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May 14

May 14

Warhawk GGL Tournament!

Dylan Jobe's Avatar Posted by President, LightBox Interactive

So I know that something like 80% of all humans on the planet (and some portion of plant-based life forms on Mars) are playing Grand Theft Auto 4 right now…can’t say I blame them as I am currently up to my eyeballs in hot Liberty City awesomeness — but just in case you Warhawk fans didn’t hear about it, the GGL is running a team tournament with some sweet, sweet prizes!

Warhawk Blade

First off, players that register and participate in the tournament will get a special piece of troop equipment: The “GGL Ceremonial Knife”. This replaces your troops current combat blade and *only* players that participate in the tournament will get this new equipment.

Next is the Champion’s Blade — a fierce and dangerous trophy of doom (muhaaahhaaa).

This piece of equipment will *only* be awarded to players on the winning team. And yes, these are sync’d across our global network so when you whip it out, players from around the globe will see it…and fear you! :)

Now it should be noted that these are not uber-weapons…they’re just visual upgrades as it isn’t really right, gameplay balance-wise, for the best players to be able to ravage people even more brutally just because they won the tournament!!! Still…a damn cool prize!

Warhawk Statue (Large)

For increased awesomeosity, the GGL is also awarding the winning team with the six-inch Warhawk statues that Gentle Giant Studios is working on. The above pic is a work-in-progress shot.

Here’s the link to their site: GGL Warhawk Team Tournament

Tournament registration is already underway and will continue until June 29th. The competition officially starts on May 27th and will run until July 27th. Teams are already forming and playing in the practice ladder.

GGL is running this tournament so please hit their site for info and any questions you or your clan may have.

On a semi-related note, the team and I have been pretty quiet lately…it’s not because we have gone away! We’re just cranking away on our next FREE update for all of our global players, the Warhawk v1.4 update! Stay tuned to the blog for more info.

We’re also going to be pushing some new server setups on the official servers as well. This could happen as early as this week. We’ve been tracking a lot of feedback from our community and we’re going to be making some of the requested changes….yes, we hear you all loud and clear…more LARGE layouts. :)

What's Next Code

And always, how can I end a blog post with out some form of crazy riddle, or hint or something like that. So, here goes…check the image above, and this one is difficult since the other ones I’ve posted you guys have cracked in like a couple hours.

Add Your Own

KIT619KAT said:

May 14th, 9:46 pm

it says rock on

madgame said:

May 14th, 9:48 pm

@51 – Although ‘rock on’ has been a common phrase from Dylan, the title of the picture is ‘what’s next code’. I highly doubt it means ‘rock on’. I’m sure it’s hinting towards a suprise in 1.4 from the Incog camp

Mercenar1e said:

May 14th, 9:54 pm

ill take a shot at your clue.. it’s pretty obvious that the next patch will include a different team of enemy’s.

Cerberus_Hunter said:

May 14th, 9:57 pm

The crazy riddle is easy…It means that the next booster pack will be 3 times more fun.

Right, Dylan?

madgame said:

May 14th, 10:06 pm

I hope it isn’t too long before Dylan breaks radio silence on this deal…speculation is running wild; especially in the playstation forums.


May 14th, 10:20 pm

Awwww man i so want that blade another contest for US so can we ever get something like that in Australia Dylan x_x

tomster911 said:

May 14th, 10:24 pm

I think the riddle means that everyone should go support my new map Vulcan Forest. lol Actually this riddle probably means that a forest map is on the way.

jimparis said:

May 14th, 10:48 pm

The answer to the riddle is:


I don’t know what that means.

Gnob said:

May 14th, 10:51 pm

I think the riddle is we are getting new official servers. maybe they are the new colors. like Newbie Casual and Pro.

Knives said:

May 14th, 10:58 pm

… what? Larger layouts? Who wants that? 90% of the official servers seem to be the full layouts.

I’d like to see some smaller layouts for the expansion levels (I tend to prefer the 24 player matches[they’re a little more organized], so while I’ve purchased the expansions, I rarely use ’em since they only seem to be available as the full maps with 32 peeps).

Besides that, it’d be nice to see some sort of combination of CTF with Zone rules regarding base captures … would make things a little more interesting.

MK500 said:

May 14th, 11:33 pm

As jimparis beat me to say, the code spells WaxsunDie. The way I came to this is to determine the RGB hex values for each of the color squares. These are:
square1 = 57:61:78
square2 = 73:75:6E
square3 = 44:69:65
If we convert these to ASCII, we get:
Maybe it’s some allusion to heat and melting? Maybe the vulcan level concept is closer to reality than we imagined :-)
Of course, maybe we are totally on the wrong track also.

mattnz said:

May 14th, 11:37 pm

Taken from the Warhawk forum:-

topodisc wrote:

“I opened the image up in Gimp and the RGB values I got were slightly different. Interestingly enough, all the digits are in the range of ASCII letters, which spell out three words

#576178 => Wax
#73756e => sun
#446965 => Die

you could spell them separately or together “WaxsunDie”.

If separately, Wax sun Die => Icarus as he rises toward the sun with his wax wings, they melt and he dies. Or a tropical map.

That’s as far as I got. But I’m sure the RGB code => ASCII is the way to go.”

I think this is onto something, Icarus, of course, flew to high escaping the island Crete and the sun melted his wax wings and he fell into the sea to his death. Not sure how to relate this to a new patch.

mattnz said:

May 14th, 11:39 pm

Sorry, MK500 just beat me to it.

Horrorist said:

May 15th, 12:51 am


in the rules for the tournament it say
zone – score unlimited,you should contact GGL to tell them to change that
unless your bringing back the unlimited in patch 1.4 just before the tournament?

Ad-Kemp said:

May 15th, 1:34 am

Hey Dylan,

Thought you had left us and gone off with GTA IV completly for a second.

I would LOVE to take part in this tournament, but i’m a dirty Limey and as Sony goes, they never seem to like giving us tournaments like this one.

Will we every see this tournament here in old blighty? I really wanna stab someone up with that new knife…

WaxsunDie? New vechicle? New map?

Old name either way.

Hope you guys and Incognito are taking it easy, but not too easy and your still doing your work

Rock on (please don’t sue)


Volomon said:

May 15th, 1:46 am

Damn they stomped that code fast.

cubehouse said:

May 15th, 2:43 am

hmm… Wax/sun/Die?
Sounds like some sort of flying system for people… jet packs? Although, the capital letters seem odd… maybe it just made the colours look better……. or it’s the completely wrong direction…
It’s either people flying (jet packs or something similar) or it’s a third team ( !!!!! :) )

nemo20000 said:

May 15th, 3:17 am

The GIF colours are not defined in the same order as the squares, so the GIF palette actually reads “WaxDiesun”, which still looks like a reference to Icarus (son of Daedalus, who knew too much about bulls), but why not “WaxSunDie”, and why “What’s the next code”?

As has been said, if you invert the image and increase the saturation you get a pretty convincing red, blue and mustard yellow, but I’m not sure a three team Warhawk would be a good idea.

But what of “Icarus” – a reference to flying higher, or falling into the sea? Or are we talking about another Icarus, such as the hovercraft in The Matrix Reloaded or Charlton Heston’s ship from Planet of the Apes?!

Or is it “Ikarus”, the Hungarian bus manufacturer… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Ikarus_489_Polaris_Shudehill.jpg

sweetasman01 said:

May 15th, 4:08 am



shika.1983 said:

May 15th, 5:46 am

So because I’m from the EU I don’t have a chance to win the tournament ?!?

That sucks !!!!

@Dylan – Why don’t you guys at Incognito visit the Official EU warhawk forum…….. we are your minions too !!!!!!

On the puzzle it’s either got to be a third team to go with the new game modes or a “free” map ………… possibly jungle based ????

Looking forward to 1.4

Need to bring back zones, TDM and CTF into one server and include Dogfights.

Other than that 1.3 was a awesome update although base raping has become more common (or just more noticable !!!!)

Rock on Dylan & Incognito !!!

Warhawk FTW

madgame said:

May 15th, 6:19 am

Maybe it’s a new ribbon? Hinting at new rewards? Maybe a base rape ribbon :D

thingg said:

May 15th, 7:10 am

hmm…. I got the following, but they don’t spell anything….
57, 62, 78, 74, 75, 6F, 44, 68, 64 –> WbxtuoDhd

Don’t know why I got diff numbers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if M$ messed with the colors in Vista…

As for “Wax sun Die” I suspect it might have to do with some sort of personal flying machine (jetpacks?!) If you think about the Icarus thing, it kind of makes sense…. or maybe not?



sevenlives said:

May 15th, 7:13 am

Has anyone figured out the riddle yet??

I’m thinking it’s simple. One color is for Omega dawn, the other for Operation Broken mirror…and the third?

Skykid360 said:

May 15th, 7:14 am

Oh wow…no great suprise there…

What about the EU Mr Jobe? I’m sick of the EU’s opinions and lack of things like this being ignored. It just throws more dirt over us…There is a big following of this game over in the EU…and it does dissapoint us when we are looked over.

It wouldn’t hurt you to pay us a visit now and then…

Other than that on the Warhawk side keep up the good work, and glad to hear Large maps are going to be back.

Skykid360 said:

May 15th, 7:16 am

Oh yes and while i’m here, bring back Dogfights…i used to enjoy it when ther were in the Vari servers…

If thats asking too much, then atleast bring back the seperate Dogfights.

maluraq said:

May 15th, 7:55 am

Yet another “USA only” contest. Enjoy guys.

We Canadians up here didn’t get in on the art contest either.

I know, I know, this tournament isn’t run by Sony, but as a sponsor, say something already.

Rogerjak said:

May 15th, 8:38 am

I have a question that’s bugging me….
I’m not a from US, but I would like to have one of those ceremonial blades….:P So, if I join open competition ladders can I still won the blade?

AckeheceKoheo said:

May 15th, 9:09 am

I know Canadians Can’t compete for the statues .. but can we at least get the blades? The rules seem to preclude this.

AckeheceKoheo said:

May 15th, 9:15 am

Project Icarus…

AckeheceKoheo said:

May 15th, 9:17 am

Hmm -if we can’t get GGL knifes for being foreign maybe you guys could cook up a prize instead for people who are not eligble? (and make the eligble non eligble for that?)
An Interesting Gun would be cool (pistol?)

stelios86 said:

May 15th, 11:27 am

Steve Payne says:
If you take the image into photoshop crank the saturation all the way up to 100 and knock the hue all the way up to 180.

It changes middle box to Eucadian Blue, the right box Chernovan Red and the left box a (mustard-ish) Yellow??

I’m thinking a third team into this mix could be the answer!

I think he might be on to something

Dubbedinenglish said:

May 15th, 11:37 am

Dylan Jobe! With the ASCII words “wax sun die” I can only conclude that the answer to your riddle is…..dramatic music…….Meltdown! The new mode is Meltdown.

gernhart said:

May 15th, 1:07 pm

1. Please tell me this mean we are getting 4×4 servers back! Also what happened to the smaller CTF only servers?

2. Will we ever get them back?

3. It seems odd to take out the ability to throw the flag and then remove the maps that caused the change to begin with.

P_tear_griffin said:

May 15th, 1:09 pm

Can’t wait for 1.4. A meltdown mode would be a welcomed game mode in my opinion. I’m also hoping for customizable skins for ground vehicles.

Wiscompton said:

May 15th, 1:57 pm

Wow sounds cool! Except. I can’t stand Warhawk since you killed large zone map games. If they do exist, I can’t find them because the naming conventions are impossible to understand. Bad time to make an effup with GTA4 and MGObeta too.

I’ve used the second addon pack twice maybe. TIs sad to see such a good game go down in one fell swoop.

Krazykat said:

May 15th, 2:08 pm

Whatever the code means it is harder than i thoght it would be to crack considering i don’t think waxsundie is it i think it just happened to come out like that look deeper.

Also when you complain now and in awhile you guys get a tourny the US doesn’t then we will be the ones complaining don’t worry you will get your time.

Also dylan i have been nagging incog with emails about my ideas. I have posted some on tomsters Operation Vulcan map thing if you look at pg 9 it has them all pg 1 has only a few take any you want. Also i have a great swamp idea check that out too it has its own thread take that to if you want i would give you any content i thought of. So i swear that you are open to me Sackboy8255’s or krazykat’s a.k.a. my stuff. TAKE TAKE TAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DarkFlame588 said:

May 15th, 2:20 pm

Sweet. Havent been on Warhawk in a while, hoping to get into it again this weekend.

bones2020 said:

May 15th, 2:41 pm

what about us in the uk/eu.
think its abit unfare that we are goin to miss out on this.
what about us are we not goin to get this or something like this.

wraithx129 said:

May 15th, 3:43 pm

wow, that champions blade looks awesome.

gambit1188 said:

May 15th, 3:49 pm

how much longer till we know the answer to this riddle. It is driving me crazy!

CEG said:

May 15th, 5:56 pm

@72 – You probably got different numbers the same way that I did the first time – by just right-clicking the image and going a Save As. When you do it that way it downloads a .jpg for some reason. But if you go to Flickr and download the original, it’s a GIF. The original gives Wax sun Die.

Actually, if you load the original in a binary editor, the color table (the part with the RGB values for the 4 colors in the image) says WaxDiesun, but I don’t see what difference that makes.

framac77 said:

May 15th, 6:58 pm

its already been said by several people from various countries outside of the u.s, but just to reiterate… will there ever be any tournaments or competitions for those of us who are ineligible for the recent u.s only ones? its like mental torture man, hey everyone here’s this awesome new compo! but… most of u cant play, ner ner!! i love warhawk, and despite a temporary diversion in gta4, i still find time to get in the ‘hawk n start blastin

just a footnote on the riddle, probably a mile away but.. the three colours mixed up a little could make a rather convincing camouflage… new outfits maybe??

anyway keep up the good work, lock n load!!!

XZUMER said:

May 15th, 8:26 pm

PLEASE, please add the small CTF servers back up. There used to be 8 official servers with 8 max player CTF servers, with minimum 2 players and that is all my friends and I used to play. Now all games are minimum 16 players and it just isn’t as fun. Many of the people on my friends list have stopped playing as much, because of that. I really wish you would put up the 8 servers for those again.

Pendragonzero said:

May 15th, 8:53 pm

So can anybody on this blog tell me what I have to do to get a knife EXACTLY? Can I join this contest solo? Or do I have to have a clan? I just want that new knife. Also where and when can I sign up?

Any help is appreciated

madgame said:

May 15th, 8:59 pm

Pendragonzero…all the info you need is described in the post. You need to go to the GGL site and sign up. You will need to be in a group…you can either form your own or link up with others on the site. Head on over and check it out! As long as you play in the tournament you will receive the ceremonial knife. Additional details on the GGL site…

Pendragonzero said:

May 15th, 9:05 pm

Thanks madgame!

topodisc said:

May 15th, 11:41 pm

@61 MK500
@62 mattnz

You may want to refer to post @11.

I think the code is simple. Three boxes with three hex RGB codes that map to three English words. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Wax sun Die

Either jeptacks/parachutes as new equipment or a meltdown game mode. Both are plausible in the context of 1.4.

AndyBSG said:

May 16th, 1:10 am

[b]I know that something like 80% of all humans on the planet[b/]

Something like 80% of us aren’t Americans either and even though there are more PS3 users in the US than the US we’re still treated like second rate customers.

The fact something like this is US only on top of our woeful PS Store compared to the US or Asia is just another slap in the face

FuZeRxCaP said:

May 16th, 5:57 am

You have to take into account that the warhawk dev team is located in santa monica california IN THE UNITED STATES if it were located some where else like haze is then u would see alot of promotions from the devs in that area so quit ur whinning and just sign up using someone elses address who lives in the U.S.

bones2020 said:

May 16th, 8:08 am

only someone from us would say this “whinning”
the game is a online world wide game to have a comp for only usa players is a joke tbh
so if ya see any one in the game that has the new blade’s then ya know were they are from.
second rate treatment

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