anyone who killed me. I still dont know how to do the flag pass, i know it has something to do with triangle but i couldnt make it go really fast. but anyways the match was 20 mins in and i was watching my score rise to 19k when i started feeling bad about it, i was gonna quit but then i remembered if i quit the game everyone else will lose their score, and even though i felt bad about cheating they didnt, i thought well they really want the custimizable options, and being the nice guy i am i really didnt want to be so mean as to invite these people in and 20 mins in quit and kick them all so i just was walking around the level not doing much, and after the game was up i looked at my stats and was ashamed. I wanted my stats reset so I erased my warhawk save game but that didnt do anything and i didnt want to make a new psn account because that would erase my rfom stats and anything i purcased from the ps store so i thought i was stuck with it. then 3 days ago my dad told me that anyone caught stat padding was going to get their stats reset and i said “i have to do that” because i want my warhawk stats reset but before i went on warhawk and just started stat padding til i get caught and have my stats reset i went on the forums and posted many threads asking if anyone knew a way to get my stats reset, and eventually led me here. and thats my story and I was Really hoping you could somhow get my stats reset, i dont care if you have to ban me for a day to do it or what i just really want them reset. I am really sorry for going off topic but this was the page the link i got sent me to.

My Psn name is:


Thank you

CB23 said:

February 3rd, 1:20 am

Hi Dylan

Great game by the way!!!

Dose anybody know if there is going to be a European version of the Paint Scheme and Insignia Contest? or if we cant join the American contest?

Would be great if we could get included and not left out!!!

reggaetonkid said:

February 3rd, 12:06 pm

I “Stat padded” in warhawk a while ago and i am also mad at myself for doing so. and for the past days ive been trying to get my stats reset and someone also told me to go here and explain my dilema to you and they said you might be able to do something about it. so if you could please reset my warhawk stats i would also be happy.(45k stat pad)

my psn name is : nestyness1


Noodle.Ninja said:

February 3rd, 8:08 pm

Hey Dylan,

I rarely play warhawk with out a friend and it is very difficult to find a server, I noticed that there are alot of empty severs, why don’t you make some *unranked* official servers?

Uber_B said:

February 3rd, 11:13 pm

Ignore my previous messages i finally got my stats reset.

Uber_B said:

February 4th, 1:08 am

I think.

Turboblog said:

February 4th, 4:12 am

Can you tell me how to do this? please. I have delete everything and format, and it still will not go.
And the people of warhawk ignore us anyway…

zapruder said:

February 4th, 6:18 am

5 kills with the 4×4 is …impossible? people… STOP JUMPING over the car when i’m trying to hit you please.. thank you.

poopshipdestroyer said:

February 4th, 7:25 am


I neglected to have my PSN ID on my submissions. I was reading the Official Rules (which do not state this or indicate PSN on the entry form) Though the Dylan Jobe rules do. Do they still count? :)


lastfreename said:

February 4th, 8:40 am

Hey, I know this post is a few days old now but I was wondering if us budding artists from overseas could enter and just give up any prize-winning rights? Or if the legal issues about the use of content could we just release our stuff under a GPL?

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