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Apr 24

Apr 24

PlayStation Store Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

PS one Classics for PS3 / PSP

R-Types ($5.99)
Uniting two of the most difficult challenges of all time, R-TYPES presents the games R-TYPE and R-TYPE II in one complete package. In R-TYPE, your job is to play through 8 stages destroying monsters to save the world from doom. In R-TYPE II, journey to ancient ruins, dark caverns, into the crimson sky, and onto a Bydo star. It’s up to you to save a galaxy riddled by fear and cowardice.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 243 MB

Add-on Game Content

THE EYE OF JUDGEMENT: Biolith Rebellion 2 (Expansion Set Two) ($14.99)
Take your game to the next level with this new download for THE EYE OF JUDGMENT. Add 100 more new creatures, spells, and abilities that come to life with cards from Wizards of the Coast (sold seperately).
File size: 118 KB

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack ($9.99)
The Variety Map Pack includes four new multiplayer maps. “Creek,” a village ravaged by combat where concealment is key; “Broadcast,” an enemy communications building with confined corridors and open parking lots; “Chinatown,” a foggy downtown district, lit only by a full moon and the glow of the city; and “Killhouse,” a training warehouse with building mock-ups and soft and hard cover points.
File size: 357 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Saints of Los Angeles” – Mötley Crüe ($0.99)
  • “Screaming for Vengeance” – Judas Priest ($1.99)
  • “(Take These) Chains” – Judas Priest ($1.99)
  • “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’” – Judas Priest ($1.99)
  • “The Hellion/Electric Eye” – Judas Priest ($1.99)
  • “Riding on the Wind” – Judas Priest ($1.99)
  • “Pain and Pleasure” – Judas Priest ($1.99)
  • “Fever” – Judas Priest ($1.99)
  • “Devil’s Child” – Lynyrd Skynyrd ($1.99)
  • “Bloodstone” – Judas Priest ($1.99)
  • “Screaming For Vengeance” Album ($14.99)
    This pack includes “Bloodstone,” “Devil’s Child,” “Fever,” “The Hellion/Electric Eye,” “Pain And Pleasure,” “Riding on the Wind,” “Screaming For Vengeance,” “(Take These) Chains,” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” by Judas Priest.

File sizes: 23.5 MB – 39.3 MB (singles), 279 MB (track pack).


  • Def Leppard Track Pack ($6.25)
    “Nine Lives”, “Photograph (Live)” and “Rock of Ages (Live)” by Def Leppard. For all song credits please visit

File size: 378 MB

Army of Two SSC Challenge Map Pack ($7.49)
Expand the two-man combat experience in Army of Two with the SSC Challenge Map Pack! This new content gives players a chance to test their skills in a different setting while retaining the action-packed co-op intensity of Army of Two. Four two-player co-op maps will allow gamers to compete in the SSC Challenge versus mode for the chance to earn big cash rewards.
File size: 378 MB

Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore sownloadable songs ($1.49 each)
Plug in the microphone and live out your dream as a singing sensation! Expand your Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore library by purchasing tracks from the in-game store. For music credits, visit the Karaoke Revolution section of Full list of tracks (43) after the jump.

Game Demos (free)

echochrome Demo
Featuring an elegant black and white art design, echochrome is a puzzle game unlike any other. With gameplay based on optical illusions, players must utilize 5 simple laws of perspective to join walkways, hide dangers, and create new paths to reach the goal. Once you’ve mastered the 5 laws, use them to create your own mind-bending levels to play and share with friends using the custom level editor. Available for PlayStation 3 and PSP systems.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 34 MB

Iron Man Demo
Check out the official demo to learn what it takes to become a one man army as the unstoppable Iron Man! Customize your suit and battle against armies of fighter jets, tanks, armored Super Villains and more. Blast into hardcore shooting action and explosive combat from the film as well as exclusive content created just for the game.
ESRB Rated T
File size: 948 MB

Game Videos (free)

Resistance 2 Teaser Trailer
Download the teaser trailer for the highly anticipated follow-up to the best-selling PLAYSTATION 3 game.
File size: 98 MB (HD)

GT5 Prologue Techno Video
The best-selling racing franchise returns with the intense precursor to Gran Turismo 5, featuring over 60 cars from worldwide car manufacturers. With an all-new interior dash view, online racing, Drift mode and more, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue unveils revolutionary advancements that deliver the ultimate racing experience. Download this trailer today to see some of the hottest cars from the game.
File size: 50.6 MB (1080)

Army of Two SSC Challenge Teaser Trailer
Calling all private military contractors! Check out this preview trailer showcasing the new SSC Challenge mode, a downloadable add-on where two teams of two can compete in an intense obstacle course for the chance to join the SSC, the Private Military Corporation in Army of Two.
File size: 89 MB (HD)

FIFA 08 Features Video
Senior Producer, Joe Booth, explains the new features in the most realistic emulation of the real sport to date.
File size: 230 MB (HD)

Iron Man Action Trailer
Become a one man army as the unstoppable Iron Man! Customize your suit and battle against armies of fighter jets, tanks, armored Super Villains and more. Blast into hardcore shooting action and explosive combat from the film as well as exclusive content created just for the game. Check out the latest game trailer to see the game in action!
File size: 41 MB (HD)

PROTOTYPE – Discover Evolution
Escape into the role of a powerful shape-shifter. Choose to unravel a conspiracy with brutal force or cunning deception – master an enormous library of powers and morphing options. Discover what lies beyond the edge of evolution.
File size: 98 MB (HD)

Interview with Wyclef Jean P.1
Wyclef Jean explains the creative vision behind the ‘Fast Car’ music video and what it’s like to be inside ‘Burnout Paradise’.
File size: 74 MB (SD) 211 MB (HD) 345 MB (1080)

Interview with Wyclef Jean P.2
Wyclef Jean talks about his experience with the PLAYSTATION 3 system.
File size: 37 MB (SD) 111 MB (HD) 179 MB (1080)

Behind-the-Scenes of “Fast Car”
File size: 51 MB (SD) 145 MB (HD), 236 MB (1080)

Coachella Music Festival
Dive into the new world of gaming at Coachella! PLAYSTATION 3 will be onsite at Coachella Arts and Music Festival, April 25th – April 27th with its newest releases– Soundcheck your voice with SingStar, test your racing skills on Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and create your own world on LittleBigPlanet.
File size: 86 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers (free)

88 Minutes
In 88 Minutes, Al Pacino stars as Dr. Jack Gramm, a college professor who moonlights as a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI. When Gramm receives a death threat claiming he has only 88 minutes to live, he must use all his skills and training to narrow down the possible suspects, who include a disgruntled student, a jilted former lover, and a serial killer who is already on death row, before his time
File size: 29 MB (SD) 107 MB (HD), 142 MB (1080)

The Water Horse
When a lonely young boy named Angus discovers a large, mysterious egg along the shores of Loch Ness, no one is prepared for what lies within.
File size: 120 MB (HD), 149 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes (free)

Customize your PS3 system with a cool THE EYE OF JUDGMENT theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 8.52 MB

PS3 Wallpaper (free)

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Wallpaper (x4)
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Wallpaper
File size: 544 KB – 1.87 MB

Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Downloadable Games

* LocoRoco ($21.99)
* Kingdom of Paradise ($10.99)

PS one Classics for PS3 / PSP

* R-Types (PSone Classic) ($5.99)

Game Demos (free)

* echochrome PSP Demo (also downloadable through the PS3 system)

Game Videos (free)

* LocoRoco Trailer
* Kingdom of Paradise Trailer
* R-Type Command Trailer
* Resistance 2 Trailer
* GT5 Prologue Techno Video

PSP Wallpaper (free)

* LocoRoco Wallpapers (x2)
* Kingdom of Paradise Wallpapers (x5)

Game Music

* LocoRoco Nightmare Track (free)

Hope you enjoy!

Karaoke Revolution Presents:

American Idol Encore, 43 song tracks.

  • Broken Wings – Mr. Mister
  • China Grove – The Doobie Brothers
  • Cry – Faith Hill
  • Does He Love You – Reba McIntire & Linda Davis
  • Drive – Incubus
  • Dust in the Wind – Kansas
  • Endless Love – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
  • Every Breath You Take – The Police
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears
  • Fly – Hilary Duff
  • Good Ol’Boys – Waylon Jennings
  • Headstrong – Trapt
  • Heartbreak Hotel – Elvis Presley
  • Hold On – Good Charlotte
  • Hot Stuff – Donna Summer
  • How Do I Live – Leann Rimes
  • I Don’t Wanna Be – Gaven Degraw
  • I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
  • If You Could Only See – Tonic
  • I’ll Be There – The Jackson 5
  • Independence Day – Martina McBride
  • I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Frank Sinatra
  • Joy to the World – Three Dog Night
  • Lady Marmalade – Patty Labelle
  • Material Girl
  • Madonna
  • Meant to Live – Switchfoot
  • Miss You – Aaliyah
  • Pieces of Me – Ashlee Simpson
  • Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding
  • Somedy – Nickelback
  • Start Me Up – Rolling Stones
  • Stop! In the Name of Love – Dina Ross & The Supremes
  • Take On Me – A-Ha
  • The Reason – Hoobastank
  • The Tracks of My Tears – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  • This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You) – The Isley Brothers
  • Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper
  • Turn the Beat Around – Vickie Sue Anderson
  • We Are Family – Sister Sledge
  • What Becomes of the Broken Hearted – Jimmy Ruffin
  • Why Can’t I – Liz Phair
  • Wind Beneath my Wings – Bette Midler. You’re the One that I Want – John Travolta & Olivia Newton John

Add Your Own

Logic24 said:

April 24th, 5:28 pm

Excellent, this is definetley a Great Update. some anticipated demos, great add ons, the works. and it all looks even better in the new store too :) Keep it up sony

Logic24 said:

April 24th, 5:32 pm

P.S. more MGS4 wallpapers/ themes please! having just one is just cruelty!!!

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Noel Silvia said:

    April 24th, 7:50 pm

    I <3 MGS too, so I\'ll make sure to bump this request on over to our friends at Konami.

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

April 24th, 5:33 pm

If all updates after this one continue to cover demos, videos, add ons, themes and full games (PSone/PS3)
I think all users will be a lot more satisfied with the Store.

Thanks for FINALLY bringing a PS one game to the store after MONTHS of waiting. You guys have a lot of catching up to do to even come close to Japan’s lineup so hopefully we’ll start seeing multiple PSone games EVERY week, from now on.

FFVII, MGS, and all those great classics would be great!

frito said:

April 24th, 5:36 pm

@the people wondering where all the RPG’s are-

I know it’s a long wait until fall, but Fallout 3 is looking to be great!

hopefully some developers will see the gap in the lineup and fill it!

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Noel Silvia said:

    April 24th, 7:52 pm

    I forgot about Fallout 3 – thanks for mentioning that, frito!
    For those of you who don\’t know about Fallout 3, it\’s an post-apocalyptic RPG from the makers of Oblivion. There\’s a teaser for it on the PLAYSTATION Store, so check it out if you haven\’t already!

rojo7 said:

April 24th, 5:39 pm

getting cod4 variety map pack

Siraris said:

April 24th, 5:54 pm

Great update, but $21.99 for Loco Roco? I can get it for less than $20 at Gamestop, with the box and manual. It also came out 2 years ago. Isn’t that a bit steep?

erico316 said:

April 24th, 6:42 pm

please sony contracted the guys that made echochrome to keep working on the playstation brand this is one group of developers that know how to make new and refreshing games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moofoo said:

April 24th, 6:44 pm

Love the new store app and it’s new layout. Nice updates also.

Must admit though, I feel $10 is too much for only 4 new maps to add to COD4. $5.99 feels a lot more appropriate. If prices tend to lean on the high side, I’ll probably buy very few things from the store. As much as I love playing COD4, I almost didn’t buy the maps at that price, but I figure one over priced purchase in 6-8 months isn’t that bad.

TheGraciousOne said:

April 24th, 7:02 pm

First off…wtf is R-Types?

Second, I just checked out the PlayStation for PC store and it looks nice with the blue layout. looking good.

Last, you expect me to pay $21.99 for Locoroco, a downloadable game when I can buy it for $19.80 on game4less….WTF is wrong with you……No….thats not how you do business with your customers.

Next, wtf is R-types?

Last, yeah I’m cheap, so what?

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Noel Silvia said:

    April 24th, 7:55 pm

    R-Types is a SHMUP (SHoot\’eMUP) compilation of R-Type 1 and R-Type 2. If you like classic side scrollers like Thunder Force, Gradius, etc., R-Types is your kind of game.
    Hope this helps!

dfyb said:

April 24th, 7:14 pm

$15 is a ridiculous price for the Eye of Judgment expansion. I love the game and was looking forward to the new cards, but $15 is too much. It’ll cost about $20 to even barely take advantage of the new cards (expansion + the price of one booster pack with 8 cards…).

The profits from the cards should be enough to cover the costs of developing the expansions. When I bought Eye of Judgment, THAT was the business model I assumed would be involved.

I’m going to wait for the price to drop on the expansion. $15 is ridiculous for a small update that is useless without me spending even more money on new cards.

gigakain said:

April 24th, 7:38 pm

Grace Chen:

Are there any plans to have downloadable PSN Icons in the future? You know the ones that sit next to your name on the friend list.

TouchyEd said:

April 24th, 7:42 pm

I would like to know how to receive a refund for a purchase made on the PSN. You are legally required to refund any purchase if the refund request is made within 24 hours of the initial purchase. I made my purchase roughly an hour ago.

I’m seriously steamed about the Def Leppard pack. And I want to know how to get my money back. I want a full refund. They can have their songs back, as I’ll never play them again.

“Rock of Ages” and “Photograph” sound terrible. They’re ridiculously bad quality “live” performances that barely resemble the original songs. I’ve heard cover bands play better versions. It’s hard to tell if it’s even Def Leppard playing.


I realize it’s not a lot of money on an individual basis — but they’re going to sell a ton of copies of that song pack — and they don’t deserve to make a dime off of it.

They’ve scammed their fan-base, and i’m seriously, seriously steamed about it.

Anyway, there are laws in Canada that require companies to provide complete refunds for any purchase that is returned within 24 hours of the initial purchase.

I want the PSN to honor those laws, and I want to find out how they intend to do so.

Please provide a contact number that I can call to request a full refund.

WARNING TO OTHERS: Def Leppard pack is a joke.

IceColdKilla44 said:

April 24th, 7:46 pm

this is a great update.

now all PSN needs are more CLASSICS!!!
like arcade classics (Contra, TMNT, Simpsons, and SONIC and MARIO!) and PS1 classics (get a few more spyro and crash games in there please!)

besides that PSN is great. can’t wait until you guys launch the video service

CitizenInsane27 said:

April 24th, 8:06 pm


Yeah, it unfortunately was pushed back for development purposes. I do see a lot of complaints about the time it’s taking for Sony to get the project out to the public, but with such a massive undertaking, it is bound to take some time bumps. One of the main reasons that it is being pushed back again (this is the second delay) is for beta tester feedback. From what I’ve heard is that there are certain features that beta testers would like to see implemented to better the final product for the rest of the community. I think this is an excellent sign, and ensures the quality of the final product will be up to all of our standards. Keep hanging in there, as I’m sure we’ll probably be seeing in-game XMB access sooner than we think, and that should suffice in features until we can get our hands on Home!

btutterrow said:

April 24th, 8:10 pm

Excellent update from a PSP POV :) Only disappointment is Loco being $21.99!?!? I would have bought it again for $14.99 or less, but not at that price. I will wait until it goes down.

rmikulus said:

April 24th, 8:12 pm

Lawdy lawdy lawd… what a large update. Its very nice to see another PSone game up there.

Keep it up, guys!

maluraq said:

April 24th, 8:17 pm

The grouping of the videos sucks — there is no “New Videos” for all three categories, so I have to check all three to see if there’s something new in any of them, not to mention they don’t come off my list when I download them so I’m sometime not sure if I got them or not (since it was a few weeks before the last update).

Put in a “New (everything)” option, and a “New (all videos)” option if you insist.

wyldekat said:

April 24th, 8:21 pm

resistance rules

add me PSN


FeaturePreacher said:

April 24th, 8:33 pm

Love this week’s releases.

I was just wondering if you guys could talk to Taito and see if you could put “Exit 2” on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. I’m pretty sure this title was released on UMD in England, so there wouldn’t be much of a need for localization. I don’t think it’s very hard for those in the states to translate British English to American English. I loved the first Exit and would love to have some more.

verdantalan said:

April 24th, 8:52 pm

I must ask this again: any news on letting Mexico customers buy content on the psn store because I want the r types and the warhawk boosters so please do something about it

Its such a nice update it feels terrible not to be able to buy stuff

rahstar2003 said:

April 24th, 8:57 pm

Great, Great update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We take the time to bash them, but not the time to thank them sometimes.

Stunt said:

April 24th, 8:58 pm

I agree on the RPG talk. It’s been a year and a half and all we really have out in the RPG section is Oblivion and Folklore (not sure if I would really consider it an RPG). That makes it one or two games out. Seriously, we appreciate the comments Noel, but all they are saying is to do what we’ve been doing since the PlayStation 3 released, which is “wait”. “Wait” for Home, “wait” for good features on the PSN, “wait” for good games, “wait” till Thursday every week to receive the same amount of content Xbox Live does – if we are lucky, “wait” for a video marketplace on the PlayStation Store, “wait” for everything.

The PSone classic RPGs, which is like one or two, are really bad, and even so, we’ve played them already. How about getting us some Final Fantasy VII and IX before anything? They are impossible to find on eBay, do you know how many people would buy it. Instead of going into talks with IREM for R-Types, why not do something more important, like talk with Square Enix. Sony does own the trademark for Final Fantasy VII anyway. What about Metal Gear Solid as well, it’s not an RPG, but Japan got it.

For once, answer a user comment by your thoughts, and not the thoughts that your job has to force upon you.

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Noel Silvia said:

    April 24th, 9:25 pm

    \”For once, answer a user comment by your thoughts, and not the thoughts that your job has to force upon you.\”

    I\’m sorry you find my responses \”scripted\”. I try to answer as honestly as possible while not being misrepresentative.
    Last thing I\’d want to do is give anyone false hope about something, make false promises, or be the source of any mis-communication. Last time I did that, people mis-interpretted what I said and were expecting some sort of big surprise announcement with the new Store.
    I can only answer and respond to and about what I\’m directly involved with.
    In all honesty, I really do hope this helps you to understand where we\’re coming from when we respond.
    Thanks for your post!

rahstar2003 said:

April 24th, 9:08 pm

@43 I didnt know new avatars even come out. Your right they should definatly advertise the avatars for the psn.

tryp said:

April 24th, 9:12 pm

cool, cant login to Metal Gear Online beta again.

Dante101 said:

April 24th, 9:21 pm

well just keep them coming thx psn id dante101

FeaturePreacher said:

April 24th, 9:34 pm

MGO Premiere Beta should be available to play at midnight on Friday.

Stunt said:

April 24th, 9:36 pm


Thanks for answering, but can you perhaps forward that comment to someone who can help? You know, with the whole PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store and RPG games situation, because (not to sound hasty or anything) I’m pretty sure I speak for all of us when we say we are tired of waiting for something we should have received a whiles back.

I’m not saying this angrily by the way (if you got the impression), I’m actually a really nice guy.

El_Ten said:

April 24th, 9:36 pm

SONY, great update this week, I have a request however. I really like GT 5 Prologue and would like to have GT Mobile for my PSP, but I think GT Mobile is going to be a PSP 2 launch title at this rate, if at all. Could you see about getting GT 2 (PS One Classic) added to the PlayStation Store? This way I can have some GT experience on my PSP when I’m not at home to play GT 5 Prologue, it will hold me over until GT Mobile comes out.


El Ten

mitihalew said:

April 24th, 9:45 pm

thanks for clearing that up for me. Just so you guys know I was not complaining just trying to get clarification in the subject. I know home Ia going to be amazing and am looking foeward to its release.

TheGraciousOne said:

April 24th, 9:47 pm

I really wasn’t looking for an answer (my bad) but thnks anyways. sorry.

PS, I do like Gradius but if this game involves some form of tactics or is anything like R-Type:Command. I’m not interested. I don’t like games of tactical or strategy gameplay.

Speaking of genres, will there ever be proper genre categorization underneath the title of the (games) or somewhere on the games page for better understanding of what type of game it is or does this sound too farfetched?

mitihalew said:

April 24th, 9:55 pm

just wanted to tell you guys at Sony that I support you guys everyday. I love the work you guys do and I can tell that you actually care about us. Keep up the good work and great update.

rahstar2003 said:

April 24th, 9:58 pm

I know you guys dont like to give out alot of demos. BUT, I think a demo for some of the classic ps1 games would be good. I like gradius, but that was awhile ago, so i dont know if I’ll like this r-type. Would definatly buy if i did like it. Just a little nervous about spending 5.99 and finding out i dont like it or its too “dated” for me to enjoy it. Thanks, just a thought.

crystalx3d said:

April 24th, 10:06 pm

@72 Callahan09:
Just curious, but do you play many collectible card games other than EOJ? They’re basically like crack in card form specifically designed to drain your bank accounts dry. You realize that most of the money you’re paying for the actual cards is going to Wizards of the Coast, not sony. So it doesn’t make sense that the software designers would go through all the trouble of creating new content for the ps3 game and then just offer it for free.

crystalx3d said:

April 24th, 10:14 pm

Great update BTW, 2 ps1 (rtype 1 AND 2) games, 2 full psp games, 2 demos, and add on content. Wow. Just throw in a firmware update that does my homework while washing my car and people might finally have nothing to complain about.

In game homework solving WHEN???

TheGraciousOne said:

April 24th, 10:27 pm

@ rahstar2003

That’s unlikely and a bad idea and it woudln’t happen solely because there old games & only cost $5.99 which is a reasonable price.

Go ahead and buy it if you like SMUPS, you probably won’t regret it.

TheGraciousOne said:

April 24th, 10:35 pm

@ Stunt ……101

Delriach said:

April 24th, 10:36 pm

…I want the pixeljunk monsters expansion. ;_; I crave it!

maxerus said:

April 24th, 10:45 pm

Great update!!

TheGraciousOne said:

April 24th, 10:59 pm

@ Stunt

“What about Metal Gear Solid as well, it’s not an RPG, but Japan got it.”

You and a bunch of other people have been asking this ever since Japan got MGS and probably before that, if I can remember correctly on the PlayStation forums.

Well, you do know that Konami recently released a trilogy pack containing all of the first three Metal Gear Solid games including MGS1 all packaged on a regular DVD case titled, Metal Gear Solid The Essentials for a reasonable price of $29.99. Go get it before it becomes sold out within a year from now.

progressive revolution said:

April 25th, 12:11 am

guys help!!!!im from Greece and the only thing that doesnt appear in the ps store is cod 4 maps…i was waiting the whole week for them….help….

APaz said:

April 25th, 12:11 am

Sweet update

TheApprentice said:

April 25th, 12:59 am

@ Noel Silvia

Thanks for responding to my concerns about international support on PSN…

Its been over a year…and over a year of content that I’ve wanted to buy from the store and not able to…

Please really pass this on to the folk that can address this and allow for me to buy from the Playstation Store and make changes to country of residence in account settings etc…..

This would make me and thousands of other PS3 owners really happy..

Thanks again Noel..

chanskie said:

April 25th, 4:05 am

hey guys, do you know you can download the “SIREN” demo from Singapore account now? I am downloading it now. It seems grouse from the trailer….looking forward to it very much…:-P

chanskie said:

April 25th, 4:11 am

Noel Silvia replied on April 24, 2008 at 7:35 pm
Noel Silvia’s Avatar

Please see my previous comment about RPGs and the variety of this week’s Store update.
Keep in mind that most of those great RPGs you mentioned came out around the middle-to-late parts of the PSone and PS2 lifecycles.
Good news is, if you’re like me (one of my favourite PS2 RPGs was Rogue Galaxy), you’ll be happy to know that the developer, Level5, is hard at work on a new project. If you can’t wait that long, check out their beautiful Strategy-RPG Jeanne D’Arc for the PSP.
Hope this helps!

Hey Noel,
Thanks for reply my message. Much appreciated. I love Rogue Galaxy too…the last RPG i bought for PS2 was Persona 3…weird game tho. I know you guys are trying hard, but waiting is not a easy thing to do….try waiting at the shop when ur friends supposed to meet you there, keep SMS u, be there in 5 mins several times…lol
Thank you anyway.

BlackRabbit said:

April 25th, 4:39 am

Yea I have to admit it is fairly pathetic when you go to a Gaming store’s website, run a search for PS3 RPG’s and if it shows you 5 titles, you’ll be lucky if 1 of them is “available to ship” (namely Oblivion) while the other 4 don’t even have release dates.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Sony is very clearly resting on their laurels in terms of Variety and Choice.

PSheddy said:

April 25th, 5:40 am

Soo.. nobody else noticed the typo in theBlog poast that says “Lynyrd Skynyrd – Devils’s Child”..

I went to download Devil’s Child thinking it was a Lynyrd Skynyrd song I had never heard, and felt dumb that it was a Judas Priest song!

Dr8ke said:

April 25th, 6:07 am

A good update, but where is the PJ Monsters expansion?

joaoantunes said:

April 25th, 6:17 am

Just bought my COD4 variety pack maps and installed, but they don’t appear as available on the playlists… “this maps are available on to buy”…. :( Plz Help!

Reqo said:

April 25th, 6:34 am

Dear Sony.

I wonder why EU Store don’t get the same stuff as US Store get?!

And why does all content come weeks after they are released in the US Store?

Can you explain why don’t the whole package and why we have to wait.

Are EU less worth for you?

darkiewonder said:

April 25th, 6:47 am

Hey noel.. Any word on having GTA I and II up for download on the PSN Store for the GTAIV launch?

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