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May 06

May 06

The Final Countdown: Europe’s PlayStation Day is here

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Hey everyone, this is a heads up to let you know about an event that’s been going on over in Europe today: PlayStation Day! Our friends at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are showing off some of the most exciting upcoming games for PLAYSTATION 3, PSP, PLAYSTATION Network and PlayStation 2 in London, England.


Kicking off with a press conference, Kaz Hirai, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and David Reeves, President of SCEE, introduced key upcoming content for PlayStation formats. Afterwards the assembled press got their hands on the first playable versions of several key titles, including LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, MotorStorm Pacific Rift and Resistance 2. Not a bad lineup! Expect to see updates on your favorite gaming site in the very near future.

In the meantime, there’s plenty of news, screens, and movies over at for you to check out.

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yxxxx said:

May 6th, 2:15 pm

@45 I wouldn’t bet on it it SCEE after all.

Saying that Its nice to see some love from them once in a while. However i do feel it may be a little cruel and we wont hear a thing for the next six months

Top_Shelf said:

May 6th, 2:19 pm

@22 Jeigh:
“Oh, honey, he’s teasing you. Nobody has two television sets.”

Seriously though, maybe you should sell a couple of those 6 SD TVs and get an HDTV… There’s 42″ 1080p sets for under a grand now! :D

Kamesen said:

May 6th, 2:19 pm

@ Jeigh

I you pwned those six tvs, you could get yourself a half decent hdtv.


bigdaddyjane said:

May 6th, 2:44 pm

Oh well Resistance 2 is coming out this year so Killzone 2 or Resistance 2 had to get out of the way so it’s probably for the best.

Jeigh said:

May 6th, 3:06 pm

Alright! Motorstorm 2 sounds like it’s been set for “stun” with the preview I just read. Custom soundtracks, four-player split-screen, and 16 tracks. Nice work Evolution. :D

bugout79 said:

May 6th, 3:15 pm

jeff why home got push back again my cuz got his ps3 just for home he like the sims now he took his ps3 back and got a wii becauce home is taking to long to come out i was telling him to wait but it been a year now and if u count how long they been working on this home thing it been 2 year. you know ps2 talk about this home thing too

Danny said:

May 6th, 3:25 pm

I Really think the Killzone 2 delay to fall 09 is GOOD. WAY TOO MANY SHOOTING GAMES coming out this fall. I def wanna get Resistance 2, and Metal gear online, and little big planet… but 4 $60 games in one month is WAY TOO MUCH for me. I really hope that the Resistance/insomniac team can put the finishing touches on Killzone 2 right before it goes gold. that would be my dream come true.

pdias_92 said:

May 6th, 3:27 pm

Is killzone 2 delayed to Feburary only in Europe or worldwide?

Plus, are we going to see any more PS1 classics like Chrono Cross, Bushido Blade and PaRappa the Rappa?

VesNL said:

May 6th, 3:37 pm

Like I thought, nothing major.

davidc14 said:

May 6th, 3:44 pm

Jeff, I’m going to address you directly seeing as you seem to be replying. What is going on with the DS3 in Europe. I really want one, but don’t want to import. Please just give us an update, or ask your buddies over here in EU to give us one.

Please, this is borderline ridiculous now.

EViD said:

May 6th, 3:53 pm

I hope we get a Killzone 2 demo sometime this year

Cerberus_Hunter said:

May 6th, 4:29 pm

What about Gamer’s Day? When is that event?

Daver said:

May 6th, 4:31 pm


You know that Metal gear online comes with MGS4 right? the downloadable content wont reach 60$, well i dont think so and anyway they might release the content in the summer
and.. Little big planet is set for october release, R2 for november and socom in september

Stunt said:

May 6th, 4:33 pm

Hey Jeff,

Serious question here. A lot of PlayStation 3 exclusive games bombed badly such as LAIR and Heavenly Sword didn’t do so well. There are a lot of great developers out there yet to realize the power of the PlayStation 3 such as BioWare, Capcom, Rockstar Games, Epic Games, or Ubisoft. Buy some if you have to, a game from one of these developers exclusive to the PS3 will sure bring up sales. Look at Mass Effect from BioWare on the 360, it is awesome. Gears of War from Epic on the 360, it is awesome. Capcom’s even making a Lost Planet Colonies for 360 only after they half-assed us on the PS3 version, it will probably be better. Motivate developers and teach them how to use the system so they can utilize it and we can get great games such as these. The PS3 really needs their own Epic and BioWare exclusives.

Perhaps teach them how to not include mandatory game installs in all of their games (excluding Epic and BioWare). Seriously, why is that, it’s really annoying installing and taking up space on my hard drive. I know, we can upgrade, but I don’t want to waste my money. I don’t want to have to delete game data, then reinstall it if I ever want to revisit it. Whatever happened to pop-in and play?

Nymo said:

May 6th, 5:02 pm

I heard that hidden a bit under-the-radar there at the press event that there’s new (ps2) EyeToy games coming that makes use of physical peripherals, like a sword.

Is there ANY chance that we’ll see these titles, as well as some other older EyeToy games that never made it here, make it to the U.S.?

Some of the EyeToy games that’s been out now in Europe looks real cool and fun, and with these new games announced, I just hope that I can play around with them soon!

cb_32 said:

May 6th, 5:03 pm


Unfortunate that most titles were pushed back, yet again :(

Mekuro Gear Solid said:

May 6th, 5:32 pm

umm only reason i was stoked for today is becuaes i heard a great demo was finaly guna be released on ps store its 5:30pm pacific time and still nothing was i scammed? :O

Joe said:

May 6th, 6:04 pm

I saw this cool idea for the PSP2 and had to post it.

I got to say if this version of the PSP2 came out and costs 400 dollars I would buy this in a heart beat.

EViD said:

May 6th, 6:29 pm

@67 Mekuro

Haze demo is out in EU PSN

ja30278 said:

May 6th, 7:02 pm

Not strictly related to the Gamer’s day, but where the heck is in-game XMB?

I’m not trolling here, but this is incredibly needed, and probably on the mind of more gamers than almost any new release. I _love_ my ps3, and love the platform exclusives, but I almost always buy multi-platform titles for the 360, for the sole reason that they’ve gotten community gaming right.

The current ps3 network situation is just plain broken. If you guys have resources committed elsewhere; rethink them. To the hardcore gaming demographic:the over-25, steady-income, multi-console gamer that are are responsible for the Xbox’s incredible software attach rate, playing with friends is a must have. Home is exciting, and offers a ton of potential, but we need easy, ubiquitous access to friends and cross-game invites _now_, not in 6 months.

I know you’ve said “it’s coming”, but I think it would do worlds for your reputation to commit to a release date, and STICK TO IT; hell or high water, heads will roll, ‘even if it harelips the pope’ as an old boss of mine used to say.

wyldekat said:

May 6th, 7:46 pm

good stuff

add me

PSN= wyldekat

P_tear_griffin said:

May 6th, 8:16 pm

I hope Sony promotes the heck out of Resistance 2 as it is garnering quite a buzz from the industry. It’d be a shame if they don’t give R2 a KZ2 @ E3 2007-like treatment this year.

Joe said:

May 6th, 8:46 pm

I was wondering if any one over at Sony knows what happened to Rat Race. I think it was to come out in the Winter of 08 but it is now May and no news on the game. So what happened?

TouchyEd said:

May 7th, 9:20 am


Game developers are not in the business of selling PlayStation consoles. They’re in the business of selling their games.

If they can sell more games by making their game multi-platform, then that’s what they’ll do.

Everyone keeps talking about the “power” of the Playstation 3. But I’ve yet to see a single game on the PS3 that hasn’t been replicated on the XBox (or that couldn’t be replicated on it).

Face it: there’s no logical advantage for a game developer to make a game solely on the PS3. The days of “exclusive” games are coming to an end.

Id00urmomma said:

May 7th, 9:25 am

OK…so no Home till end of year, thats what they announced at this Playstation day…wtf… I can understand delaying this for a year but you’ve been working on this longer than rockstar was working on gta4… seriously, how long does it take to release this, even if its not perfect, thats what updates are for, and so far you’ve updated your software at least once a month, so do it with home, and stop putting off its debut, thats the lamest thing i’ve ever seen sony do, ever… Somebody needs to get there butt kicked over at SCE or whoever is in charge of the software for ps3… GIVE US HOME AND IN-GAME XMB PLEASE>>>BEFORE I HATE SONY>>>

Enforcer_X said:

May 7th, 9:51 am

DELAYstation 3
Don’t get me wrong this is ok as far as making the product better is concerned.
Maybe devs and Sony should shoot for Under Promising and Over Delivering.

For example when Killzone 2 was unveiled say we expect it to be done in March 2009, there you solved the problem of the delay and people will be happy they have a date, and even more happy when you are like “guess what it comes out Feb 16th 2009” or just sit on it and polish it till March 2009
As for the system in general, everyone should understand that programming for a multi-core processor is the biggest challenge facing computer science in 50 years. So it maybe a while before we fully grasp the science behind it which means the Cell BE and PS3 could turn into a 15 year system if future programming techniques for multi-core parallel processing turns out to be very powerful.

bgsolidsnake said:

May 7th, 9:56 am

Any news on DualShock3 in EU and it being bundeled with PS3 and MGS4? :S

SDkngsht said:

May 7th, 11:47 am

do we get any videos or good updates in tomorrow’s update?

Daver said:

May 7th, 2:11 pm

oh btw i just realized… nothing about INFAMOUS?

AGQ0105 said:

May 8th, 6:20 am

Jeff, quick question. When are you guys going to release in game XMB and forget about HOME?

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