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Mar 21

Mar 21

Warhawk Contest Winners! Plus v1.3 trailer!

Dylan Jobe's Avatar Posted by President, LightBox Interactive

“Insert witty opening BLOG greeting here” :-)

Most of our readers and Warhawk aficionados know that we recently held a contest for players in the US to submit their own insignias and aircraft paint schemes. The response was fantastic and we received a ton of entries. Thus why it has taken us so damn long to review them all, then pick the winners, contact them, and secure all the paper work required by our lawyers.

Welp… the winners are now selected and integrated with the upcoming Warhawk v1.3 update!

Before we reveal the new designs, why don’t you take a gander at this brand new v1.3 trailer and get hyped up for the awesomeness that these new designs will be flying around in:

The team was really impressed by the quality of the submissions. Many of you spent a lot of time designing really great stuff and it’s going to make a great addition to the game — aside form the fact that it’s just plain sweet to get your stuff in a game!

And like I said before the team was really impressed by the paint schemes especially since they clearly took the most time to create. Our artists were so happy with the results that they took the time recently to generate hi-res renderings of all the winners.

The images turned out pretty damn cool and I thought that I would post them here as the announcement rather than a standard text list — text is soooo old-school :-)

Thanks you all for entering the contest – all your great designs add a lot of value to our new v1.3 update!!!


Fellow internet-peeps (not to be confused with the seasonal, addictive Peeps), here are the winners!!!


Here are the winning insignias!


We really liked these insignias be cause they were so diverse; from simple abstract shapes all the way to literal items. These should really help our players personalize their troops and aircraft!

Now of course I can’t leave this BLOG entry without updating you on the v1.3 patch and the upcoming Booster-Pack Operation: Broken Mirror.

The v1.3 patch is “basically” done and our international teams are in the last few days of test so I should be able to announce a release date very soon.

Operation Broken Mirror is also “basically” done but hasn’t gone “gold” yet…in hindsight, I wonder if there is a law or some form of internet etiquette that limits how many words I use in a single post with “digital-air-quotes“? Doh…there’s another one.


I will be making an announcement about this very soon as well. And I must say, the team and I are really happy with how much fun this new Booster is. Between it and the new equipment added in the v1.3 patch, Warhawk feels like a fresh game!

So I’ll leave you all with a little treat, cause you all know how I like to embed little treats in my posts. Here’s a small teaser image from the upcoming booster. But….I fractured it into a bazzilion little pieces — like a digital jig-saw.

And I totally realize that making a puzzle out of a preview screenshot *does* prove to the world that I am a huge game addict!

(Engage digital reverb filter)

ENJOY! — ENJoyyy — ENjjoooyyyy — Ennnnjjooooyyyy — eeennnjjjoooyyyy —–

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March 22nd, 7:03 am

April 2 08 or 04.02.08 is what I saw at the end of the trailer. THats a little over a week aways. W00Tw00T to all the peeps at in Warhawk Dev land for making this Spring a great one. You folks are by far the best when it comes to updates. What’s next? Boats? Keep up the great work. You have made a fan of me for life. I will buy all your games! I LOVE WARHAWK!! BTW you can control a warhawk with a Rock Band Strat………well somewhat.

tryp said:

March 22nd, 7:12 am


Ad-Kemp said:

March 22nd, 7:39 am


I can’t believe how much Warhawk has taken off and how much effort you and your team have put into this game. I just want to congratulate you on making a magnificant and balanced online game.

I’ll buy any new DLC for Warhawk the second it comes out, I can’t believe how detailed you make the maps and content. The Omega Factory still blows me away every time I go on it.

Quick question, will you make any larger scale Official Deathmatch servers? I love the tight, smaller 8 player DM’s. But I have played many 12+ Player Ranked DM’s that are just epic, but usually just as we are enjoying ourselves, the host disconnects and our fun is lost. Would a full 32 (or less if its just too much) Offical DM server be possible?

And, will Broken Mirror have a Symbol like Omega Dawn has? And if so, can we have a look? Or do your PR Ninja’s have it under lock and key in a hidden fortress deep in the mountains?

Keep up the good work Dylan and Co.


mrnagy88 said:

March 22nd, 7:49 am

Hey, that was awesome, more puzzles! :-p

Just what I needed to make me sleep haha.

rukusa said:

March 22nd, 8:09 am

Alot of very wicked designs. Dylan & Co. surely knows what turns us gamers on.:)

Those insignias are fantastic!

phlipman2000 said:

March 22nd, 8:47 am

i solved the puzzle
not prefect but it gives you a mind what its going to be NEW MAP AND A APC OMFG

Dmalone569 said:

March 22nd, 8:49 am

Ice map and APC! (Punches air and shouts “YES!”)

mikemyerz666 said:

March 22nd, 9:29 am

Jobe, Is there any possibility of replacing the jeeps with gunned snow mobiles just for the new map? i think it would be interesting to have map adapted vehicles. would like to hear back on that if you can comment.

SmogItUp said:

March 22nd, 9:45 am

Wow, 3 pages of comments and not one from Dylan (The Master) Jobe yet. That is really surprising, but I guess the PR ninjas must have hi, gagged.. Anyways I have a great Idea!!!

How about you make it possible for us Warhawk addicts to be able to set our ps3 up as a dedicated server using remote play with our psp!!
How cool would it be for large clans to be able to set up a server from anywhere in the world?

superbone547 said:

March 22nd, 9:58 am

With all of these teamwork vehicles with tehir massive capacity and the maps getting bigger it seems like it might not be bad to increase the player cap, please?

elmetfano said:

March 22nd, 10:55 am


venin said:

March 22nd, 11:14 am

Anyone else notice that the Wolf Insignia is the exact same as the one in Halo 3? Any legal issues with that?

XxCH3AT3RxX said:

March 22nd, 11:56 am

Alright since this has really been bugging me I might bring it to the Dev’s attention. The insignias look great. But there are two I seem to have a problem with. The second row second from the right looks too much like Rainbow Six’s little logo, I do not know if you guys wanted that, but it is kind of lame.

The other one that got me really mad was the submission of another companies logo. The first row and second from the left that wolf. That is the ‘Amarok’ logo for a music player for Ubuntu Linux. It is an exact copy of it. I personally think you guys should not submit and release the insignia of another company that someone submitted and didn’t make, but simply stole it.

Just my thoughts.

priority9 said:

March 22nd, 12:13 pm

good job and continued support for the game.

I have one request and it is the server listing. Can the column width be increases so the server level is not cut off [eg. US-(OD)DM-Sm2(LV… ] at the end?

Darkdrium777 said:

March 22nd, 12:14 pm

I have to agree with the above poster, you should remove those two insignias. They were simply and blatantly stolen (Especially the Amarok one)

Otherwise, I solved the puzzle too, the map looks nice :) I might just have to download them expansion packs.

tryp said:

March 22nd, 12:29 pm


Brog2x said:

March 22nd, 3:43 pm

that last eucadian plane looks like it was inspired by venom. very very clean

Netweb said:

March 22nd, 4:05 pm

My insignia won, but i send mail back saying i’m from portugal… a don´t want the statue…. you can’t put this one? :(

When you made a contest like this to Europe? :(

USA is so lucky…

The APC is comming… and is a movel starting point, when we die.. and… produces weapons… :P
I’m right Mr Dylan?

Last question… are you thinking put some awards to this new changes? Like new badges, medals?

User: Netweb
Clan: LusoPlay
Tag: [LP]

See Ya!

Chinese Big Wing Bird said:

March 22nd, 5:14 pm

Oh my Gosh! So many updates these days. Hall of frame for warhawks.
Remember to flash ur toilet!

Netweb said:

March 22nd, 5:19 pm

How can i contact with the Warhawk development team?

I have some questions to do…

Davitr0n said:

March 22nd, 6:25 pm

Great news. All of the fan made designs are hawt, and I will hopefully be rocking all of them at some point. My favorite overall is cdubb’s Warhawk design (6th Eucadian Warhawk down). I was very happy that one of mine got in also (5th Nemesis down) although I didn’t think that was my best submission :P Congratulations to everyone that got something in! Looking foward to the statue.

I can’t wait for the new stuff coming in the 1.3 Patch and for Broken Mirror to be released. Warhawk is in close competition with Rock Band for my current favorite PS3 game. Any chance Friendly Fire will be turned back on? (make people use TOW missles more wisely! haha)


March 22nd, 7:16 pm

hey guys, I put that jig saw together that they have at the Flicker site. I use photobucket so here’s the link:
it took the better part of two hours, but it is the most I could get done. some pieces are in the wrong place but it looks like a nice WInter level.
Can’t wait to do some drifting on ice. Drifting in WH now is alot of fun. Hey Dylan, any chance of a distant future update/patch to include “Jet Packs”?
How about two of em on either side… Think about it…

thefjk said:

March 22nd, 7:54 pm

Doing the jig saw was fun… I wouldn’t mind solving a few more Dylan.

Nice work by the way!

maluraq said:

March 22nd, 9:55 pm

You sound like you wouldn’t want another huge map. Why not? If you don’t want to play on a huge map, just play games on the smaller subsets of them. There are quite a few variations with smaller area sizes for each map already. I’m sure that will be true of this map as well.

maluraq said:

March 22nd, 10:02 pm

To tryp (and all other spammers), there’s a suggestion E-mail address for contacting Sony about suggestions / ideas / bugs / etc. Use it. That is not what the blog is for.

verdantalan said:

March 22nd, 11:58 pm

wow I’m gonna count the days till the update, BTW any word about a way to download OD if I’m not from the US (im from mex) my PSN account is verdantalan

P.S.(please respond even if its a no)

P.P.S.(keep the great work you are doing… Rock on!!

spike021 said:

March 23rd, 12:25 am

Another idea would be:

If the microphone software catches a specific word(curse/cusses) that isn’t very ‘nice’ it mutes it, or something along those lines.


March 23rd, 12:35 am



infinidy said:

March 23rd, 3:25 am

hey all thus us my first time posting. can’t wait for 1.3 i don’t know if anyone eles unscrambled the puzzle but here it is.
the before

and the after

hope u all enjoy


framac77 said:

March 23rd, 7:03 am

how come it says on the teaser trailer that the field wrench is standard issue, yet it needs to be picked up while on the move? not that am complaining, just noticed it as a minor discrepancy in an otherwise epic game which just keeps coming back to steal more of my free time…. keep up the fantastic work dylan n co, i look forward to the broken mirror booster and any future developments with bated breath!! (n no, i don’t just need to brush my teeth lol)

Neo_Selen said:

March 23rd, 9:37 am

Hey Dylan,

Any chance of adding a spectator mode to the game so we can watch EPIC clan battles or just in general… Maybe watch a jeep race or two…


DarkFlame588 said:

March 23rd, 9:53 am

Thanks for the answer to my map size question.
Another I have is that could you make some medium sized servers with Omega Factory maps in the rotation, like pipeline and northern run?

DarkFlame588 said:

March 23rd, 9:56 am

Oh, and you said you guys would pick 20 paints and 50 insigs, but there are only 18 paints and 44 insigs shown, anything you’re hiding from us?

KIT619KAT said:

March 23rd, 10:26 am

YOU SKIPED MY QUESTION. (sad). so here it is again.
i have 2 questions. can you add a way for clan leaders to send clan invites while in the game so we dont have to quit. and also you should add something like gamebattles in warhawk, but it would probably be to hard.

Aschx said:

March 23rd, 11:26 am

… OMG April 2 is my birthday!!!!! Too dang bad yall didn’t accept my gun insignia… and I thought it was better than some of the ones you accepted… was it because it had some grey in it?

Krazykat said:

March 23rd, 11:50 am

Dylan I am very happy at this great game you have given us and i will be buying all DLC but in one of the later boosters will we be seeing this……

not quite the action in the scene but those gaint ships i was thinking about maybe if you had it were omega dawn was a factory they were fighting for but i was more thinking like they were in a gaint air fight and i was thinking wouldn’t that be cool if we could fight in one of those gaint ships. So is there anything planned like that with any new possible maps.

Also i am running a MBS, = minigame beta server, i am testing minigames with my crew and i was wondering will there every be like a new mode or map mods that will be set up just for minigames i mean i know this really doesn’t have to do with the fighting much but some fighters get tired of shooting em up and switch to differen’t games to have fun but say you included these minigame type maps they would stay and after some hard fighting they would join in for some minigames on the minigame servers. I don’t know but personally i think this would draw in a lot of attention to warhawk 1 because nobody would be expecting it and 2 because many players want to be able to relax in warhawk sometimes. Anyway i hope you reply. Nice job Dylan.

PSN= krazykat

JP4560 said:

March 23rd, 1:04 pm

So will we have to unlock all the skins like we do now or do they all come unlocked already??? 1 skin per rank is really annoying especially if you unlock one that you don’t like. And is the Broken mirror pack something completly different from the 1.3 patch? if so then its just like the Omega dawn pack you have to pay for?
anyways good job on the updates my WarHawk Experience keeps getting better and better thanks

Krazykat said:

March 23rd, 1:28 pm

JP2560- Dylan commented a bit ago or what i read is that everyone will get the skins no matter what rank. Broken mirror is totally different than patch 1.3. Patch 1.3 is free and gives you the wrench special mine and a few other features. The booster costs money and will give you the APC and Vaporfield GL which is supposedbly bigger than Omega Dawn.

sparticus said:

March 23rd, 1:32 pm

Looks great!

Dylan, it’s awesome that you actually reply to people’s posts and everything. You guys keep up the good work!

P.S. You’re quite funny, too!

chasegamez said:

March 23rd, 4:10 pm

hey this is chase167 top 10 in deathmatch
please will we be able 2 access friend list
and invite to a game

lenigod said:

March 23rd, 5:40 pm

Enjoy the rant Dylan, cause im’a only post this once. First off, Warhawk is a ok game, that is just inexplicably fun, and i no matter what game im into, i always find myself coming back to it. You have few maps, but the way you divide them makes it very refreshing playing a different map size. Congrats on keeping the servers almost always lag free as well. But there is a myriad of thing that i think are missing that you NEED to add, rather then adding new weapons or vehicles, although different plane types would be awesome ( as in warhawk- esq planes, but one would be say, a twin body- propeller plain thats a bit slower but can carry 4 bombs, and 2 tows, but a slow machine gun, and limited homing or swarm missiles.) First, i think in a warhawk, when a parter gets in, he should have a weak a.a. gun that could destroy on-coming missiles or damage nearby enemy planes. The Wrench was a idea i had from day one of playing the game since launch, and im glad its coming. Secondly, whilst in a hawk, you should be able to eject, damaging your player, and only usable from so high up, or your chute folds and you fall and die. Adding a timed- swimming function would be nice, but i understand that the way you designed the levels it would be kinda useless, i just don’t enjoy the fact that water swallows you like a endless void. Thirdly, and i think most importantly, where the fernanglechuck is party support, i mean really…. you seriously don’t have it? comon! There’s a ton more i could…. suggest, but i’d rather save a few for later to see if you actually add them, cause i know you guys at incog are on the right track, and a few of my idea’s are original, and im in the gaming industry myself, so i gotta have some ideas for myself.

erico316 said:

March 23rd, 5:51 pm

hey dylan can you confin that we see this new game at e3?

Dylan_Jobe_Fanboy said:

March 23rd, 5:53 pm


As you can tell I love warhawk. I was wondering will the apc be available for all game modes? Or will it be like omega dawn where you have to be in the largest layout? Mabee adding the option to be able to have an APC/dropship in any layout while in a player-open server would be a good idea. IMO

Assassin311 said:

March 23rd, 5:53 pm

What’s going to happen to the price of the first booster pack Omega Dawn. Will It drop in price? Stay the same? Possibly become free =)?

Dylan_Jobe_Fanboy said:

March 23rd, 5:54 pm

also i want to add that the community really appreciate the TLC you give us. Warhawk will never die down!

Darkwatch11 said:

March 23rd, 5:59 pm

so does the hand thrown bio-shield generator also stop incoming fire? like the one the APC droops.

nvmisfit said:

March 23rd, 6:01 pm

If anyone wants to see the puzzle picture of Broken Mirror content, just send me a request for it in PSN network from your playstation. My PSN ID is nvmis6. I’ll send it to you.

Purerockfury said:

March 23rd, 6:02 pm

Cant wait for the patch and update ! Quick questions 1. Will you do the paint scheme/insignia contests again ? and 2. Do you think you guys could be a little bit more agressive towards stat padders ? I also would like a jungle map where the roads between zones are maybe covered by thick jungle making it harder for warhawks to see people traveling the roads or vice versa. And maybe a bunch of foot paths connecting between roads and zones

nvmisfit said:

March 23rd, 6:14 pm

Just an update to my last comment. I put the puzzle together in Adobe Photoshop 7 in it’s original resolution. I then compressed it using the max jpeg settings to about 250kb. Get it directly to your Playstation 3 by messaging me through PSN. Or if you’re worried about getting a virus or something you can get it here:

lenigod said:

March 23rd, 6:40 pm

here is the image fixed also

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