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Mar 25

Mar 25

More details on Firmware v2.20

Al De Leon's Avatar Posted by Sr. PR Manager, SCEA

Hi, everyone. When you turn on your PS3 today, you’ll be greeted with the newest system software update, v2.20. We gave you the heads up last week on what the new firmware would deliver, and, as promised, we have Eric Lempel back on camera to walk through a demo of some the new features. Also, to set the record straight, Blu-ray Portable Copy was never a part of this firmware update, and the feature isn’t related to BD-LIVE. We know a lot of you are excited about the ability to take a copy of a BD movie with you on the go on your PSP, so we’ll keep you posted on any developments with this cool feature in the future.

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Zhi13 said:

March 26th, 7:18 pm

information board*

darkedgex said:

March 26th, 7:19 pm

/me joins the choir asking for RSS on PS3

Oh, and if you guys do add RSS to the PS3, PLEASE make sure you support text feeds (not just audio feeds like the PSP). Speaking of the PSP, it’d be nice if it supported text feeds too (especially if you could download all current entires for your subscriptions, then read them while you’re offline). =)

RoAcH2285 said:

March 26th, 8:09 pm

@ destroyer41139

Its nice to know I’m not alone in this.Thanks for letting me know.

YOU HERE THIS SONY.Theres a problem.Some of us can’t get a NAT Type 2 internet connection even though its a NAT Type 2 connection going to the PS3. Please FIX this. Thanks.

RoAcH2285 said:

March 26th, 8:10 pm

I meant HEAR. My bad.

RoAcH2285 said:

March 26th, 8:10 pm

I meant HEAR.My bad.

rahstar2003 said:

March 26th, 9:55 pm

the information board does not work.

puppydg68 said:

March 26th, 10:27 pm

Firstly I want to say thanks to Sony for the promise of a great media center, I love it so far.

Here is my list of FW 2.2 outstanding Media Issues:

Some Divx and Xvid files still not playing.. anything encoded with default settings from the free encoder “Handbrake” seem to be an issue (Corrupted Data)

M2TS with LPCM audio – used to output through the bitstream over Optical, now it does not and center channel is missing. This used to work prior to 2.0

H264 – with profile 5.1 – is not compatible.

WMV – Many do not play with sound.. Including those downloaded from and video plays, no audio.

MP4 – streamed across the network is very choppy. Was fine prior to 2.2

Used, Twonky/Tversity and Nero for testing.

items which seem to be fixed:

Some H264 BBC video files have been fixed and work now. Worked in 2.0 broken past that, and now fixed again

Higher Xvid/Divx compatibility – but still not perfect like xbox

Subtitle support is great, and works a treat.

Stuttering playback on certain Mpeg2 HD files and Mpeg1 files have been fixed.

maxerus said:

March 26th, 10:33 pm

I cant understand why all you guys are mad about needing more codecs.
Yes it would be nice but as i see it the PS3 already dose more then most anyone else out there.
It plays games DVD’s BD’s Most every AVI i have, supports linux(so if there is anything that the PS3 os cant do linux will cover that untill its ready for the PS os)plays and rips my music.
Umm…oh yeah and i can watch all my vids via psp from any where in the world!

Yes theres room for improvement but when you compare the PS3 to others id say its doing dam well.

P.S. before you act like sony dont care what we want.Look at the FW history vs the user requests. Almost every complaint ive heard here and on the forums has or is being addressed. So from what ive seen they are trying to do as much as they can as soon as they can.And remember what may be the most important update to you some one else will most likely care less. Like me and in game XMB yes its a cool option but its not ruining my life cuz i dont have it yet. If i want in game music i just turn on my stereo and turn off in game BGM. And ive yet to get a msg SOOoooo important that i feel i must drop my game to see what was said.But like i said this is just me.

axion said:

March 26th, 11:36 pm

I just wish Sony would get back in the gaming business again. If history is correct just about everyone who bought the PS2 got one because it was a great DVD player right? Updates are great and all but is PS3 a gaming machine anymore? Hey we have 8 1/2 years left of the PS3 so there is hope.

maxerus said:

March 26th, 11:50 pm

“Higher Xvid/Divx compatibility – but still not perfect like xbox”

Read this
yeah its 3mnths old but just its just to show you that xbox hasnt been the best divx player ether.
It might be better now but that would only be if they have fixed many probs with recent updates.
But to yell at sony cuz there a month behind xbox on divx support is just dumb.Because xbox had many probs with divx as well.

crystalx3d said:

March 27th, 1:03 am

@207 puppydg68
“WMV – Many do not play with sound.. Including those downloaded from and video plays, no audio.”

This is most likely because the audio used is wma-pro, which the ps3 does not currently support. While almost nobody uses it for listening to plain audio, wma-pro seems to be popping up in quite a few wmv files, so hopefully we’ll see support for it some time in the future. Until then, pc and 360 are the only options.

I have to give props to sony for improving xvid compatibility. Now all the files that played on my 360 and not my ps3 play fine on the ps3. I still think compatibility is better than people are giving it credit for. Every single file I tried playing from Stage6, the (now defunct) official video sharing community of DivX, inc. played fine. Probably people are trying to play files encoded in DivX 3.11a, which isn’t supported by either console

arnljot said:

March 27th, 2:44 am

I love my PSP and PS3, especially with Remote Play!

But I would like a little more tuning to when I’m able to connect.

Currently my PS3 has to be switched off, or listening for connection for my PSP to connect (I have the last but one FW for my PS3 “pre 2.20”, and 3.93 on my PSP).

I’d like it to be so that if I connect my PSP with RemotePlay to a running PS3, it’ll connect if no “counter meassure” is taken on the PS3 locally.

This ofcourse assumes that the PS3 is running in a RemotePlay compatible mode (RemotePlay enabled game, XMB, Folding@Home, etc).

When running something, and PSP attempts to connect, the PS3 should notify the local user to press the PS button or something within 5 seconds or so to reject the connection. If not rejected the PSP is allowed control.

The PSP should get appropriate error messages, like “Connection rejected by local user” or “PS3 running RemotePlay incapable game/activity”.

Necrid said:

March 27th, 3:18 am

Thx a lot for the save target function folks!

WretchedBass said:

March 27th, 6:17 am

We don’t even need in-game XMB, but at least some in-game messaging and friend management.

outkast353 said:

March 27th, 6:38 am

It’s was a good update. but, i wanted to just say that THIS is the way that ALL updates should be released. give us a heads up a few days ahead of time then when it is released walk us through! good job! keep doing it!

one other thing though. i like to use the ps3 web browser to look at the ps3 forums and blogs. it would be nice if everything on the blog worked in the ps3 browser. like this video. i had to wait a while to watch it because i could only use my ps3 browser. it would be nice if you could put them up in a format that would work on the ps3.

ldsboots said:

March 27th, 6:54 am

Nice update, but I really want to see an update that gets rid of all the false starts that the majority of people get on their PS3 systems so that remote play via internet works better. I’m tired of trying to log in just to find out that my PS3 has once again been started by a random ping (and yes I have spent many hours and days trying to remedy this) and is no longer available for remote play. Please fix this.

moog said:

March 27th, 7:51 am

@208, that’s not true about linux, at least until we can use hardware accelerated video. As it stands, linux on the ps3 is pretty poor, and woefully short as a media center.

It’s a pity sony doesn’t give us a native VLC, most media center codec issues would be resolved in a single hit.

Lawrencetate said:

March 27th, 8:25 am

Please add the Latest Flash Player to your internet browser. I beg of you SONY !!!!

cdronm said:

March 27th, 8:26 am

I have a simple request: PS3 GAME UPSCALING (through component cables, for those fans with CRT HDTV’s that only accept 480i/p & 1080i).


XSTAR-HD said:

March 27th, 8:58 am

OK Listen, I dont care about anything your fixing or updating until you fix the VOICE chat in multiplayer gaming… Come on this is unacceptable by all means.. What is a console without proper voice chat and friends options while in a game. Like private chat…. Hate to say it but i own both machines XBOX360 and PS3 and im very close to selling my PS3 because it just doesnt compare…..In Army of TWO co-op i had to pause the game to hear what my friend was saying…..Rediculas…

lsesam said:

March 27th, 9:05 am

hey Leon is there (off topic) any news on HOME, also when can we expect XMB in game cause I can’t stand getting ot of movies or COD4 to look at friends messeges, It wouldn’t be bad a clock on the screen for the next update

mrnagy88 said:

March 27th, 10:36 am

Nice update, but you forgot to mention how to activate the In-Shirt-XMB lol…

Darkpen said:

March 27th, 12:51 pm

Okay, so I’ve got several complaints. Its great that the browser is faster now, but with the way that the PS3 now handles downloading stuff, its impossible to now download videos from, with the way they have their links setup. On PC and on PS3, before the update, because the website doesn’t allow target saving (you have to click the link instead), downloading videos would work the same way it does on my PC, but now with the firmware update, I can’t target save because of how they have the links set up (and even if I did target save, it wouldn’t be the video), and if I click the link, it does the whole full-screen video buffering thing, from which I can’t save the video either (or so it seems so far).

Other websites like work fine though.

My other complaint is the fact that I can’t log into this blog to comment through my PS3’s browser. I seem to be able to log in through my PSP. However, on the PSP, despite logging in, it doesn’t seem to fully “log in,” like some kind of cookie error or something, so every time I click the link to log in, instead of sending me back to the login screen, it instead sends me back to the top of whatever page I was viewing.

On the PS3 side of things, if I try to log in, the browser locks up, with the loading swirly continuously spinning. All I could do was just shut my PS3 down through the PS button.

TouchyEd said:

March 27th, 1:13 pm


Bottom-Line: The PS3 browser is barely functional. You can view sites with text and graphics, but don’t expect to be able to post comments, login, or view/listen to modern media (apart from YouTube).

The browser has a LONG way to go to even be considered useful. At present, it’s far more aggravating than enjoyable.

doggyStyle said:

March 27th, 1:33 pm

Sorry Sir,

But this 2.20 update is a MAJOR disappointment.
*BD & DVD resume, it was about time!!!
*BD-Live, sorry I don’t bother.
*PSP interop seems cool but I have no PSP and no plan to get it, hence don’t bother.
*DivX is a major concern for me, as I use it very often; but the subtitle support for DivX without external .srt file support is, well, USELESS. Sony really thinks we are going to remux all .avi in .divx to get subtitle support? Gotta be kinding man.

Then, 2.20 is another MISS for Sony.

Please, I assume there should be someone at Sony with enought common sense to promote .avi + .srt subtitles in PS3. This is “the” subtitle format. Anything else is a joke or, sadly, a lie.

Thank you, sir.

FRANEK83 said:

March 27th, 1:53 pm

update the flash player for the browser


lakaihigh said:

March 27th, 2:01 pm

@ mrnagy88 – you put a stitch in my side man. thanks for makin my day.


scorpio said:

March 27th, 2:17 pm


I am sad to hear that also. I was already thinking of swaping from DVD to DIVX movies…. :(

Juan Pablo said:

March 27th, 4:22 pm

Hi, a really good system update, thanks a lot. For many months I was waiting for an improvement on the web browser it’s definitively better but still many sites can not be viewed properly because of and old flash version, are you planning to upgrade it? I tried to watch the videos of this blog post on my PS3 and it wasn’t possible :(

drish88 said:

March 27th, 5:54 pm

I’ll second (fifth, sixth?) the DTS-MA internal decoding vote. This is really the only feature I want.

striplay said:

March 27th, 5:59 pm

Thanks for the info & update, every little bit counts. Aside from the obvious needs that have been constantly requested; I will only ask for one thing. Clearly I could type forever attempting to convey firmware desires for the future, however; the need for PAL & NTSC support is at the top of my list. I own many movies etc. from both regions and would love to have the option to play both. A region free unit would make my year!
So please, pretty please with a cherry if it will help…convey this message if able.
Thanks & keep up the good work as I’m sure you will.
SONY rocks…whoot!

jlocker said:

March 27th, 6:22 pm

I would like to see more remote play control functions with the PSP and PS3 like remote control of Sony HDTV’s, Interfacing with Dish Network PVR, remote control of the Dish Player, Control of Audio Receivers. I it would be nice to have the PIP window for blu-ray and sent to a PSP to watch on small screen. I would like to see a PSP without the small drive and more memory with a larger memory stick. Moving SACD music over to the hard drive. Compress movies both blu-ray and DVD and moved to the PSP memory stick. Would be nice to see a lower price on the PSP to be more like the price of a DS. Or interaction with DLNA servers and software.

lordxiphias said:

March 28th, 2:19 am

As stated before, nice update!

One more feature I would really really (and I mean REALLY) like to see is
– NTFS and/or EXT3 support
– NFS/SAMBA support

I really hate the fact that I needed to repartition my external HDD to add a FAT32 partition.
Also, support for network drives would be wonderful, because then there is no need to copy files back and forth from my PC/File server to an external HDD.
DLNA isn’t the solution, because the streaming makes it hard to rewind and f.forward…

Buying a PSP tomorrow, to check out the “remote control” feature of this update!

LupoManero said:

March 28th, 5:25 am

I seem to have run into a problem with verion 2.20. I downloaded it on Tuesday 3/25/08, and now my ps3 (60 gb) won’t load dvd’s or ps2 games. It still plays blu-ray and ps3 games. I was just wondering if anyone else is having this issue and/or if there is a possible fix for it avalable or coming soon?

edrikk said:

March 28th, 6:01 am

Hi, as noted in posts numbered 190, 199, and 207, firmware 2.20 has introduced a major bug to the media playback side of the PS3.

When STREAMING MP4 files from my QNAP box which runs TwonkyMedia, there is a huge amount of stuttering/freezing of the video. They are simply unwatchable now.

I am using a wireless connection to stream the media, however, please note that the night before the firmware update every single video I had streamed perfectly. I went to sleep, woke up, went to work, came home, updated the firmware, and nothing plays properly now.

The network topology, settings across the boards, etc are all constant. The only change is the PS3 firmware update.

In addition to the above posts, here are some links to Playstation forum, pointing to several threads showing people with the same problem:

Please let us at least know that Sony is aware of this, and is working on a quick patch to resolve this issue. If not, please let us know of a way to downgrade the firmware, as I don’t want to wait 3 months for the next firmware upgrade to fix this.

This is quite frustrating, as I spent many hours converting my DVDs and AVIs to MP4 format (prior to the PS3 Divx support) so as to avoid transcoding.

ari_kratos86 said:

March 28th, 8:32 am

Very good, but i have a favor to ask, i wish in the future firmware updates, the updates make the PS3 region free for all PS1 & PS2 games, because i have a Asian region PS3 & bunch of great games from both PAL region or US region i want to play on my PS3.

moog said:

March 28th, 9:11 am

Sony, please review video files containing DTS audio and send the data to the receiver letting it do the work, just like you do with DVDs.

Adding WMA pro would also make WMV more usable too.

moog said:

March 28th, 9:17 am

Gahh, I can’t edit the above. If you are aware of these problem, please make a statement whether you’re on the case or aren’t going to bother with them. All these incomplete and bitty media centre issues and not knowing whether you’re listening to requests, is frustrating.

The noise over DTS-MA will only get louder as more people update their receivers and buy blu-ray movies. Will you be adding support to the PS3, can it even handle it? A simple official comment on the issue would be jolly nice rather than the current silence.

Bloodpool11 said:

March 28th, 1:32 pm

i just wanna be able to chat with someone while playing Mortal Kombat 2……..thats all.

spoon_burner said:

March 28th, 7:59 pm

Divx codec needs some to be fixed. I get an error in the middle of the movie.

Zerze said:

March 28th, 9:54 pm

Thanks for all that you guys are doing for us ! Don’t mean to complain, but when will an update come out that allows us to have an in game friend list and the ability to move the disable, move, or modify the friend notification pop up to something smaller or see through. I mean It’s cool and all to see your buddies get online, but not knowing what game they get on kind of burns, or even worse, Warhawk, COD4, etc… Friend notifier pops up, and completely covers the person shooting at you… not cool :'(

estrafo said:

March 28th, 10:32 pm

update is cool,,,, soon i will make sugestions i hope you read them

maxerus said:

March 28th, 10:55 pm


NTFS is owned by M$ last i heard so it will most likely never come to the PS3.
Seagate has great format tools at there website if you are having problems.

ezgoer26 said:

March 29th, 9:00 pm

I have major stuttering during playback on streaming VC1 and MPEG4 files now that I didn’t have prior to this update. Please get this fixed.

JasonPS3 said:

March 29th, 9:36 pm

I also have stuttering playback of MP4 video after the upgrade. As everyone else states, the same files worked fine before the upgrade. I even replaced all of my networking equipment and the problem still exists. In a related issue, after the 2.20 update the Information Bar also stopped working – it still appears, but no new content is loaded.

NonBorn said:

March 30th, 5:50 am

Great improvement for ps3 internet broswer… But it lacks something important… Give us more foreign language support… We cannot view all pages on internet because broswer cannot accept letters with signs…

Chinese or japanese are full supported as fas as I know… What about greek for example? Its really nothing, to include in a future update and its so so so important to many people…

Thanx in advance!

lilTitan said:

March 30th, 7:25 am

can we be able to have flash updates and java updates im sick of seeing that im not able to look @ some players on the inet just because im not able to update the PS3 to watch it & can we be able to take pictures of movies on the PS3 harddrive or dvd, Blu-ray like the VLC player can oh and i would like to be able to send messages while watching a dvd, Blu-ray but i guess that will come with the in game XMB update

eNaR said:

March 30th, 2:20 pm

……like JasonPS3 says in post 245… I too have files that used to play but now don’t….. and there definitely is a problem with playback stuttering …….a lot.

Plus I have a problem with streaming – before the update movies would start within 5 seconds of clicking on the movie, now it takes close to a minute before the movie begins playing – that’s if they play at all.

Could this be the Vista version of the PS3 operating system ????

eNaR said:

March 30th, 2:27 pm

TouchyEd says in post 224 “The browser has a LONG way to go to even be considered useful. At present, it’s far more aggravating than enjoyable.”

I agree totally – why not use “Opera for devices”, it works great on my Archos and would be fantastic on the PS3 !

seamonkey420 said:

March 30th, 2:57 pm

has anyone else noticed a signaficance degradation of video streaming quality of videos on ps3 to psp via remote play??

my remote play streaming video was flawless prior to v2.20 firmware but now its very stuttery and choppy/laggy…

i haven’t updated my firmware on psp though..

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