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Mar 17

Mar 17

New Internet Radio Stations and Firmware coming to PSP

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

First, the firmware: on March 18th, PlayStation Portable owners will be prompted to update their firmware to v3.93, which expands support for PLAYSTATION Network titles.

At this time, users of the PSP Internet Radio feature will find 20 new internet radio players to enjoy. The new players are organized into more specific styles of music so that PSP users can easily find what they are looking for and listen to their favorite genres.

More than 50 percent of PSP users listen to music on their system, so we think a lot of you will enjoy this free, new expansion of their music library.

Haven’t tried out the FREE internet radio feature? Click here for the step-by-step setup.

UPDATE: As many of you have noticed, the new Internet Radio channels have already been implemented. Firmware v3.93 has been delayed slightly. Further updates will be posted on our Twitter account.

FINAL UPDATE: The firmware is available for download now.

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Jackal888 said:

March 18th, 11:38 am

Internet Radio on the PS3 does make sense. It is my media center in my living room.The option to maye a playlist for music that is on the PS3 should also go on the PSP.

curtis_bland said:

March 18th, 11:53 am

I agree. Folders on PSP and radio on PS3 is a good idea.

FrankieViturello said:

March 18th, 12:25 pm

I like the “clip” single-genre stations a lot! I hope they continue to expand the amount of genres. The “one-click” stations are a fun novelty too, but I prefer the single genre clips. Here are some suggestions for future Radio / Skype updates. 1.) Allow us to ORGANIZE the Internet Radio Stations on our XMB … the more we add, the messier it’s getting. 2.) Skype on PS3 + Eye Toy or Playstation Eye, get on that please! THANKS!

Mindplague said:

March 18th, 12:26 pm

Are we going to get divx/xvid (later especially) support for the psp? Steaming from my ps3 gets choppy while on the go. I was hoping to use the memsticks. Ntl, woohoo, more inet radio I don’t listen to. Yay! Good for everyone.

zefie said:

March 18th, 12:29 pm

Why is v3.93 marked as coming soon? You already released it this morning, and now have replaced it with a different copy, but still have it distributed.

This is very unlike you Sony.

I’m sure a 3.94 will come to fix any discrepancies between the previous and current versions of v3.93?

zefie said:

March 18th, 12:44 pm

Okay, so v3.93 is official now, will the previous v3.93 harm my PSP? Why the re-release?

gnarkillsk8 said:

March 18th, 12:53 pm

i think playstation should also add the adobe flash player to an update for both ps3 and psp

x3sphere said:

March 18th, 12:56 pm

zefie: It was never re-released. Shortly after the 3.93 firmware hit Network Update, Koller changed the blog post saying that it was coming soon.

Not sure why… but the fact is, the firmware hit Network Update last night and was never pulled.

As far as I know, SCEI handles all firmware updates for PSP, it was probably a miscommunication between them and SCEA.

zefie said:

March 18th, 1:01 pm


I won’t say anything, but trust me when I say Sony knows what I mean.

TwoBlack4America said:

March 18th, 1:23 pm

Thanks for the update.The Internet Radio feature is really useful!!

not-buying-incognito said:

March 18th, 2:09 pm

Bring that $#!@# to the ps3….
Hook my ps3 up dammit man..

crystalx3d said:

March 18th, 3:35 pm

To the person who suggested TVersity as a viable solution to internet radio on the ps3:
The whole point is to be able to listen to internet radio WITHOUT having a computer on and running a software program. The ps3 has the capability of doing this thing on its own, and requiring a computer to make it work detracts from the feature’s convenience.

To the people who want to see skype on the ps3:
Why? Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to use skype, Aim, MSNim, Y! im, ICQ, IRC, etc. from my ps3, but let’s be realistic. Chances are, if you’re using your ps3, you’re already at home so you might as well pick up your phone and call whoever you want to talk to. The convenience of skype on psp is that the psp is portable. Not so with the ps3. While ps3 skype would be nice, I’d rather the good folks at sony spend their limited time working on other more important features.

shrimpdude said:

March 18th, 3:56 pm

What the PSP needs is on-the-fly playlisting…why the hell does the PS3 have this, but not PSP?

AndyBD said:

March 18th, 4:18 pm

I like the clock idea, eg. it could be accessed by pressing the PS button

The Unknown said:

March 18th, 5:39 pm

This is actually a really cool update for the PSP (the Internet Radio is quite nice for people in WiFi areas), but can the shuffle function of the PSP’s regular music player please be fixed? It should shuffle tracks in the entire MUSIC folder, not just in the tracks in its subfolder one is currently in. I think that fixing the shuffle for the PSP’s music playback would make many PSP music-listeners very happy (like myself, for instance).
Still, keep up the good work. =)

dgknight500 said:

March 18th, 7:37 pm

4.00 better be a big update or u shall feel the wrath of a thousand angry fanboys! U have been warned…

Korlithiel said:

March 18th, 11:53 pm


The PSP has an oudated flashplayer, if it were updated at least one version you could use it to watch videos on websites like Youtube. So what you really want is an updated version, something I would enjoy as well but don’t think it would fix all (or possibly any) of the problems with watching videos online.


For many PS3 owners it would open up the ability to talk to their friends who are logged into Skype, same reason people use Skype on their PSP I would assume too.


Being able to make playlists on the PSP at all needs to happen, on-the-fly would be great (and made better if you could continue to listen to your music while doing so) and I doubt would be a big issue to implement.

I am definitely for this idea.

The Unknown

I actually like how it currently is because I have several folders full of audio from my classes and usually don’t care to listen to them.

For me, the shuffle function is fine. The only solutions I can think of that would make us both happy (and in turn those from each side) would either to be able to choose from the settings which shuffle you prefer, or maybe to only have it shuffle music that is in the MUSIC folder and subfolders that your listening to.

For me that second one would work amazing, it would allow for both types of shuffle depending on if I’m studying (ms0:/PSP/MUSIC) or if I’m relaxing (ms0:/MUSIC) and I think a set-up like this would be bearable, but somewhat confusing to many users.

To Sony, or anyone from who may be reading.

I would like to see many features on my PSP and am glad you continue to release so many updates, but was this last one necessary? Unless you are releasing more Playstation downloadable titles then it seems like this should have waited for something bigger.

Ah well, I guess that when I take the time to update next it will be slightly more worthwhile. Still wish there was a good accessory that added radio to the PSP that I could find, like that mini remote one, but this is a nice feature for when I’m at my GF’s place or studying in the living room where I have a strong enough connection to use this.

u_nick said:

March 19th, 10:05 am

Any thoughts about adding the XM/Sirius online listening portals to the PSP or PS3 systems? Even if the browsers would just gain compatibility with their respective portals (I think XM just uses WMP or Quicktime). Being able to login to my XM account on either system would be great.

AgentGoomba said:

March 19th, 2:25 pm

Awesome! I love this feature (I listen to SegaRadio :P), and it’s great that they’re supporting it some more. I’ll update tonight.

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FrankieViturello said:

March 19th, 4:12 pm

@ Crystalx3D, I understand that you don’t see the appeal / don’t want Sony wasting their “precious time” on Skype for PS3 … but there are plently of PS3 owners that don’t have a PSP, or a computer setup truly optimized/standardized for Skype. Yes, it would be a triviality to have it on PS3, but thanks to the PS3’s wicked network specs and built in Bluetooth, it could be a powerhouse version of Skype and great thing to have, regardless of the lack of portability. Also, as far as Skype on the PSP … the likelyhood of all PSP users being able to find / stay at at WiFi access point while having a Skype conversation makes it slightly LESS portable than one would imagine.

apple01 said:

March 19th, 7:27 pm

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Albatross said:

March 19th, 8:28 pm

Adding Internet Radio to the PS3 would great!
AD2P (Bluetooth Stereo Headphone capability) would be another valued addition.

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

March 20th, 8:09 pm

great! if you get this on the PS3 as well, then that’d be like killin’ two birds with one stone. :)

maikelnait said:

March 21st, 6:31 am

Nice job!
nice but…

when youtube support?
when divx support?
when more music features like suffle all music, custom eq, playlist creation?

Thanks for improving our small psp system everyday!

Kind regards!
specially to firmware developers! =P

Naphthos said:

March 24th, 12:46 pm

How about Internet Radio for my PS3, too! The PSP’s speakers are so tiny… I’d rather listen to Radio on the PS3. Afterall, it doesn’t go anywhere so it’s always within Wi-Fi range.

mahe2007 said:

April 3rd, 6:47 am

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