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Feb 19

Feb 19

GDC Tuesday: PlayStation Blogger Lounge Day 1 Highlights

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Hey all, hope you’re enjoying the GDC festivities so far. Day 1 of the Sony Blogger Lounge has been a success, with press from around the world getting their hands on games like flOw PSP, Secret Agent Clank, echochrome, and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Big shout out to those who have stopped by on Day 1, like bloggers from Level Up, IGN, Gamervision, 1up, MTV Multiplayer, EuroGamer, Gametrailers, Ars Technica, Destructoid (minus the Robot, regrettably), PC World, GameDaily, TotalPlayStation.com, Gamervision, and many more.

Slightly more thanks to those who documented what they saw, like Joystiq and IGN. ;-)

Things will pick up noticeably tomorrow, as we get the developers in here for one on one interviews, so expect a ton of coverage from the outlets listed above (and certainly even more than that). We’ll also have the cameras on, asking the devs those questions you want answered.

Not able to make it to GDC or want check out more of what’s happening in The Lounge? You can check out our Twitter and Flickr accounts or find out more details here.

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Lirion said:

February 20th, 4:20 am

Oh come on Sony! People are looking forward to in-game xmb more than MGS4 and FFXIII combined.

I think it’s time to give it to us.

erp said:

February 20th, 4:25 am

Jeff Rubenstein: do you have anything you wish to tell us about this screen on Flickr?


I cannot get that theme on my PS3 like on the picture… In-game stuff he?

ibunkun said:

February 20th, 4:40 am

what about the expanded profile presented last year? that “myhome-sque” thing.

Madness3120 said:

February 20th, 5:51 am

Can I get a beer?


February 20th, 5:52 am

If Home or In Game XMB does not come out this or next week, I can see people starting up a class action lawsuit because it’s been overly advertised that Home waas supposed to release before the end of 2007. This is LIEING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. Now I don’t know much about laws in the U.S. but here in Canada you would be sued for alot of money for FALSE ADVERTISING and your business shut down.

This is how some of us are starting to feel. starting to feel leeeeft out, starting to feel unappreciated, starting to feel that maybe xbox is better….

is that something you want? all these people to goto xbox? that would suck. So give us in game xmb( that i could care less about) or Home. give us home, you promised and breaking a promise makes me sad!

Madness3120 said:

February 20th, 6:04 am

Man you need a life buddy….

Is it THAT serious?????????

iorkara said:

February 20th, 6:06 am

If Sony does not give us In-Game XMB or Home by the time GDC is over, I’m expecting alot of disappointed PlayStation 3 owners including myself. Sometimes I wonder why I spent $1,400 AUD on launch day alone.

spyhunterx said:

February 20th, 6:18 am

Yeah, i paid 1125 $ for my PS3 here in Europe and i’m starting to feel a little bit PISSED OFF! myself.

SuperTanker said:

February 20th, 6:24 am

Great job with the shirts. If you put them up on the PS store, I’ll pick up a couple.

DarkerAl said:

February 20th, 6:27 am


OK, so there won’t be any hardware or firmware announcements at GDC.

But will there be any news at all for us to look forward to at GDC?

Any news on Home? Any news on games?

I find it hard to believe after last year that all Sony has is a Blogger’s lounge with a couple of games?!?

zapruder said:

February 20th, 6:27 am

Hey Jeff… i’m getting to old for this hyped up BS, give us a release date and move on.. might help those lazy programmers when you set a clear date to actuelly get it done.. like last time that Home Beta should have been released. Anyway hope you realize your demografic has grown up and most of the firt time PS3 buyers aren’t 10 years young kids..so please stop treating us like we all are little kids. I Don’t know how old you are Jeff that shouln’t matter (i’m 32) but a little less tease and some more info would be very very welcome. And I have to agree with some posters.. is this legal? Selling stuff on a promise? then i can sell bricks and say it’s a house right?

stray_wulf said:

February 20th, 6:47 am

oh man i can’t believe you guys would tease us like that with the shirts! So not cool haha. I’m really hoping to see in-game XMB soon, as soon as that’s in the firmware the PS3 will officially be the greatest console of all time :)

Any hints as to when we will see in-game XMB? a few weeks? months? …years? (eek!)

reson8er said:

February 20th, 6:57 am

I cracked up when I saw that shirt. I would also buy one or 2 if they went up for sale.

Hilarious :D

Gunwing said:

February 20th, 6:59 am

You all need to chill out. I seem to remember the PS2 taking 5 years to get good sales numbers, and on top of that it was twice the price of the Xbox for a while. Not only that but the first and second run PS2s had all kinds of DVD play back issues. I had 3 PS2s die on me after launch day. I only lost one Xbox, and never lost my launch Xbox360.

So take this into account at the new found huge Sales surge of the PS3. Yes I agree In-Game XMB is a major and much needed feature, and that HOME is pushed a lot by Sony but is still not here yet. But we need to give Sony time to develop these features less we have another mass of problems like what happened with the PS2 E-Chip. We all know how bad that was out the door.

OrganicShadow said:

February 20th, 7:12 am

Gamervision showed up twice??? :P

The main thing I usually look forward to at GDC is middleware announcements and hearing developers talk about how far along they’ve come with working on the PS3.

Looks like in-shirt xmb stole the show though! :D

TCampbell76 said:

February 20th, 7:31 am

“<> It’s us being cheeky.”

Should have also made shirts that say “1080i only TV? lawl” while on the topic of being cheeky on shortcomings. :)

Caliber said:

February 20th, 7:53 am

It’s a shame Sony is treating our (the PS3-players) desire for ingame-XMB as a joke.
I know that it’s probably pretty hard to write the code, but if they’d made ingame-XMB higher priority (as it should be) I’m sure we’d have it by now.

True Gamer said:

February 20th, 7:55 am

When is the Sony keynote (if that’s what it’s called). I want to see Home, dammit!
Also, I can’t wait to see this White Engine that Square-Enix are showing! Final Fantasy is the reason I bought a PS3!

TLSBill said:

February 20th, 8:10 am

160+ comments, and %75 are about a shirt? For over a year the PS3’s been bashed for not having enough games, and now that they are showing / talking about games we’re discussing t-shirts.

Anyway, glad the press has thier hands on Echochrome & Clank. Now that there’s a PSP store can we expect to get our hands on it in the form of a demo?

nick2409 said:

February 20th, 8:18 am

many people are not dissatified with announcements regarding in-game xmb and release dates. make us happy and the community will thank you with buying your products!

nick2409 said:

February 20th, 8:19 am

^^i mean “…are dissatified…” ups!

subbed said:

February 20th, 8:20 am

I saw Havoks updated engine. Looks nice. Not the graphics as its a demo but what they were doing with cloth physics. Since it seems 80%(not a fact) of games use havok thats exciting.

OrganicShadow said:

February 20th, 8:25 am

I don’t think Sony deserves to be criticized for the shirt, because it’s retaliation for users abusing the comment section here with spam and whining about in-game XMB. There is a contact us link right over there to the left. THAT’S where you send that junk- not here.

zapruder said:

February 20th, 8:27 am

@Gunwng; xbox never had and never will have great sales outside the US, Nintendo did a great thing with the Wii, it’s selling outside japan and the US, the Cube was a flop in europe and never a big seller in the US, Sony had it made. Now Xbox had a small lead and pretty soon xbox 1080 or something will be shown.

Back to my point, it’s not just the PS3 it’s the PSP aswell.. they promised full connection and even a rearview mirror in F1 but never made it a reallity.

Lair some how works on a PSP but the rest doesn’t.. PSP has Radio, RSS, Skype, PS3 doesn’t.. no flash in the browser.. and what everybody from day 1 is asking for Home and ingame XMB… No games with linux… Sony sold this console as a computer it’s not… no more PS2 BC in the 40GB version…

look at it this way.. I saw a picture of a super tasty hamburger with tomato, salade, union, big chunk of juicy meat between a lovely fresh bread… and what you get is a piece of beaf with nothing. Now i’m a fan of beaf … it’s tasty.. i like it.. but it’s not what they sold me is it.

tokon said:

February 20th, 8:39 am

Jeff, was wondering if you could check out what Crytech has to say? If there’s any news on them working with the PS3.

TwinsDad said:

February 20th, 9:04 am

Jeff those shirts are awesome. Glad to see Sony has a good sense of humor. I might be the only person not caring about in-game XMB. Keep up the good work and the information posts and pictures from GDC 08.

If you start a Jeff fan club, can I be a member?

Kenjisan said:

February 20th, 9:08 am

Just to be direct… :P

Is this GDC going to be a disappointment for Sony in terms of big announcements?
I mean, no hardware annoucements (new SKUs, colours,price cuts), no firmware and in-game XMB news, no big new games announced (expect for Resistance 2 which should be shown behind closed doors)?
So what’s the point?
I don’t think you really believe that people are interested in Q&A sessions with the developers of Hot Shot Golf and Echochrome just because these games are about to be released :P
Drop the real bombs!

Kenjisan said:

February 20th, 9:11 am

No release date for Home would also be really disappointing :/

Scodo_Thope said:

February 20th, 9:23 am

So hopefully some good “Shock and Aw” coming out of the show for Sony?

driver said:

February 20th, 9:41 am

Go Sony, Go Sony, Go :)

AhXian said:

February 20th, 9:54 am

the reason why they don’t give a release date for most games is because if something happens during the final stage of the development they would have to delay the game and everyone would go ape [DELETED]. it is much better for everyone if the announcement of the release date comes when the game goes gold. let the developers do their work.

sixo said:

February 20th, 10:03 am

nice man cant wait too get my game back

DPyro said:

February 20th, 10:03 am

I thought there was suppose to be a ‘public’ beta of Home. How come we’ve still not seen this? I’m in the G.A.P and thought I would have been able to try this out by now. Also, when is beta testing coming to PS3 games (Killzone 2 anyone?)

TouchyEd said:

February 20th, 10:11 am

The t-shirts are hilarious. If you’re truly offended or angered by them, well, you really need to re-evaluate your priorities in life. You’re obviously taking the petty little issues in your life (and your Playstation) WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.

Those shirts are along the same lines as the comic-book guy’s t-shirt in the Simpsons that read, “Worst Episode Ever” (from so many people writing that on the Internet after EVERY Simpson’s episode).


DPyro said:

February 20th, 10:14 am

One more thing, why say there will be no announcement about firmware….How do you explain this?


It’s quite obvious that a new firmware will be released, seeing how current firmware can’t do that.

Seanscythe2 said:

February 20th, 10:18 am

I’m sorry but you sony needs to stop this hush hush stuff with us. We have invested so much with them the least they can do is tell us more info.

Why is it we don’t get new videos/Images of LBP, Home, Killzone2, R:FOM2, FFXIII, FFXIIIvs, and many more games?

We see on the net all these videos and images but nothing on the PSN. Also why the silent treatment on Home and In-game XMB? It’s not like it’s a secret that no one knows about, you announced home last year and the news on it is slim to none.

Come on Sony we know it’s coming soon so why not just blow our minds and release the goods for us your loyal fans.

thingg said:

February 20th, 10:19 am

Dude, I NEED one of those t-shirts. I almost fell out of chair laughing when I saw them….
Anyway, I hope you guys are just doing the kind of thing that Dylan Jobe did with the “Rock on!!” pic in the Warhawk post, because if you’re just being “cheeky” and aren’t actually planning on releasing In-“shirt” XMB any time soon, well, there could be riots all over the place next week…

btw guys, Jeff didn’t say anything about no Home announcements this week. (read reply to comment #1)

jorge_giorgi said:

February 20th, 10:20 am

Awsome coverage

GTAce said:

February 20th, 11:14 am

Hey guys, nice to see the coverage continues!
Could you make some pics or videos from the new Driving Force wheel?
Im really intrigued in the horn and setup features.

Thanks again for all the stuff

mgillespie said:

February 20th, 11:20 am

Hey, we don’t want InTShirtXMB, it want InGameXMB… :-)

I would be very disappointed if Sony have this finished, but are waiting for the right show to announce and release it.

The amount of people I know holding out on PS3 purchases because of it, it pretty big, and it’s always on my (short) list of disadvantages to buying a PS3.

PSheddy said:

February 20th, 11:46 am


I’ve seen this one some message boards too and I’m confused.. what exactly is it doing that’s different?

Locster60 said:

February 20th, 11:48 am

When is Sony’s key note speech at GDC?

DarkerAl said:

February 20th, 12:00 pm

There is no Sony keynote this year, Locster.

I’m hoping they issue SOME news though. But Jeff’s keeping quiet.

Locster60 said:

February 20th, 12:08 pm

Yea I could not find anything on the web so I thought I would ask. They could of put something together. Like some cool downloads for this week for PSN.. lol Guess I will just have to use the “Toshiba HD DVD announcement” for my own personal gratification for the rest of the week since Sony is not announcing anything. :) But thanks Darker

juanleche said:

February 20th, 12:17 pm

Can someone confirm the the PS3 can not and will not be able to upscale any 720p game to 1080i or p? Currently it can not perform this function which ever other HD device can do, including the competing console. it is really sad that NOT all hd games can be played on all HDTVs. Its more sad that no one with any official voice will even acknowledge that they know this.

Violater said:

February 20th, 12:34 pm

Time to step up Sony, don’t loose the momentum.

KnaveX said:

February 20th, 12:44 pm


Sony has no keynote this time, they just have the lounge, the playstation home developers presentation tommorrow and a couple of interviews today with some developers. No new stuff here. I’m guessing they’re saving it up for E3.

Gregero said:

February 20th, 12:49 pm

Tomorrow’s gonna suck isn’t it??? At GDC and for us at home…

Jenovah said:

February 20th, 1:14 pm

Jesus Jeff, Please tell me you guys are gonna step it up at this show. MS just had a pretty kickass showing. Last years Sony Keynote was fantastic, this year has been pretty MEH for Sony. Real in game XMB would have been great :/

Lirion said:

February 20th, 1:24 pm

Sony better have something kickass tomorrow or they will hand this GDC to Microsoft.

Last year Sony owned everyone with Home and LTB, they can’t just sit back and let GDC go by and do nothing.

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