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Feb 13

Feb 13

Weekly Patapost: Valentine’s Day Demo Download

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Goodbye sadness, hello Patapon (demo that is).

This is an official announcement for the Patapon demo, and yes, this isn’t Groundhog Day; and no, you didn’t just have a Memento moment.

So, what’s all the fuss about? Well since Valentine’s Day is coming up, we decided that instead of sending each and every one of you heart-shaped candies and sappy cards, we’d provide you with something you’ve been asking for… so to keep the Valentine’s theme going:

Patapon + Interwebs = BFF’s 4-ever.
(Translation: Patapon PSP demo goes live on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC this Valentine’s Day; *hearts* for you)

Yes, it is true. After reading some of your comments (you know who you are), we decided to extend the demo to all corners of the North America, thanks to the powers of the interwebs, so come February 14th, 2008, you will be able to score the free Patapon demo online over the PLAYSTATION Store for PC.

But wait, there’s more! For an unlimited time only, you’ll also be able to download the Patapon PSP demo over your PS3 as well! Oh Pata-SNAP! So make sure your PSP’s Memory Stick Pro Duo is good and ready to download and transfer the demo from your PS3 over to your PSP.

So to summarize:

  • Patapon PSP demo to launch over both the PlayStation Store for PC (http://store.playstation.com) and PS3 on February 14th, 2008
  • Patapon PSP demo will have the same save-to-final feature as the UMD version.
  • Memory Stick Duo needed to transfer the demo to your PSP. Your PSP does not have telepathic powers nor does it learn through osmosis (yet).
  • Patapon PSP demo will complete your life and fill you full of hearts and French stuff (you know, like Rolito).
  • You know what to do on February 26th

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Chris “Candy Heart” HM.

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cybereal said:

February 13th, 1:29 pm

Excellent, right after I finally found the demo at a store. Regardless, this is the best game I’ve played in a very long time. EVERYONE MUST GET THE DEMO!

Snap said:

February 13th, 1:29 pm

Awesome news!

Stoffinator said:

February 13th, 1:31 pm

I was wondering if you guys were going to do a English demo. PSP needs more demos as well, mostly for games like this.

zookey said:

February 13th, 1:32 pm

So will this have the extra spear?

Not a big question for me personally, my bro and I each got hte UMD demo—IT RULES—my bro was P-O’d at it first—-but, after I pushed him to loosen up and keep trying, he got addicted like me–I actually beat the demo a second time so I could have a better army with more ‘rare’ Patapons (by using different meat and rocks for the birthing process)

Really this is a unique game—I love it a lot.

MAAAN wipEout Pulse comes out today–but a FREAKING BLIZZARD blew in and I probably can’t get to GameStop today—I even went there yesterday to pay it off. CRAP!

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda's Avatar

    chmiranda said:

    February 14th, 10:28 am

    Oops – forgot to mention this: the Patapon downloable demo is exactly the same as the UMD demo (spear and all).

Makasu said:

February 13th, 1:32 pm

If only i could play it on the ps3 instead… from my psp? Reverse remote play? :)

C-h-a-o-s said:

February 13th, 1:33 pm

I wish you would of told me about this before I harassed GameStop for a week straight :-D. This is good news for those unfortunate to not get the UMD demo.


I still expect chocolates from you guys though or else </3.

nabokovfan87 said:

February 13th, 1:33 pm

cool, glad to see the psp is getting demos too. how about letting me download EVERYTHING on the pc store through my ps3? i hate having to boot up just to get a demo, video, or wallpaper.

make a psp section on the psn!

AwRy108 said:

February 13th, 1:42 pm

Awesome work, especially with being up-to-date with demos–keep ’em comin’!

wocyob said:

February 13th, 1:48 pm

any idea on how big the file is going to be?
all i have is a 512mb stick :( and like over 150mb left in it

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda's Avatar

    chmiranda said:

    February 14th, 10:32 am

    We\’ve tagged the final size at 31mb – – that leaves you 119MB free for all your other misc. stuffs.

depward said:

February 13th, 1:55 pm

Good stuff. Got my demo by pre-ordering and I have to say, just love the game – so much fun. Your posts are awesome too, Chris. Like the pata-pata-grama-pon that goes on :)

Koontay said:

February 13th, 2:04 pm

Groovy! Except, I think my mom pre-orderd it already, And if she did, she’ll give me the demo Valentines Day. Also, I go to my school on the 14th for a valentines party, and they have free Wi-Fi there. So I’ll get the demo somehow!

Mana Knight said:

February 13th, 2:10 pm

Awesome news. I can’t wait.

ftwrthtx said:

February 13th, 2:18 pm

Great. Now I won’t have to switch between users to play this on my PSP. Thanks!

NewYork214 said:

February 13th, 2:18 pm

tomorrow is my birthday and now im gettin two demos i want. mlb 08 and patapon. dont lie and say it was a coincidence lol.

Grauw said:

February 13th, 2:35 pm

How about us Europeans (Dutch, to be precise)?

We’d also like to get try out Patapon before it’s in stores, and gain that demo-only weapon.

Sakimori_X said:

February 13th, 2:43 pm

YAY!! Thanks, guys!!

darkiewonder said:

February 13th, 2:43 pm

You guys are awesome. this is an awesome Valentines Gift <33333333

linebeginstoblur said:

February 13th, 2:44 pm

I know what you mean. Three weekends in a row, I kept going back and asking. Finally, they had the demos. Still not exactly sure if anyone there even knows what the game is. Lol.

I do hope you get some demo of it soon too, but this is a blog by SCEA, so if you’re anticipating European news here, this may not be the right place.

I_Love_New_York said:

February 13th, 2:47 pm

Thanks Chris for informing us. I can’t wait to download the demo. Will it have the same secret unlockable as the UMD version? Man this just makes me so happy. Thanks for listening to your fans and the people that support these games.

Federation said:

February 13th, 2:50 pm

I love the Demo it’s FUN!!!!

Spaceghost4284 said:

February 13th, 2:50 pm

Like I do with every Patapon post…GIVE US THIS GAME FOR THE PS3!!!

Deathrock said:

February 13th, 2:54 pm

Great news to hear ;)

Frazz said:

February 13th, 2:56 pm

This would be a great psn game.Hint Hint

EViD said:

February 13th, 3:02 pm

thanks a lot

GamingGumper said:

February 13th, 3:04 pm

I had pre-ordered the game back when the demo was first announced, and instead of having to bug them for weeks, my Gamestop actually called me up when the demo arrived!!! Now that is the service that should be expected from a store that is supposedly run by gamers.

I absolutely love this game, and have already am on my third play through. (I accidentally exited out to the menu right before the dragon battle on the first play through.) Like zookey I am playing again to get a better army for when the game arrives in two weeks.

While you pick up on some of the strategic concepts as you go, the game doesn’t do a very good job helping you find these tidbits. Almost seems like to truly get the best from the game you have to play multiple times to understand how to really suceed.

gardea said:

February 13th, 3:17 pm

I’m going to download the demo AND get the real UMD version when I go pre-order it next week.

DankandSticky said:

February 13th, 3:22 pm

just like everyone else, harrassed gamestop for a week than drove 20 mins to get it….. this is stupid, one or the other dont change stuff like this… wish it was a new level like Locoroco always did, instead of the same thing different format…. lame…..but the game is incredible dont get me wrong

Maverick_fox said:

February 13th, 3:32 pm


but can you please add the Harvey Birdman demo to the ps3 store, seems like the pc store doesn’t work for me :(

the Syphon Filter: LS and SOCOM: Tactical Strike Demos would be nice too !!

Maverick_fox said:

February 13th, 3:39 pm

and how can i forget the Chains of Olympus !!, please add the demo to the ps3 store.

you know there’s no Best buy, Circuit City or even Gamestop here in méxico. btw any info about the mexican ps3 store?

typikal82 said:

February 13th, 3:41 pm

oh patasnap!

Voozi said:

February 13th, 3:46 pm

Thanks so much =D Saved me the trouble of going demoless ;/ cause I pre ordered but for some reason my Gamestop I go to was MIA on the demos lol.

But thanks again! =D

darkosian said:

February 13th, 3:47 pm

for chris
This version of french stuff is better ;)

Brakkvatn said:

February 13th, 3:50 pm

When will I be able to use the Playstation Store for PC on my linux computer?

Jeigh said:

February 13th, 3:54 pm


Love the links-love the creativity, but um, do you realize what they’re saying in that french video? **Potentially explicit material French-speaking kiddies** XD

Jeigh said:

February 13th, 3:58 pm

And, yeah, I figured those that bothered to go out and get the demo would be a little ‘miffed.’ For them, this is like a Valentine’s betrayal. >.<

wuhocheung said:

February 13th, 4:13 pm

I wondering is it going to be on the Canada PlayStation Store for PC as it said it is a North America version

Keysersoze10033 said:

February 13th, 4:23 pm

Thanks for the download demo. I reserved the game in Gamestop a few weeks ago and they still don’t have the demo :(.

yxxxx said:

February 13th, 4:45 pm


Some news is better than no news at all. Us poor Europeans :(

Gunwing said:

February 13th, 5:02 pm

It’s great to see the PC Store coming into it’s own now with new demos, and themes for PSP lovers. Now we need to have all future games from Sony, or not use our PSN log in, or ask you to make one. It would mean the PSP system would have a true online service rather than random ones for each game that make you sign into their private servers.

tirminyl said:

February 13th, 5:02 pm

I have not even read this full post yet but THANK YOU FOR THIS DEMO!!!!! I can’t wait to pata play this!

kspraydad said:

February 13th, 5:05 pm

As one of those that questioned the logic of locking out vast stretches of the US and Canada and the rest of the world with Gamestop only demos… THANK YOU for hearing us.

Love you SONY long time.

Soong said:

February 13th, 5:21 pm

US only or can people in the UK expect it?

That’s probably a stupid question, what am I think, I’ll wait patiently til we get it in May.

B1ack_Mage said:

February 13th, 5:46 pm

too bad I have a mac… will I be able to download it from the PS site on the PSP?

Stallone said:

February 13th, 5:59 pm

Whats going on the US.Playstation.com website? Its like showing a new banner with PLAYSTATION NETWORK but now it gone…and then it came back..then it gone. It has like pictars of home and communication features….Lol?

crazypenguin said:

February 13th, 6:06 pm

Awsome! i can’t wait to download it through my ps3 because i have a mac….

Lanontscuz said:

February 13th, 6:25 pm

YOu dang Right PataSnap! i got the demo… you really need to get a head set to get into a good rhythm … i broke mine 2 years ago ><‘ ….im loving the demo right now

Ramage said:

February 13th, 6:29 pm

I have to admit, at first i wasn’t too excited about all this pata stuff…and all the pon language but now I’m really looking forward to the release and those patasnaps are pretty awesome. Thanks for the demo!

cronqvist said:

February 13th, 6:30 pm

No girl or friend could have given me a better gift. Thank you!

coolasj19 said:

February 13th, 7:06 pm

i should start using the “ulimited time only” tag line now. just lik i usethe “free candy 1$” tag line while selling candy at school

lynux3 said:

February 13th, 7:16 pm

Now all we need is the Patapon swag!

    Chris Hinojosa-Miranda's Avatar

    chmiranda said:

    February 14th, 10:24 am

    *Rubbing Crystal Ball* I see Pata-Gifts in the near future…

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