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Apr 01

Apr 01

This April Fooling Anybody?

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Hear any strange announcements today? I came into work feeling horribly out of the loop. How could I have somehow slept through the meeting where we talked about a new PS3 console with no Blu-ray drive or Home’s surprise debut in Japan. Oh wait, they’re April Fool’s jokes, and very realistic-seeming ones at that.

The gaming industry puts on some of the best AFD jokes, and Joystiq is doing the best CSI work, keeping a running prank tally. Destructoid Foxtoid has taken the opposite approach, with (generally) hilarious results.

Actually, this last one is real – the PlayStation (inspired) faucet. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever actually wanted a tap before – but I wouldn’t mind having one of these, provided I could actually afford it.

Lesson learned: don’t believe anything you read on the internet today. Or, you know, ever (except here).

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frito said:

April 1st, 8:49 pm

@32 cmargary

You mean that is actually gameplay that Kojima and co. grafted a skin onto?

it did look so perfect, and the cigar coming out from behind the cloak…if it was really Kojima as a April fool’s homage to Assasin’s Creed then NICE!

Who knows, maybe Downloadable Skins could include that one?

A giant chicken suit, perhaps?

Maybe even play as a cardboard box the entire game! lol!

cmargary said:

April 1st, 8:58 pm


lol… good find

Zorox said:

April 1st, 9:27 pm

Is this article also an April fools?

Honestly, the fact that even Sony games like Hot Shots Golf and Gran Turismo require installation is pretty alarming.

Cerberus_Hunter said:

April 1st, 9:29 pm

@ ItotheCtotheE

I agree. Assassins’s Solid FTW!

Not only was it unexpected but awesome, too. Here’s the link:

rojo7 said:

April 1st, 9:37 pm

yeah, i just visit the internets cuz some april fool jokes are funny,
nice to know your keeping the blof proffessional as ever jeff :]

craigiversen said:

April 1st, 9:40 pm

Question Jeff, Is this update going to be a global store or is it going to region-lock content? Waiting two weeks is one thing, that’s fine.

Not knowing something which may impact many of us all gravely isn’t fine.

Many EU and PAL users bought from US accounts to get decent content which they were made to wait months for.

To find for example, that we can’t update High Velocity Bowling add-on content, or worse can’t even play it anymore, would be the first step in an undoubted ground swell reaction from playstation network consumers.

Can we please have some assurances that this is not going to happen? No answer can only be taken as meaning we have something to worry about.

gardea said:

April 1st, 9:42 pm

I would buy that faucet.

omuyasha said:

April 1st, 10:00 pm

Hey Jeff, this is a very important question for me and some other people that i have come across with. Is it possible to to restrengthen the backwards capabilities for PS2 games on the 60GB and especially the 80GB (which I own) on the next firmware update because i just barely bought “Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3” for PS2 and its freezing a lot, i would use my PS2 but its broken, please can you some how get SONY to recognize this BIG issue (or at least it is for me)

omuyasha said:

April 1st, 10:09 pm

Oops, I forgot to mention that I tried to play it on my 80GB PS3, and it freezes a lot, and I heard that the 60GB version has the same issue with this game, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t the only game that this occurs

blkant said:

April 1st, 10:29 pm

thank you for leaving little tid bit moments or thoughts like this, it really makes me personally feel more like the playstation group is more close group than a cold corporation like microshi**, and as for me i was the one doing the april fooling today =) florida was storming so i told friends that my neighborhood was hit by a tornado =)

Stoffinator said:

April 1st, 11:04 pm

@ 53

Yes sadly those big installs are true. I think they are starting to get out of hand. I know some people don’t care and don’t see it as a big deal. But it is to some. Having to put 2-5gigs of a game into your HDD is a pain in the ass when that space can be used for something else. Wasn’t the purpose of Bluray for larger format? Why is this only on PS3 with huge installs? 360 gets the same game with pretty much the same loading time and no huge install on their HDD.

bnz said:

April 2nd, 12:44 am

I have read somwhere yesterday that the PSN redesign will finally introduce Achievements or “Entitlements” for the PS3. Any truth to that?


April 2nd, 12:53 am


Slick said:

April 2nd, 4:18 am

I don’t believe hardly anything I read on the sites I visit on April 1st….Especially if it’s some whacked out (or highly anticipated) info.

BTW…..I just wanted to give all you folks at Sony some props for really increasing the amount of responses you give to the comments. I’ve been seeing a lot of red lately….so keep it up!!

Mana Knight said:

April 2nd, 5:13 am

I found the joke about a FFVII remake coming to 2009 by PSX Extreme to be dirty, because that’s a game I badly want more than anything. I did find the new PS3 SKU with no blu-ray to be very funny. I could imagine some customers buying it, and wondering why they can’t play PS3 games (I remember a few who posted at PS3 Forums, wondered why their 40GB couldn’t play PS2 games, yet they’ve been registered there for a long time and weren’t first time posters).

Kazammm said:

April 2nd, 9:56 am


While the large installs are, well, large. The games that use them (like DMC4) have much better load times then the 360.

I think they should be cut down a little, but for the most part, they are a good thing. You could just delete the installs for games you don’t play very much, and install them when you start to play the game again.

DigitalHero said:

April 2nd, 12:38 pm

I’m buying a DS3 next week but I wonder when they will begin packing them in systems normally. The 80GB MGS Bundle has a DS3 so I guess that may be a start.

charlescray said:

April 2nd, 12:47 pm

Hi, first post on here but i thought i should ask some questions.

First, the rumor going around about microsoft owning the in game music patent came out about the time of April Fools. Any validity of this?

Next, we keep hearing how games are not currently utilizing the full power of the cell processor. Any game going to start utilizing more in the future?

Finally, we all play shooter games religiously but the ps3 has always lacked RPG’s. Any news on any other RPGs besides the Crystal Novallis serieis popping up anytime soon?


haesuse said:

April 2nd, 2:04 pm

yeah that faucet is unreal. However i am not sure if this guy really meant to sell some, considering the price. I would think he’d aim that towards the gamers and not towards the private jet owners.

not-buying-incognito said:

April 2nd, 4:22 pm

Yeah i fell for the one about the no blu-ray ps3

spike021 said:

April 2nd, 8:05 pm


-Could always wait for the supposed FF VII remake ;)

TheTwelve said:

April 2nd, 8:39 pm

S’bout time! Good stuff.


BenD PSXE said:

April 2nd, 10:44 pm

Damn Jeff…I coulda sworn you sent us an e-mail about that $150 No Blu-Ray PS3. Didn’t Arnold see that from you…?

That wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. We at PSXE would never, ever EVER do such a thing. You can’t fool us! We know it’s coming! We’ll continue to preach the truth!!!

…..’sigh’ Oh well. It was pretty creative, through, right? ;)

PSP_Dudemon said:

April 3rd, 7:47 am

According to the Official PLAYSTATION Magazine, the Home Beta should be available to the public “very soon.”

The quote came from the Senior Director of the PSN, Susan Panico

Any chance you can tell us how soon?

BenD PSXE said:

April 3rd, 9:02 am

If you’re asking me, then no, sorry. I’m going to e-mail Sony today to see if I can get an estimate.

…or maybe Jeff here has a hint for us…

eNaR said:

April 3rd, 7:10 pm

Are we to assume that firmware update 2.2 was an April fools joke ?

If it was thousands upon thousands don’t find it too funny !

mspicer17 said:

April 5th, 7:26 pm

need info??? read on the hd dvd website ( i will post a link) that ps3 will now be capable of playing hd dvds as well as blu rays….. april fools???? i would like to know????

lakaihigh said:

April 5th, 8:33 pm

@ mspicer17 – happy belated April fools man. hd dvd is dead and is never coming to the PS3 in any form of ’emulation’ at all. you should have enough sense to know that everything you read on April 1st should be taken with a grain of salt (or for this case a couple pounds of salt).

sorry mate,

mspicer17 said:

April 6th, 12:26 pm

well it had me going thats for sure…. blu rays are so dam expensive so i was looking for that always cheaper alternative… i think they look just as good in SOME movies but not all …thanks for that feedback… add me to your network friends because i dont know anyone that has a ps3…..

G Baby said:

April 7th, 3:50 pm

I found a patch for naruto ultimate ninja3 post comment to G Baby so i cam tell all of you

G Baby said:

April 7th, 3:54 pm

GT5 is freaking sweet !

the6one said:

April 7th, 7:20 pm

the6one…….signing on……..

SONY, I cannot stress to you enough that you must continue in the style and fashion and methods that this company was founded upon, paticularly in computer entertainment. We are not like the competition and it just seems like this whole console war is really starting to change our whole approach to computer entertainment. We are not some game company! We are SONY Computer Entertatinment Inc. which is a branch of SONY Corporation. What I mean by this is that we’ve got to get back to what this company really is all about which is computer entertainment, something that this company does “” Kaz, we’ve got to get back to “computer entertainment” and not just “game systems” Here me out, I am pleased in how the company has rebounded, however, there is still so much left to be done. One of the main areas of focus for this company should be computer entertainment rather than blu-ray. I agree, the PS3 is the hub, but we need to further establish this console as the benchmark of “computer entertainment”. Yes, developers are “now” seeing that the PS3 is the machine of the future. And it truly is, yet they are still struggling with its advanced and futuristic architecture. PSP and PS2 respectively, are doing very well and I only see things getting better for the overall base of the playstation family of products. This is something that the competition just does not currently have. We are SONY and not Nintendo, or Microsoft. We understand the entertainment industry of movies, music, electronics, computer entertainment and the like. And in understanding these things we should use them to our strengths to further solidify why this company is one the most, if not the most most comprehensive entertainment company on the face of planet earth. 2008 is the year we can really make a run for the top spot again. I just hope that this company doesn’t forget where it came from which was computer entertainment, not videogames, game systems, or game consoles. Overall, I am very pleased SONY and I believe the company is hard at work on “regaining” the fame and prestige that the SONY name brand has been known for.



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