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Mar 03

Mar 03

Breaking the Silence – New SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Screens!

David Seymour's Avatar Posted by Design Director, Slant Six Games

In anticipation of the Confrontation cover story in the May issue of EGM, 1UP has posted two new screenshots. The initial reaction has been positive, and the dev team is really excited that the world can finally see some of their hard work. This has also been a huge relief to SealTeam-6, who has the unenviable job of telling SOCOM’s huge, hungry fan base every week that:

  • a) yes we are still working on the game, and
  • b) no, there is no new information we can share at this time

No more! The flood of information is coming in the May issue of EGM. As to the hundreds of private messages and emails that we get every week, we read and appreciate all of them. Whether it’s a quick note to inquire

“What the [heck] is taking you [fine fellows] sooooo long??”

or an encouraging

“Please don’t [mess] up the new SOCOM!!”

we feel the love. The overwhelming message is that you want Confrontation to be great, and you want it soon. So to address those points, the game is looking, playing and feeling better than ever and we are working hard to get it in your hands as soon as possible. Hang in there, Confrontation is coming!

As for the just-released screens, here is a quick comment about each screen to address the flurry of forum posting that they have caused.


This is indeed Crossroads, the most fan-requested SOCOM map. This shot is taken from our new OTS camera, but the player is backed up into a wall here so it might look a bit confusing. This is the right in front of the SEAL spawn, looking down the street in the direction of the warehouse. The commando in the upper right is aiming a M87ELR, and his teammate by the tree is wielding a G36-C. The mercenary charging up the street is firing with an F90.


This is a brand new map, which has a 16 player core area and an expanded footprint for 32 player matches. This ruined shopping center is a great sniping location, and is a hotly contested control point in our internal sessions. The player here is aiming an M60-E3; eagle-eyed fans will also spot an AK-47, a USAS-12 and a SASR sniper rifle in this shot.

Also, SealTeam-6 requested that I specifically iterate this point “for the record”, so here we go:

There is an option to use classic SOCOM camera! It looks and feels like the original classic camera!

Repeat after me…

There is an option to use classic SOCOM camera! It looks and feels like the original classic camera!
There is an option to use classic SOCOM camera! It looks and feels like the original classic camera!….

Finally, I would like to welcome aboard the new community manager for all things SOCOM, Abigale. She is going to be working to keep the communication flowing between the SOCOM community and the dev team.


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coramoor_ said:

March 4th, 3:33 pm


what are you talking about

@ 93 and 101

this game looks good for what it is, socom has never been the most beautiful game ever, imo COD4 doesnt look very good but it’s some degree of style


the socom CA rankings are god awful, they make no sense at all, full of rank ups and how would they know who is who?

SS please keep 1 mic at a time, socom 2 options although i understand if you can’t bring back sure shot
including all the deadzone stuff

Kedaro said:

March 4th, 6:29 pm

Let’s put it this way, I was hardcore, played everything from CounterStrike to Battlefield 1942, and Quake – Unreal online, etc… and Socom 1 – 2 took me away from those for what I thought was a permanent residence in the Socom universe, but when 3 came out, I don’t feel people(myself) included were ready to let socom 2 go yet, as much as we may have seemed anyway, socom 3 should have been a slow production, my only wish for the next generation of Socom, is that they don’t release a bunch of add ons on seperate disks, etc. thank god for the PSN, as it gives them little/no excuse to do this. Also I’d like to see people(myself) included, getting what we friggin’ pay for, Warhawk was a splendid deal, but charge me the full 70$ if it means I get a new fangled mic, and twice the maps as Warhawk, the map selection being reduced to 6 maps(albeit huge ones) after announcing they were tearing the single player campaign out completely, was the biggest smack in the face of every gamers anticipation of the title.

Did I buy Warhawk?
Yea sure

Did I enjoy it?
hell yea!

Was it the ultimate online combat game I’ve been waiting very patiently for, that obliterates the need to buy any more half ass struggling online combat titles that are flooding the market?

For the record… the last question is in close relation to most SOCOM fans expectations of the next gen SOCOM title/s, They’re expecting it to be the be-all end-all that makes them take a break from clamoring around spending senseless cash on games they’re going to be bored of in 30 days…

Online gaming is a simple premise…

Make a game, that people can enjoy playing, make it fun for everyone, and extravegantly crafted so that the ‘will-be pros’ will kick mucho ass, without pissing everyone on the board off, and for god sakes people ONLINE GAMES HOLD PRIORITY IN THE REPLAYABILITY FACTOR! Replayability, REPLAYABILITY!!!

For now we’ll just be wishing that Socom(ps3) come out a little on the Socom 1-2 side of things, with a pleasant next gen feel to them… and I swear that if Frostfire is not included, my girlfriend will perform harikari… First day on Resistance she asked me what the Frostfire-esque map is called, to which I replied… “Sorry babe, there isn’t one that is relatable to Frostfire in this game!” She put the controller down, and never touched that game again, the Socom community is a respecting community, feed it well, it’ll line your pockets with gold, and thensome.

“C3LL 4554551N out”

All_Fukd_Up said:

March 4th, 6:49 pm

Slant Six Great Job.

Hey a loyal SOCOM player here I am 37 years old and happy to providew Sony with a driver liscence street address what ever.

I have played every version of SOCOM since it was first launched. I bought the orginal the day it came out and have had every version since including the PSP versions.

I would like to BETA test for Sony and Slant Six. I am a proffesional software devlopment manager and I know this program will have to take place.

How can I be a part of it?

Currently playing Call of Duty 4 waiting on this and is the only reason that I bought a PS3. Already owned a blue Ray player when I bought my PS3.

SO how do I become a BETA Tester for Socom Confontation?

I am already on line on my PS3 under this name.

Help me please!

A SOCOM Jumkie looking for his Fix!

Joe said:

March 4th, 8:44 pm

What are the chances of a Beta before the game comes out. I have never been a fan of online gaming and if I never got to try out Warhawk in the Beta I would not have bought the game. So I would love to buy this game but I need to know how it feels and works before it comes out.

So I would really like there to be a Beta.
Even if it was only for a week it could help me make up my mind.

MUZIK74 said:

March 4th, 9:34 pm

I can’t wait to play this, it looks great so far!

Rico_Suavez said:

March 4th, 10:24 pm

Well it about time!!! This Franchise was one of the reasons i purchased my PS3. Good job. I was really starting to get inpatient. ; )

SPARDA said:

March 5th, 6:29 am

Glad to hear that you are still hard at work on this game. I hope we get to play it this year.

jay123 said:

March 5th, 6:53 am

i think the creators are just [DELETED] all you guys just to make it a really big surprise. because ive been hearing the same thing for a long time that they arent sure on the date or ive been hearing sometime in june or so. but all the game stores around me say they are getting it in march 5th. which is today. so i preordered it and now i have it.

jay123 said:

March 5th, 6:59 am

i think the creators are just screwing with you guys on the release date so that you will have a huge surprise when it really does come out. ive been hearing the same thing all over the internet. they dont know when its coming out or its probably gunna be sometime in june or so. the stores arounf my house say they’re getting it in march 5th. i preordered mine and today is march 5th and now i have it. i too play nothing but socom 2 all day and the only reason why i got a ps3 is for this game. so ive been stuck playing cod4 until this came out.

Scott3D said:

March 5th, 7:04 am

Why are people complaining about the graphics. You people never cease to amaze me. For the record they look awesome, anyone who says otherwise can eat it.

Now that the camera questions are at rest(have known for awhile myself) I hope that there is an open mic system.

One of my major quarrels with the previous games was trying to inform my team of enemy activity but couldnt get the message out because someone was talking about what kind of weed he smokes.

TouchyEd said:

March 5th, 7:40 am

The graphics don’t look awesome. At least not in comparison to some of the games available today. The two screen shots that were presented in this blog are very low in texture detail (and you’ll need to click on the images and then select to view the larger versions to really see what I’m talking about).

They might look good at PSP screen-sizes, but look at the stonetiles (on the ground in front of the soldier). The textures are last-gen — blurry, low detail. And they extended almost half-way up the image.

Go check out some full-size screen-shots from CoD4 or Graw2. The difference is day and night.

Game players expect more these days. And the days of having to choose between 1. Good Graphics or 2. Responsive Game Play are over.

We expect both.

superbone547 said:

March 5th, 9:53 am

as long as I can play this in a true-to-form SOCOM 1/2 fashion, I’ll be happy.

Terminator_TX3 said:

March 5th, 3:26 pm

This is nice but I would also love to see Fear Effect 1 and 2 on PLAYSTATION Network. What would also be even more amazing to see Fear Effect: Inferno since Tekken 5 is in the Store.

Heavenly_King said:

March 5th, 4:34 pm

Looks really awesome compared to the first video released. SWEET!!!

blade206 said:

March 5th, 10:18 pm

i want in on the beta plz sony let me in the beta

JayStation3 said:

March 6th, 12:58 pm

H3LLS Y3AH!!! Can’t Wait To G3t This In My Hands!! Looks Gr3at – K33p Up Th3 Good Work!! B33n A Socom Fan From Th3 B3ginning – Own 3ach and 3v3ry on3 of th3m!! This On3 Will B3 No Diff3rant… Looking Forward To It!!!

JS3 – Out

PS- BTW – Who 3v3r Said Th3y W3r3n’t Gonna Buy This Gam3 B3caus3 It’s A “Zipp3r Gam3” – Do Your Hom3work Pal – Zipp3r Isn’t Doing This On3!!

bennibrasco said:

March 8th, 10:14 am

@ #117 gaystation3


Xtream13 said:

March 8th, 10:09 pm

After reading I have to post my thoughts. For people who post “I DON’T LIKE ZIPPER” Don’t play the game! Zipper made Socom from ground up, I know Slant Six is making this one but on Zippers design.

I know alot of people turned from Socom because of the glitches but is it really Zippers fault the PS2 was easily hackable? Look at COD4 for PS3 or 360 almost no glitches now look at the same game on PC Glitches like crazy.

I am a HUGE Socom fan not just play it now and then but all the time! I have a ps3 because of Socom. I love Socom 2 but have to say Socom 3 is my favorite. I am so addicted I remember I bought my Socom 3 Beta disc from ebay for $100 just to play 1 map HAVERSTER for 4 weeks!

The only thing I miss from Socom 2 besides the awesome maps is small remember the ” you have 1 vote against you” I miss that that way you knew if you were getting voted. Socom has the BEST “HOST MIGRATION” in any game
and the lobby system is AWESOME!!! I even like the ranking system you do good you have good rank you start playing bad you loose it, not stupid ranking system like COD4 you can suck at the game and still be like 7 prestege.

I am VERY excited about this game, I would love to get the BETA if possible I would play it everyday!

PSN – Xtream13

ROBZ. said:

March 9th, 2:37 pm

The graphics look nice. But only two maps so far? Bad enough this is only a 5 map release game with future map packs. We been down that wait and see map pack road before. Sony/Zipper promised alot. We never got our map pack 3 for s3. Heck Seth said him self they would of gave us more map packs if there was interest. Hell I would of bought 10 map packs if they had them out at a nice release date every couple months. Well there was alot of interest in a 1-2 month span. But once map pack 2 took like a year and half. Of course the fans will give up. This game here will fail cause your still dividing up the community with 16 and 32 player maps and different game modes. Why you think s1/s2 cant be topped? Cause everything since then was a spin off lame sequel. Should be 1 mode and only 1 mode for a map like s1. Not have maps forced into different modes. Then later after game released we discover its lopsided maps favoring certain sides for wins and such. Also a 5 map game will get lame fast. Thats even if we love all 5 maps. That never happens in a game. Everyone loves and hates maps. 5 map game should be no more then $20. Thats even pushing it. Also I take it only two maps almost completed? I’m sure if you had 5 maps close to being done or started. There would of been screen shots of them. Also I don’t like the wide streets in Crossroads. Is that for a reason of future DLC of vehicles and convoy added later for a price? I’m sure it is.

4lifedozer said:

March 10th, 6:16 am


Mowzy said:

March 10th, 2:35 pm

bring back blizzard!

GgG55 said:

March 10th, 8:35 pm

Let’s hope we can have stealth vs. power (ie.) aks-74 vs. m4a1-sd . Classic loadouts for confrontation this example is only the beginning.

rakinupdapoints said:

March 11th, 5:10 pm

Can’t wait! Hopefully it comes soon!

snipeshot14 said:

March 12th, 11:40 am

those are sick. i cant wait for that game

SnakeCellXx said:

March 13th, 10:39 am

I’m definitely getting this DAY ONE! Keep up the good work, Sony and Slant6!

bambu said:

March 14th, 12:44 pm

For all those true Socom players i look forward to seeing you all again. i have every socom ever made all were pre ordered and all were loved. I can remember all the all night sessions we played until server maintainance , man those were great times. For all of You who played through all the other Socom’s
I am The original OsamaBinHiding,
i look forward to our future battles.
2008 The Year of the PS3!

xst-angerx said:

March 17th, 4:38 am

wow, isnt this the same socom confontation that was being released during the winter/xmas just gone? bet we dont see it til at least october this year! ALWAYS happens with socom games- ALWAYS!


March 23rd, 5:08 pm

Big socom fan here back to 01 socom were my first ps2 online game I’ve been on socom since, play every night can’t wait for the PS3 Socom Confrontation, I’m tired of FPS like COD4 give me socommmmmmmmm!!!

Connoisseur said:

March 24th, 1:33 am

Socom please don’t hate me for cheating on you. You were gone for soo long. I really just longed for the warmth of a little burst fire with you rumbling in my hands. Please forgive me. I promise when you come back I will give you all the attention you need and more. It is not too late to work out our differences. I can forgive your past if you can forgive mine.

Una Bomber01 said:

March 24th, 11:17 am

the graphics dont even look that good, honestly…i like the SOCOM franchise, but come on…its the next gen, PS3…

2percentmilk said:

March 25th, 3:33 am

Very much looking forward to this one!!

FunkyGuy said:

March 25th, 7:46 am

This game is the reason why I got a PS3. I agree with some of the comments before the graphics have be next gen. That was the hold point of getting a PS3 to see graphics like we never seen before. Then to make us wait this long for Socom after it was suppose to be out last Nov. the graphics have to be eye poppin.

I agree if they make maps that has all kinds of games to it I don´t think it will be to popular. Socom was the best thing to happen to playstation. It is a must that they get it right the first they put it out.

I have been forced to play first person shooter just to get my fix on PS3. And warhawk sucks it´s just a run and gun game that´s not to fun. COD4 is fun but you don´t have to have to much skills to play that game.

But, to tell you the truth about Socom Confrontation. They can keep the graphics like it is now it´s good as long as they don´t change the game play that´s what´s important.

I really think Socom Confrontation is going to save PS3 this year.

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