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Apr 30

Apr 30

PLAYSTATION Store price parity for Canadian consumers

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

It’s been one of the most frequent requests made during every store update in the past year: Many of you have been asking us to bring Canadian pricing more into line with the exchange rate. As SCEA Senior Vice President Peter Dille mentioned in the comments area of his post on April 15th, “we understand the concerns and are looking to correct the discrepancy.” That time has arrived.

I am excited to let all of our Canadian gamers know that we will be adjusting prices for downloadable content available through the PLAYSTATION Store for the Canadian market as a result of the strengthening Canadian currency vs. the US dollar. We’ll be executing the adjustments in a phased approach prior to the regular PLAYSTATION Store update on Thursday. On May 1, prices on all downloadable content should be updated.

We thank you for your support and patience during the time it took to resolve this discrepancy.

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OverlordLaharl said:

April 30th, 8:07 am

A HUGE thx! A lot of people like me have been waiting for this!

StalkingSilence said:

April 30th, 8:09 am

Sony – please raise the global value of the dollar!

Goodfella2487 said:

April 30th, 8:09 am

Definitely good news for the canucks.

antilo0p said:

April 30th, 8:12 am

Sony guys!!! please!

Mexico is still waiting for the Mexican PSN !!!!!

We want to buy stuff!

OldManGaming said:

April 30th, 8:16 am

Good move. That’s the way to respond to the market and customer demands! Moves like this will impress the core fan base and the casual user. Keep up the good work.

scooob said:

April 30th, 8:21 am

That’s great for all you SCEA gamers… about SCEA and SCEE come up with the same deal for all of us in Europe?

Then we wouldn’t get stung paying £6.99 (9.99 Euros) for downloads like the COD4 maps that cost Americans $9.99.

Fersis said:

April 30th, 8:22 am

my stupid question of every week:
I live on Argentina , how can i buy from the PSN Store (i have a debit card NOT a credit card)

Futbollfan said:

April 30th, 8:25 am

As a Canadian customer, I really appreciate this gesture from Sony to customers like myself. Keep up the good work listening to your customers, and thanks for listening to our collective concerns about this discrepancy.

Stoffinator said:

April 30th, 8:27 am

Huge thanks for this. Much appreciated. Now if we could just get those PSN cards up here. *hint hint* ;-]

SpartanDavie said:

April 30th, 8:27 am

How about the same for us in the UK?

Exchange rate here is almost £2GBP to $1USD so why are game that are $5USD £3.50GBP?

Seems im paying more for the same game…

Gord Lacey said:

April 30th, 8:28 am

Thanks for the update Grace, and thanks to those in the Canadian office that helped push this through!

hermannps said:

April 30th, 8:33 am

Good work and good news! I guess the next will be: PSN Global released! (same price, all countries in the world, including South America).

Came on guys! I know you can do it…

(Wake up Neo… back to the work :/)

Daver said:

April 30th, 8:34 am

I never complained about this even if im canadian lolll but its good news..
now they can shut their mouth for a while lol ;)

sweetasman01 said:

April 30th, 8:35 am

What about New Zealand? Our dollar is 90cent for every US dollar but we are paying 3 or 4 times what the US pays

rAdIOhEaD73 said:

April 30th, 8:36 am

I have to give credit when credit is due, I applaud SONY for finally adjusting the Canadian prices, we where ripped off really bad, thank you SONY and keep up the good work

lakaihigh said:

April 30th, 8:38 am

this should be nothing less than ‘5 boxes’!! why are you people rating this down??? its a strictly positive post and yet some of you here are rating it less than 5? you guys are ridiculous. Sony puts an actual effort into streamlining the prices for you canadians and its still rated down… i don’t get it. anyways, great post grace it got my 5 box vote.


rAdIOhEaD73 said:

April 30th, 8:39 am

@14 you’ll have to take your complains to SONY New Zealand or SONY Europe, this is the SONY North American blog, there is nothing they can’t do for you here since they are not the decision makers of your region.

slicecom said:

April 30th, 8:48 am


whoelse said:

April 30th, 8:58 am

There’s a problem with European pricing too ;)

OddyOh said:

April 30th, 8:58 am

THANK YOU SONY! Yes, this was much requested! Canadians are huge consumers of online content (that is when we’re not blocked from it – see iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, etc).

Digital goods and services should be the same price everywhere, since there’s no trucks…just tubes! :)

Well done, I can’t say thanks enough. Consider it dugg!

silentmatt said:

April 30th, 8:58 am

Also as a Canadian customer, THANK YOU.
This means a lot from my standpoint.

brentos said:

April 30th, 8:59 am

Congrats to our neighbors to the north.

SDkngsht said:

April 30th, 9:07 am

well…i’m not from Canada but anything that is good for my fellow PS3 gamers is good for me so this is good news. some of the best snowboarding…beautiful women of all colors and combinations. Canada’s not all bad at all.

i didn’t really understand what all the differences were all aboot anyway. lol.

fnook said:

April 30th, 9:07 am

FANTASTIC!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

zookey said:

April 30th, 9:08 am

Hehe, I live in Montana and work at a GameStop in a strip mall that is the first exit off of the highway into town–we have had TONS of Canadians coming in so they can get games cheaper—LOL only downside is that it is kinda hard to sell GameInformer subscriptions and game reservations to anyone from out of town or out of USA—-but yeah hehe I knew people from both sides of the border went back and forth but it is just amazing what we have been seeing lately—I hope they shop all over it’d be psychotic to drive like 8 hours for a 50 dollar game alone!

TouchyEd said:

April 30th, 9:09 am

This is a huge decision — and direct proof that Sony does listen to the people on the forums and blogs.

Now, if they would just make the opening in the PS3’s powered cup-holder a little larger, I could put my 7-11 Big Gulps in there too.


April 30th, 9:09 am

For Mexico when we will have PLAYSTATION NETWORK NOW Quer purchases at the store and we were unable to
THE ENGLISH apologies but it is a translator online

Therookie_31 said:

April 30th, 9:15 am

Wow, thanks a million! Very appreciated =)

Krippler said:

April 30th, 9:19 am


Grauw said:

April 30th, 9:19 am

Great — now do the same for the EU store please :). €1 ≠ $1. Rather, one euro is $1.56. So if something costs the same in Euros as in dollars, we pay 56% more. That difference is huge, even if you include (~20%) sales tax.

(Although I must admit there have also been occurrances where the Euro price was quite a bit lower than the dollar price, iirc this was the case with the Folklore content.)

vandecopipoca said:

April 30th, 9:23 am

Please we in south america want a PS Store too! Both other console makers are officially in the region already, catch up Sony!

But anyways, I’ve been tracking the canadian dollar issue and I’m happy for them, tough i wish it was happening with me..

Snacks said:

April 30th, 9:27 am

Awesome! Thanks! time to buy Rock Band songs again. Now can I have a $1 back for every song I bought? A credit will be fine ;)

The Souljourner said:

April 30th, 9:31 am

Wow, that really shows a lot of respect for your customers, Sony. Good job! I’m in the US, so it doesn’t affect me, but just the fact that you’re doing it is very impressive. You guys rock.

Kedaro said:

April 30th, 9:33 am

WOW!, I really wanted something done about this, for a long time now, and it’s heartwarming that you have done this, I’m pretty sure based on what I know about trade laws, Sony as a company had no legal obligation to do so, despite our repetitive requests on the matter… I stand here very impressed today, Thank you very much Sony, as a proud Canadian, I applaud this decision.

Keep up the excellent work.

Valkendorm said:

April 30th, 9:35 am

Thanks Sony!

Kazammm said:

April 30th, 9:41 am

Sounds good for Canada. Good job!

rojo7 said:

April 30th, 9:42 am

now as daniela huidobro said…
wheres the psn service for mexico?

but yeah, nice for canadians :]

gardea said:

April 30th, 9:45 am

Stupid Bush.

Xostas said:

April 30th, 9:47 am

Thank you!

Rockband here I come!

shaneosan said:

April 30th, 9:56 am

Thank you very much.

Poppa said:

April 30th, 10:00 am

Thanks Sony!

40cal said:

April 30th, 10:06 am

With the way global and local markets have been acting as of late, this should be done for the entire store at least once a year.

aaquib said:

April 30th, 10:14 am


C-h-a-o-s said:

April 30th, 10:20 am

The US economy is in the pooper almost how about we get some price drops as well. Bet you didn’t see this coming huh? Everyone wanting price drops for their region.

Top_Shelf said:

April 30th, 10:29 am

@SpartanDavie : hmm, conversely, does that mean that I’m getting a bargain and I should be buying more stuff on PSN? :)

cmargary said:

April 30th, 10:32 am

Actions like this really make me and everybody see that you really care for your costumers. Now, make the cards appear around the globe for people in mexico and latin america that are not part of the us like me (Puerto Rico) and the PSN experience will surpass everything.

Jeigh said:

April 30th, 10:33 am

Hurray! Hurray for Canadia and all Canadans! :P There is absolutely no way this is a bad thing. I expect you’ll be getting quite a jump in Canadian sales this Thursday.

Toast said:

April 30th, 10:35 am

Blame canada!

striplay said:

April 30th, 10:46 am

Yeah, not ripping off the consumer is definitely a good idea lol…

Pricing should be in accordance with the constant fluctuation of the exchange rates.

So, good call!
The price corrections won’t even be noticeable to the company.
Customers will simply purchase more now, including myself…if I can ever get the PSN to accept my credit card again that is.

I have a major issue that needs assistance but I can’t seem to get SONY to respond on the Blog or via email. The telephone technical support service is also unable to provide any helpful ideas / solutions, and I am beginning to become choleric. I’ve even sent a letter to the head office, but have yet to hear a single word in return.

If there are any SONY employees monitoring this thread please navigate to: # 405
HERE — …and read my issue.

PsychoEddie said:

April 30th, 10:54 am

I heard a rumor that Canadian dollars have in game xmb.

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