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Apr 10

Apr 10

Firmware (v.2.30) Details and Store Walkthrough

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hey Everyone! We know you’re all patiently waiting for the next PS3 firmware update, ver. 2.30, which includes the revamped PLAYSTATION Store. The good news is that it’s coming soon, and you can now see how the new user interface will look in this video demo featuring Grace Chen.

I have more good news to report today – the system software update will also add DTS-HD Master Audio output for Blu-ray videos, which means the high-definition visuals of Blu-ray will now be matched with the highest quality audio for the ultimate movie-watching experience on PS3.

DTS-HD Master Audio is literally bit-for-bit identical to the studio master recording and makes movie soundtracks and sound effects truly come to life. The technology delivers audio at the incredibly high rate of 24.5 mega-bits per second (Mbps) on Blu-ray disc, which is significantly higher than standard DVDs. DTS-HD Master Audio also offers 7.1 audio channels at 96k sampling frequency/24 bit depths, so you’ll be totally immersed in the sound. The firmware update will add DTS-HD High Resolution Audio as well, which is a similar output technology that requires less disc space. You can read more about both codecs here.

A lot of you, particularly the home theatre enthusiasts and audiophiles out there, have been asking us for this capability, and we can’t wait until you have an opportunity to pop in a compatible Blu-ray video to test it out for yourself.

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Cesarcsrf said:

April 13th, 12:56 pm

XMB IN-GAME!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! OR BETA HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

zinmaster said:

April 13th, 2:03 pm

This is great. It took long enough for them to figure this out. Great job. Fix the customized theme problem while you are at it.

HauntedGrounds said:

April 13th, 2:22 pm

People really want the Home Beta and XMB to be In-Game. Just be patient, it will come. I hope at some point Sony gives us a firmware update that expands on creating themes for our Ps3. Also I hope that the blue wave in the background of the Playstation Store moves in the final release. But I’ll be patient; they will bring stuff to us when they can. Keep up the great work Sony. :-)

drunkendo said:

April 13th, 3:02 pm

Where’s the point in DTS-HD if the uncompressed pcm is on the BD disc

Ish_786 said:

April 13th, 3:12 pm

This store is amazing. I just wish that the PSN cards where out(not to be out of topic or anything) cause I don’t have a credit card to purchase these spectacular content or games.

GrimReaper987 said:

April 13th, 3:30 pm

now the store looks like [DELETED].

viralbyte said:

April 13th, 9:10 pm

this is sweet! Now I have to find a sound system to take full advantage of the 7.1 true hd sound. I’m guess that a sony sound system would be the way to go with this.

sacredena said:

April 14th, 6:19 am


Your attitude is [DELETED].

njohan said:

April 14th, 9:46 am

Oki a store…………… And is there somthing else than sound and a new store???

Loucifer said:

April 14th, 12:41 pm


“until the PS Store can start pumping out music videos, Movies, TV Shows etc etc like XBL then there is NO comparison…”

PS Store vs. XBL

“until the focus is put back into gaming”

PS3 vs 360

…i hope that explains it for ya…and no MS does not pay me…i wish they did i could use the extra cash

if the roles were reversed and PS3 and the PS Store were better then the 360 and XBL i wouldnt be so bitter….but from a Apple/MAC owner sworn against MS and anything Bill Gates related…

i was so annoyed at what SONY offered up to the public and said here this is the best we can do and were gonna keep shoving the delays and inferior software down your throats even though our competitor has inferior hardware and far more superior software, games and online services…

so annoyed was i that i actually swallowed my pride and bought a 360…and can honestly say the PS3 CAN NOT hang with the 360 at the present moment in time…i dont have to look to the game list for 2008 or 2009 because THAT list is comprised of things that were slated for 2007 that i have already lost interest in…i can give 2 rats asses whats on that list…SONY can put all they’re eggs in one or for arguements sake 2 baskets and pray for MGS4 and GT5 to draw more attention to the PS3…bottomline…is the PS3 system is still far behind in features, games and services…and thats quite sad with how impressive the PS3 system looks on paper…but as we all know and some learned the hard way…the way a system looks on paper means jack crap in the real consumer world…stop with the hype bs it should be put up or shut up….and since SONY doesnt say a word and already adopted the shut up prolicy theres no need for them to put up anything…which is why the PS3 will run that 2nd place for awhile.

Desidarious said:

April 14th, 1:28 pm

Sony, you certainly have been paying attention.

This is exactly what your customers have been asking for…a way to make it easier to spend our money with you!

Yeah, right….. How about filling us in on stuff that we, as customers, have ACTUALLY BEEN ASKING FOR?

In-=Game XMB
Bigger Friends List
Audio and video codecs
EXT3 support

and the list goes on and on
and on
and on
and on.

… but one thing is for sure, you can remove ‘revamp the Playstation Store’ from the customer request list…. if it WAS EVEN ON IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

billabongopblue said:

April 14th, 1:41 pm

loucifer – I agree, i am now frusterated at choosing a ps3 over xbox believing it was a better choice.

Kedaro said:

April 14th, 2:23 pm


Wow! I didn’t really notice it before, but thank you for pointing it out to me, yea the new store really does look like a steamy pile of, yea NO!,

Why is it that trolls like you need to overshoot in your attempts, and do nothing but make yourselves look like idiots, and make everyone who actually respects gaming angry…

I think it’s a little ridiculous that you believe that the new store looks like [DELETED], haha I mean like, what? you couldn’t think up anything else, so you decide to tear down an attractive foolproof design?

and even if you actually don’t like the look of the new store as opposed to the old, or if the increased functionality, and user-friendliness turns you off so much, don’t worry, it’s not like you have to stare at it while you’re gaming, or trying to wack it to 80’s [DELETED] on the web browser.

Kedaro said:

April 14th, 2:25 pm

PS: all you trolls should go back to the forums, this blog is for mature gamers, who actually have a decent head on their shoulders, and at least know a few facts about what they’re spouting.

LadySparx said:

April 14th, 5:12 pm

I’m so pleased with the changes being made to the Playstation Store. Not to be negative, but it was pretty clunky and this newer streamlined version seems great and fits much better into the overall “PS3 feel”.

Suntop said:

April 14th, 8:06 pm

Look there will never be a in game xmb why do you all want that what is so darned important about that? you see people know what game your playing when you are on psn it tells you. Isnt that enough? WHY must you text while you play???? Most games have a INVITE ability like BURNOUT PARADISE CITY. Isn’t that enough???? I also wish that I can buy Gauntlet II for the PS3 for some reason it wont allow me to use my Wells Fargo Debit Visa card. I think it’s a address thing.

Home would be nice. another would be full divx support my home theater system is full Divx certified and it played every divx i threw at it so the ps3 is NOT truly Divx Certified.

Good Job Sony

mike22393 said:

April 14th, 8:31 pm


shadowboricua said:

April 14th, 9:36 pm

When are we going to have Flash 9 capability on the PS3. One of the reasons I bought the system was to substitute for my computer on my TV and be able to navigate Flash websites on my HDTV, so I was really disappointed when I noticed that the PS3 browser was not capable. As I understand, the PSP got the update recently, why hasn’t the PS3 gotten the same treatment? Ironically, not even Sony’s PS3 website can be displayed!

masulsa said:

April 14th, 10:22 pm

When are we going to have Flash 9 capability? This is very important for us. Why have a great PS3 and a crappy browser.

How do you view the videos in the store like this lady is demonstrating? So far, I have to view the videos in the same manner as before. I have to leave the store to view it. That is not what was demonstrated to us.

chimpum said:

April 14th, 10:44 pm

what’s about a clock???? it’s not difficult….

cheapndirty said:

April 14th, 11:47 pm

I have 2.30 now. Yup we have 5.1 DTS Master Audio not 7.1 . That is still awesome but cant wait for 7.1 DISCRETE with pass through audio.

CitizenInsane27 said:

April 15th, 12:38 am

Yeah, for anyone checking this, it’s up. Go now.

neoark said:

April 15th, 2:00 am

this may sound kinda off topic, but i have some suggestions.

why not add ‘gift’ like buying a game for someone and sent it, also that gives u ability to view what that person bought so u don’t buy same game he already has, that will loaded tons of cash specially at holidays birthdays and those sort of stuff.

if so, how about making small games for lovers to play, will go great in next, simple online games is kinda cool, specially when you want to play something just simple and easy for just fun.

we need more in friendlist i have more people, i keep add and delete some, which kinda uncool.

oh yeah, release more demos of games! and some ‘free’ games would be awesome, specially giving us the feeling, it’s not just a store for sucking cash. lol

theycallmeryan said:

April 15th, 5:45 am

Great update but the pictures don’t load. Are you guys going to fix this Thursday?

edrikk said:

April 15th, 6:14 am

Unfortunately, streaming MP4s from a Media Server still results in stuttering.

This is the exact same MP4s that streamed perfectly using 2.17, and which were broken in 2.20 and still in 2.30.

The only change since 2.17 firmware has been the PS3 firmware updates.

This is horrible. My PS3 gets more time as a Media player than game console, but this bug is really messing things up for me.

I actually converted all my media to MP4 as it was the only format the PS3 rendered previously… Now, that’s broken. :(

Sony, all I ask for is an acknowledgment that you know it’s broken, and a timeline for the patch.

GrimReaper987 said:

April 15th, 6:28 am

whatever Kedaro. ill post whatever i want.

reson8er said:

April 15th, 7:19 am

Just wanted to say, I got some hands on time with the new PS Store, and Its GREAT!

Thanks for improving this guys… It makes browsing the store a pleasure.

Now. Just give me a metric ton of new content to buy and I’ll be jumping for joy!

doctordeath1854 said:

April 15th, 7:40 am


DJDarkViper said:

April 15th, 8:51 am

I would like to make 3 quick suggestions for Firmware 2.4!

1. A fully working Flash Player 9. As a flash animator/programmer myself, i think itd be cool if there was an ability to watch SWFs natively on the PS3 and on TV, itd make presentations a snap! Also, Flash Player 9 for the web browser would be completely stellar, as not alot of websites tht are flash exclusive like to run on the PS3…

2. Ability to play your own music, during gameplay.
For the Xbox360, you can push in the Guide button, and hit “play” in the music blade, and press “Guide” again and viola, you got your own custom music playing in the background of the game.
I cant count how many times ive wished the PS3 could do this…

3. Video playlists. I swear i read somewhere that these existed but i dont have that option. Phots and Music get playlists, but i still have to manually exit my videos and go onto the next one…
Y’know, even if the PS3 simply exited the video automaticlaly when its done playback, so if i accidently fall asleap to it itll go to Folding@Home and do something useful while im unconsciously dreaming about playing MGS4.

Ill be posting this in the next article featuign any firmware news as well, as i think these features would drastically increase both the usefulness and awesomeness that is the Playstation 3.

Thanks for listening guys!

ikanago said:

April 15th, 11:08 am


#1) I would love it if the PS3 could continue downloading media while turned off (like the 360). The system would then turn off once all the active downloads were finished.

#2) I would love for the new store to have subsection headings. So, once you clicked on “add-ons” for example, the new store page you were directed to would have the same subheading so you’d know where you are.

Thanks for listening!


striplay said:

April 15th, 11:28 am

Downloaded the latest firmware update (2.30):

For me the new store is having issues with load times. There are also certain images that are represented with a path error.
I love the new design, but obviously a few bugs require tweaking.

Could you add a search feature while making repairs? I realize that navigation is not too difficult atm, but the addition of an option to simply type and see would be supreme.

Plus, while adding new content (much more IS needed as I’m sure you know) perhaps you could consider “Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate” as a title to include. I’ve been waiting for this game since the arrival of MKII which is an amazing title, but not as exciting as the Ultimate version of 3. If considered; perhaps you could design the lobby with a more functional / user friendly interface. MKII is currently very annoying in that respect.

And lastly, a little off topic I know but it would be stellar to have an improved interface for typing. Sorry to use this as an example, but I like the design…MS_Word has a decent style and more room to play with. Is it possible to create a better GUI with a more open look while sending / receiving text based messages?

Obviously I could go on, and on…But I won’t.
I seem to have a knack for finding issues, regardless of the quality in a design.
Please remember that my intentions are always meant as constructive criticism.
Ahem….cough, cough…put me on the payroll, cough. LOL…well it was worth a shot.

Keep up the good work as I’m sure you will.
There are clearly many people here that like to show a more juvenile, rude approach to their concerns which I don’t agree with. If they had any idea of the technical aspect behind any required design, they would probably choose to keep their tongue behind their teeth more often.

For those who are not aware of the work involved…aside from a massive need for funds, employees & resources; time can always become a factor. To have functional technology, father time must be paid. In the future, perhaps a little more patience would be beneficial. It really is a virtue. The less time you spend whining, the shorter the wait will seem. Make your suggestions and remain true to an enduring nature.
Consider the thousands of requests made daily, and then consider the revolutions on a clock face. I’m quite sure SONY is well aware of your issue by now and if they aren’t, a simple request is all that is needed. There’s no need to become frustrated. Odds are; your situation will be addressed eventually.

Thanks for everything Dev Team and be sure to have a good day everyone!

Sincerely: stri

scorpio said:

April 15th, 11:36 am

I think you did go and and on…haha

I love the store and it’s only expected that things will need to be tweaked after a big change like this….

olekaiks said:

April 15th, 2:03 pm

Hey could you make it possible to play *.mov files on the PS3??? That would be awesome cause I like to download all those high def movie previews.

striplay said:

April 15th, 2:18 pm


LOL I suppose I did go on and on…
I meant about needed firmware revisions though ha-ha!

mlmason75 said:

April 15th, 4:31 pm

I hope that Sony fixes the flag issue with New Line disks that have 7.1 DTSMA audio. The rear channels have no output because of the way the film was mixed and the way that the PS3 flags the audio.

mlmason75 said:

April 15th, 4:34 pm


Please add better Xvid support!

Some of my Xvid movies will still not play on the PS3 with Firmware 2.30!

mlmason75 said:

April 15th, 4:34 pm


Please add support for .MOV files!!

striplay said:

April 15th, 4:37 pm

Additional PS_Store issues (other than those I’ve listed above ^):

-When navigating the previous store, users were able to choose between a mouse / keyboard or standard use of the controller. Why are we only able to use the controller now? Removing the multiple options feature is causing major inconveniences…especially when entering passwords etc. I cannot stand using the virtual keyboard; it’s a tedious, time consuming task now. Please allow for the use of these devices in the store. Both ways should be available for use if so desired by the consumer.

-When attempting to purchase, if the proper funds are not available you must manually add more. In the previous version of the store, an auto prompt to add more cash would occur. This was highly convenient imo, please replace this feature.

These are a major MUST for me!

As usual I thank you for your continued efforts.
Take care!


mlmason75 said:

April 15th, 4:38 pm


Please add more support for WMV and also MKV files!

korn16ftl said:

April 15th, 10:55 pm

only 2 major things that drive me nuts about the ps3’s capibilitys and sony need to pay attention to them cuz i am aware that other ppl feel the same way i do

1) in game messaging y this hasent been changed since the pain in the ass was discovered of having to quit a game that your into to reply to a message or check for a clan invite and what ever else may be going on is beyond me

2) in game MP3/Audio playback this would be ausome for games like warhawk where the music gets mind numbing repetitive and eventually gives me a headach or rives me uts in the long run

sony i beg of u please pay attention to these 2 key features u are lacking these are the only true downsides to an other wise awsome gaming platform

you have already dissapointed certin customers w/ the uncommented but proclaimed discontinuation of the 80GB ps3 model ( wich makes me i-rate cuz i bought an extended warrenty )

Please do not cotinue to ignore the needs and wants of the consumer i have and always will be a die-hard sony fan but am becomming frustrated with your lack of attention given to some specific matters like the ones i have listed above than again MS/XBL has crappy customer support and is rediculesly high priced to simply play a game online (i am a consumer of both the xbox 360 and PS3 hopefully soon a wii)

hotdoogul said:

April 16th, 10:54 am

its cool but images take quite awhile to load up

DGARD said:

April 16th, 12:32 pm

For me with both a lcd-tv and a projector I would really like to get picture on both hdmi (with uppscaling on dvd), and component (if no uppscaling is possible thats ok), and to that I would like to be able to get stereo sound to the tv even if I have the ps3 connected to the amp via optical.

That and .mkv support would make me a very happy camper.

DeadAgain said:

April 16th, 1:44 pm

If this is anything like the Playstation Forums then I expect that not even the author is reading this deep into the replies… I hope you are though, because this is something that you didn’t really have to screw up as badly as you did:

Why are the icons that are displayed in the store not cached? I have a decent connection, 1.5Mbps , and it’s AGONIZING waiting for all of the icons to load. For the love of god, if you were going to the effort to “try and make navigation easier”, why couldn’t you keep local copies of the icons that have been viewed?

Was this a blunder or is this just the Japanese sticking their tongues out at us silly Americans because we don’t have fiber-optic internet connections to the home like they do in Japan?

Lestwist40 said:

April 16th, 8:01 pm

Well, I made my PSP and PS3 do the download race on my Broadband….The PSP BEAT the PS3 on the Updating new Firmware!! This was neat to watch which Hardware finished #1…The new Store looks great,but lettering font needs to be Bigger to read from the TV screen.

OKST1977 said:

April 16th, 8:31 pm

you know what would be great? Not having to wait 30 minutes while a game I just bought ‘installs’ on the system.

it would also be super to have games that I have downloaded not have to go through the same ‘install’ process.

this is a huge pain in the rear, and a reason why my 360 is getting far more time than my ps3. I would much rather be playing the games I buy, rather than waiting for the dumb ‘install’ time.

Same thing applies for updates to titles. Why is it that the 360 can notify you of a title update, download and install the update in seconds while the ps3 takes FOREVER?

Fixing the issues with the store was a nice first step, but I am more concerned with the games I have either already downloaded, or the games I bought for 60 bucks already.

Thanks for letting me vent.

djerock said:

April 17th, 2:41 am

Unfortunately, streaming MP4s, and any VC-1 from a Media Server still results in stuttering.

This is the exact same MP4s,VC-1 that streamed perfectly using 2.17, and which were broken in 2.20 and still in 2.30.

This is horrible. My PS3 gets more time as a Media player than game console.

I actually converted all my media to MP4 as it was the only format the PS3 rendered previously.Some people like me dont like to handle dvd’s i just buy them and put them on my hard drives on my home server its just easy to click and watch. Now, that’s broken. :(

Most of us dont care for the psp stuff i bought a PS3 for the media part some gaming. I had a xbox/xbox360 both worked fine but they dont last……

Sony, all I ask for is an acknowledgment that you know it’s broken, and a timeline for the patch.

RamAirUS said:

April 17th, 3:01 am

@ Sony: Could please somebody answer to my question (see post #290)???

AcTioNPaXioN said:

April 17th, 7:01 pm

I’ve got a really neat idea to better the music playback on the ps3. 2simple things and yet so important. I’ve made 2sample pics of my thought, but I can’t upload them here.
A discryption:
A sorting screen should pop up on the left button of the screen by holding down square by the music tab on the XMB. Releasing square should chose selection

Playlist (so you can access it quicker instead of scrolling way up)

AcTioNPaXioN said:

April 17th, 7:06 pm

The other thought is,
at the musicscreen, there should be a easier way to access more songs from the album or artist your listening.
By pressing square at the musicscreen there should be a pop up tab

Like this:
Playlist ALBUM Artist


zaraiah said:

April 20th, 11:32 am

FLASH,FLASH,FLASH!!!!!!!!! For the love of god,please update the flash player so I can watch Sports highlights!!!!!! The only page like this that works is Youtube. Does Sony have beef with Adobe or something? Someone please explain. ( P.S an Adobe acrobat plug-in would also be awsome so you could read CD-ROMS.)

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