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Feb 21

Feb 21

PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by VP, PlayStation Network

Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Add-on Game Content

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Why Do You Love Me” – Garbage. ($1.99)
  • “Sex Type Thing” – Stone Temple Pilots ($1.99)
  • “El Scorcho” – Weezer($1.99)

File sizes: 27.6 MB – 32.1 MB

PS one Classics for PS3 / PSP

Jet Moto 3 ($5.99)
Jet Moto 3 brings better graphics, improved physics, and even more intense futuristic all-terrain racing to your screen with 14 new tracks, 3 special new stunt tracks, and a brand new hop button for avoiding nasty obstacles! Choose one of 10 unique riders and hang on tight!
File size: 329 MB


PixelJunk Monsters Demo (free)
Inspired by the popular and addictive “tower defense” game genre, PixelJunk Monsters is a fun and intuitive game featuring a uniquely attractive art style. Defend your home base against threatening monsters by building towers and casting lightning storms across the forest.
File size: 59.3 MB
ESRB Rated E

Game Videos

MLB 08 The Show Stolen Base Video (free)
There is a reason so many gaming editors and ESPN claim “MLB 08 The Show, the most realistic baseball game ever created.” And this is one of, if not the best baseball video you’ve seen to date. MLB 08 The Show: Nothing Gets You Closer.
File size: 61 MB (HD)

MLB 08 The Show Replay Vault Tutorial (free)
There is a reason so many gaming editors and ESPN claim “MLB 08 The Show, the most realistic baseball game ever created”. Get an inside first look here at the new Replay Vault, one of the new features to MLB 08 The Show. Nothing Gets You Closer.
File size: 62 MB (HD)

MLB 08 The Show Pitcher/Batter Analysis Tutorial (free)
There is a reason so many gaming editors and ESPN claim “MLB 08 The Show, the most realistic baseball game ever created”. Get an inside first look here at the new Pitcher / Batter Analysis, one of the new features to MLB 08 The Show. Nothing Gets You Closer.
File size: 44 MB (HD)

Conflict: Denied Ops Overview Dev Diary 4 (free)
In this developer diary visit Pivotal Games and get the lowdown on everything you could possibly want to know about Conflict: Denied Ops. Get insight from the developers as they discuss the theme of the game, as well explain all the key features such as its massive destructible environments and co-op centered gameplay.
File size: 347 MB (HD)

Bionic Commando: Rearmed Trailer (free)
2D side-scrolling action is rearmed and dangerous in this stunning remake of the original NES game!
File size: 146 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

We Own The Night Blu-ray Disc Trailer (free)
Young nightclub manager trying to escape cop family learns that father and brother, both high level cops, are targeting Russian mobsters at his club; after bust, mobsters shoot brother and kill father, motivating manager to become cop, lead battle to defeat mobsters.
File size: 119 MB (HD), 147 MB (1080)

Kung Fu Panda Teaser Trailer (free)
Enthusiastic, big and a little clumsy, Po is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around…which doesn’t exactly come in handy while working every day in his family’s noodle shop.
File size: 15 MB (SD), 53 MB (HD), 71 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes

Lair: Asylian Theme (free)
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Lair: Asylian theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons.
File size: 3.46 MB

Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

PS one Classics

* Jet Moto 3 ($5.99)


* God of War: Chains of Olympus

Hope you enjoy!

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Jeigh said:

February 21st, 3:39 pm

Chains of Olympus. All right! Not the best update, but not the worst by any means. Thank you! :D

tearsofash said:

February 21st, 3:39 pm

Wasn’t there supposed to be PAIN characters too?

sigchi222 said:

February 21st, 3:40 pm

Where is PAIN? This was posted on the net. And where the heck is HOME?!?!?!?

vitz3 said:

February 21st, 3:41 pm

When are we going to have a better update? I thought that this was going to be a store where I can purchase a lot more than what’s offered.

Were are the details about Home? Every week we’re expecting just an update of some kind, but it never comes.

Also is it so hard to put out more PSone titles every week? The pirates already have more titles available for PSP than the official store has. I already bought most of the titles and every week I’m expecting more.

Just put out 3-5 titles a week. Is that so much to ask?

Mr Everdred 01 said:

February 21st, 3:44 pm

Nice Weezer’s cool, but I already bought Pixeljunk Monsters so that means I get no demo this week. I would have liked to see the Home Open Beta in my store, but I guess that’s not going to happen. Are you guys even going to do an open beta for home anymore? And how come there was no information at GDC? It’s just flat out insulting to leave us this much in the dark considering how at CES when everyone asked about home you guys said, “Wait until GDC” and even though we all realized it’s a conference for the developers, we thought that at least a release date or something would be announced. Not just a new patch for the slim 10,000 people in the closed beta, most of which work at Sony.

will11 said:

February 21st, 3:45 pm

Grace, Can you tell me if the Official release date for home/home open beta will be announced at GDC? Will home be in february?

Federation said:

February 21st, 3:45 pm

The upate is ok I do love the Lair Theme. It’s good to is the demo for Chains of Olympus. (but I got the demo disc)

Is there going to be Video from GDC? Love to see more from GDC.

CLauX said:

February 21st, 3:46 pm


i already have one though lol.

i thought flOw was supposed to come out for PSP today? oh well. no biggie. i got plenty of stuff to play as-is already.

i would like to see a Warhawk add-on sometime soon… or Burnout DLC. but that’s up to EA.

good update.

NewYork214 said:

February 21st, 3:46 pm

hopefully the pain stuff was just forgotten on the post and will be out today. and glad god of war demo is out. hopefully its not the same one that was mailed last year. or atleast an updated build of that level.

and i think no matter what people will always complain about what comes out.


February 21st, 3:46 pm

Well I was hoping for more. Especially with GDC08 going on. Definately please to play God of War: Chains of Olympus. I’ve been waiting for some juicy details on Home, littleBigPlanet, WIPEOUT HD. But nothing again.

Come on Sony…you’re on a roll with all the news regarding BluRay and sales of PS3 on the upswing. Keep the momentum going. The fans have been dying for info and you’ve been so quiet about the issues that will really excite and please the gamers.

Also, I was really hoping for more updates from GDC08. Most all the sites are reporting tons of buzz worthy stories concerning the 360 and the Wii….where’s the SONY presence?

kagenish said:

February 21st, 3:46 pm

nothing good in this update at all when are we going to get the good stuff, it has been weeks now with nothing go in the store.

ftwrthtx said:

February 21st, 3:48 pm

Nice update.

Why make North America wait so much longer than EU/AU/UK?

depward said:

February 21st, 3:49 pm

Maaaan, you and your “In-shirt XMB” shirts really made me think we might be seeing this feature in a system update today :(

chase said:

February 21st, 3:50 pm

where PAIN characters
what happen??????????????

Pendragonzero said:

February 21st, 3:50 pm

Id like what others would like:

In game XMB,Home,etc.

But something that id like that I havent seen asked for yet is for the ps3 to show when someone is playing a ps1 or ps2 game. The name on the buddy list gives no indication someone is playing ps1, and if its a ps2 game, it signs you out. Just thought I would ask. Thanks

Lowe0 said:

February 21st, 3:50 pm

And for yet another week, we get the Rock Band content that 360 players have already had for two days. It seems I bought this game for the wrong platform.

Fix your download service. Here’s how:
1. Have content up the day it’s out, not once a week.

2. Have content up in the morning – and that means Eastern Time. There’s this big part of the country called “states that aren’t California”; consult a map if necessary.

3. Have a low-power download-and-shut-down mode, so I can queue downloads during my morning coffee and walk out the door, ready to play when I arrive home.

scorpio said:

February 21st, 3:51 pm


Loved Patapon demo and will buy GOW is next…

Thank you,

EViD said:

February 21st, 3:53 pm

by the gods, GOW demo for PSP
thanks for a wonderful surprise
you guys ROCK

Garcia5 said:

February 21st, 3:54 pm


Garcia5 said:

February 21st, 3:54 pm

not mad i mean BAD

Snap said:

February 21st, 3:55 pm


Another week, another update that’s disappointing. Throw in the lackluster GDC for Sony and what do you get? You get a sad panda.

Tyrant_x2 said:

February 21st, 3:56 pm

Well i didnt see this one coming,keep up the good work..:),:(

Jeigh said:

February 21st, 3:57 pm

@ NewYork214

Yeah, pretty much. People are such fickle creatures. They’re kicking and screaming in the because they haven’t gotten any news, but you know they’ll be kissing *** as soon as they get what they want.

Netweb said:

February 21st, 3:58 pm

Can i play GOW demo on my PSP… i’m from Portugal…

KillZone07 said:

February 21st, 3:59 pm

No GDC 08 videos, what gives?

Ghostm said:

February 21st, 4:00 pm

I saw this coming from a mile away. Mr. lakaihigh from the last post didn’t want to believe me when I said people were going to be very upset/disappointed about this crummy update. “I told you sooooo” LOL Dude actually said I was creating “hate”.

bulbous_shot said:

February 21st, 4:03 pm

The GOW demo doesn’t appear to be up on I’m downloading it through PlayStation Store on my PS3 and will just transfer it to my PS3, just thought I’d mention the fact that I don’t see it on PlayStation Store PC.

BrianC6234 said:

February 21st, 4:03 pm

“Another week, another update that’s disappointing. Throw in the lackluster GDC for Sony and what do you get? You get a sad panda.”

That’s funny. Are you a game developer? GDC is Game Developer Conference. It isn’t Game Player Conference. Too bad GDC has taken over for what E3 used to be. We need the old E3 back and leave GDC to game developers.

bulbous_shot said:

February 21st, 4:04 pm

Ghostm: You’re creating the impression that you act like a child.

KnaveX said:

February 21st, 4:05 pm


theres nothing to see.

Ramage said:

February 21st, 4:05 pm

GoW COO is about the only good thing this week. I’m hoping next week since you all won’t be distracted by GDC that you’ll have a pretty sweet lineup since this week was pretty wimpy.

HanSolo said:

February 21st, 4:06 pm

still waiting for wipeout hd, a demo of little big planet.. or mgs 4.. or winning eleven….or some good ps1 games.. like colony wars…doom..diablo….gran turismo 1 and 2….
how hard can it be??? at least for the ps1 games?? how hard??

Bender Rodriguez said:

February 21st, 4:07 pm

I’ll give you guys props for starting to make demos of your PSN games. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. All original PSN games should have demos for them. I already got burnt by Pain.

Speaking of Pain where is the add on stuff that Travis over at the Pain blog promised today? I see they failed to come through again.

I used to own one of the Jet Moto games. Can’t remember which one. I wish you guys at Sony would talk to these third party companies or whatever needs to be done to release third party PS1 games. Like Final Fantasy VII, Resident 1 or 2.

P_tear_griffin said:

February 21st, 4:08 pm

not he best update ever but still appreciated. ON a side note; It almost seems as though Sony is showing no signs of life at GDC. What’s going on down there? Aside from insomniac making a video and advocating for the sharing of codes, there’s really almost nothing on PS3 & PSP

Ghostm said:

February 21st, 4:09 pm

Here’s news for all those who expects to hear something about in-shirt XMB (lol) and Home. Sit back and relax and wait for E3 2008 and that’s if it’s ready. From the update I read about PS Home. Its really doesn’t sound like its ready for the mass market.

Check out how fast this post average 2.68 goes down! Plus we are only at 33 post

Gomez81 said:

February 21st, 4:09 pm

Decent update. Doesn’t really matter since the MLB 08 demo has taken up most of my playing time. Any chances on getting a MLB theme????

Bender Rodriguez said:

February 21st, 4:10 pm

Also have you guys ever considered releasing PSN versions of Checkers and chess, and maybe even Monolopy? It could be one of those classics rolled into one bundle. There’s more though I can’t think of anymore. Complete with online play.

KatanaKing said:

February 21st, 4:10 pm

why even bother with these kind of updates…its like the EUR store where they even put an old game on the main page to make it look like there was more than there actually was.

What happen to the content…nothing new??? No demo’s of upcoming games??? No new PSN games???

HOME??? Any news??? IN GAME XMB, i mean you tried to be amusing with the whole in-shirt XMB, but really, a release date would have been alot more mature. Sometimes i get the idea that Sony in run by 16 year old school boys.

TouchyEd said:

February 21st, 4:11 pm

In a perverse kind of way, I actually look forward to bad updates. It lets me sit back and listen to a bunch of petulant children whine and cry like babies every week.

KnaveX said:

February 21st, 4:12 pm

oh man e3, so far away. btw nice update, sucks that i cant play the coo demo since I never got a bigger memory stick for my psp.

Gregero said:

February 21st, 4:13 pm


You hit one thing dead on- Sony IS run by a bunch of 16 year school boys.

Ghostm said:

February 21st, 4:14 pm

Hey, chill out TouchyEd! At least we got in-shirt XMB news.

Snap said:

February 21st, 4:14 pm


Ya, it’s for developers. It’s for Sony to show developers “Hey look at all this cool stuff we’re doing right now on the platform so people will buy your games on our system.”

Yeah, we didn’t see much of that. In-game XMB? Huge for developers and players a like. HUGE! No longer will they have to develop their own in game messaging. Cross game invites? Sony would take care of that too. Home? Check out what we’re done to make developing games easier and more appealing on our platform… nope, didn’t show that either.

Don’t feed me lines like “It’s a developers conference”. Sony had a freaking lounge… for bloggers? WTF?!

nmc75 said:

February 21st, 4:16 pm

Store gets updated, people post about things that Grace has nothing to do with, repeat next week.

kspraydad said:

February 21st, 4:24 pm

Holy crap GOW!

By the way…on the PSP PC STORE you need to LOG IN to see it (for those that say they don’t see it)


rakinupdapoints said:

February 21st, 4:24 pm

Not my favorite PS Store update but it’s not too bad.

J-R said:

February 21st, 4:38 pm

Alright… I never post here but after a dismal GDC showing by Sony and their supporters I thought “May as well say something”.

I know GDC is a place for developers to show off what they are working on but as we all saw last year GDC catches everyone’s attention. Last year we were amazed by HOME and Little Big Planet and it made me happy to see what my $600 PS3 was going to do in the future. And here we are one year later and nothing. HOME has changed a bit and no big software announcements. No news on the In-Game XMB or any Firmware updates for that matter.

Sony if you are listening to your customers like you say you are all we want is to find out is when we can expect HOME and how is our In-Game XMB coming along?

pancakesandsx said:

February 21st, 4:38 pm

I just want dark mist, cmon, is that so much to ask?

btutterrow said:

February 21st, 4:40 pm

Suprised at GOW! Mainly I’m glad that you guys are done with the Jet Moto series so you can add something I may like :)

For instance, I know you have Castlevania, Rayman and SFA in the wings!

TheGraciousOne said:

February 21st, 4:40 pm

Jet Moto 3!!!!! Oooh Baby! I can’t wait to play me some Jet Moto 3 with improved graphics and improved physics. My gosh, this is teh roxxorz!

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