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Feb 26

Feb 26

Destination PlayStation News: MGS PS3 Bundle, Kratos PSP and DualShock3 Release Date

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Sr. PR Manager, SCEA

Not every video game event is a press and party extravaganza (like last week’s GDC). As a gamer, you may not have heard of Destination PlayStation – a meeting between Sony PlayStation, retailers, and 3rd party teams taking place right now in Arizona. But the discussions at DPS are generally pretty significant. Here’s what’s being announced RIGHT NOW.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots PS3 Bundle
To coincide with the much-anticipated North American launch of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in late Q2 2008, SCEA will introduce a PS3 bundle, which will include an 80GB PS3, the upcoming blockbuster Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and a DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller for $499.99 (MSRP).

As has been announced previously, MGS4 will include a Metal Gear Online “Starter Pack.” If you can’t wait to try out MGS4, the good news is you don’t have to much longer. Those who pre-order the game will be guaranteed access to a multiplayer beta test for Metal Gear Online scheduled for late April.

GoW PSP Back LoRes

God of War PSP Entertainment Pack
In June, a new PSP Entertainment Pack will be hitting stores, featuring the famous face of the Ghost of Sparta — Kratos. Here’s what you get in the bundle, which will be available for $199.99 (MSRP):

God of War: Chains of Olympus still arrives for PSP on March 4, 2008.

GoW PSP Front LoRes

The final piece of big news coming out of DPS is another much-requested release date: SCEA will introduce the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller for the first time in North America in April 2008 for $54.99 (MSRP). Compatible with more than 100 PS3 games, DUALSHOCK 3 has both rumble and motion-sending SIXAXIS technologies. So now you’ll be able to play Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, and, yes, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots with rumble turned ON.

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SMoKeYRuN said:

February 26th, 5:33 pm

awesome news!

Solid snakeps3 said:

February 26th, 5:35 pm

Doaner said:

February 26th, 5:44 pm

those bundles are sick.
maybe the PS3 unit sales will explode this year.
dang that PSP is nice.

PSFaithful said:

February 26th, 5:48 pm

These are two VERY awesome bundles. I’ll definitely be picking up a PSP this summer for GOW & FF.

And although I already own a PS3… I’m tempted to buy an 80GB w/ the bundle & give my current one to my brother! I’m definitely excited to see what more Sony has in store for this year!

ACE72 said:

February 26th, 5:54 pm

I do agree great bundles!!!!

Keysersoze10033 said:

February 26th, 6:07 pm

I love the new PS3 box! Too bad I purchased my 60GB (160GB now) on day one. I imported my Dualshock 3 in December and I recommend the controller, especially with Devil May Cry 4. It helps finding treasures with Nero.

White-Sharingan said:

February 26th, 6:10 pm

Question Sony:

does that includes Puerto Rico?

We are US citizens
We use the US servers
We are basically the US

please include this, I pre-ordered it on December 31, 2007 (the first day I could do so on Gamestop)

bulbous_shot said:

February 26th, 6:11 pm

GTA IV, Metal Gear Online beta, and Dualshock 3 in late April. Awesome, Sony. That Kratos PSP looks damn slick, too.

I’m still aching for Home, though. = (

gardea said:

February 26th, 6:19 pm

Are you freaking serious, I just bought a 40 GB today.

Cplhicks said:

February 26th, 6:20 pm

Am I the only one who feels ripped by the Star Wars PSP now? The Kratos bundle comes with way more stuff than just a painted PSP and a new game– you also get Syphon Filter Combat Ops and a UMD video? Man, I regret more and more tht SW PSP purchase. We didn’t get white battery door with the new battery either….

ExtremeOne said:

February 26th, 6:22 pm

One of the best ideas you guys could have ever made . I am getting this bundle

phil24 said:

February 26th, 6:38 pm

If I pre-order the game online, can I still get the beta?

rojo7 said:

February 26th, 6:38 pm

man this is just awesome =D

wizardpsp said:

February 26th, 6:57 pm

Wheres is Phil???

Im seling my ps3 to buy that new metalgear one i want that beutifull black box!!

CitizenInsane27 said:

February 26th, 7:06 pm

Kudos gentlemen, kudos.

Zaku said:

February 26th, 7:15 pm

Finally. MGS4 is upon us and with a sweet bundle. Fortunately, I’ll be buying a DS3 and a copy of MGS4 separately cause I already have a PS3. However, I’m pretty sure those that have been waiting for MGS4 and fence sitters will jump on this. Way to kill 2 birds with one stone (those waiting for MGS4 and also who haven’t picked up a PS3 or were waiting for MGS4 to do so).

myke-myke said:

February 26th, 7:22 pm

Great news. This bundle is great. If I already didnt have the 60GB model, I’d get this 1 for real. Great job Sony!

Also, when are we gonna get another FW update? What about PSN cards? WE NEED THESE QUESTIONS ANSWERED!!!!!

Rux said:

February 26th, 7:30 pm

Yes! Yes! YES!!!!

This is amazing news! I already have a PS3, so I’ll be getting MGS4 by itself… and I already have 2 ceramic white Dual Shock 3 controllers…. But that God of War PSP rocks! I’m definitely updating my old PSP and going for the red slim! ^-^

tagout said:

February 26th, 8:04 pm

Will the new PS3 bundle finally include a headset?

Stunt said:

February 26th, 8:12 pm

Wow, so many great announcements. I’ll be sure to pre-order Metal Gear Solid 4, especially for that Beta.

Could you tell us if there is any truth to this rumor:


It was said to be discussed at Destination PlayStation as well. Thanks! & keep up the good work!

awheaten said:

February 26th, 8:50 pm

Yah know, this would be a good time for a price cut.

Scarecrow said:

February 26th, 8:51 pm

This is BIG!
Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle will FLY OFF the shelves, literally.

I already have ps3, but I can’t help feel great for those who will take advantage of this.

I GOTTA buy Kratos’ psp…he’s my v-game role-model, I actually look a lot like him too. So this is so perfect! This will really boost Chains of Olympus which I can’t wait to get either!

Damn those DS3’s are pricey….hmmmm will have to get them then…Gran Turismo 5: Prologue without rumble would feel way wrong. I still remember when Gran Turismo(1) embraced the original Dualshock.

Keep it up SCEA!

Crumpilstilskin said:

February 26th, 8:55 pm

Thanks for the great info Al!
The Playstation brand just keeps getting better and better and is once again going to steamroll over the competition…

NINgod said:

February 26th, 9:02 pm

where do you have to pre-order MGS4 to get the beta testing?!

jeffbax said:

February 26th, 9:18 pm

Thats all fine and dandy, but what about those of us who just want the White SKU :(

krik said:

February 26th, 9:33 pm

I have a pre-order with Amazon (like many others here) since late December. Will I be entitled to the beta?

CarlosX360 said:

February 26th, 9:41 pm

What about those who already pre-ordered MGS4? I reserved my copy at a local GS store.

I’m excited about the announcements. But this came out my mouth: “55 bucks for DS3, are you out of your effin’ mind!?” Ouch my wallet, sony!

however, I understand it. very well, its not only a business move, but also you need to cover those immerson costs…..so I empathize.

ps3mods.blogspot.com said:

February 26th, 10:03 pm

ds3 is $5 more than the 6axis. we love ours.

we need clarification on how the mgso beta will work with pre-orders.

J3SS said:

February 27th, 12:27 am

My wallet will finally feel some GOOD pain. I’m all over a new PSP and PS3. Thanks! Now if we can just get a Patapon PSP bundle with some sweet art by Rolito on the front and back. I’d definetely buy another PSP to sit side by side the GoW PSP for that deal.

Karamo said:

February 27th, 1:41 am

nicely done with this kind of deal i think people should be happy, hell i know i am

almattitude_v1 said:

February 27th, 2:43 am

HEY! isnt that the Chinese New Year edition which was released in some parts of Asia? Except with Kratos at the back.

StormLord said:

February 27th, 3:33 am

nice!! DS3 finally :) and a great PSP package :)

aztek21 said:

February 27th, 5:19 am

OmG!!!! I want that PsP…. :(


aztek21 said:

February 27th, 5:50 am

I want that psp now! lol.

Davitr0n said:

February 27th, 5:56 am

That PSP bundle is sooo tempting. I have been wanting a PSP and the red one is hawt!

I wish the DS3 release date would have come a bit sooner. Just imported one, and I probably could of waited a few weeks.

cmargary said:

February 27th, 5:57 am


Yeah I see that too today.. I hope the rumor it’s true… that interface looks more better…

xraycruiser said:

February 27th, 6:05 am

About time they get a controller that has rumble! Feeling a little lost without it!

DickieDunn said:

February 27th, 6:19 am

Sooooooo, after taxes DS3 is $60.00!?!

I’ll wait.

The GOW/PSP bundle is nice, but hitting shelves 3 months after the game is released, wow!?! Doesn’t make sense.

davidcr said:

February 27th, 6:22 am

Perfect combinations! Both are the best exclusivities that Sony still has.

Sephiroth said:

February 27th, 7:06 am

I have already pre-ordered Metal Gear 4 & Metal Gear Online from Amazon, so do I have guaranteed access to the beta ?

My PSN ID is Santhiel btw

deadxbabiesxinc said:

February 27th, 7:36 am

Well…I guess GoW PSP is better than nothing…I’d still prefer the Crisis Core or the Star Ocean…but meh, I’m glad my gf told me to hold off on buying a new psp :-P Good call on her behalf! Also…its too bad I orded a DS3 from Play-asia last week lol. Dang it!

p-s-3 said:

February 27th, 7:58 am

I couldn’t wait to get a DS3 pad (i live in the U.K) so i got one last December off yesasia dot com
Got two DS3 pads now;)
+some cool PS3 news coming in this week;)
This news+HaZe+PSN Re-look+New HOME pics ;-P
CAN’T WAIT!!! ;)
(i still want PSN Cards(U.K),DS3 pads(U.K),HOME+In-Game you know what) ;)

tokon said:

February 27th, 8:17 am

Will the PS3 bundle have that Solid Snake pic printed on the actual console as the box depicts?

djchayan said:

February 27th, 8:20 am

Nice news and everything but that kinda pisses me off since just bought the 40gb one because the 80gb was taken out of shelves everywhere now will have to sell it or trade in to get that bundle…hating this constants changes on consoles…

cmargary said:

February 27th, 9:21 am

ok.. a question beside my MGS hype… GOW in the psp… is really 5 hours of gameplay or it just rumors?

Poppa said:

February 27th, 9:34 am

I just want to make sure…that MGS4 bundle actually has Snake on the PS3 right? I mean, it’s not just box art, but that he’s actually silk-screened (or whatever) on there?

And if so, have Sony considered selling custom PS3 shells like that separately? The shells (well, that’s what I call em; the curved plate on top of the PS3) can be taken off fairly easily (it’s attached with just one screw) without voiding the warranty (taking it off doesn’t reveal any inside parts). So I can definitely see Sony releasing specially designed shells for PS3 owners to mess around with. Sort of like the XBOX 360’s faceplates.

It would also give me a fantastic reason to put my PS3 in the vertical position. :p

Indifferent said:

February 27th, 9:42 am

Does it matter which store I poreorder from? And how will you know tyhat I preordered?

You could atleast tell everyone these things :\

Sembazuru said:

February 27th, 10:35 am

Nice Kratos artwork. It’s great to see special PSPs being released. I’m, personally, really hoping that the Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G pack that is being released in Japan soon makes it’s way across the Pacific. See http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-9e-49-en-70-2k7b.html for pictures of the artwork if you haven’t seen it before.

I also hope that the DS3 comes in Ceramic White and/or Satin Silver in addition to the black. See http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-zl-49-en-70-2lau.html for pics/release date. If we don’t see the other colors here in the states, I guess play-asia will get my business instead of someone in the NA distribution region.

jcasanova said:

February 27th, 10:47 am

I’m starting to think Playstation Network Cards will never be available in America :(

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