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Apr 10

Apr 10

Firmware (v.2.30) Details and Store Walkthrough

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hey Everyone! We know you’re all patiently waiting for the next PS3 firmware update, ver. 2.30, which includes the revamped PLAYSTATION Store. The good news is that it’s coming soon, and you can now see how the new user interface will look in this video demo featuring Grace Chen.

I have more good news to report today – the system software update will also add DTS-HD Master Audio output for Blu-ray videos, which means the high-definition visuals of Blu-ray will now be matched with the highest quality audio for the ultimate movie-watching experience on PS3.

DTS-HD Master Audio is literally bit-for-bit identical to the studio master recording and makes movie soundtracks and sound effects truly come to life. The technology delivers audio at the incredibly high rate of 24.5 mega-bits per second (Mbps) on Blu-ray disc, which is significantly higher than standard DVDs. DTS-HD Master Audio also offers 7.1 audio channels at 96k sampling frequency/24 bit depths, so you’ll be totally immersed in the sound. The firmware update will add DTS-HD High Resolution Audio as well, which is a similar output technology that requires less disc space. You can read more about both codecs here.

A lot of you, particularly the home theatre enthusiasts and audiophiles out there, have been asking us for this capability, and we can’t wait until you have an opportunity to pop in a compatible Blu-ray video to test it out for yourself.

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tox93 said:

April 10th, 1:05 pm

Thats great -especially for us blu – ray lovers!!

I got a suggestion though –

I have alot of music and movie files saved on my ps3 and sometimes its a bit of a hassle having to go through each one to find the one i want on the menu. Of course the ‘arrange by group’ option helps but i reckon it would be even better if you could include a


I think it would be much easier to find files in this way 0- and many if my friends who have ps3’s agree.


TwoBlack4America said:

April 10th, 1:10 pm

Best update this year.No question about it!

elmo said:

April 10th, 1:12 pm

Awesome news!

Will there ever be an update to allow bitstreaming DD Tru HD and DTS HD MA so that an AVR can do the decoding?

anonimo said:

April 10th, 1:23 pm

I think this post answers most DTS-HD questions:

“The PS3 decodes and outputs the DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS-HD Hi Res to PCM (5.1) or (7.1) depending on the number of audio channels supported in the DTS-HD audio. An A/V receiver only needs to support PCM 7.1 or 5.1 in order to receive the audio output.”

However, I still have a couple:

1. Does that mean that the PS3 can down-mix DTS-HD 7.1 to PCM 5.1 (and vice-versa)? Or will it only pass along the number of channels inherant in the source? For those of us with HDMI receivers that can’t down/up-mix PCM, that would be a very welcome feature.
2. Are we then to infer that DTS-HD (HR/MA) bitstream output is not supported? Such a feature would negate the necessity for PCM mixing (and would not subject us to those annoying sound effects in some menus… *shrug*).


tibbar110 said:

April 10th, 1:24 pm

Let’s hope that this update addresses the 1080i issue; where those of us with HD sets that only support 1080i, get downscaled to 480p.

pdias_92 said:

April 10th, 1:27 pm


pdias_92 said:

April 10th, 1:31 pm

Epic! I want to download this video

Jackal888 said:

April 10th, 1:36 pm

We are happy campers. I am glad that the PS Store got an update and agreat one it is. I am glad SingStar-ish menu system is used I love the Singstar interface.

haesuse said:

April 10th, 1:39 pm

i simply cannot wait any longer. i am loving the redesign, and am super psyched to play with the new stuff. Of course do bring enough goodies on the opening day to download, play, try etc, for the whole freaking weekend!!
thanks guys, great job! oh and no delays, dammit :P!

pheezy said:

April 10th, 1:40 pm

This is good news. I’m more concerned though about having DivX and XviD videos play flawlessly again as they did pre-2.20, hopefully there are some fixes in this firmware for that?

Swift said:

April 10th, 1:44 pm

i think it would be cool to be able to change the color of the store. I understand its blue for tech reasons, but it would be a nice to change it every now and then

Picasso said:

April 10th, 1:47 pm

absolutely phenomenal, a truly beautiful sight to my eyes……. oh and the store looks good too

mgillespie said:

April 10th, 1:49 pm

Please say there is a fix for MP4 streaming. The forums all over the internet are complaining of this issue, but PS3 customers are left in the dark, as to if/when it’s going to be fixed.

I know it’s totally against Sonys culture to admit when they mess up, but PLEASE, don’t keep us guessing, that makes matters worse…

PsychoEddie said:

April 10th, 1:51 pm


but, does it support in game Doritos(R)?

JuJuRMJ said:

April 10th, 2:12 pm

Very nice update, I cannot wait to hear my blu-rays with incredible sound punching my ear drums!! I have that same HDTV, 40v2500 correct? I absolutely love it, it’s great to see the Sony personnel using it!

Chinese Big Wing Bird said:

April 10th, 2:12 pm

Yes, American girlfriend kiss me.
Grace Chen, you are so fire, hot eh?
You shouldn’t work at playstation with that attitude!
Yeah CD monster preview function!
Thank you
That means a lot!

Sakimori_X said:

April 10th, 2:19 pm

SCHWEEEEET!!! Love the new look, and the new navigation, and the new categorization system. Thanks for all your hard work on this, everyone!

zefie said:

April 10th, 2:23 pm

Your video player keeps throwing an exception everytime the page loads:

Error #2044: Unhandled securityError:. text=Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: cannot load data from|
at com.crackle.utils::JavaScriptUtils$/HitboxTrackingLoader()
at com.crackle.utils::JavaScriptUtils$/ExternalHitboxTracking()
at CracklePlayer/CracklePlayer::onExternalSiteLoaded()
at Function/
at com.crackle.utils::GDelegate/Invoke()
at MethodInfo-622()
at MethodInfo-293()

Besides that, great update and looking forward to more

Modus Operandi said:

April 10th, 2:32 pm

Great job on the design of the PS Store.

I just have a very slight problem… I noticed that the wave in the background doesn’t animate. Hopefully sometime in the future you can implement that or let us have the option to customize the background of the Store.

striplay said:

April 10th, 2:35 pm

Nice video…this will clearly be a major improvement…Whoot!

I am curious though; will there be a search option available?

Also, I would like to see a response to the question @ 67.
Mythagoz makes a good point. I am interested in knowing the answer so please reply.

Another issue that I am curious about is listed here. @ 319, 327, 328 & 343.

Not sure if anyone has time to check, however; I have yet to know the answer to my concern.
It’s in regard to many things, but the main concern is with PAL / NTSC support. I use both and would like support to be added for this in the future. Is this possible? Any reply is welcome; I’ve been getting ignored on this issue a lot and am becoming frustrated.

I also make many suggestions for firmware improvements there. A little off topic I know, sorry about that!

I realize that every issue cannot be addressed immediately so I continue to wait patiently.
Nice Job on all done thus far SONY. The PS3 has some very different features since release.
Good to know the capability to upgrade firmware is going to good use.

I am avid consumer of SONY products and will definitely continue to remain loyal in the future.
Hopefully this loyalty along with everyone else’s will lead to the correction of ALL concerns eventually. I know everyone is working hard so for that I thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to read & address my issues!
Have a good day everyone!

Sincerely: stri

keisukeMamoru86 said:

April 10th, 2:46 pm

Looks really nice. Looking forward to the firmware update and new store!! I was gonna suggest “something” about a certain XMB feature :), but this blog post has satisfied my desires for the day.

moe24 said:

April 10th, 2:49 pm

WOW great job Sony…. I really love how you guys read our threads, so u can mzake the ps3 alot better for us. Really Immpressive!. If you guys keep on reading our comments and how you can make the ps3 better will truley make you guys a AMAZING company..Thank You for listening to us, and WE all hope you continue to listen to us in the future. You guys are my favourite company! One comment, you guys should really release the psn cards soon, becuase the soon you realese it the more codstumers you will have! oh and one question, how is home going?, i heard you guys said that the home open beta will be out very soon! is this true.
Thank you alot for answering my questions! LOVE YOU GUYS!

zakir8 said:

April 10th, 3:06 pm

Great!!!! But I think you forget the PSP. I have not seen any new features since a long time. You are just adding new features to Remote Play.

oom9333 said:

April 10th, 3:12 pm

awww this is so worth the 2 weeks of not updating! I love the preview features in the store!

3D3 said:

April 10th, 3:17 pm

Thanks you guys for making the store better! It seems like an actual store now and feels a lot more smoother.

Half_life000111 said:

April 10th, 3:19 pm

I definitely appreciate you guys for listening to the consumers unlike (cough cough Microsoft **** Red Ring)….. but yes, I just want to take out my time and thank you no matter how long it took to push this out. And it truly looks fluid, love the preview feature *not everyone knows about gametrailers and ign*…. hoping for the Netflix to come in time and praying for the movie service to be in this! Oh and you guys should be relieved, there’s really no more flamming on this blog…… that means your doing a great job…….. congrats : P High ho off to MGS Online Beta I go!!!!!

DustoMan said:

April 10th, 3:27 pm

So we’re sticking with the weekly updates, huh?

scubafinch said:

April 10th, 3:27 pm

Great update and perfect timing as I just got a new amp supporting DTS-HD MA this week! I also know a number of AV enthusiasts looking for a decent Blu-ray player who were holding off on buying a PS3 due to it’s lack of DTS-HD MA support… nothing to stop them now!

Joakim Hagdahl said:

April 10th, 3:35 pm

Thanks for the continued support with updates, it’s really appreciated.

djpenny said:

April 10th, 3:58 pm

hi when is the psn network card coming out in the US and Canada so i can buy stuff from the store

Bender Rodriguez said:

April 10th, 3:59 pm

Looking good. The store that is. Hopefully there will be a huge update seeing how you guys have skipped two weeks.

Keysersoze10033 said:

April 10th, 4:08 pm

Really cool, O can’t wait to try the new store. I hope the download speeds were upgraded. On another note, .10 to XMB :)!

Omen_20 said:

April 10th, 4:13 pm

Thats a hot Senior Manager you guys work for.

The store is nice too. Exactly how I wished it to be.

mlmason75 said:

April 10th, 4:15 pm

Will the PS3 finally be able to do bitstream for DTS-HD Master and True HD after this new firmware?

TheN1Armyguy said:

April 10th, 4:18 pm

Great new layout for the store. ITs not web based anymore? Does that mean it won’t have to load now? Anyway, its cool how when you select something it zooms in to it and makes a nice sound effect. Nice, clean, and streamlined. The sounds remind me of the selection sounds from the Metal Gear Solid series.

bobtheduck said:

April 10th, 4:26 pm

Easily the best update, or second best after profile 1.1 on bluray. Next up? The best update of all… yes… you all saw it coming…

Paid online service.

I kid, I kid!

Quasar said:

April 10th, 4:26 pm

Looks like it is an improvement, but I’m really not sure I like the philosophy of icons for stuff. If I don’t know what the art for a given item is I’ll need to run over it with the cursor. That seems like bad design to me.

I’d really like to see a text list option.

PhantomPhoenix said:

April 10th, 4:27 pm

Looks great, but what I want to know is whether this will also be implemented on the other PlayStation Network features (such as ‘Account Management’ and all the ‘Friends’ things). I would really like to see the whole PlayStation Network revamped in order to compete with XBox ‘Live’.

Carbonite said:

April 10th, 4:33 pm

Anybody happen to know if either of these PS3 edtions are backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games? I was finally going to pick up my PS3 earlier this year only to find that none of the systems were backwards compatible with the ps2 anymore.

So I have been holding off to find out if they will release a new one that adds it back in.

Thanks guys.

Joshjames1234 said:

April 10th, 4:35 pm

Oh my God. That store looks beautiful — I can’t believe it looks that much more beautiful in video than in the screenshots!

Excellent work on the new “Preview” function. Also, it’s also really cool that the store fades away when you change tabs. Great job!

Last question: Will we still have to stop our music in order to browse the store? Or will we actually be able to listen to cool music while shopping?

Keep up the fantastic work! I AM LOVING THE PS3 RIGHT NOW!!!


April 10th, 4:35 pm

Now to coincide with the new store, where are the prepaid PSN cards?

Carbonite said:

April 10th, 4:37 pm

Guys, sorry about my comment. It was meant for the MGS posting, somehow ended up posting here after I logged in.

oPh3N0Mo said:

April 10th, 4:43 pm

yessir cant wait!!!! I want to kno when the home feature is gonna come out?!? It’s killin me inside y’kno

sbryce said:

April 10th, 4:58 pm

Can you confirm if the lair analog controls will be released in American the same date as the Japanese when the PSN revamp is released?

MidgetguyII said:

April 10th, 5:00 pm

I can’t WAIT!!!! I started missing the store update this past thursday… but I’m glad that the wait was worth it!

THANK YOU for a GREAT new store!

(I love the preview freature!)

Topher08 said:

April 10th, 5:06 pm

Hi, Can someone from Sony please explain if the media streaming capabilities have been fixed in 2.30? Honestly, ignoring a problem doesn’t make it not exist. I have a bunch of DVD movies (my own) that I ripped to H.264 and they are unplayable through uPNP streaming after firmware 2.20. I am all for the new goodies and such, but I won’t love my PS3 again until the media streaming is fixed. I hope that perhaps your just going to quietly fixed the problem in 2.30, but I really hope you Sony guys are aware of what you did.

Kedaro said:

April 10th, 5:07 pm


The 80gig ps3 is in fact still backwards compatible, whoever quashed your dreams of getting a backwards compatible machine, needs to be smacked with a huge hairy smelly…

… yea, I said that.

Kittonwy said:

April 10th, 5:08 pm

This is awesome. Thanks GRACE!!! ~_~

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

April 10th, 5:25 pm

THANKS! I was already pumped about having the store remodeled, and now I’m even more excited with the additional updates v2.3 will be offering.

What would make me simply ECSTATIC would be sneaking in Date/Time when you press the PS Button, and fixing the GMT for Caracas, Venezuela (supposed to be 4:30 not 4:00).

Even those these are minor fixes and probably wouldn’t take too much effort if you put someone to the task, it would truly make my day considerably better.

Thanks again.

Spores said:

April 10th, 5:45 pm

Wheres our Store Update, You can’t tell me you jiffed us on 2 full weeks of content, This down right dumb if this is true. The PS store content is already watered down weak sauce. Consider me unhappy cubed -_-

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