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Feb 07

Feb 07

Coming to PSP: Go with the flOw

SuperVillain Studios's Avatar Posted by flOw PSP team

Hello flOw fans! We here at SuperVillain Studios are excited to finally let the cat out of the bag and announce that flOw will indeed be released for the PSP on March 6th via the PLAYSTATION Store for PC.

flOw 5flOw 3

With great support from thatgamecompany, we’ve been able to reconstruct and faithfully preserve the unique experience of flOw on Sony’s premier handheld device.

flOw 1flOw 4flOw 2

Our focus was to ensure that the sights, sounds, and feel of the game met the highest of standards for the platform. We’re confident that you’ll all enjoy this new entry into the ever-evolving flOw universe. Enjoy the trailer below.

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Violater said:

February 8th, 8:42 am

Cool now bring patapon to the PSN

steve86uk said:

February 8th, 8:46 am

Didn’t even realise flow was a game, Will have to go back to the PS3 version and try and complete it. I thought it was just a pretty, interactive screen saver.

zookey said:

February 8th, 9:08 am

Just curious—will this be free to people who already have it on PS3 or is it intended to be a separate game entirely–I ask because of how you can purchase a PSone classic and it is playable on both PSP and PS3 for 1 price.

Shiloa said:

February 8th, 10:01 am


At last!

Gunwing said:

February 8th, 10:13 am

This is great but how about some non PS3 PSN games? I can think of a few off the top of my head that would be great fun for PSP gamers. Like a Gex-The Gecko Sequel just for the PSP system, as well as maybe a few arcade games with online play for them?

Like maybe an online game like Super Smash brothers only with guns, and 8 players online or Ad-Hoc. As well as a game like Mario Party only this time it’s all with Sony characters! Think about it Crash, Cortex, Snake, Hale, Rachet, Clank, Gex the Gecko, Jack, Daxter, Captain Quark, Aseroth, Cloud, and even some third party characters would be great and it would be a fun complation of the best Sony has ever had over the years. Plus it would bring the kids into the system as well!

SuperVillain Studios's Avatar

SuperVillain Studios said:

February 8th, 10:17 am

The flOw PS3 Expansion Pack will be released in Europe soon. We don’t have any information on release date yet.


Kash76 said:

February 8th, 11:45 am

How about some remote play for those of us PS3 version owners??

Kedaro said:

February 8th, 2:29 pm

Yea us ps3/psp gamers (ie. who own both systems) would love to at least receive some sort of deal if we have to shell out to play on our portable device. More game companies have to start thinking about the people who have both, because a lot of us do indeed have both systems, some even have multiple PSPs.

BrianC6234 said:

February 8th, 2:42 pm

I never got this game for the PS3. It sounds like a great PSP game. I could play it at work. During lunch of course. :)

Guticb said:

February 8th, 8:11 pm

I already have the PS3 version (Love it, by the way!)

Is there any chance that if we already have the PS3 version, we can just download it to our PSP?

safu said:

February 8th, 9:49 pm


Ar-Pharazon said:

February 8th, 11:05 pm

zookey wrote: “…you can purchase a PSone classic and it is playable on both PSP and PS3 for 1 price.”

The thing about PSone games (the ones you can download, anyway) is that they didn’t need to be ported or rewritten in order to bring them to PSP/PS3. Both the PSP and the PS3 are more powerful than the original PlayStation, enough so that Sony could write a PSOne emulator for both systems. Then you could play the original software on either system with little or no modification. I’m sure this must have figured into Sony’s decision on PSOne download pricing.

PS3 is, shall we say, a bit more powerful than PSP. ;-) Bringing any PS3 game to the PSP would require a lot more effort than just throwing something into the emulator. Pricing is obviously Sony’s call, but I think it’s perfectly fair if they need to make back the money they spent getting the game made.

harrymason2004 said:

February 9th, 7:02 pm

flOw coming to PSP is such awesome news!!
By any chance will flOw be able to go Fullscreen
with the slim tv-out?
That would be a really cool way to enjoy the game
when your at home.Especially for those who don’t
have a PS3 yet.
BTW are we going to get a sequel to your game
Dungeon Seige: Throne of Agony?
I loved that game!! One of the best RPGs out for
Keep up great work at SuperVillain Studios!!!

Ar-Pharazon said:

February 11th, 8:20 am

Umm, I actually didn’t know there was a TV-out for PSP…? But it sounds like something that would work for any game. In other words, the game probably doesn’t know, and doesn’t need to know, that you’re using a device like that.

Speaking of output hardware, you definitely want to play flOw with headphones on, because the music is such a big part of the game.

Sequeling DS:ToA would be totally up to Gas Powered Games, who I believe hold the rights to that property. Very happy to hear you liked it, though!

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