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Apr 14

Apr 14

PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to provide an update about the PlayStation Store. The store for both the PS3 and PC will be unavailable starting early morning Monday, April 14 through early morning of Tuesday, April 15. You will not be able to access either store during this maintenance window.

As you know, we are preparing to release the revamped interface of the PlayStation Store for the PS3, which will be available on Tuesday. Regular weekly updates of the store will resume on Thursday, April 17, along with the release of GT5 Prologue.

Thanks for all the positive feedback about the upcoming store design!

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Jezer29 said:

April 14th, 12:53 pm

Thank you Noel… So “currently” huh.. Thats good enough for me… LOL

diablo103 said:

April 14th, 12:54 pm

can we the none beta users of Home at least get formal update on the blog, is that 2 much 2 ask?

Demon said:

April 14th, 12:54 pm

Curse you double post!

Sephiroth said:

April 14th, 12:54 pm

I can’t play Resistence online, it says it can’t connect to the Playstation Network, but I though this update wouldn’t interferee with online gaming

SLICKT8000 said:

April 14th, 12:55 pm

Noel told that person where he stood on that topic on the 166 post LOL GO NOEL

artson1966 said:

April 14th, 12:56 pm

Cant what to see this new site and pray that it is as easy to navigate as stated.

ksmooches said:

April 14th, 12:56 pm

@ pspman07

we can already do that, all you have to do is add the stuff you want to your cart and then proceed to checkout…it will only charger you for what you owe if you do it that way

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

April 14th, 12:58 pm

I heard something about the firmware updating on the 15th and not getting content till the 17th. Is this true or is it all coming on the same day (April 17)?

Pancakes said:

April 14th, 12:58 pm

NOEL, since Home will not be a part of 2.30 can you give any kind of timetable for the open beta/ full release of Home?

DevilHunterDante said:

April 14th, 12:59 pm

@37 OWNED!

joecolly said:

April 14th, 12:59 pm

The new store interface and PS3 update is arriving on the 15th.

The regular store updates (e.g. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue) will be arriving on Thursday 17th, as usual.

mhhavobandit said:

April 14th, 1:00 pm

Thanks so much this should be a great update for us all. :)

Looking forward to:

1) New PS Store
2) Metal Gear Online Beta
3) New Warhawk Downloadable Content

Thursday cannot come soon enough!

deadpool7 said:

April 14th, 1:04 pm

Just wanted to take a second to THANK you guys and gals for both your hard work and listening to the PSN users. I did find the old store tough to navigate and it didn’t look particularly flashy but it served its purpose. From the video I like the look of the new store and can’t wait to try it out by downloading GT5P and Broken Mirror.

Thanks again and thank you for listening to us!!!

Stallone said:

April 14th, 1:04 pm

Really looking forward to the new store. Also, Noel, is it possible for you to give us some info? Recently, the European forums were linked with PSN, is that happening for the blog here or on the official forums? Also, are you guys working on a universal stat system? Thanks if you can reply.

CitizenInsane27 said:

April 14th, 1:04 pm


Okay, I was gonna stay out of this for now, but come on! What kind of malicious intent do you have for the readers of this blog and the people working at Sony that have spent the last year programming Home to come out and say something that absolutely ungrounded and ridiculous besides to inspire rage amongst the uninformed gamers that are sparsely reading the comments here?? Whether or not that was a sarcastic comment or not is completely beyond the point. You have absolutely no evidence to support that statement, so why make it? Are you attempting to start a flame war for your own giddy entertainment?

If so, do you really think like that? What part of your life is so unsatisfactory that you have to come here and say statements like that just to get the shock and awe reaction to make you have a couple moments of laughter in your otherwise mediocre life? I am being harsh, in my personal opinion, but it’s with reason. I have used this site as a personal information channel for the future of my investment in PlayStation brand products, only to see it sullied by people with no conceptual idea of what the intelligent world is supposed to use this blog for! Statements like yours are anti-progressive, and just because you aren’t getting the answers you want on that particular subject gives you absolutely no grounds to come blabbering your mindless slander about. I’m sorry, here LET ME EXPLAIN.

Sony cannot make a public statement about Home for the sake that they cannot just come out and promise you things and then not deliver. As a corporate powerhouse, they have hundreds of thousands of things to consider when they make a move like Home or anything else concerning their products! Stocks, consumer base, marketing, mass marketing appeal, public response, PR redundancies and retracted statements are just a few of these things! People’s jobs are hanging in balance over YOUR concern in Home and Sony products. If your statements cause a ripple effect on this blog, as it has been proven it can, not just your statements, but many readers with no idea what they are talking about, it pushes sales down through all the uninformed readers perusing the comments looking for information, therefore the stocks go down, Sony then owes more of an explanation to their investors, indicting a lower overall income profit, and it just garners a redirection of funds for development of things like HOME! For those who can’t understand that, if you aren’t happy with the information you have, that’s tough cookies, because for Sony to give you more information, it has to be concrete and not be able to blow back up in their faces. Their place in the industry depends on actions like that.

So I will kindly repeat Noel’s earlier statements by saying, for the sake of the readers here, KEEP YOUR COMMENTS ON SUBJECT!

Thank you.

SLICKT8000 said:

April 14th, 1:05 pm

So Does doing your Purchases through the checkout Cart on the PSN store do away with that 1 dollar extra charge or not?? I hate that extra dollar charge they do! I add funds to my wallet and it still charges the extra dollar.

man I just realized this is my 18th post since post 93 on here lol. I talk too much lol. Its all good though ITS ALL GOOD

CitizenInsane27 said:

April 14th, 1:07 pm

OK, I may have overreacted….sorry.

EvoAnubis said:

April 14th, 1:11 pm

“Despite what some rumour mongers would like for you to believe, no, Home is NOT a part of this update.”

Damn, that sucks. Oh well.

super-brad said:

April 14th, 1:12 pm

@ noel

There is a maintenance service to the PSN, mainly around the store but it also is says the account managment is off to does this mean there will be an update for this?

Demon said:

April 14th, 1:13 pm

CitizenInsane27, I think I’ve seen in COD4. I’m NukePistols.

SLICKT8000 said:

April 14th, 1:13 pm

No you didn’t CITIZENLNSANE27 that was well said. Great post on 215, Well said my friend! When he said HOME was canceled I apart went into RAGE over that. Not a funny Joke! Many people are going to buy this system over Home. So that messes Sony’s sells bad if that fake Rumor gets out.

Se7enwolf said:

April 14th, 1:16 pm

Is the rumors from Beast on the IGN boards true that a clan/cummunity/stats type update is coming out for the PS3?

Gothdom said:

April 14th, 1:17 pm


ok, I’ll rephrase my question: Why are we canadian overpriced on the PSN store? And will it be more accurate on the new store?

(most of the things are overpriced… that new Warhawk special wasn’t much of a deal since the Blu-Ray version cost about the same.)

SLICKT8000 said:

April 14th, 1:20 pm

Where did ya go NOEL maybe out for a bite to eat I should to lol. I’ve been sitting here posting since post 93. I think Citizenlnsane27 and I have posted the most on here LOL this is my 20th post I think Citizen beats us all LOL GOOOOO CITIZEN LOL A little Humor in here never hurts HAIL to CITIZEN LOL Yo man add me to you friend list if ya want man mines SLICK_T

whoelse said:

April 14th, 1:25 pm

Its funny. He asks what surprise as if he doesn’t know.

CitizenInsane27 said:

April 14th, 1:26 pm

Already did SLICK. heh.

Did that like…I dunno, an hour ago, way back in the early number of posts….haha

Fenrokk said:

April 14th, 1:29 pm

is it confirmed? ps3 will never see in game xmb or in game music… are these lies that you tell for us to keep playing becuase seriously i’ve waited since launch to get this real update, i’m really mad due to the fact that these thing may never be realized. i predict that the so called in game xmb for 2.40 was just all a lie.

don’t worry my opinion doesn’t really even matter.

sorry for being so uptight and upfront about it but i’m just saying what people really want in there update

druppy said:

April 14th, 1:32 pm

@ Noel Silvia

my comment is more of a request, i wish someone would just give us a date when Home will be out. First i was supposed to be before then end 2007 we’d have an open beta and we get an official announcement till 2008 saying it was delayed. Now its supposed to be out in spring which is just kinda vague. I would appreciate any response, even just to say you’ll pass it along, Thanks!

SillyHatMafia said:

April 14th, 1:36 pm

Thank god I downloaded Everyday Shooter yesterday, thats addictive

Demon said:

April 14th, 1:37 pm

Fenrokk, in High Velocity Bowling you can play your own music.

SillyHatMafia said:

April 14th, 1:42 pm

I find it insane that people are going THIS insane over home.. yes it’s cool but serisouly. It seems like most people would rather wait for home than actually play a PS3 game or something.

SLICKT8000 said:

April 14th, 1:44 pm

oh ok sorry didn’t know you already sent out the add request Citizen lol. I’ll accept as soon as I fire up my PS3 later lol. I have to switch between my Computer and PS3 for online no Router I know it sucks and its a pain unhooking back and forth. I’ll get a router someday lol. For the gamers that like answering post on here to many Questions my Question post so far on here is # 93, 102, 115, 121, 127, 133, 141, 143, 146 which Noel Silvia replied to, 168, 177, 181, 184 another Noel Silvia replied to, 188, 192, 196, 205, 216, 221, 224 and this one lol. Well citizen I’m unhooking from here and turning on My PS3 to add ya and who ever else from here sent me a repuest to. Take care everyone till I return to run my mouth more lol !! I can’t believe I’ve posted like 21 times on here so far, I SAID “SO FAR” LOL


Kedaro said:

April 14th, 1:49 pm

@ Demon

Yea same as Super Stardust HD, and soon PAIN, and MLB the show etc…

The point the man(@Fenrokk) is trying to make is… custom music soundtracks greatly improve the value of online combat in games such as Resistance, Warhawk, and Motorstorm, So why should we be restricted to using custom music in games that the music doesn’t really enrich the experience by any means at all… the only game I’ve appreciated custom soundtracks in from the PSN so far is Super Stardust HD, because music coupled with movement = adrenaline, and makes for several different play styles. to neglect a feature that gamers on PC – PSOne(cdswapping) – PS2(mp3 modding), and xbox, and xbox360 have been enjoying for over 10 years now, is a video game industry faus pas’ the size of the friggin’ moon. We should have full & complete control of the majority of our personal files, and assets during gameplay.

Starfleets said:

April 14th, 1:49 pm

Thanks for the replies Noel

Snake26 said:

April 14th, 1:50 pm

Changing the look of the PS Store isn’t a major priority. Instead of using time and effort on this, focus on giving us HOME and in-game XMB!

We keep telling you people this and you don’t seem to listen!!

Foocoke said:

April 14th, 1:51 pm

Good afternoon mr Silva, it is great to hear about this improves on PSN Store but my main question is if people of more countries will be able to buy maps, games, etcm via PSN? I am from Latin America and I love to play Warhawk but I am unable to buy the new packs, people here feels a little frustrated because of this, your answer will be greatly appreciated.
best regards

Starfleets said:

April 14th, 1:55 pm

Every PS3 owner has wanted in game communications (the XMB) for over 17months but it’s obvious there are technical difficulties with implementing this and this is what has delayed it.

We were promised alot but being a gamer, I personally want game related features and not things like 7.1 audio codecs. The fact that we’re getting so excited by a store redesign says it all.

Home will be delayed till late Summer and XMB will probably be released in the fall. I’m not being critical, just plain honest really

maxerus said:

April 14th, 2:03 pm

Great job guys!!!!

Keep up the good work and forget these CrapBox3FixMe fanboys.
But i guess i goes to show ya how popular the PS3 is getting. Where these guys feel they must take time out of there day to bash it.

You dont see me at the Xbox forums bashing away(not that i could since they review ever post before its allowed..dam communists).

But we dont need to bash the crapbox. The New York times dose a fine job of that…lol

kspraydad said:

April 14th, 2:07 pm


Have you ever thought that transitioning the store from a webpage to firmware is INTEGRAL to completing HOME?

If HOME came out and every time you wanted to buy or view content it had to load a webpage it would look and feel like crap.

Baby steps will get you there.

user friendly said:

April 14th, 2:09 pm

Great work on answering a lot of the questions and hopefully mine hasn’t been answered already.

With the new store, will we still have to install what is downloaded or will it automatically install itself?

necronzero said:

April 14th, 2:10 pm


We thank you for the new store, but I think you guys just made this blog to make us think u listen… cause if u were, wed prolly have In game XMB alrdy… I calculate there are more than 5000 posts asking for In game XMB and yet u dont even reply to them.
Yet u guys keep giving us USELESS updates -_-
In game XMB is the only thing that makes PSN inferior to XBL…
Also, when will PSN have service for Mexico?

On another topic. I bought a DS3 in Mexico, but I got a Japanese DS3, though it works perfectly fine with my PS3, (mexico&japan = 110V) so when my battery dies, will i get it replaced?

fanboys are fanboys, and yet i admit that the stressbox has an amazing library of games and a dashboard that i envy… ill stick with my ps3 hoping sony ONE day will listen to us all and give us in game xmb and home…

SLICKT8000 said:

April 14th, 2:10 pm

So NOEL is the XMB in this update? or is it in the 2.40. It must be coming real soon!

KingOfHearts said:

April 14th, 2:14 pm

Well the new PS store still let you download things that you downloaded in the past?

MUGEN02 said:

April 14th, 2:15 pm

Noel since you are a artist for PSN do you have any idea when we can see new avatars for our profiles on the PS3? I would expect new ones for the big games coming out soon.

xLegioNx said:

April 14th, 2:15 pm

I have no idea what time the maintenance is ending in GMT+ 00, Can anyone tell me?

necronzero said:

April 14th, 2:17 pm


pacific time is GMT -8 so do the math

xLegioNx said:

April 14th, 2:20 pm

Does anyone have any idea when the maintenance ends in GMT+00

DrZapp said:

April 14th, 2:22 pm

Great news :)

Thanks for the update.

user friendly said:

April 14th, 2:25 pm

@ xLegioNx

7 AM GMT+00

Genki-Rocket said:

April 14th, 2:34 pm

@ 235 Snake26 | April 14th, 2008 at 1:50 pm

This is such an idiotic way to look at things. Because they don’t improve one thing, they should stop providing improvements for everything else. LOL. Am I reading this stuff right here?

People need to shut the _ up. I like that the PS3 now upscales DVD’s to Denon and Oppo like quality. That it offers 24hz Blu-ray playback, that it uses the new BR profile. That it can now use DTS HD MA, up-scale and smoothen PS2/PS1 games, support DivX files above 2GB, has a new improved store, new musc playing backgrounds and so on. I don’t care how many updates there are, (unless it’s one every day) as long as each update improves my system or gives me more functionality somehow. The more features Sony can add to the PS3, the better.

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