Firmware (v2.35) Coming Soon

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I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that a PS3 firmware update (v2.35) will be released shortly. This is a relatively minor update to improve stability of some PS3 titles.

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  • Cool. Thanks for the heads up, and for dispelling any potential rabid rumors that could have popped up in the very near future. Keep up the good work. :D

  • Why, just why. You all know what people want. You know your going to get bashed. Mr. Lempel must be a glutton for punishment.

  • I’m guessing this is aimed towards GTA4. :)

    • I just want to clarify that this upcoming firmware update isn\’t related to GTA IV. For those of you who may still have an issue playing the game on your PS3, we have identified a solution that should resolve the issue. You can contact SCEA Consumer Services for support — their contact info and hours of service, as well as more information on this issue, are available in our Knowledge Center (

  • Fixing the issues with GTA4 and others
    The 2.4 sdk goes out in June.So you should see something in June(maybe)

  • warezIbanez

    IN-GAME XMB!!!!!1!!!!1!!!one!!! PLEAZ COM!!!!!!E!!!!one1!!!

    lol- I can’t stand that, but I wish that the Japan team could work out all the bugs soon… *sigh*

    Please, SCE London, send out the Home beta *soon*, and Guerrilla, please get Killzone 2 out as soon as possible- I love the new trailer, but I’d rather have a game than a trailer…

  • I hope it will allow me to play GTA IV for more than 10 min. *crosses fingers* Thanks for the update regardless.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • mywhitenoise

    Firmware suggestions. The most important one for me is when transferring albums by mp3, all information is retained (artist, album, comments, track number), however when you transfer albums by AAC only the song title is retained. Is it possible to recognize AAC files the same way the PS3 does for mp3? This has to do with the last suggestion, make an “edit all/multiple” function for music, photo, video, and game files. I spent so much time editing my AAC albums typing in the artist and album name over and over again for each file.
    Make a more refined folder structure for the music (and I guess video, photo, and game) section. It would be nice to view folders by Artist, and then by Album folders.
    Add a ‘copy all’ and ‘copy multiple’ function to save files for PS1/2 virtual memory cards and ps3 games.
    Add the ability to sort files (specifically the games) in the order that you want them. I hate to mention the Wii, but sort of like how they do it, you can move the files in whatever order you want. For example, I have Superstardust HD in the middle of my folder, I’d like it near the top.
    Add more color options for the XMB, the PSP has tons of color options.
    Ability to transfer locked saves (what’s the point? Why can’t I back up my Loco Roco, or High Velocity Bowling save? If the network configuration is tied to my MAC address)
    Have an option to automatically shut the controller off when idle for more than 3/5/10 minutes.
    Disable the small menu (the ont that tells you what the buttons do) thats on the bottom right when playing a movie in the XMB. I know it’s only for a brief 2 seconds, but it’s still a little annoying.
    Make RGB Full Range the default for people who set up with HDMI. Too many assholes out there giving misguided comparisons between 360 games.
    Add PSEye functionality to the music visulaizer, something like Mesmerize would be really cool.
    Play videos individually, and in groups.
    How about adding some more icons for our accounts?

  • A thread where I can’t complain about people complaining because it’s actually on topic! lol just kidding so far it’s been just constructive. Thanks for the heads up as always.

  • @5
    You can play the open Home beta in November unless you get a invite(which I would love one for the blog,Sony?)

  • Thanks for the heads up Eric.
    IMO updates come in a timely manner, and I have no complaints. Or should I just to fit in with the crowd? LOL.

  • Good to know (guessing it’ll be out at midnight?).

    Does Sony have any plans to implement an RSS reader for the PS3 and to implement a ‘Playlist’ for the Video category?

    I also have to agree with #8 in regards to adding more icons. There are plenty of games out or that are coming out that you could easily make icons for. I’ve seen the idea thrown around for having custom icons that get ‘submitted and passed’ by Sony so people can use their own and suggestive icons don’t get used which I think is a good idea.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work :)

  • i have been having NAT conflictions preventing me from chatting w. some of my friends since 1.3… will this fix that?

  • Why can’t you be more specific?

    Be more “open source”-like and show some transparency. I would love to know details of what’s going on.

  • I mean 2.3***

  • insidious_plots

    there are some issues i would love to see addressed in the firmware updates, but, they are just minor features i wish i had…

    however, there is one change that would FIX a problem and that is the ‘bob interlacing’ that the ps3 now does of .vob files, ie. ripped dvd’s… this started two or three updates back and i saw a few people comment on it initially (it’s how i learned the terminology to describe it) yet the issue has remained and people have stopped talking about it for some reason… i have many ripped dvd’s on an external harddrive and, while they can be converted to a different format, this is quite a chore when they used to be fine and the problem is obviously something sony did, i would rather just see them fix it… i had every confidence they would hear about the problem and fix it, but it hasn’t happened and my ripped dvd’s still look terrible when they were pristine before the update…
    i also have experienced some other issues with avi and mpg files of movie size, so, apparently alot was changed in that update… it was the first time there was an update that i had anything but positive to say…

    since there has been very little talk about this, i finally decided to take this opportunity to go ahead and register for the site and comment here… i would love a response if someone reading this has any knowledge on the subject…

  • Just to clarify, I wouldn’t want you to publicize code or anything… but I would like to see some more details more than “Improves stability”.

  • FrankieViturello

    This firmware addresses stability in certain PS3 games?

    Personally I hope that it corrects the microphone audio input/output on Rock Band, as that has been a MAJOR issue, and a nearly BROKEN aspect of the game ever since Harmonix released it’s own patch that added the in-game store.

    Can anybody verify if this PS3 Firmware Patch might be dealing with that issue??

  • Any idea what games this will affect?
    I think there is some confusion about the condition of GTA4 and the firmware.

    (Hello Kotaku readers! lol)

  • Oh man I was about to shout with glee when I read this post until I read your reply to stlthriot :(

    I REALLY would like a GTA IV fix for my PS3.

    I tried all of the zany work-arounds and they don’t work. Could somebody out there at Sony please create a post to officially announce that there is a fix for GTA IV crashing that doesn’t involve me having to contact customer service. I just want to play the damn game already.

  • Chrisrahosiris

    Getting ever closer to 2.40.

  • Dark_Vincent

    I’m with womfalcs3 (#14 and #17). “This will fix some problems”, might as well as not post at all if that’s all we will be told about the details.

  • thanks nice job and still workin this late.appreciate it

  • BlackShadows14

    That’s good to know

  • Nice, I hope this helps with out games.

    Uh, well, anyways, does 2.40 include in-game communication? Can you please, please, PLEASE share any information on the in-game communication firmware update? (AKA in-game XMB.) Anything info would be nice right about now. Thanks in advance!

  • The updaste is live now.

  • If it’s not worth telling us what it does, why not just wait till v2.4 then. It’s annoying having to waste time to DL it.

  • Stoffinator

    Getting it now.

  • so can u guys tell us what titles this update for.

  • @Al de Leon

    then what games?
    sce’s announcements are always vague…could you say more specific? or you shouldn’t have done announce stuff…

  • so can u guys tell us what titles this update for

  • wiitendotriple

    In-Game XMB PLEASE!!

  • also i want to say jeff u doing a great job on letting on know info related to ps3 platforn.

  • C’mon guys… patch notes… every time, period.

  • Please update the PC download page for the firmware

  • bobamuknunbabo

    i would like to comment on your next or future update, please include a way to SAVE the internet setting.
    i move from my dorm to home every week and i wish it saved my wireless network like the PSP does. thank you for your attention

  • Keysersoze10033

    Geee, thanks for the details Lempel. Anyway, dl as I’m typing. Yay, for XMB only .5 away :).

  • WoodyWood09

    Nothing as usual

  • Cerberus_Hunter

    This is the shortest blog post ever. :D

    Thanks for the heads up…

  • So when are we getting in-game XMB and cross-game invites?

    Give us more PSN Avatars too, or let us use our own.

  • How many megs is it?

  • o and i have a question what happen to that guy who uses to say “i wrote it in my notebook i pass it along to the team to work on”he was cool i hope he didnt get fired.can some1 tell me if he doing ok?

  • StalkingSilence

    OK – I downloaded and installed it b/c I wanted to play Warhawk online. But it downloaded and installed up to 99%. Then froze. No controller functionality. Couldn’t reset the system in front. Couldn’t turn off via controller. Restarted the system and now it’s booting up again and auto-installs to 99% again. If it’s corrupt, how do I bypass the install and re-download it when booting my system?

  • I just hope that it helps with the artifacts I keep seeing in Motorstorm, RFOM, Skate, etc because I can’t even play with it like that!!!

    BTW, who would like the idea of like a txt-type document being able to be written on the PSP/PS3 and moved onto the PS3/PSP???

  • InspecktaDeck

    So will this make PS3 games run smoother?

  • ebonysoldier

    cool! I cant wait for the new firmware version, make haste PSN. More Power to y’all

  • Worthless.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    thanks for the heads up, but I’m not really sure what the point is. have there been some recent glitches on games that I didn’t know about?

  • khaled_2016

    An update will be ok, but why not fix the major problems? Why does everything get delayed? When is Home coming out? Why is Sony throwing all these promises at us if they can’t keep them? Home have been delayed many times, what’s next? I am starting to feel like this is all a big lie.

  • it’s a small update. but on a side note. when are PSN cards coming out???

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