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Mar 27

Mar 27

High Stakes Poker Adding Camera Support

Dave Connelly's Avatar Posted by President and CEO, Coresoft

Hello poker fans! I hope everyone has had the chance to play our game, High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition. We are pleased to announce that we will soon provide a free video capability add-on which allows up to six players to see and hear each other with real-time simultaneous audio and video. I believe this has never been done on any console title before.

The game works with USB cameras, the EyeToy, and the PLAYSTATION Eye, which is my favorite. This feature is especially cool for poker, since you may get a read on your opponents through facial expressions, body language, or conversations. It’s also just great fun to see the people you are playing against.

Surprisingly, people always ask, “Are there people to play with online?” The answer is a resounding YES. High Stakes is not only offered in North America, but Europe and Asia as well. We have been pleased with the level of player interest which is why we are motivated to keep adding features and games for everybody playing the title. We’ve expanded the game with two previous add-ons that now provide ten of the most popular poker games out there, including No Limit Hold’em.

High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition 05High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition 03

We also support the Remote Play feature “out of the box” on High Stakes, which works really well with a game like this. You may want to hook up the camera control (which is on the second analog on the PS3) via the settings. You can even join online games while playing remotely on your PSP with little-to-no lag. Now you will also be able to view the video-enabled games on your PSP via remote play!

For all those who have downloaded the game, we thank you and hope you enjoy the new video feature. And for those who haven’t – download it already!

High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition 08High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition 06High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition 01

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chasegamez said:

March 27th, 12:02 pm

yea about time

ftwrthtx said:

March 27th, 12:02 pm

Please make other PS3 games compatible with the PS2 Eyetoy. It’s a very good camera it just doesn’t have a mic. I have a heasdset for that anyway.

TouchyEd said:

March 27th, 12:08 pm

Great news! We need to see more games that implement this feature. Perfect candidates include: Hot Shots Golf and Tekken.

Mr Everdred 01 said:

March 27th, 12:09 pm

hm. looks like a pretty good new feature. Online poker just isn’t really my thing, though.

@ftwrthtx – The eyetoy does have a mic, and it’s even compatible with the PS3.

chasegamez said:

March 27th, 12:13 pm

sorry 2 say uno has it on the 360
has video capability

ftwrthtx said:

March 27th, 12:18 pm

@MrEverdred – The Eyecreate games and similar only allow the PSEye and not the PS2 Eyetoy.

Where’s the mic on the PS2 Eyetoy?

Stinkin Mushroom said:

March 27th, 12:18 pm

Make the game better by having a kind of “Story” .. where you play online, then keep the same money you finished for the next game.. etc. So that you finally can get super rich for super players.. Cause starting a game at 1000 always isn’t very cool .. + make it a little cheaper please.. it’s poker, it’s free on a pc

TouchyEd said:

March 27th, 12:21 pm

The microphone on the EyeToy is built into the casing around the lens.

shaneosan said:

March 27th, 12:21 pm

I have to learn to slow down when I am reading things… at first glance I saw the words “High stake poker… camera… Strip: Poker Edition”

You almost had me learning a new game.

TouchyEd said:

March 27th, 12:23 pm


Making PS3 games compatible with the obsolete PS2 EyeToy is a huge waste of resources. It doesn’t have sufficient resolution to work with HD resolution games. Hell, the PS3 Eye barely has sufficient resolution.

Just suck it up and buy a new camera. It costs like $30.

EvoAnubis said:

March 27th, 12:24 pm

Not bad! Not bad at all. I have quite a few friends who are going to LOVE to hear about this.

Darkus said:

March 27th, 12:31 pm

where are the ps store updates!!!!! why?

Stoffinator said:

March 27th, 12:35 pm

I had fun playing this, only problem is, I have no idea how to play any of them. lol You guys should include some kind of tutorial.

The Souljourner said:

March 27th, 12:39 pm

Why are the images on this blog post hosted on a site that is requiring registration before I can see the picture? Can Sony not afford to host pictures on their own blog? I don’t want to sign up for Flikr to see the pictures, just host the damn things here. Seriously, what the hell?

craazy said:

March 27th, 12:43 pm

Is this game $9.99? if so I am getting it just because of the camera add-on

Violater said:

March 27th, 12:43 pm

I thought the 360 did this like a year ago…..

Kratos_ate_Snake said:

March 27th, 12:47 pm

Awesome, I’ve been waiting for this (wondering why it wasn’t there in the first place.)

Will that be the only camera view ?

mij123 said:

March 27th, 12:56 pm

Great work!
Video+Audio first game to do it!

chase said:

March 27th, 12:56 pm

they did
this game now needs some
custom sound track added

Lord_Von_Punx said:

March 27th, 12:57 pm

move over uno lol

TheHakku said:

March 27th, 12:58 pm

Oh man. Maybe I’ll get this game.

nmc75 said:

March 27th, 1:00 pm

AWESOME. I am so glad that this feature is put back into the game as I was a bit disappointed when seeing the previews of this game with it originally. Big thanks!

rockmanjoey said:

March 27th, 1:01 pm

Cool! Can’t wait for this update! I am going to wear my Optimus Prime Voice Changer so noone knows what expression I am giving on my face XD

Johnny Sasaki said:

March 27th, 1:01 pm

When will this feature be available?

Federation said:

March 27th, 1:03 pm

The Up-Date is out now 2.00!!!

mobiletone said:

March 27th, 1:03 pm

Oi Dave, the pictures are in a private album only.

sort it you muppet! :)

like the idea of multi cameras in the game, and support for the eyetoy, it makes for a great in-game mic on ALL online games but having the video as well, nice touch.

*runs off to play GT5:Prologue*

scorpio said:

March 27th, 1:12 pm

Almosts makes me want to get this game, too bad I don’t play poker but it might be a good way to learn.

Frazz said:

March 27th, 1:12 pm

I on the very edge of buying this game…I dont want to buy it though then have it go on sale next week.

Is a price drop being considered?

Stallone said:

March 27th, 1:14 pm

Thanks for supporting this game, I bought it along with HVB when HVB was released. And man, its still hot! playing online with my buddies was fun, but im going to force alot of my friends (forced about 4 of em rite now) to get cameras so we can actually see ur poker faces LOL.

Violater said:

March 27th, 1:14 pm

@ Chase

The PS3 in general needs the custom soundtracks ability.
Memory issues are going to be holding back many features.

bitblt said:

March 27th, 1:26 pm

I had to register and make my first post just to say Fantastic!

How about using the same Jewel Engine to create more classic games (like Clubhouse Games for DS)? I’m sure that would be very successful. I want to play Spades on my PS3.

morpheous said:

March 27th, 1:35 pm

where are the old classic card games like “I declare war” and “crazy 8” “old maid” “spades” and such.

I am old school and i want to playt he games i grew up with on my ps3 or psp,i have yet to see any handheld or console provide these older games,

I only see card games like poker,21 blackjack and texas holdem.

None of the games i grew to know and love :'(

cmargary said:

March 27th, 1:37 pm

Thanks for this update, was needed. More customizable characters will be good, really good… maybe when home comes out we can use or avatars, that will be cool. I recommend this game to any poker fan.

It will be cool if sony brings UNO to the PSN :(

mgillespie said:

March 27th, 1:38 pm

Nice, shame the damn game is not even released in Europe yet (like other high profile PSN releases).

Can someone from SCEA come over to SCEE and sort these idiots out…

Stallone said:

March 27th, 1:41 pm

Adam sessler gives this post, a 5. Out of 5.

RoAcH2285 said:

March 27th, 1:41 pm

I found a couple of things that are coming in the update and they are for sure.UT3 map pack and a Flow bundle are the two that haven’t been spoken of.Everything else is expected.Oh and a R-Type Command demo.Just figured I’d share.

nmc75 said:

March 27th, 1:42 pm

Where’s Grace? ;P

StoneFreedom said:

March 27th, 1:45 pm

Great! The lack of camera support was one of my few complaints for this game.

Hopefully a future patch will improve the matchmaking, some tournaments would be sweet too.

Anyway..thanks Dave, Coresoft. I Love your game and I really appreciate your efforts :)

chase said:

March 27th, 1:48 pm

i know
but why some games has it already

FrankieViturello said:

March 27th, 1:53 pm

While I’m not at all opposed to camera support for this or ANY PSN game (maybe if people know that they’re on camera they won’t talk so much crap at the table) … I think that THE one thing that High Stakes Poker sorely NEEDS is a MUCH GREATER selection of character creation parts. All the male and female create-a-players look the same, and they all look pretty damned awful. It’s like, 10 different ages/version of Bob Vila playing poker.

nmc75 said:

March 27th, 1:57 pm

@ 40 and Dave, Coresoft

It’d be nice if Coresoft uses Sony’s HOME tools to enable your future HOME Avatar to be in HS Poker.

Mr Everdred 01 said:

March 27th, 2:18 pm

@ftwrthtx – yeah you’re right that the eyetoy isn’t compatible with a bunch of PS3 stuff, but it does show up in the accessories menu under mic as a working mic, and in the camera menu as a working camera.

I think it would be sweet to see this idea in other games like Warhawk and Resistance. Then again, in-game XMB would get rid of the need for that if the chat room feature can be accessed during games as well.

brentos said:

March 27th, 2:27 pm

Guaranteed this will become High Stakes Strip Poker…give people the ability to play poker and see each other, and they’re bound to start getting naked. Too bad you’ll probably only find dudes playing.

tdumas2008 said:

March 27th, 3:06 pm

Question, are you currently working on adding face mapping to the game? I like the video/audio option would be nice to have the option of adding my face to the game character at the table.

Major01 said:

March 27th, 3:38 pm

Im thinking of trying this game out now. Just need to get a camera.

outkast353 said:

March 28th, 6:17 am

YES! it works great too.

Asshandler2 said:

March 28th, 11:39 pm

Any chance that PAL users will be able to play with NA users on this game? A bunch of online buddies have just purchased this, and were saddened to see that some of us can’t play together because we live in two different regions. :(

StalkingSilence said:

March 31st, 9:51 am

Yes, please open up to all regions, filtered by language if this hasn’t already been done. We need more players online w/ cameras.

haesuse said:

April 1st, 1:50 pm

actually this really picked my play time in the game. I have quite a few avid poker player friends and due to our jobs we are quite a bit apart. So this little add-on has definitely made the game more fun and competitive! good job guys!

smurph77 said:

April 20th, 2:12 pm

please, please . please sony.

when will the video add ons be released for the uk?

we always seem to be last to get anything but have to shell out the most money,
very unfair!

please give me an answer.


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