PlayStation Store Update

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Hi, everyone! Just wanted to provide an update about the PlayStation Store. The store for both the PS3 and PC will be unavailable starting early morning Monday, April 14 through early morning of Tuesday, April 15. You will not be able to access either store during this maintenance window.

As you know, we are preparing to release the revamped interface of the PlayStation Store for the PS3, which will be available on Tuesday. Regular weekly updates of the store will resume on Thursday, April 17, along with the release of GT5 Prologue.

Thanks for all the positive feedback about the upcoming store design!

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  • Stinkin Mushroom

    Why are you guys never answering the “PSN cards” questions? :-S

  • To Noel Silvia: You have an Okami avatar, are you a gamer as well? (besides a programmer I mean), that’s an amazing game you have for avatar…

    • Huge gamer.
      Okami is one of my top 5 games of all time, and with my role as an artist for the PSN, I felt that it was appropriate fit to have an avatar featuring Amaterasu.

  • I hope there’s a ton of new content to go with the store, because I’ve purchased like 10 PSN games already and there’s nothing else that I want on the store that I don’t have already.

  • so any news on what will be given to every 50th customer on the store yet? or is that for japan only?

  • StalkingSilence

    Noel –
    Looking forward to the new look of the store. Will the PSP remote play version of the store be identical to the newly-updated SD PS3 version?

  • CitizenInsane27


    There have been a few rumblings of the upcoming update, which should be decently substantial because of the deprivation of content over the last two weeks, we have a lot to catch up on! I know that we are getting the Warhawk Operation Broken Mirror expansion (looks very cool!) the normal Rock Band update (great game, and now we have a bunch of new songs in one big update, including Jonathan Coulton’s ‘Still Alive’ from Portal!) the welcome Lair patch and some new content for that as well, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and who knows what else!

    Overall I’d say it should be a fun update this Thursday. If you already own Warhawk, definitely check out the new expansion, same with Rock Band. Most people didn’t care for Lair, unless you were like me, I liked it a lot, but new control schemes should be fun, and make it worth another run through. And Gran Turismo?? Don’t get me started on GT….haha

  • Bender Rodriguez

    Here’s to hoping there’s going to be a fairly large store update to go with the new launch of the store. I’m expecting the usual though. A game, a demo, and a bunch of useless trailers.

    2 downloadable games, 2-3 demos, a bunch of useless trailers, a bunch of new themes. That would be a huge update.

  • Bender Rodriguez

    Maybe I am expecting too much though.

  • Why isn’t GT: Prologue coming out at midnight just like warhawk did in august?

  • I cant wait to try out the new store but it updates tomorrow then we have to wait till thursday to get new content?

    I think when the new store goes up some content should be put up

  • lol this is sony we’re talking about. Thursday’s update will be:
    Rock Band garbage
    Warhawk expansion
    No PsOne games
    That all

  • @ noel

    The “special update” was mentioned by sony

    Although this may be related to the open MGS online beta for europe.

    • Since the article was in reference to SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe), it is not necessarily reflective of what happens here in SCEA Store.
      Sorry I can\’t provide any more information, but hope this helps any way.

  • theycallmeryan

    @162 That’s not the surprise we are talking about. Read the MGS4 Product Details blog and read the last 2 sentences.

  • Can’t wait :)

  • Noel, do you know anything about the problem I stated @124?

    • I don\’t, unfortunately.
      I have read a few things that might help, though:
      – Make sure your name and address are both input exactly as it appears on your billing statement, as it needs to match what you input with what your bank has on file.
      – Some banks have certain blocks against certain types of commerce (such as online purchases) as a protection safeguard. Check with your bank to see if they have anything like this that may be hampering you.

      I\’m sorry I can\’t help more to figure out the problem. :(


    • \”The best part of \’believe\’ is the \’Lie\’.\”
      We like to keep things at the blog on-track and on-topic.
      Please do not use it for spreading rumours and misinformation.

  • Noel you’re such a charismatic and helpful guy, you make me forget how much I miss Jeff’s sharp and cutting sarcasm.

    Some people need to realize this blog doesn’t reflect the whole of SCE, only a fraction.

  • So is the truth I’ve been gone from here doing research online about 720P and 1080i which is better for Gaming along! I hear 720P is way better than 1080i which my 37inch LCD Dell has been set at for almost a year now it does support 720P though. I’ve been told to get off the 1080i and out it on 720p for my games on the PS3 is this what I should do is it really better well progressive is better than Interlaced I know that already. I guess keeping my DirectTV set at 1080i for TV and movies is best but for fast pace games like I’m more of a Racer type gamer and shooters 720P is best for that right?? HELP ME HERE!! LOL

  • I’ve tried all of those things unfortunately and none work. I’ve even searched the forums for an answer but ended up with nothing as well. Thanks for the response anyway Noel.

  • In all the screen shots, it looks like the store is no longer taking advantage of wide screen displays. Is that true, will we now get pillar boxes of empty space just to be more compatible with all TVs?

    If so, it is disappointing, as it will likely mean smaller text and images than if the store took advantage of the entire real estate of the screen.

  • @124

    I was having the same issues entering my credit card information until I actually figured it out. The information you input has to match EXACTLY as it appears on your statement, if even one digit or letter is wrong, it wont work. I actually confirmed this by entering a wrong digit in my address and it failed.

    Just make sure it matches exactly as it appears on your statement.

  • CitizenInsane27

    @Darktorns & Noel

    Haha, I love that statement, priceless.

    But he does have a point Darktorns, until you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, it is just rumor and whatnot. I’m sure Home is coming, but don’t get people hyped up about something you have no solid information for, it’s just gonna cause much disruption into this *now* somewhat stable comment section! Thanks.

    Oh, and Noel, sorry to be posting like crazy, I really feel like I’m jumping the gun and undercutting you a bit, I’ll slow down and stop repeating the same things you’re saying. Have a good day man.

  • For Gaming, it goes


    As far as television viewing, I keep my TV on 1080i only because my DirecTV box doesn’t support 1080p

  • As to address for a CC, I have found that entering both lines of my address on one line only (number street… and also the apt number) works. Even though its different from my statement. I called the CC company and asked them how they prefer to authenticate online transactions.

  • CitizenInsane27

    Oh, and for anyone interested my PSN ID is CitizenInsane27. Hit me up and we’ll game on some Warhawk or COD4, or even GTA4 when that hits!

  • For the hundreth time.. We I be able to listen to my music while I browse the new store?? I keep asking this darn question and no one seems to answer.. If it no.. Its not a big deal.. I would just like to know????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Currently, this is not a feature implemented in the new Store.
      However, considering the speed of the new Store, you\’ll be in, find what you\’re looking for, and out quicker than before too.
      Hope this helps to answer your question.

  • @ CPT.BLUE

    Thanks for the info. So switching the PS3 to 720P is better I take it for gaming. So I take thats what you’ve done with your PS3? Cool you have DirecTV to lol. Yeah I think I’ll keep my 1080i on on that since my Box only goes up to 1080i and I take you have a FULL HD TV thats cool. Have you games 1080P yet? well crap I don’t think any PS3 games support that yet lol that was a stupid Question lol

  • @ Noel,

    Hey dude, you didn’t reply to my question listed in other blogs. I’ve asked several times and have yet to receive a response…so I figured seeing as how you appear to be responding here…

    I realize you are busy and have little time to divide yourself between all us users, so I will ask once more in the hopes of a satisfactory post in return.

    I have mentioned my list for firmware corrections as I’m sure you can remember, however; I would really like to hear an answer regarding PAL / NTSC support. Even though I reside in North America, I still have a need to use both standards…I am wondering if there will be an update to include for this at any point.

    Please reply to this so I can cease to continue my annoying repetitive nature in this matter.

    Even if you can simply say that you are unable to respond due to limited knowledge about this, but plan to mention it to the rest of the development team.

    Any response is better than none at all.

    Thanks and sorry to bother so much, mister…
    Have a good day and the same goes to all my fellow Playstation / SONY consumers / users.

    P.S. – I take this opportunity to yet again thank the SONY team for their continued efforts in pleasing us all here. I am sure it’s a difficult task. In spite of any demands I seem too often request, I would not like to send the wrong message. I do in fact LOVE the PS3 as well as all SONY products. I also appreciate all that has been developed thus far as I am well aware of the technical aspects involved with the creation of such improvements. Please don’t ever take my posts the wrong way because my intentions are intended to be strictly positive.

    Thanks again and take care!

    • I\’m sorry if I missed your question earlier, striplay.
      For the record, if I don\’t answer a question, it\’s either because:
      a) I cannot answer it,
      b) I don\’t have the answer, or
      c) I may have just missed your question.
      In this case, it\’s a little of the last two.
      I honestly don\’t know the limitations / differences of new HD TVs between regions. Being a military brat and having lived in England for a number of years, I can appreciate and empathize with the difficulty in having to contend with technology equipped only for one region.
      I don\’t have any more information for you, but I will pass along your concern.
      Hope this can help!

  • When i got back from my work i will add you CitizenInsane27 , my PS3 Handle is Fersis. We can play some COD4.

  • Will new Call of Duty 4 maps be released following the playstation store update? Also if they are will there be a cost associated with them ?

  • Anyways Noel Silvia add me and lets game I know you have a PS3 right LOL. My Handle is SLICK_T also who ever else on here go ahead and add me lets game!! I’m mostly a racer type gamer so thats a hint to games I have! NASCAR or Formula One, Burnout Paradise and a Few shooters and no I haven’t bought COD4 due to I played my friends online and thats all I’ve played of that game and don’t really like it much. Maybe if I played the game part of it I would. LOL

  • KingOfHearts

    Rumor has it that Home will be part of this update is there any truth to that?

  • @171 and 174

    Thanks for the tips as well but no matter how I try to enter the information I still get the error. I use a po box for my billing so I’ve tried a bunch of different ways (ie p.o. box, PO Box, etc.). On my statement it appears to be in all caps but it doesn’t work either. I’ll call up my bank again but they couldn’t help.

  • So NOEL is HOME a part of this update or am I hoping for too much LOL

    • Despite what some rumour mongers would like for you to believe, no, Home is NOT a part of this update.

  • @Slick

    I think few games are native 1080p probably due to astronomical production prices, only upscaled. I can see PixelJunk Monsters being native 1080p though…

    Noel you haven’t given out your handle so i’m not gonna ask but i’d like you to add me

    PSN: Pyrates

  • Nice to see the new store coming along so nicely. Just 1 question. When are the PSN cards going to be released??? I can’t buy anything and need these cards.

  • A question, will we receive a much larger playstation store update than before seeing as we didnt get any content for the past two weeks.

    (Playstation store update as in content, will receive a much larger than normal update).

  • Man I feel stupid LOL I’ve been seeing post for hours on here about when PSN cards are coming out and I was like what the HEL* is PSN cards lol. I get it now lol, anyways yeah when can we purchase those and just use those instead of our Credit cards. Also when we buy items from PSN store like I have MANY things lol. Um well does it count against our 5 only downloads of what we buy if we delete one from our harddrive by mystake and have to download what we bought again on the same System?? Or does that 5 downloads only count on Different systems cause if it still counts then you guys need to fix that in the updates to come. Cause I believe it should be Unlimited downloads of what we bought on the system it was purchased on. Also is there a 1.00 dollar on the side fee on every item we buy in the PSN store. Cause I had like 5 dollars left on my account the other day after all my Purchases and then a few days ago I checked and it say’s 6 cents left what the heck is going on with that. I ordered like 3 things after putting like 50 dollars in the Wallet on the store. I purchased the 29.99 Warhawk the 7.99 add on. Some other little games which all came to like 46 or 47 something and I had close to 5 dollars left and now 6 cents. Did they take a dollar from each of my purchases from my Wallet?? You guys should stop that 1 dollar on the side charges I once in the past almost went overdrawn on one of my small credit cards due to that.

  • I’m very excited about the new store update! I hope they have changed the icon on the XMB, because that PS bag was a little too girly for me. If not, no big deal! I can’t wait to see what’s inside the new store and the 17th for the new additions! Thanks for the reminder Grace Chen!

  • I think its extreme wishful thinking that Home comes out with the update. I think that what we see is what we get. not that thats a bad thing. this update is great. That said, it never hurts to hope though.

    In regards to the konami “surprise” I would like them to patch PES 2008 (never going to happen). Hooray for being the only one who cares about this!

  • SCEA has canceled HOME.

  • WHAT? Canceled home yeah right lol

  • I have a question. I’d like to know if the new store interface introduce some new features, such as being able to actually buy a game priced at 1.99 for that price, instead of adding a minimum of 5 dollars to my wallet and a gifting feature?

  • Noel;
    I asked this question in the other Store post but didn’t get a reply. As the store is switching from web based to integration within the OS, will the ‘account management’ areas of the PS3 be receiving the same treatment, or will they continue to be web based too?

    Just wondering as those areas are also quite difficult to navigate and use, and I think they are quite important too. Hope you can answer my question, thanks!

  • Wow at #191, go troll somewhere else.


    Those nailed it to a tee what I wanted to know as well, great Questions you guys!!
    Yeah NOEL ????

  • #166 got pwned

    Are you completely happy with the store and its functionality ?

    What feature would you like to see added?

  • theycallmeryan

    @ 193 & 194 Great questions, I’m also curious. Please respond Noel.

  • Dudes, I can see the future, ’cause some sort of psycho, and I can tell you guys that Home is coming before 2015 for sure…maybe, I think.

  • Dudes, I can see the future, ’cause I’m some sort of psycho, and I can tell you guys that Home is coming before 2015 for sure…maybe, I think.

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