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May 08

May 08

PlayStation Store Update

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VP, PlayStation Network

Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Downloadable Games

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil ($9.99)
Join Nick Sion, Alec Mink and the rest of the Alliance of Free Planets in their white-knuckled, frenzied struggle to free the Solar System from the tyrannical grip of Lord Invictus and the Legion of Terra! With its distinctive cel-shaded art style, engaging storyline, RPG elements and non-stop action, this shooter promises to keep players coming back for more!
ESRB Rated
File size: 124 MB

Add-on Game Content

PixelJunk Monsters Encore ($5.99)
PixelJunk Monsters Encore is an expansion pack to the popular and addictive tower defense game, PixelJunk Monsters. Encore includes 15 levels on a new map, “Toki Island”, as well as the ability for players to track their score across both maps. Just as in the original game, Encore continues the simple real-time strategy concept of building, researching and base defending that made PixelJunk Monsters an instant classic.
File size: 67 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit www.rockband.com.

  • “Date with the Night” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs ($1.99)
  • “It Hurts” – Angels & Airwaves ($1.99)
  • “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” – Fall Out Boy ($1.99)
  • Scene Pack 01 ($5.49) – Scene Pack 01 includes “It Hurts” by Angels & Airwaves, “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” by Fall Out Boy, and “Date with the Night” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

File sizes: 22.7 MB – 31.9 MB (singles), 83.3 MB (track pack).

Rock Band price promotion: “CrushCrushCrush” – Paramore and “Rock N Roll Band” – Boston are reduced to $0.99 until May 15th.

Guitar Hero III: Muse Track Pack ($6.25)
Includes “Exo-Politics”, “Stockholm Syndrome” & “Supermassive Black Hole” as performed by Muse. For all song credits please visit www.redoctane.com.
File size: 45 MB

Game Demos (free)

Play the beginning of the Haze campaign in single-player or in cooperative mode (up to 4 players).
ESRB Rated M
File size: 1.43 GB

The Bourne Conspiracy Demo
An intense, fast-paced, authentic Bourne experience. Become the perfect weapon.
ESRB Rating Pending
File size: 1.61 GB

Experience a new world of racing as Codemasters releases the multiplayer demo for GRID.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 961 MB

Game Videos (free)

WipEout HD Trailer
It was there back at the beginning and now it’s taking the franchise into the future: WipEout HD is set to deliver 1080p High Definition visuals running at a breathtaking 60-frames-per-second.
File size: 79 MB (HD), 126 MB (1080)

PLAYSTATION 3 “What You Need” Video
Inside the PLAYSTATION 3 system lies the most advanced entertainment system designed to bring you the highest definition games, movies and so much more. Take a look and see what the PLAYSTATION 3 is all about.
File size: 167 MB (1080)

Mirror’s Edge Gameplay Trailer
As seen at PlayStation Day in London.
File size: 113 MB (HD)

Mercenaries 2 Payback Trailer
Check out the new Mercenaries 2 trailer. It’s time for Payback – Mercs Style!
File size: 77 MB (HD)

Overlord Raising Hell Trailer
Overlord Raising Hell is an Action-RPG title that immerses you in twisted parodies of classic fantasy scenarios. After becoming the all-powerful Overlord, you learn how to master a horde of mischievous creatures, called minions. The title comes to PLAYSTATION 3 complete with exclusive features and the ‘Raising Hell’ downloadable content seamlessly integrated into the action-packed story line.
File size: 101 MB (HD)

The Wheelman Trailer
Vin Diesel is The Wheelman, one of the most dangerous men in the world behind the wheel of a vehicle.
File size: 48 MB (HD)

TNA iMPACT! Gamers’ Day Trailer
TNA iMPACT! is the exclusive Total Nonstop Action wrestling game based on the top-rated weekly television show.
File size: 43 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers (free)

Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Teaser Trailer
On May 22, Indiana Jones is back in a new globe-trotting adventure, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”
File size: 22 MB (SD), 81 MB (HD), 107 MB (1080)

The Love Guru
In the comedy “The Love Guru,” Pitka (Mike Myers) is an American who was left at the gates of an ashram in India as a child and raised by gurus.
File size: 31 MB (SD), 112 MB (HD), 149 MB (1080)

Iron Man Trailer 2
Oscar nominee Robert Downey Jr. stars as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the story of a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon.
File size: 29 MB (SD), 108 MB (HD), 143 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes (free)

PixelJunk Monsters Theme 3
Customize your PS3 system with a cool PixelJunk Monsters theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 984 KB

Sports Theme
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Sports theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 7.07 MB

PS3 Wallpaper (free)

PixelJunk Monsters Wallpapers (x2)
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new PixelJunk Monsters Wallpaper.
File size: 562 KB – 879 KB

Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to http://store.playstation.com. There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Game Demos (free)

* SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 Demo (also downloadable via PS3)

Hope you enjoy!

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Lowe0 said:

May 8th, 4:02 pm

Buy some new servers. I’ve been downloading Haze for over an hour, and I haven’t hit 20% yet.

Mox007 said:

May 8th, 4:17 pm

I too would like to see more PS1 games on PSN. I only owned Sega/Nintendo Consoles prior to purchasing my PS3 and PSP. I would like to check out some of the big names that passed me by.

As far as getting PS1 games on Ebay and such the same could be said about any downloadable service for legacy games.

OldManGaming said:

May 8th, 4:39 pm

@BrianC6234: to answer your double edged question, neither!! Though I did thin out my collection of PSone and PS2 games a few years ago.

“Some people just have to find something to cry about.” …like crying about people crying about a poor selection of PSone games on the Store? just messin with you. I do agree that, at least for the PS3, “no crying”: there should be nothing but love for this weeks awesome update.

iculookn said:

May 8th, 4:55 pm

which countries will this content be available in ?

True Grave said:

May 8th, 4:56 pm

To the PSOne Haters… go (BLANK) off. If you like the Store update that’s Great news for you, but don’t come in here attacking people for wanting PSOne games in the store. Some of us want to BUY something from the store, but have nothing to choose from(me). I would gladly give money to sony to play some of my PSOne games on my PSP. (Please don’t give me that rubbish about modding my PSP ok… I have values, I pay for my games thank you) I don’t want these mini Games they’re putting out. Come on Sony You’re Suppose to have the most Advance console on the market!!! ( THAT’S WHY I BOUGHT ONE) Prove to us that you can deliver Games; In this case downloadable content… Including PSOne games

PS: Great update(due to demos)…just missing PSOne game

FilliamHMuffman said:

May 8th, 5:02 pm

It’s a decent update, and I picked up PixelJunk Monsters Encore, but I don’t believe expecting one downloadable game for PSN a week isn’t an unreasonable expectation. There has one downloadable game a week released since the store redesign, so it’s disappointing there was no game this week. There is a huge catalog of PSOne titles, so there should always be a PSOne title to put up if an original title isn’t ready that week.

wizardpsp said:

May 8th, 5:06 pm

Were are the PSN Cards!!!
Viva Mexico!!!

haran_elessar said:

May 8th, 5:16 pm

Best update ever! Great jobs guys…keep it up! I’m downloading almost 4 gigs worth of data…left the ps3 Folding in automatic shutdown while that downloads…after that I’ll get to enjoy those demos!

halebound00 said:

May 8th, 6:11 pm

Bourne Conspiracy just moved to the top of my most wanted list. That demo was the shizbattlesnipsnapsnip.

rojo7 said:

May 8th, 6:15 pm

nice update,
i must admit that haze its actually pretty fun…
i thought it was going to be lame, but its actually really good and it delivers, i just tweaked the control scheme to be like the one in cod4

TheApprentice said:

May 8th, 6:21 pm

amazing update….

O if you guys are reading these comments.
I have a suggestion for downloading from the PS Store…

Though the “Play while downloading” feature is very convenient when downloading videos.
Those with slower connections, when initiating a video download, the download screen halts where you can’t select background download..

For me it takes upwards of 30 seconds for the play while downloading button to pop up, then the background download button works..

I take this that it stalls like this because its trying to pick up a video stream, or download just enough to start playing.

So please change it that you can put videos to background download before it can be streamed..

OuroborosChoked said:

May 8th, 6:32 pm

NEED MORE INFO on Mirror’s Edge and Wipeout HD! Like, I dunno, solid, confirmed release dates?

While I’m on the subject, when are the expansion packs for WIPEOUT PULSE getting released outside of Europe? Did you guys forget there are more people in the world than just Europeans? This is getting a bit old…

coramoor_ said:

May 8th, 6:39 pm

112 you’re an idiot, europe is the most ignored

all of you euros who are whining stop

SCEA, SCEE and SCEJ all operate seperately and as this is SCEA’s site, they can’t help you with your store

and meh who cares about ps1 games, although wild arms is fun

OuroborosChoked said:

May 8th, 6:45 pm

113, I don’t care who’s “the most ignored”. It’s the same content… there’s no reason or excuse to keep it released in only one region and suspend it for all others. NO REASON. And Sony just doesn’t answer anybody as to why they won’t release the packs outside of Europe, either.

I guess they WANT to lose money to piracy…

durrem said:

May 8th, 7:15 pm

I just saw on kotaku that you guys have registered Suikoden 1 with the ESRB. Thank you so much! I am really looking forward to when you schedule this for release!

womfalcs3 said:

May 8th, 7:20 pm

Trailer of WipEout HD… That means the game is close to release. Hopefully early June/late May.

CyberChrist said:

May 8th, 7:53 pm

Good update Sony. Keep’em coming. I, like many, are waiting for more quality PS1 games. And for all the 14 year old haters out there telling us to go buy 7+ year old PS1 titles that can’t be played on our PSPs (aside from remote play) off Ebay. First off, a lot of the good classics are pretty pricey now on the secondary market. Second, PS1 games would look great on my PSP screen and I look forward to the day I can have a solid collection on my pro duo. So I know it’s hard to see anyone else’s perspective with your wee minds but try because MOST of the people here wouldn’t mind downloading the classics.

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

May 8th, 8:13 pm

Extremely solid update, I’ll be downloading everything for sure! (except for rocketmen cuz I heard that sucks)Anyways, the only thing that’s lacking is, obviously, more PSone classics.

Mostly I’d like to see great games like FFVII and MGS, especially since it’s really hard to find psone games nowadays, and the PS3 is my first home console.

Hope that all the positive responses to this update encourage you to bring more updates of this caliber and higher. :)

FoxKit said:

May 8th, 8:57 pm

I actually really like the blue headers for the sections. o.o
Other than that, great update. n.n I’d like to see more PS1 games eventually, but I can’t complain!

thshdw said:

May 8th, 9:50 pm

Expansion packs for Wipeout Pulse! If someone at Sony knows when or if they are going to be released for USA, could that person please share that information? Seriously the expansions packs were released in Europe 3 months ago. Pulse fans in the States are itching to pay their hard earned dollars for Pulse DLC.

If they are not going to be released, at least let us know so we can stop wishing.

DarkDrakonus said:

May 8th, 10:22 pm

I do not own a PS3, just a PSP, so I look forward to updates on the PS Store for PC. I must say this weeks update really sucks. You’re giving us a demo to a game that been out for what, 2 years already? Come on, thats like a slap to the face. Give us PSP owners something good, like the Pulse download packs or PS1 games or even more original games like flOw and Beats!

blahblahbloo said:

May 8th, 11:21 pm

Haze is pretty cool. Grid is hard to get into after GT5:P.

Mekuro Gear Solid said:

May 9th, 3:10 am

OOOOOOMMMMMGGGG HAZE OH FKUK! MANN… lol one of the few worthy ofholdin me bek till mgs4.. gta iv mgs online beta endin in 2 daze.. cmon haze n brothers in arms hells highway :) CMON BORNE DEMO B SLICK!… minus MATT DAMON!!?!! da F

chaosrunner said:

May 9th, 4:01 am

I think the main issue with the PS1 games is for folks who want to play them on PSPs. Yeah, you can do it with remote play, but then there is network lag.

Sancho45 said:

May 9th, 5:11 am

@125 actually you can copy the entire game to your psp…. but like some of the others the last new system i had before my ps3 was the dreamcast and the old school systems… so yes i would also like to see more ps1 classics, especially original games to release before their sequals drop on the ps3… makes sence to me….

BCF69 said:

May 9th, 5:51 am

“I won’t call them crappy games. I still have a lot of PS One games. I just don’t get why some people are complaining about it. If I want to play them I’ll just pull them out and play them. Did people throw out their old games?”

Well I don’t even have a PS3 I have a PSP, which I got as a gift. So putting a PSOne disc in that wouldn’t work. I really don’t see any games for the PSP I’m willing to spend $20+ on. But hey I’ll spend a few bucks on a fun PSONe to play on it.

I just think it’s ridiculous that Sony makes big deal you can download PSOne games to your PSP or PS3 and then only offer 21 of them. At least they could have the top 100 most popular or something.

BCF69 said:

May 9th, 5:56 am


The problem is the crying over no PS ONe games when the update this week is huge. Some people just have to find something to cry about. ”

Huge? Please show me one thing in this update I’d be interested in I can’t even if I did have a PS3. Movie trialers? WOW. You mean the same ones I can get from Yahoo or Itunes that I saw WEEKS ago? Love Guru? Sorry I saw that one, oh about 3 months ago.

COOL__JOSH said:

May 9th, 7:27 am

cant wait to try haze

APaz said:

May 9th, 7:35 am

This update is awesome! :D

DITKA666 said:

May 9th, 7:51 am

Had to register just to tell you how awesome a update this is!Pixeljunk Monsters Encore!!!!My friends all shake their head when they see me playing PM,dont understand that id be playing that instead of GTA4,COD4,Devil May Cry or RS Las Vegas2!Some people just dont get it!

SpyroLuver88 said:

May 9th, 9:00 am

For those of you asking why we could possibly want PSOne games…

My PSP is NOT modded. I would like a legal way to put emulators on my PSP. So for those of us using legal methods we would like to have some more choices. There were many PSOne titles that I consider classic. And yes, I own a PSOne and most of the games I would like to see on the PSN. But, I can’t just pop a game in my PS3 and copy it to the PSP(wouldn’t that be cool though). I want them so I can DL them to my PSP and play them anywhere I want. To me the coolest thing about having the PSOne emulators is that I don’t have to carry a lot of UMD’s to have choices on what I want to play.

SpyroLuver88 said:

May 9th, 9:05 am

Sorry, forgot to add that I am not complaining about this update. There is some great stuff at the PSN this week. I am just asking for some news on the PSOne games. They seem to take a lot longer to get placed on the US Store.

@ 30 skaterricky
Yes, a spell checker would be cool. Especially since there is no X in especially.

TouchyEd said:

May 9th, 9:09 am

I don’t own a PSP, so I’m a little confused.

If you download a PS1 game from the PSN, is it possible to copy it to the PSP, and play it on there?

If so, I now totally understand why people have been asking for PS1 games — and I retract my previous statements complaining about people asking so often.

In fact, if this is possible, I’m going to buy a PSP today!!

SpyroLuver88 said:

May 9th, 9:32 am

@ 134 TouchyEd

It is in fact possible to copy them from the PSN to your PS3 and up to 5 PSP’s. So, go forth and buy yourself a PSP. Or, wait a bit longer for the Kratos bundle.

SDkngsht said:

May 9th, 9:35 am

to# 77

i think i speak for a lot of people when i say ps1 games are cool but i bought a PS3 to play PS3 GAMES.

there’s MG Essentials if you want Metal Gear Solid 1. Final Fantasy 7 is in the works (not a simple port but something special). Tomb Raider they re-made. RTypes are up. We got Crash, Spyro, Twisted Metal, Syphon Filter and a few others so that should cover most of the basics.

At this point i’d much rather Sony work on NEW games as opposed to working overtime to bring me games i already played enjoyed and beat. i swear some people just complain for the sake of running their mouths. i can’t wait for the time when it’s cool to actually LIKE things again instead of pretending you hate everything. lol.

Fersis said:

May 9th, 10:25 am

if i can add my little opinion…
Ps1 games are nice but i dont want to be the main focus of download stuff, i prefer games like PixelJunk Monsters, or SuperStardust or everyday shooter.

KazeEternal said:

May 9th, 10:39 am

I hope this commercial on the PS Store that was just posted isn’t replacing the Ladies and Gentlemen commercials because it sucks hardcore. Doesn’t make me feel pumped about PS3 at all like the L&G commercials.

buri0819 said:

May 9th, 11:17 am

This update sucks were are ps1 games sony

and psp downloadable games come on get on the


buri0819 said:

May 9th, 11:21 am

you guys love anything sony puts in psn store

if its the worst game you guys say great update! its like sony has you whooped.

Fersis said:

May 9th, 11:52 am

you can be sure , that when they upload PSOne games ,people will cry because all the ‘old games’.
Im 100% sure about that.

Vidarcr said:

May 9th, 12:08 pm

I’ts just me, or the Haze demos i lacking?, I mean, It looks an plays nicely, but it doesn’t show much of the game, at least nothing new to FPS fans…and is too damn short…

BrianC6234 said:

May 9th, 12:26 pm

“I, like many, are waiting for more quality PS1 games. And for all the 14 year old haters out there telling us to go buy 7+ year old PS1 titles that can’t be played on our PSPs (aside from remote play) off Ebay”

# 118 – I’m not a PS One game hater. I’m just tired of all the complaining from people on this blog. Sony has a huge update and half the posts are people crying over no PS One games. This is getting as bad as the people who cry over XMB access in games.

BrianC6234 said:

May 9th, 12:29 pm

# 140 – Are you an Xbot? I can’t see how anyone would say what you did unless they’re just trolling this blog. This was a big update. They have three big demos and a lot of other stuff. What’s to complain about?

AGQ0105 said:

May 9th, 3:05 pm

Jeff, on last week’s update or the previous week there was a video of Motorstorm PR, however, the game play footage that was released this past week, although looking good, does not come close to the pre-rendered video. So I keep asking myself why does Sony allow these videos of games to come out and look much better than the actual game. It’s pretty stupid if you ask me. It makes fans mad, haters happy, and gives executives of the competition a quote.

AGQ0105 said:

May 9th, 3:08 pm

“This is getting as bad as the people who cry over XMB access in games.”
That’s because XMB should have happened, about a year ago.

TouchyEd said:

May 9th, 3:24 pm


Most games use pre-rendered CGI for teaser trailers. The whole gaming industry has been doing this for ages. It’s not just Sony.

I dearly wish they’d abandon this tactic though. In the past, it was easy to see that the video was pre-rendered, but with today’s advanced graphics, it’s often difficult to tell if the visuals are “in-game” or pre-rendered. And I agree: fancy pre-rendered videos are very misleading, and just result in angry and disappointed gamers.

AGQ0105 said:

May 9th, 3:28 pm

Thank you. And I do realize that it’s been done before but they should try avoid using this method.

marvelmanson said:

May 9th, 5:17 pm

Since I only own a PSP and not a PS3, this was a crappy update.

MidgetguyII said:

May 10th, 5:46 am

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this weeks up date! Keep it up!!!! :)

MidgetguyII said:

May 10th, 5:49 am

One question though…

WHEN ARE THE PSN CARDS COMING OUT!!!! (I’ve been waiting a while… and I’m pretty sure that I heard that they were already shipped… but gamestop has no clue what I’m talking about…)

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