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Feb 19

Feb 19

GDC Tuesday: PlayStation Blogger Lounge Day 1 Highlights

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PlayStation.Blog @ GDC

Hey all, hope you’re enjoying the GDC festivities so far. Day 1 of the Sony Blogger Lounge has been a success, with press from around the world getting their hands on games like flOw PSP, Secret Agent Clank, echochrome, and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Big shout out to those who have stopped by on Day 1, like bloggers from Level Up, IGN, Gamervision, 1up, MTV Multiplayer, EuroGamer, Gametrailers, Ars Technica, Destructoid (minus the Robot, regrettably), PC World, GameDaily, TotalPlayStation.com, Gamervision, and many more.

Slightly more thanks to those who documented what they saw, like Joystiq and IGN. ;-)

Things will pick up noticeably tomorrow, as we get the developers in here for one on one interviews, so expect a ton of coverage from the outlets listed above (and certainly even more than that). We’ll also have the cameras on, asking the devs those questions you want answered.

Not able to make it to GDC or want check out more of what’s happening in The Lounge? You can check out our Twitter and Flickr accounts or find out more details here.

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Skater said:

February 20th, 1:29 pm

Sony, what you’re doing is not enough. Microsoft is stealing your thunder. Gears of War 2, User created Live games, Ninja Gaiden II. And I believe they still have more to come. Not having a keynote is hurting you


February 20th, 1:34 pm

whoever said it, you are right. i need to get a life. I’m bored with my PLAYSTATION 3, 2, psp ps1 all of it. BORED! Hell the DS is getting a “HOME” like system for it. The wii is getting it and Live is being revamped to be more like Home. If it doesn’t show up soon, people will go to the other platforms.
$4 189 500 000 is the amount of money that the PS3 has brought into sony as of this week. Where is HOME goddamn it?!? Thats alot of cash just from the console itself, let alone the millions of dlc that people buy evry day. Give us HOME already!

The t-shirts would have been better if they said

Zorox said:

February 20th, 1:36 pm

GDC is about the developers. This isn’t E3, so we shouldn’t expect much about new games. This event is where Sony should be presenting new development tools for games, Home, and maybe stopping companies from installing games to the HDD.

Snap said:

February 20th, 1:37 pm

Agreed with everyone above. Sony needs to show something un-announced OR give us Home public beta.

MS had a “meh” keynote honestly. User created Live games? Because I want to play some dudes toilet simulator? It will become a mess just like YouTube and MySpace. Leave game developing to the professionals. Games like Everyday Shooter would get lost in the shuffle of non-sense if PSN had something like what MS is doing.

Gears of War 2? Big deal. It was obvious they’d be announcing a sequel at some point. Their little trailer was garbage. Nothing ground breaking shown at all. CliffyB is still the biggest tool in the business, next to Larry Hyrb.

Sony, step up and show us what you’ve got.

HanSolo said:

February 20th, 1:41 pm

ms gdc has been very very bad, the announcements were crraappy and the rrod presence was hilarious, sony could actually do a lot of damage with some key announcements


February 20th, 1:48 pm

until that happens:
i think I’m done with posting on here. Seems as though they just have their own interests in mind, not any of ours. Yep done.

h4rri3r said:

February 20th, 1:55 pm

Where’s in-game XMB and the Home launch date? Please Jeff, say more about this!

GTAce said:

February 20th, 1:58 pm

Im curious what we get in the Store tomorrow…
I dont expect something great but i like to get surprised.

HanSolo said:

February 20th, 2:03 pm

tomorrow in the store, home, ingame xmb patch and littlebigplanet game, with a killzone 2 demo, would that do it for you???

NewYork214 said:

February 20th, 2:29 pm


thats funny lol. wouldnt that be nice

i bet tomorrows update will be a lil boring. but hey if some rumors are true maybe the resistance 2 trailer thats supposed to show up at GDC will be on the store

DarkerAl said:

February 20th, 2:38 pm

Hmm. What was the point of highlighting your GDC coverage before the show, even polling people on how they wanted it, if there really wasn’t anything to report on…??

The most Playstation news to come out of this thing has been the Logitech GT wheel, a Wipeout HD trailer at Eurogamer, and that Pixel Junk’s next title is called Eden. Is that really it?

Jeigh said:

February 20th, 2:39 pm

Ha, I’m enjoying those little notes you’re leaving on the side. Keep ‘um coming.

Johnny Sasaki said:

February 20th, 2:45 pm

The lounge looks cool but I’m sorry, I can’t believe you guys are treating bloggers like they’re anything more than regular people. They certainly aren’t journalists, and they’re the “community” that has done nothing but try to kick Sony while it was down for over 2 years.

Solace said:

February 20th, 3:03 pm

Many of you are missing the point of GDC (and missing a sense of humour judging by the comments made by people who don’t get comic irony of the T-shirts).

GDC stands for Game Developers Conference. It’s not E3. It’s meant to be for the people who make the games, not the people that just play them. If you feel like you’re being ignored by not hearing the exact news you want, well guess what – you’re not the intended audience for the show and it isn’t for you in the first place.

Seriously, if dates are that important to you, get a fricken life.
I bought my PS3 to play games. While PSone games are nice, they’re “garnishes”, and not the “main course”.
I bought my PS3 to watch movies in hi-def – guess which format won.
I bought my PS3 to play online with friends for free, and not have to wait a week or so to get free demos.
Seriously, some of the people on these boards complain because Sony hasn’t given them enough free stuff. (THATPSPGUY – I’m looking at you, and by the way, don’t let the door hitcha on the way out.)
Would you rather Home come out now and be broken or wait till it was ready? What’d be the point of them not waiting just to have people upset that the thing’s busted? You act like they’re had this ready to go and are just not releasing it. If any of you complainers knew anything about coding and network code and all the other stuff I know I don’t know about, if you think it’s so easy, why don’t you program it and see if you can do better…

If you’re that upset by the response of Sony’s “We’re not ready to talk release dates for XYZ-topics” response, and feel like crying and pouting and throwing a temper tantrum, go sell your PS3 and go hang with your new Xbot friends. I’m sure you’ll have a lot in common to talk about while you wait for your consoles to come back from the repair shops.

I-PWN-n00bs-A-LIVING said:

February 20th, 3:12 pm

Sony is honestly the worst company ever. Why can’t they just give us a solid release date. I’ve been waiting since GDC ’08 for any goddamn info on Home and we’ve barely gotten anything. To even compete with the 360 we crucially need in-game xmb. SONY SUCKS! I’m sorry but it’s the truth! Is it that hard to give us release dates?

I-PWN-n00bs-A-LIVING said:

February 20th, 3:13 pm

I meant GDC ’07 not ’08 my mistake.

Solace said:

February 20th, 3:21 pm

^ You’ve just illustrated why dates aren’t given out until they are absolutely final – because they’re not always accurate, easy to mess up and / or misinterpret, and fluctuate.
Congrats! Now go get yourself a cookie, you simple little man.

lakaihigh said:

February 20th, 3:25 pm

@ Solace – nice sloooooow burn. he’s probably gonna crawl back into the cave that he came out of now. what a troll. he needs to get a life. you’re right solace people need to just back off of Sony and let them keep doin what they are doing. people are getting way too upset over simple speculation and its all going to their heads. Sony must being doing something right cuz imho the ps3 is the best console out right now. and im not sayin that cuz i am some crazy sony fanboy but because ive played with the competitions systems and by far i have the most fun on my ps3


KnaveX said:

February 20th, 3:32 pm

Sony! My PS3 crashed while trying to access the xmb while in game. did you guys even try to code this thing? Why did you release an unfinished feature? You suck! And everytime I log into home, a big black hole sucks my avatar into a big ass glitch that also crashes my PS3, and when I try to invite my friends, the PS3 automatically launches whatever random demo it finds in my HDD.

I’d rather wait, than here stuff like this.

Solace said:

February 20th, 3:36 pm

Thanks for the support. I was gone from here for a while hoping that the trolls would eventually get their 3-fix-me’s back from the repair shop and have something better to do than whine with impatience. Guess some of them are still around.

lol. My point exactly. QFT.

MrCamo said:

February 20th, 3:42 pm

Some people should just stop following the new stuff coming for the PS3 and wait for it. Then you can be pleasently surprised when the functionality comes.

GTAce said:

February 20th, 3:43 pm

Respect Solace, great comments!
I totally agree with ya.

KnaveX: Good one!

I-PWN-n00bs-A-LIVING said:

February 20th, 3:46 pm

To that Solace queer trust me I know what the F()uck I’m talking about.

erp said:

February 20th, 3:49 pm


White icons, displaced i with the above icons (which should be in line) and a super bright wave on a dark background…

New_Caprica350 said:

February 20th, 3:50 pm

I love SONY, I really do. But i’m tired about all this. Even if the in-game XMB and HOME are not ready to be released, why don’t tell us?

We need more transparency. Talk to us and I assure you we will be more understanding.

It’s ready? Say it! It’s not ready? Why?!!
Are we really asking too much?

Thank you.

Crumpilstilskin said:

February 20th, 3:51 pm


The Wahmbulance is waiting outside for you, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Ghostm said:

February 20th, 4:07 pm

You guys are way to forgiving. From some of the comments that I’m reading here, it seems like Sony can do no wrong. I’m a realist and I see the good and the bad that Sony does.

By the way, it’s not call [DELETED] when you are promised something and the other end doesn’t deliver. False advertising, delays and many more issues. Like I’ve said before. Sony didn’t let me walk out their store with a $650 system and told me to pay them later…I’d like to get what I pay for!

Zorox said:

February 20th, 4:22 pm

I can understand people’s frustration. The lack of any game information, the serious lack of exclusives for the upcoming months, the constant delays. I mean, weren’t PSN cards promised months ago? Where is the DS3? I’m frustrated with the fact that there are no RPGs in sight, and with FFXIII getting delayed to 2010, there’s not much else to look forward too.

But this isn’t E3, so people should really stop expecting any information from Sony, because we probably won’t get anything.

GTAce said:

February 20th, 4:37 pm

Well the GDC isnt over yet, there are still videos and infos popping up here and there.
New videos and infos from SF4 and WipEout HD just came fresh from the GDC and i can imagine on some stuff is still an embargo, so lets wait and see. 8)

Solace said:

February 20th, 4:45 pm

Oh, it’s nice to see a familiar troll still here.
What, exactly, did you NOT get when you got your PS3?
Did you get free online gaming?
Did you get the ability to play PS3 games?
Did you get a player that plays hi-def bluray movies?
What more did you want when you bought you GAMING system?
No one MADE you buy your PS3. Caveat Emptor, buddy.
Point out, will you, where exactly promises were made and broken.
If you don’t know the difference between target release dates and guaranteed dates, well, that’s your bad for being stupid.
Those of us that are pointing out the stupidity of people like you aren’t blind to the stumbles that Sony’s made the past year or so. We’re the true realists who understand that it’s just a form of entertainment, and not something so life-serious that we have to cry about stuff like the fate of the free world rests on Home and InGame XMB.

thingg said:

February 20th, 5:04 pm

^^Solace ftw
Dude, give them till the end of the week. If they haven;t annouced at least something on Home, them complain. until them stfu

theycallmeryan said:

February 20th, 6:21 pm

Sony, can you guys comment on Home, Acomlishments, and in-game XMB please? Will they be at your GDC show? Are Acomlishment Points real? Will they be released very soon?

edward_moffet said:

February 20th, 8:55 pm

omg you guys are being whiners i feel your pain too, it is taking a while. But dont you think they would give it to us if it was finished? Do you think they like hearing you whine like little babies? Probably not and i highly doubt they would joke about it like this unless i was coming in like the next month so cut them some freaking slack an stop being whiny little bass turds.

lakaihigh said:

February 20th, 8:58 pm

@ I-PWN-n00bs-A-LIVING – dude will you get outta here? your trolling on here is really annoying cuz you don’t know what the “F()ck” you are talking about. neither does anyone else on here. Please if you don’t have anything constructive to say on here just go back to playin your xbot okay?


zapruder said:

February 21st, 1:13 am

A prediction.. PS3 will get hacked and Sony get’s wacked.. If they don’t do it.. ‘we’ will. We need to sponsor DarkAlex and open up the system so we can ad all we want and need. It funny people defending those lazy developers.. just look at the homebrew scene, the don’t earn sh** and put out stuff like rabbits illegal? ..no..ontime!. Hey SONY why not hire DarkAlex? give him a few million a year and become something great.

if we are not watchfull they will pull a ps2 network on us, oh wait that never got of the ground did it.. So judging on previous performance.. we will have to wait and see.

Home will come for sure.. but it’s 2 Years LATE!.. remember Sony saying we wanted this for PS2 but took the time to make this for PS3… well then they are working on Home for atleast 5-7 years… LOL.. Duke Nukem/Warhawk anyone.

may’be it’s time for [ANONYMOUS] to step in :-P and kick some corporate ass.

I see only one plus over PS2 and that is that you can post here and it might even be read by “them”. -sigh-

acabado said:

February 21st, 4:45 am

What a nice moment for being cheeky. We’ve been waiting for XMB in-game since launch.

I play Warhawk a lot and I can´t communicate with any of my friends while I’m playing.

Nice move Sony.

nick2409 said:

February 21st, 6:02 am

hey guys, are you dreaming? sony will never announce the release date of HOME or the release date of in-game XMB in this blog!!!

T-P-M said:

February 21st, 7:02 am

Hey Jeff
I just read about the PhyreEngine on PS Fanboy, any chance you could get somemore info? Like will this be available to the general public? Release date? Etc.

scorpio said:

February 21st, 7:35 am

I for one am hoping Home Beta is annouced, I’m relaly looking forward to it and think we have waited long enough…

youngplaya18 said:

February 21st, 8:12 am

@solace, sorry to disagree, but i gotta disagree to an extent. I don’t know about you, but i don’t have the money to keep on spending money like i have on the ps3. So when i spend $500 on a console, and $60 a game/$25 a movie, i should feel like i got my money’s worth, and for the most part i do. The problem is that Sony is not as quick as i would want them to be in releasing the stuff the customer wants to know.

People go on saying that the GDC is mainly for developers, but that didn’t stop MS from announcing Gears 2 and showing Fable 2. That didn’t stop Pixeljunk eden and echochrome from being shown. It seems like people are just using that as an excuse to make up for the fact that Sony hasn’t shown nothing yet. I bet if it was the other way around, and Sony showed some SOCOM footage or something, while MS showed nothing, then it’ll be the ms fanboys saying that the GDC is made for the developers.

All i’m saying is that Sony try keeping us in the light in the information department. Hell we are the ones that bought their system, despite the bad word of mouth and hell we caught from ms/nintendo fanboys. We should at least be rewarded with some sort of update concerning Home and IGXMB


February 21st, 9:13 am

Just give us shirts printed with “This shirt is Fully BC since day one”

reinheart said:

February 21st, 9:29 am

@Solace – nice comment

At all the 12-17yr old and the people with the brain of that age complaining about in-game XMB and Home.

Like Solace and some others said, you guys want a half ass product to be released and complain about that or you guys want something thats almost 100% (Since nothing is 100% from beginning) and be happy that you got what you wanted?

You guys bought the PS3 knowing that there wasn’t much games, or features yet. If you wanted all the features to be ready from launch + all the games already out you guys should of bought the PS3 later on. Almost same thing happened with the PS2 (was faster than PS3) but still it was slow at the beginning.

I personally like my PS3 for the feature they have in now, sure I would like in-game XMB and Home but I can wait on both. I just hope and pretty sure its safe but when the award system kicks in with the game save data we have now, and not having to play the game again to achieve the awards. LOL

+ wait till the damn GDC is over, we might have surprises… stop b******g already, pretty damn sure Jeff and other blog team got your damn message by now… (nice T-shirt)

Snake26 said:

February 21st, 12:46 pm

Give us HOME and In-Game XMB!

GTAce said:

February 21st, 2:17 pm

Thanks for the new pics and posts guys!

Darkemist said:

February 21st, 8:01 pm

Patience is a virtue…

specdotsign said:

February 21st, 8:07 pm

I want one! Size XL! if you can =/

p-s-3 said:

February 22nd, 4:52 am

THIS IS PS3’s YEAR!!!(They say!) ;-D
Hmm nearly March2008
& same old er erm NOTHING!!! :-/
No –
PSN Cards(for U.K)
In game XMB
Er GAMES???(Good1s coming out every month like)
PS1 games on PSN(Good 1s)
A PS3 thats is 100% PS2 B/C
(None in U.K anymore,saying that the 60GB one(i got)isn’t 100%PS2 B/C!!!GRRR!!!!!!!) :-/
Games coming out with NO?!?! 4player off-line split-screen mode!!!
(Resistance has got that, but no Bots???
F-ME!Perfect Dark a old N64 game has got 8 Bots!!!)
etc etc :-/
(p.s im not a xBox fanboy!!!If some 1 gave me a xbox360 id put it on ebay in 1 second!!!) ;-D
+People are not moaning, it’s because those things should be here now.
Oh well, maybe next year then!!! ;-D

izeyah said:

February 22nd, 8:52 am

i still cant believe its been well over a year and we still cant send or receive messages in game. every game also has its own buddy list which is insane. stop putting your efforts towards voice changers and t shirts and give us what we want. you never listen and give us what you THINK we want. get it together.

i consider myself a hardcore sony supporter but this is getting ridiculous. i give up.

GTAce said:

February 22nd, 2:15 pm

“every game also has its own buddy list which is insane”
That is not correct.
R: FoM, F1CE, CoD4, Warhawk, MotorStorm (after a patch), Burnout Paradise etc. all use the one from the PS3.

subbed said:

February 22nd, 2:28 pm

Heard about the PhyeEngine and it sounds great hopefully the dev community will make the best of that.

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