Apr 02

Apr 02

Feel the Shock Next Week!

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Rumble is back with the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller for PLAYSTATION 3. These are shipping to store shelves as we speak, so be on the lookout for them next week. Now I know that the list of compatible games is the most important thing to you, so we’re including that at the bottom of this post. The titles with an asterisk in the list below will require a patch in order to activate the rumble feature. The patch will automatically download to your PS3 if your console is connected online. If you are not connected online, check our PlayStation Knowledge Center for more information.

We will be launching have launched a web page on the PlayStation website later this morning dedicated to informing you of what titles use force feedback. This list will be expanding as new titles become compatible, so be sure to be sure to check back. You can also keep an eye out for this icon:

DUALSHOCK 3 compatible

This will be located on all new software releases that are DUALSHOCK 3 compatible.

Just to give you a small refresher course, the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller includes pressure sensors that rumble with each action. SIXAXIS technology is also included, so you can still use motion control, and the controller features Bluetooth technology for wireless gameplay. You can pick it up at any of the major retailers and at a cost $54.99 MSRP.

Here’s the complete list of titles supporting the DUALSHOCK 3 at launch:

  • SCEA – Formula One Championship Edition* (PS3)
  • SCEA – MotorStorm* (PS3)
  • SCEA – Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3)
  • SCEA – High Velocity Bowling (PSN)
  • SCEA – MLB 08: The Show (PS3)
  • SCEA – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (PS3)
  • SCEA – Resistance: Fall of Man* (PS3)
  • SCEA – Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3)
  • SCEA – Go! Sports Ski* (PSN)
  • SCEA – Folklore* (PS3)
  • SCEA – Heavenly Sword* (PS3)
  • SCEA – Warhawk* (PSN / PS3)
  • SCEA – Super Stardust HD* (PSN)
  • SCEA – Snakeball (PSN)
  • SCEA – Toy Home (PSN)
  • SCEA – PSOne Emulation (PSN)
  • SCEA – Piyotama (PSN)
  • SCEA – PixelJunk Monsters (PSN)
  • SCEA – Blast Factor* (PSN)
  • Sega – Condemned 2: Bloodshot (PS3)
  • Ubisoft – Lost: Via Domus (PS3)
  • Ubisoft – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2* (PS3)
  • EA – Burnout Paradise (PS3)
  • KOEI – Dynasty Warriors 6 (PS3)
  • Capcom – Devil May Cry 4 (PS3)
  • Atari – Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit (PS3)
  • Disney Interactive – Turok (PS3)
  • Sierra Games – TimeShift (PS3)


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not-buying-incognito said:

April 2nd, 4:21 pm

About ____ time …..
give me the goods…
now bring the real good stuff

I_Love_New_York said:

April 2nd, 4:30 pm

I’m going to probably get the Dualshock 3 controllers when I preorder MGS4 limited edition version

Moeeed said:

April 2nd, 4:37 pm

I been using one for a while, since December and the DUAL SHOCK 3 is awesome.

Dew87 said:

April 2nd, 4:55 pm

What about Europe Sony? What about the millions of people on this side of the pond helping PS3 outsell the 360?

AndyBD said:

April 2nd, 4:55 pm

Me, like other people want to know if you will replace the sixaxis controllers for the new dualshock 3 because we were told that there were no future plans for vibaration?

AndyBD said:

April 2nd, 4:56 pm

Sorry to double post, but will you guys include a USB cable with this controller?

Seba501 said:

April 2nd, 4:58 pm

it`s was time !!

Sony thought that the Rumble it`s was part of the past lol

ChrispyCritter said:

April 2nd, 5:08 pm

I can’t wait for this controller i miss my rumble :(

laXrider said:

April 2nd, 5:30 pm

Come on Sony, I payed an extra $100 for my extra two Sixaxis controllers…couldn’t you offer some kind of exchange program? I appreciate the addition but I can’t really afford to be buying new controllers as they come out.

Lowe0 said:

April 2nd, 5:30 pm

Finally. I imported one, but the piece of garbage arrived with a busted left analog (think it was a loose solder joint – it worked fine if you pushed the stick in, but used normally, it sent almost nothing). It’ll be nice to get one, but now I’m stuck with a year’s worth of games that may or may not be patched to support it. Features like rumble or online APIs have to be baked in from day one, or you end up in a situation like this.

frito said:

April 2nd, 5:36 pm


I feel the same way…I’m glad that people don’t simply buy the new dualshock controllers from dumb ol walmart and then return the sixaxis controllers instead. that would be just wrong.

sushiballz said:

April 2nd, 6:42 pm

eh. i refuse to pay for what we should already have. so i basically have 4 sixaxis controllers that are obsolete after only a year. nice.

HoOn said:

April 2nd, 7:16 pm

It’s about time! :) I’ve had my White rumble when I bought it in Japan in February. I can’t wait for the patches! :)

Kittonwy said:

April 2nd, 7:35 pm

It’s about time!!!111!!! >:|

Marciano1980 said:

April 2nd, 7:48 pm

I got my dualshock 3 in March, and it goes terrific. For me is a hardware upgrade necessary and if you don’t like the rumble but the wheight you have the option to shut down this on the menu.

JaggedToaster said:

April 2nd, 8:04 pm

One question: will we be seeing the DS3 included in the 40GB bundle, or will it continue to be the SIXAXIS? I’ll be buying one in June, and no, I do not want the MGS4 bundle.

Squamden said:

April 2nd, 8:11 pm

I’ve had my white DualShock 3 since it launched in Japan, and it really is worth it guys. I couldn’t be happier with my import, it feels great and is overall an awesome controller. The SIXAXIS feels like junk compared to this.

Aqualung said:

April 2nd, 8:12 pm

is the new HotShots rumble ready?

Zorox said:

April 2nd, 8:39 pm

Hooray, now the PS3 has something the Xbox360 offered since day one! Woo hoo, THIS IS WAITING!

AGQ0105 said:

April 2nd, 8:51 pm

Different colors, people love that stuff. You guys should offer it, and not wait months to offer it. Limited Editions of certain colors would be cool.

I’ll stick to black. Wished all my systems were sleek and black like the ps3

angelcurio said:

April 2nd, 8:55 pm

So, i ask about PSN cards, and my post simply gets deleted. Awesome, i love freedom of speech.

Majin_Neo said:

April 2nd, 9:06 pm

Thank you sooo much for the DualShock3! It is seriously kicking butt! And I’m really glad the battery life didnt change. :D

BlackTooth93 said:

April 2nd, 10:07 pm

i’ve had mine for a while, and its great! any plans on releasing white and silver in the NA region?

MikeG115 said:

April 2nd, 10:14 pm

NBA2K8, GRAW2, and CoD4 need a patch

please get on it. i’ve have my DS3 since last year.

SDkngsht said:

April 2nd, 10:37 pm

cool news. i’m sure i’ll pick up a few of these once they come out.

a promotion where people get a significant amount off by trading in old controllers (to be refurbished with rumble?) would be really cool too. hint hint.

marcus1060 said:

April 2nd, 11:22 pm

If I buy a 40gig PS3 in around 3-4 weeks, will it have a DS3?

wallbc01 said:

April 3rd, 12:11 am

can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. i will be checking some stores on sunday and hopefully find one!!!!

chillski said:

April 3rd, 1:05 am


Why is it that the number one selling ps3 game, the game with the largest community behind NOT TO MENTION a game that can really benefit from force feedback has no dualshock support ???

sony this is truly appauling PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE FIX THIS !!

masteratt said:

April 3rd, 3:17 am

What’s going on with the UK release/ pricing?
Any news yet?

(Sorry if it’s been asked but I’m not going to go through 4 pages of comments, maybe a search feature?)

-SIXAXIS- said:

April 3rd, 4:42 am

I don’t care if Call of Duty doesn’t have rumble. As long as GTA IV has rumble, I’m set.

NewYork214 said:

April 3rd, 5:11 am

its up to the publishers to release a rumble patch. they are done through the game like how resistance and motorstorm got rumble not through the playstation store so im guessin its all up to the publishers.

Faramir said:

April 3rd, 5:41 am

This is my first time here. Now, I’m definitely gonna spend my money on a new PS! You guys keep coming out with cool stuff… I have to keep up with my $$ to spend lol!

Fara – http://www.pickmeuptoday.com

PSP_Dudemon said:

April 3rd, 7:43 am

Any chance Oblivion will get rumble support?

TouchyEd said:

April 3rd, 10:01 am

GT5 Prologue is FINALLY going to introduce vehicle damage modelling to the GT series — as early as AUGUST!!


The DualShock 3 will be awesome for this!! I can’t frickin’ wait.

I wonder what all the losers who have always said “GT doesn’t need damage modelling” will do when it arrives? Probably love it like the rest of us.

xT3RMlNATORx said:

April 3rd, 10:57 am

I hope these are more durable than the old sixaxis. I’ve been through three of those cheaply-made pieces of crap!

TouchyEd said:

April 3rd, 10:59 am

You must abuse the crap out of them. I have four — and my buddies and I use them all the time — and I’ve never had to replace any of them.

COOL__JOSH said:

April 3rd, 11:40 am


klekamp said:

April 3rd, 12:47 pm

I’m very excited, and will picking up two next week!

warezIbanez said:

April 3rd, 1:37 pm


Sony never included rumble in the Sixaxis from a lawsuit between them and Immersion during the controller’s development period. Since they have settled things, they were able to include rumble in the controllers.


April 3rd, 2:08 pm

Just picked mine up at a local EB today. Works great. Finally have that PS2 feeling now when I play PS3. Awesome.

super8sean said:

April 3rd, 2:09 pm

Will we get a rumble update patch for COD4???
and nba 2k8 does not rumble. will we get a patch for that
i’ve had my controller for a month now. ordered mine from japan.
The only games that rumble are burnout and drakes fortune

Vassago said:

April 3rd, 2:32 pm

Hi, so a good news here i think they will comwe out next week but here in Quebec i just call the store and they have it WWwwowOoooooTTttttttTTt i’ going to buy it right now :) Just a little question because no one ask for this games they only speak for Cod 4 (sure i want rumble for this games to ) but what about GTA 4 ??????????? hope they will make this baby rumble for the lauch :) Thank again for all the great work Sony ( Can’t wait to play GT 5 )

ryjo965 said:

April 3rd, 2:41 pm

looking at that list, it seems it’s compatable with every ps3 game, round about 30.

frito said:

April 3rd, 2:53 pm

Too bad no compatibility with the great game DIRT…I was looking forward to feeling those impacts, but MotorStorm should be enough to hold me over!

stennex said:

April 3rd, 4:52 pm

I noticed that there was no rumble support for the free GT demo we got last year. Anyway i guess GT5PRO will have. ALso i loved the several videos that were available on the store and the internet. I think SOny should definitely use these as adds especially the one with Weezer. Great videos.

scarface3010 said:

April 3rd, 7:06 pm

I am looking forward to the DS3, I thought about importing it for awhile but held out. I think that the cost is reasonable considering that you were able to incorporate the rumble with the motion sensing. I hope to be breaking in mine this Monday.

TheN1Armyguy said:

April 3rd, 7:13 pm

Awesome, I’m going to get one next week. What are the pressure sensors? Putting pressure sensors in the controller wouldn’t make sense to rumble, can you enlighten me on what they are for?


perkyperk98 said:

April 3rd, 7:37 pm

How CALL OF DUTY 4??? That would be insane….

the6one said:

April 3rd, 9:08 pm

Sony I am so proud of you!!!!!

Continue the great work!!!!!!!

A job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS3 will be market leader by 2010!!!!!!!!

SONY Computer Entertainment Inc.


NINgod said:

April 3rd, 10:22 pm


IW hates Sony? really? i find that hard to believe since 360 got the gimped version. check it out:


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