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Mar 06

Mar 06

More Details Emerge for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Taku Imasaki's Avatar Posted by Producer, SCEA

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 002

I’m blogging today with some awesome news! Today SCEA released more information about the North American version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, scheduled for launch on PS3 in April. These new details include the full vehicle roster, the track list and some cool additional features. You can read all the nitty-gritty details in the press release, but here is a brief summary and some new screens shots. Enjoy!

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 001Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 004

Summary of differences between Japanese version and the American version:

  • A whopping 30+ additional vehicles (compared to the Japanese version), including tuner cars from Amuse, Mine’s, etc.
  • Another track to race on: an all-time favorite in the series – frantic and chaotic High Speed Ring!
  • In Drift Mode, measure your drifting technique based on driving line, angle and speed within scoring zones on the course
  • With the Quick Tune feature, adjust your vehicle’s settings including power, weight, tires and suspension
  • All new set of online and offline race events and time trials to jump into, win, and unlock cars/features
  • With Logitech’s new Driving Force GT racing wheel, you can adjust brake bias, traction and damper settings on-the-fly like they do in real-life with Formula One and rally cars. GT5 Prologue will support DualShock 3, too!

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 003Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 005Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 006

There will be much more info coming on Gran Turismo 5 Prologue soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these crisp, new screenshots!

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Garconis said:

March 6th, 8:18 pm

You mean PD is actually honoring us with a Prologue release for once? LOL, I knew they were going to, but I’m still amazed that they are actually giving us a little more GT than they used to. But then again, we never did get that Demo of the Demo (The Prologue Demo), which is pretty BS.

Garconis said:

March 6th, 8:19 pm

nice flat trees….

Gregero said:

March 6th, 8:36 pm

Taku Imasaki,

If we buy this version of GT, will we be able to upgrade to the full version of GT5 with just twenty bucks more? Or will it be a whole separate sixty dollars? I’m sure many others are interested in this question.

TouchyEd said:

March 7th, 7:33 am

I know this is an often repeated complaint, but until they actually add crashes (and some form of damage modelling), I’ll never pay a penny for this game. People keep talking about how “realistic” the game is. But I don’t find getting bumped by another driver, flying into a wall at 300mph, simply stopping on a dime, and then just driving right back into the race “realistic”. It’s laughable. And silly.

Crashes (and the fear of crashing) are two of the biggest components of race car driving. GT continues to ignore these facets — and basically makes their games the LEAST realistic because of this.

willacuz said:

March 7th, 10:16 am

@ TouchyED..

GT5 is photo realistic. The only way to do damage for GT5 is for there to be realistic damage, explosions, carbon fiber cracking into shards etc.

GT5p is about driving, and when I drive. I have a respect of the knowledge of crashing. But In GT4 I have a fear of ruining my LAP TIME.

Which is the most important aspect.

All of you complaining about Damage need to get a life. Play Dirt or burnout to get your crash fix.

But don’t try to tarnish how outstanding and amazing GT5 is with “meh still no damage”. Polyphony has done an amazing job raising the bar for realism and model quality each and every increment of this title.

GT has always been #1 about the vehicles, #2 physics. Because car enthusiasts want to drive vehicles that they have never been able to drive, and get the CLOSEST experience to it.

If you took a ferrari out for a rent, would you cry the entire time because you’d be afraid of damage? No. You would haul ass in the thing around town, yes you be careful because you might kill someone. But GT provides you a reason to be careful.

– Replays
No one wants to show off a replay of a laptime they made, with them bumping into other cars, cutting the track, and cheating.
– lap times
The most important thing to enthusiasts is seeing how their skill matches with real life drivers. No one who cares about really driving and pulling off perfect lap times is going to care about what happens when they run into a wall, because guess what.. that will ruin the lap time causing you to try it again.

Fanboys and n00bies like damage because they like to rubberneck accidents. Dont pretend that DAMAGE is key to the success of GT.

There is plenty of damage in Forza2 and it doesn’t stop idiots from ramming into you in online. It doesn’t make my lap times any faster/slower either. If I get damage, or screw up. I RESET the race because I want to pull off a better time.

Don’t buy the game, you haven’t earned the right to enjoy Gran Turismo.

maluraq said:

March 7th, 12:11 pm

Damage modeling is very important to the physics of driving, especially when you start doing multi-lap endurance races. One of the best features of Toca (the race game before Dirt by the same developer) was being able to do long multi-lap races and having to deal with having damaged your tires, overheated your engine block and needing a new transmission as you drove into the pits.

While GT5 is an amazing looking game and I appreciate its eye-candy, for _real_ racing, its not just about lap times, its about surviving on the track too. Go watch real auto-racing on TV sometime and tell me that damage modeling isn’t important to the outcome of the races.

elprimodebklyn96 said:

March 8th, 1:02 pm

WOW every car is just WOW BEAUTIFUL i might gt it cuz mgs4 is #1 to get on my list

elprimodebklyn96 said:

March 8th, 1:03 pm

very beautiful cars in the game

FasterMike said:

March 9th, 7:26 am


You just go on making excuses for why they can’t seem to add a feature that millions of gamers have been requesting for years.

Yah, a driving game without crashes or damage modelling. Maybe in 1994.

That’s a bit like having a skiing game where nobody ever falls down (even if they hit a tree!)

There’s absolutely ZERO excuse for not including these features in a game in 2008.

And they could put in an option for people like you who claim they don’t want crashes or damage modelling. But something tells me you’d use it if it was available.

chillski said:

March 11th, 3:57 am

WOW, to all the whiners complaing about the price GET OVER IT…

this is more of a full game than any other racing game out on ps3, 40 dollars is A STEAL to be able to get ur hands on this type of quality..

people are always looking for something to complain about, get a life and get over it…

IT COSTS TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO MAKE A GAME OF THIS CALIBER, so be glad its only 40 dollars and not 60 !!!!!!!!

40cal said:

March 11th, 7:33 am

I just went out and picked up the Logitech wheel last week, just for this game. Its sitting in the box and will remain there until the launch of GT5P.

40cal said:

March 11th, 7:38 am

I just wanted to add that having played every GT game, that I dont really want car damage in this game. I think that it will take away form what GT is all about. I play this game to know what it would feel like to be a fine car collector that has nothing better to do than waste time and money with my automobiles. JMO.

TouchyEd said:

March 11th, 8:33 am

But many fans do want damage modelling. They’ve been asking for it by the thousands for years (in gaming forums, etc). And GT will NEVER be considered truly realistic until some form of damage modelling is incorporated into the game. Because getting clipped by another driver (which happens ALL THE TIME in real racing) or smashing into a wall — only to drive away unscathed — is ANYTHING BUT REALISTIC. It’s laughable.

chillski said:

March 11th, 4:35 pm

Why dont u guys read what number 56 said…. ITS hard to make photorealitic damage !!! it takes a lot of time and programming… unlike fortza which is a far cry from this type of QUALITY PHYSICS !!!!!

willacuz explained that its not as if messing up doesnt set u at a disadvantage… AND BTW there is tire wear on the endurance races.

WHY DONT U GET A LIFE and stop trying to find things to nit pick about on what is the best game that will be out on the ps3 !!

Zorox said:

March 11th, 4:52 pm

lol according to the guy above, the best game on the PS3 will be a demo.

It says a lot about the PS3 line up at least.

Wildarmsjecht said:

March 12th, 1:12 pm

Cannot WAIT

JayKline said:

March 13th, 7:43 pm

US DEMO Version Please

lim_ryan said:

March 16th, 9:48 am

hi Mr.Taku,

online racing worldwide server or region base?
Please answer thank you thank you

lim_ryan said:

March 16th, 9:50 am

Hi Mr.Taku,
online racing worldwide server or region base?
thank you very much

TouchyEd said:

March 17th, 7:54 am


Hmmm….so you’d rather see absolutely no attempt at dealing with car bumps, wall hits, car crashes, object collisions, etc. (which is about as UNREALISTIC as you can get) than a really good attempt that falls short of 100% realism?

I pray that the developers don’t share your same opinion — because that’s like the response of a grade-school child. “If I can’t do it perfectly, I won’t do it at all.”

In fact, if the developers used your logic, we would never have seen a GT in the first place. Because the first few versions were anything but photo-realistic.

Most of us would rather see an ATTEMPT at realism than an absolute LACK of realism (for lack of even trying).

Shame on the developers for spitting out this many versions of GT without even trying to add the number one requested feature.

lim_ryan said:

March 17th, 9:28 am

Get a life dude….u make me laugh at u.
seriously dude

dansta622 said:

April 3rd, 4:44 am

Iv bin a gran turismo fan since the first 1 come out i remember me n me dad just sitting there doing endurance races. But then the gran turismo 5 prolougue came out. Amazing game online is kick asss!! But y r the ppl still cardboard??? if u look at the spectators they are still cardboard wy can they b ppl like in ova racing games??????

dansta622 said:

April 3rd, 4:47 am

iv bin a fan of GT since it first came out. i got gt5 prolougue wen it cameout but i luk at the ppl in the stand they r still cardboard why dont they do somert bout this is a ps3!!!!!

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